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COVID Science Evidences Demonic Influence: Bio-Apocalypse Whistleblower Predicted and Explained Deadlier Coronavirus Mutants

coronavirus mutants

COVID Science Evidences Demonic Influence: Bio-Apocalypse Whistleblower Predicted and Explained Deadlier Coronavirus Mutants Tied to Gene-Altering Vaccines Years Ago


Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz

(MedicalVeritas.org; January 23, 2021)


Two COVID proteins, censorship, dehumanizing social and economic impositions, and much more, tie this mutating bio-apocalypse, like AIDS and Ebola, to a “666” Satanic cult with solid science exposing the underlying demonic influence.

This whistleblower predicted this genocide years ago, and clearly explains this vaccine-linked crisis and its pathogenesis. He takes you into this realm of criminal psychopathology, and depopulation pseudo-science tainted by evil.


The deadlier more transmissible coronavirus mutants increasingly threatening civilization were accurately predicted and explained by this author repeatedly over the past quarter-century in hundreds of articles, dozens of videos, multiple films, and two bestselling books published to avert this disaster: Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola–Nature, Accident or Intentional? and Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse.

All the above went grossly neglected, censored, disparaged, and dismissed. Those serving darkness labeled me a “conspiracy theorist.” Those claiming to be allies refused to share my works and warnings.

Now my righteous and accurate labors of love have exposed their ignorance, negligence, and malice. My admonishments now stand as accurate predictions of biomedical malfeasance and Bible prophesy fulfilled.(1)(2)

Contrary to ‘skeptics,’ pseudoscientists, and athiests, the ‘Coronavirus Coup‘ or ‘plandemic‘ serves Divine justice. 

coronavirus mutants


Years ago, the World Health Organization, CDC, National Cancer Institute (“NCI”) and officials serving these corrupted entities, including “AIDS Czar,” Dr. Anthony Fauci, and his partners in scientific fraud, including Dr. Robert Gallo, dismissed my scientific peer-reviewed publications as ‘pseudoscience’. As a whistle-blowing ‘insider’ in their industry that mutated lab viruses to produce cancers, plagues, and vaccines to combat them, my publications were neglected and ridiculed.

This article takes readers one step further, into the demonic realm of pseudo-science tainted by Satanism.

coronavirus mutant

Deadlier Coronavirus Mutants Have Emerged as Predicted, via Vaccines

News agencies have reported that deadlier coronavirus mutants were emerging across the globe. One new ‘variant,’ called “B.1.1.7”, was purportedly “discovered” in England.

This emergence in December 2020 occurred within two (2) weeks of Pfizer’s mRNA vaccine being mass-injected into frightened clueless consumers.

Below you will read why this synchronicity occurred. The mass-media has concealed this truth. Their censorship evidences criminal psychopathology engaged in ‘satanic sorcery.” They advance fascism, totalitarianism, and ‘globalism” in a demonic cult administering this ‘existential threat’ to humanity.

The damage done by this racketeering enterprise and their “COVID-19 Coup” discredits the lame justifications officials have offered to explain the virus’ emergence and methods of combating it.

Officials’ directives have failed to secure “public health” as pledged. Their impositions, actually social assaults, are obviously killing people: Mask wearing and social distancing undermines the social fabric. Fundamental human need for “love and belonging” in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Human Needs are neglected. Depression, suicides, and economic hardships increase distress and disease. Anyone with any semblance of intelligence knows this.

Officials imposing this state of global genocide and general chaos, thereby killing people and enslaving citizens to submit to the ruling oligarchy, are criminal psychopaths. Arguably they are ‘demonically-possessed.’ They operate precisely as described in the Book of Revelation, and precisely as I predicted years ago.

As early as 1996 it became obvious to me that the shadow-governors would unleash their “Biological Apocalypse” and “Globalization Coup” using their ‘novel’ lab viruses instead of nuclear weapons.

Now its happening.

Big Tech Conditions and Desensitizes People to Accept Death and the Mounting Genocide

coronavirus mutantsToday, the new coronavirus mutants that include genes from SARS and HIV/AIDS is making its way across the planet. The SARS ingredient purportedly “concerns health officials.” The neglected AIDS component doesn’t.

This news is being selectively censored by the Verizon conglomerate that holds massive stock in Pfizer, Moderna, and other COVID vaccine makers.

Why would this crime syndicate herald this frightening “Headline News” other than to condition and desensitize people to accept it?

Quoting Yahoo/Verizon, “The two most troubling things about this new COVID strain are how it spreads and how it affects the risk of death. . . . The U.K. variant ‘may be associated with a higher degree of mortality,’ British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said during a Jan. 22 news briefing. . . .

“Patrick Vallance, the U.K.’s chief scientific advisor, spoke alongside Johnson at the briefing and said that this conclusion is based on early evidence published in a report from the country’s New and Emerging Respiratory Viruses Advisory Group.”

This propaganda is promoted by the National Institutes of Allergies and Infectious Diseases ‘AIDS Czar,’ Dr. Anthony Fauci, who holds several biotechnology patents enriching himself and his partners administering the coronavirus ‘plandemic.’  These globalists/depopulationists want you to listen to what “Dr. Fauci says is most ‘disturbing’ about new COVID strains.”

Coronavirus lies

Propaganda for Social Conditioning

The COVID crime syndicate now wants you to believe that the U.K. and Brazilian coronavirus mutants may be “deadlier than previous strains.” Although this pathogenicity is likely true, the conditioning of people is fraudulent nonetheless.

The lethal fraud exists by omissions and ‘fraudulent concealments.’ Officials omit that these deadlier and more transmissible coronavirus mutants were expected, because as lab viruses they are inherently unstable and mutagenic (i.e., susceptible to mutations).

These coronavirus mutants were totally foreseeable, predictable, and predicted. They are no surprise to anyone with knowledge in virology, molecular biology, and the companies thriving from humanity’s suffering.

Pfizer corporate malfeasance is alarming. The drug-maker has a long history of prospering from diseases, consumer fraud, damaging prescriptions, and risky vaccinations.

Using Yahoo/Verizon News reports as a classic example of fraud, conflicting interests, and organize crime, COVID mutations worsening deaths sent Pfizer and Moderna stocks soaring.

The two screenshots below compare lists of the top 10 stockholders in Yahoo/Verizon versus Pfizer. You can see that they are virtually identical.

This best explains the enterprise’s fraudulent propaganda, including promoting the Pfizer COVID drug that is not actually a “vaccine,” but really a “genetic therapy” according to Pfizer’s federal filings.


The ‘Court of Public Opinion’ has little to no knowledge about these actual facts, because they have been fraudulently concealed along with the risks to civilization.


coronavirus mutants

Fear, fear, fear and more fear is generated by the globalists’ media. But no educational preventative messages to save lives using an array of natural, low cost, no-risk, anti-oxidants is mentioned. These neglected remedies should be made available to people across the socio-economic and political spectrums. Instead, they are neglected.

investors in coronavirus mutants
Virtually identical list of stockholders in Pfizer and Verizon companies proving conflicting interests in consumer messaging, desensitizing, and social conditioning for promoting “Pandemic Lifestyles” and the “New Normal” .

Why haven’t lawmakers and Justice Department officials opposed these conflicting interests, and obvious injustice? Why haven’t law-enforcers arrested the co-conspirators?

Graft and bribery no doubt.

Overseers and regulators have been ‘captured.’

Likewise, the corporate-controlled news networks that herald the aforementioned sickening and enslaving messages have been captured too. Their show hosts and news anchors promote COVID drugs and deadly vaccines, between ads normalizing their side effects conditioning viewers to join their cult that accepts diseases and deaths generated by Big Pharma’s ‘cures.’

This way, unwitting populations are being conditioned to accept their own demise.

Similarly, with this ‘plandemic’ announcement of coronavirus mutants emerging from England, people are being desensitized and conditioned to accept and expect what will be happening next–what was planned–a massive die-off of ignorant impoverished targets.

How the Coronavirus Mutants Mutated in People: The Science Underlying this Genocide and My Accurate Predictions

The most important neglected or censored fact about the coronavirus mutants is that they contain most important genes in their attachment mechanism called the “Spike Protein.”

This most important ‘substantive’ omission by the media diverts from patents and conflicting interests of Dr. Fauci, Bill Gates, and their partners in government and industry.

The AIDS virus (HIV-1) components in the coronavirus mutants, contrary to propaganda published by University of Texas Pfizer grantees, did not happen naturally. This is a ‘lab virus“–a man-made intentional ‘advanced function’ ‘hyper-weaponized’ germ.

These deadlier and more transmissible coronavirus variants were being mass produced by Pfizer’s submissive subordinates in academia, such as at the University of North Carolina, and at the University of Texas.

Viruses mutate, ‘hybridize,’ recombine in people by rubbing-up against each other and exchanging certain genes that code for proteins. Alternatively, the proteins themselves can be exchanged.

These ‘hybrids’ or ‘mutants’ are called “reassortments” according to Dr. Fauci. These mutants give rise to various “variants” or “variant strains.”

Virology officials use these many interchangeable terms to confuse and conceal the simplicity by which dangerous viral mutants arise in people, animals, or insects. This is one way of concealing and confusing the chief function, mission, and objective of labs complicit in this industry. This is, to mass produce such mutants of various viruses, including herpes, hepatitis, leukemia and more, during the Special Virus Cancer Program (“SVCP”; 1962-1978). Scientists from private industry and academia joined forces during the SVCP to mass produce such mutants, especially the AIDS virus ‘variants.’

The never-before-seen (i.e., “novel”) leukemia-lymphoma-sarcoma cancer complex mutants we now call strains of “HIV-1,” came directly from this SVCP. The “lessons learned” from this “scientific advancement” in cancer virus manufacturing, molecular biology, drug and vaccine delivery, are now causing severe immune suppression and cancers in millions of people. Slowly, over time, eventual death and depopulation results from immune suppression–the key objective of SVCP research and developments.

To date, from AIDS alone, more than 40 million people have died from these lab viruses and the cancers they trigger.

This industry also serves a ‘dual function’ in medicine and the military, in-so-far-as the utility of their ‘bioweapons.’

Hundreds of millions of more people have died from the cancers and autoimmune diseases mass produced by this industry, including leukemias, lymphomas, liver cancers, breast cancers, prostate cancers, and nearly 100 new auto-immune diseases that medical dimwits remain clueless about regarding the pathogenic process by which vaccine antigens or poisons trigger these pathologies.

This ongoing genocide (also called ‘iatrogenocide’) is proceeding under the guises of “public health,” “natural security,” “preventive medicine,” “gene therapy,”  “cancer research” and “vaccine development.”


This new U.K. VOCB.1.1.7 strain emerged soon after the first citizens in England were injected with the Pfizer vaccine at the beginning of December, 2020.


Coronavirus Mutants and the Pfizer/Moderna mRNA Vaccines

The Pfizer/Moderna mRNA products are actually classified as “drugs” or “genetic therapies,” not actually “vaccines.”

These “genetic therapies” replicate disease-inducing processes caused by the original coronavirus mutants produced mainly in American, British, French, and Chinese labs. Coronavirus ‘gene therapies’ derive largely from these same exact ‘scientific proceedings’.

By so doing, given the facts in evidence, it must be presumed that the new U.K. VOCB.1.1.7 strain–this hyper-transmissible deadlier coronavirus/SARS/HIV-1 mutant–emerged due to the fraudulent concealment and neglected biocontainment of the aforementioned science.

The devil-doers have omitted and neglected the most obvious and compelling risks of lab virus outbreaks. This level of negligence shows recklessness or malicious intent to risk civilization. The ongoing genocide is rooted in this corrupted science.

Evidence for this condemnation is clear-and-convincing.

First, this new U.K. VOCB.1.1.7 strain emerged soon after the first citizens in England were injected with the Pfizer vaccine at the beginning of December, 2020. The Pfizer vaccine was approved in England on December 2nd. The first U.K. VOCB.1.1.7 variant was reported by the BBC (i.e., MI6) 3 weeks later, on December 20, 2020.

That means for nearly three weeks masses of vaccinated people were shedding, spreading, aerosolizing, recombining, and mutating not simply this deadlier and more transmissible pathogen. The scientific evidence is more explicit and convincing. These infected people, vectors for viral recombinations and widespread transmissions, were generating the key transmissibility genetic protein assembly–the ‘Spike Protein’ of the offending virus.

Second, the deadlier coronavirus mutants emerged from England because the per-capita vaccination rate was higher there than anywhere else in the world. As shown on the FOX News chart below, England led the world in the percentage of people getting vaccinated. Therefore, shedding and spreading the mRNA and Spike Protein assembly among British citizens implicates the Pfizer vaccine program.


Further explaining this COVID-vaccine/viral mutation association, the mRNA vaccines trigger antigen production, not initially antibodies.

To accomplish this antigen production, the Pfizer/Moderna mRNA “genetic therapies” corrupt human DNA to mass-produce these Spike Protein antigens; not initially antibodies against the virus.

Consequently, England was flooded by Spike Protein antigens predisposing the original circulating coronaviruses to mutate.

Coronavirus ConspiracyThe commercial theory, the ‘con,’ or ‘misrepresentation by omission,’ is that these “safe vaccines” cause DNA to mass produce these Spike Protein particles (i.e., the “antigens”; and that these proteins will circulate throughout society in contaminated blood to increase ‘herd immunity.’ These Spike Proteins attach to human immune cells. So-called “prevention” is thereby achieved–by poisoning cells, corrupting DNA, and causing the DNA to produce more Spike Protein antigens risking more mutations. 

The ‘Court of Public Opinion’ has little to no knowledge about these actual facts and risks, because they have been fraudulently concealed.

Due to mass censorship, as they did with my books, articles, and films, consumers have little to no knowledge of this biotechnology. People don’t realize this entire approach to “disease control” came from American SVCP labs that developed and studied the AIDS virus variants–the HIVs.

This Special Virus Cancer Program was terminated just as HIV/AIDS was beginning to emerge. It ended just as the first victims began dying of AIDS.

Was this coincidental?

Not likely, because the deaths began in the precise populations vaccinated with the earliest hepatitis B vaccines produced in contaminated chimpanzees.

I explained all of this in the New York Times, CDC, and WHO censored book Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola–Nature, Accident or Intentional?

Therein, and again in Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse, I compared the way God intelligently-designed life versus the genetic ‘science’ corrupting God’s natural sustenance.

Genetic Science Corrupting God’s Natural Sustenance

The Bible (in John 10:10) asserts that Satan acts like a “thief” who “comes only to steal and kill and destroy.” Ephesians 6″12 explains that, “we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places.” This metaphysical dynamic is apparent in the COVID Coup.

Life operates through ‘genetic expression.’ Sound and light energies, called phonons and photons respectively, move in and out of DNA. These frequencies–or mathematical homologues– administer approximately 96% of genetic function. You don’t hear about this on the evening news! You simply hear about 4% of DNA function subordinate in the genetic regulation of life.

With COVID-19/20/21, this genetic expression is demonically-subverted. This DNA sabotage is justified by corrupted ‘science published by those with conflicting financial interests. They don’t want you to know about the importance of that 96% of your DNA that operates as a virtual ‘antennae to God.’ That truth would undermine healthcare commerce. It would shatter the medical/chemical paradigm, and cause people to favor ‘Frequency Rehabilitation‘ and related alternatives in natural healing.

I protested this conflicting commerce for a quarter century, like a lone voice crying in the wilderness. I objected to the risks versus benefits of drugs versus frequencies, and few honorable colleagues joined me.

HIV/AIDS, Reverse Transcriptase and COVID-19/20/21 . . .

Among my select few honorable colleagues was the recently deceased Dr. Alan Cantwell. He shared my frustration. You can watch Dr. Canwell and I being interviewed on this topic by the legendary activist/journalist, Sherri Kane, who was killed by the ‘Drug Mob’ a week after Dr. Cantwell passed, in early January, 2021.

The way the AIDS virus variants and drug cocktails work, similar to Pfizer/Moderna’s mRNA “genetic therapies,” is by corrupting DNA and sabotaging life.

The mRNA “vaccines” use lab-made RNA and that special enzyme called “reverse transcriptase” (“RT”) to cause life in you to operate in reverse.

That is, normal life is maintained by DNA producing m[essanger]RNA that travels to ribosomes in cells that produce new proteins for building or repairing healthy cells and tissues.

Alternatively, the disease-inducing lab viruses, such as the HIVs and now the coronavirus mutants, contain what is unique to certain slow-acting viruses called “lenti-viruses”. That unique ingredient is called the “reverse transcriptase enzyme” (“RT”; also called “RNA-dependent DNA-polymerase”)

That RT corrupts normal DNA. It corrupts life.

Your DNA is responsible for normal life-sustaining, cell-repairing, energy transfers fundamental to securing your body.

The RT enzyme corrupts this natural sustenance. RT prompts life to operate in reverse.

DNA is corrupted by this enzyme. Messages to and within the DNA are corrupted by this RT. mRNA is triggered by this enzyme to deliver a corrupting message to your DNA, and thereafter to your entire immunological messaging system. The virus, and Pfizer mRNA drug/therapy, causes your DNA to produce more virus Spike Proteins antigens, instead of healthy cell parts.


That means for nearly three weeks masses of vaccinated people were shedding, spreading, aerosolizing, recombining, and mutating not simply this deadlier and more transmissible pathogen. The scientific evidence is more explicit and convincing. These infected people, vectors for recombination and widespread transmission, were generating the key transmissibility genetic protein assembly–the ‘Spike Protein’ of the offending virus.


This poisoning spreads disease antigens, not preventative antibodies. Protective antibodies are later produced by your healthy immune cells, but not without a cost, immunological burden, and physical damage.

Once vaccinated your healthy cells produce Spike Protein antigens that challenge, even exhaust, your immunity.

With AIDS, those viruses, like antigens, spread. They eventually overwhelm the immune cells causing death.

How the Pfizer/Moderna mRNA Intoxications Work

Similar to HIV/AIDS, the Pflizer/Moderna COVID mRNA injections use messenger RNA to corrupt your DNA. This can exhaust your immunity.

These falsely-advertised “vaccines” make you a “GMO”–a genetically-modified organism.

The injected mRNA integrates into your DNA using the RT enzyme. This prompts your poisoned DNA to produce more of what we don’t want: COVID/SARS/HIV/AIDS Spike Proteins.

These Spike Protein antigens are the keys that unlock the doors to infections not prevention. This is very much like what HIV uses to corrupt cells by permitting the virus to inject its ‘payload’ into immune cells.

These keys–the new ‘novel’ COVID-19/20/21 Spike Protein infection attachment apparatus–contain four genes identical to the AIDS virus, HIV-1. (This reputable science was censored.)

This infectious process churns-out masses of more Spike Proteins. These particles go in to infected cells, that then churn out more poisonous Spike Proteins. They enter your bloodstream, and can attach to other circulating viruses, not simply to you immune cells.

This process causes viral mutations. Then the ‘mutagens’ further mutate.

All the above adds more Spike Protein attachments to circulating potentially-deadly viruses. And since these Spike Proteins are the keys to transmissibility, these mutations increase transmissibility, infectivity of viruses, more pathogenicity, more morbidity and more mortality. Increased death among those infected and/or vaccinated is a real-and-present danger.

Now all of the above is not hard to understand. I’ve written it simply here for the average lay reader to comprehend.

Any reasonable person would conclude this knowledge is clear, convincing, and disturbing if not completely unconscionable.

Yet, Dr. Fauci and his complicit devil-doers conceal this knowledge in favor of their patents and financial success. They disregard the actual science and risks posed by their corruption.

Those agents and agencies of government and industry, wherein ‘scientists’ omit, neglect, conceal, or disregard this intelligence, commit fraud and genocide by omissions and misrepresentations.

COVID Science or Demonic Imposition?

Simply understanding and communicating the aforementioned facts raises the specter of intentionality, criminal psychopathology, or downright demonic possession.

Compelling scientific evidence exists to condemn the Pfizer and Moderna genetic therapies as arguably (if not clearly) demonic.

Quoting one 2006 scientific report on HIV/AIDS clearly explains the importance of that RT enzyme and its math-based science in the aforementioned viral replication process.

This report also explains how the corporate monopolists have used the Spike Protein ‘key’ to unlock the door to mass depopulation (i.e., genocide), while this special enzyme enables their lab-made mRNA “payload” to corrupt normal DNA and human life.

Pay attention to the numerology in that published science, including the following paragraph explaining how normal life and DNA function is being subverted and sabotaged:

“RT rapidly makes a . . . double-stranded DNA copy of the RNA template that later integrates to form the proviral DNA. HIV RT is a heterodimer composed of a 66 kDa subunit (p66) and a 51 kDa subunit (p51) created by cleavage of a separate molecule of p66. All the catalytic activity of HIV RT is attributable to p66, while p51 supports the functions of p66.”

Did you catch that numerology? The mathematics of these most important proteins is not coincidental. They empower depopulation using the AIDS virus.

Similarly, with coronavirus mutants, the math characterizing the Spike Protein is central to the administration of depopulation.

“P66” and “P51” (wherein 5+1=6) evidences the key proteins underlying these two intertwined lab viruses HIV and COVID-19. Their infections denote “666” proteins that act like life-saboteurs.

This is more than a ‘coincidence.’ This second piece of evidence is based on the sacred geometry of organic chemistry, genetics, and life itself wherein we are ‘Carbon-6’ beings reflecting the 6-sided hexagonal shape seen in snowflakes and water molecules.

Given Pfizer/Moderna and their media’s omissions, misrepresentations, censorship and frank fraud, we must presume (and argue) that this so-called mathematical oversight, this so-called “protein crystallography,” “physical science,” “public health,” and “vaccinology” is associated with a demonic imprint of 666.

66 + 6 indicates demonic influence, associated with the imposition of HIV/AIDS and coronavirus mutants corrupting DNA and killing people.

These associations/co-infections that are causing life to operate in reverse, worsening morbidity and mortality, is most reasonably DEMONIC!


This infectious process churns-out masses of more Spike Proteins. These particles go in, and then churn out of the infected cells. They enter your bloodstream, and can attach to other circulating viruses, not simply immune cells.

This process causes viral mutations, and the ‘mutagens’ further mutate.


The Prophetic Significance in the COVID/HIV 666 Science Cult

The Bible frequently references demonically-possessed beasts wrecking havoc on civilization.

In this instance, the ‘beasts’ circulating and infecting citizens are tiny beasts that not only depend on 66+6 (or ‘666’) protein structures for anatomy, infectivity, and lethality, but they also signify spiritual, metaphysical, and theological significance.

Nearly a quarter century ago I lectured to religious groups about the predictable and now mounting “Biological Apocalypse.” The remedy I claimed was Holy Spirituality that came through certain protective frequencies of sound and light, especially 528Hz/nm. I pioneered with Dr. Joseph Puleo the field of  “healing codes” based on Bible code revelations in the Book of Numbers. This, we theorized, would remedy the apocalyptic diseases, global damages, and massive deaths caused by lab viruses and their financiers.

While lecturing on Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse, I explained that the word “beast” in the Bible could easily be interpreted to mean “small beasts.” Even tiny microscopic beasts were suspects. They altered the human genome, and corrupted the “antennae to God”–DNA. 

I learned that the word therion in Greek was interchangeable with the word “beast.” And considering the news about the mutating COVID virus, I recalled and further researched this beast-therion association.

Search the word “therion” on the Internet and read what it says. Profound implications arise from this evidence, indicting COVID-19/20/21 as a globalist COUP. 

I found the following in the CIA-edited Deep State-backed Wikipedia:

Therion[pronunciation?] (Greek: θηρίον, beast) is a deity found in the mystical system of Thelema, which was established in 1904 with Aleister Crowley‘s writing of The Book of the Law. Therion’s female counterpart is Babalon, another Thelemic deity. Therion, as a Thelemic personage, evolved from that of “The Beast” from the Book of Revelation, whom Crowley identified himself with since childhood, because his mother called him that name.[1][2] Indeed, throughout his life he occasionally referred to himself as “Master Therion” or sometimes “The Beast 666”. He wrote:

Before I touched my teens, I was already aware that I was THE BEAST whose number is 666. I did not understand in the least what that implied; it was a passionately ecstatic sense of identity.[3]

The word “therion” is mentioned in several Thelemic rituals, such as The Star Ruby. In total, there are five mentions of The Beast in Liber AL vel Legis, the first being in 1:15, and the remaining four are all in the third chapter—verses 14, 22, 34, and 47, respectively—although the word “beast” can be found elsewhere therein. Aleister Crowley believed that the references to The Beast and the Scarlet Woman (Babalon) in the book “do not denote persons but are titles of office”.[4] The first mention reads thus:

Now ye shall know that the chosen priest & apostle of infinite space is the prince-priest the Beast; and in his woman called the Scarlet Woman is all power given.[5]

coronavirus mutants

The Number of Therion and the Numerology Thereof

Continuing to quote Wikipedia:

The Number of the Beast is 666. The number is of prominent significance in the system of Thelema. It is the sum of the numbers inside the 6-by-6 magic square, which is associated with the sun by some Kabbalists, astrologists, and numerologists, who still use it today.[6] According to Crowley, it is a solar number.[7] The Stele of Revealing bore the catalogue number 666 at the time when Crowley discovered it, which was one of the events that led to the writing of the Book of the Law.

It can be said that the Hebrew letter shin (ש), which is written at the beginning and end of the Hebrew word for “sun” (shemesh [8]), conceals in itself the number of The Beast, because its shape is like three vavs (ו) conjoined together, whose gematrical value is 6. It has been noted by some that the abbreviation W.W.W. may be interpreted as 666,[9][failed verification] for the Latin letter “W” formed out of the Phoenician letter waw, whose value is 6. This can be explained by saying that the rise of the internet is one of the events by which the beginning of the Age of Aquarius has been marked,[10][need quotation to verify] which is strongly tied with the concept of the Aeon of Horus in Thelema.[11] The following words and phrases have 666 for their gematrical value:

  • Το Μεγα Θηριον — Greek for “The Great Beast”. Koine Greek is the Greek dialect by which the books of the New Testament were written, including the Book of Revelation, where the original mention of The Beast’s number is recorded (13:17-18).”

Considering the revelations in Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse, solving the riddle of Revelation 13:18 is VITALLY IMPORTANT. That riddle comes at the end of the global depopulation event. To solve this most important riddle I used the multiples of 6, and its alpha-numeric code (wherein A=6, B=12, and so on to Z). You can better understand what I mean and did by viewing the video I prepared below.

I used the multiples-of-6 alpha-numeric-code to determine the name of the man whose number is 666. That action unveiled the man most responsible for ordering the development of the AIDS virus, as well as deploying strategic nuclear weapons around the planet, Nelson Rockefeller’s protege, Dr. Henry KISSINGER.

Kissinger’s business management group, Kissinger Associates, manages the world’s leading vaccine maker, Merck & Co–the company with whom Pfizer formed a “strategic alliance” to develop anti-cancer vaccines called “immunotherapies.”

The Merck-Pfizer anti-cancer drugs include mRNA vaccines, like Pfizer’s and Moderna’s anti-COVID “genetic therapy” that targets the “PD-L1” (i.e., “Programmed Death-Ligand 1“) protein on human cell surfaces encoded by the CD274 gene vital to immune cell responses to cancer. These vaccines use a lipid coating to deliver their “payloads.”

Most importantly, and most secreted, the lipid coating ‘hydro-gel’ in these vaccines contains nano-size particles; some researchers claim ‘nano-chips.’ This secrecy raises serious concerns as a human altering technology capable of controlling civilization through advancing transhumanism.

Summary, Conclusions, Accurate Predictions, and Solutions

Coronavirus ConspiracyThe deadlier more transmissible coronavirus mutants increasingly threatening civilization were accurately predicted and explained by this author nearly a quarter-century ago following a review of the scientific literature pursuant to lab virus developments within and beyond the Special Virus Cancer Program.

Corporate controlled media censorship, diversions, and misrepresentations have so defrauded, desensitized, and conditioned the world’s ill-informed population that the expanding ‘biological apocalypse’ risking humanity’s extinction is a real and growing ‘existential threat.’

Unless and until ‘captured’ regulators, legislators, law enforcers, and Justice Department officials turn from their submissive states of ignorance, corrupt influence, and willful blindness, the blood of billions of viral victims will be on their hands, weighing heavy on their hearts and souls.

Scientific evidence of ‘666’ mathematics characterizes the key infection transmission ‘attachment proteins’ p66 and p51 that source from AIDS virus cancer research. These facts strongly encourage consideration of the criminal psychopathology and Satanic sorcery underlying what is best characterized as a “COVID Coup” underlying the coronavirus ‘vaccination’ program.

This presumably lethal scheme has effectively imposed social and economic damages upon civilization enabling global fascism and totalitarianism now thriving under the guises of ‘public health’ and ‘national security.’

Complicit Pfizer and Moderna mRNA engineers have furthered these interests and blazed these markets for unsafe drugs or ‘genetic therapies’ falsely advertised as “vaccines.”

These mRNA vaccines appear to have caused the emergence of the ‘advanced function’ coronavirus mutants.

Given the massive fraud surrounding this COVID Coup, as well as the esoteric numerology published in peer-reviewed science journals, the probability of demonic influence in this biological apocalypse is extremely high.

The practical use of anti-oxidant remedies and preventatives, most notably 528Hz/nm frequency-based bioacoustic and photodynamic therapies, provide hope of saving millions of lives as we witness Divine prophesy unfolding.




(1) Pursuant to my neglected, censored, disparaged and dismissed warnings; and to those who added the label “conspiracy theory” to my righteous and accurate works,* the Holy Bible (KJV) ends thusly in Revelation 22:

16 I Jesus have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things in the churches. I am the root and the offspring of David, and the bright and morning star.

17 And the Spirit and the bride say, Come. And let him that heareth say, Come. And let him that is athirst come. And whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely.

18 For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book:

19 And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book.

20 He which testifieth these things saith, Surely I come quickly. Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus.

21 The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen.


* Written as the Overseer of “The Royal Bloodline of David” for the “Church of Philadelphia” by and through the sixth (6th) angel assigned thereto and identified in Rev. 3:6-8 and Isaiah 22:22.

(2) People are no longer scoffing or laughing at whistleblowers evidencing officials’ genocidal malfeasance. The co-conspirators have forced most nations into lock-downs that are economically and socially devastating. The financiers of social, racial, and political unrest are major stockholders in Big Pharma, Big Tech, Big Military and Big Banking. Their consolidated interests have monopolized nearly every industry. Their “Fourth Industrial Revolution” (“4IR”) backs “transhumanism,” not humanity nor humanistic psychology.

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White House Coronavirus Origin Probe Gains Advice From Top Emerging Diseases Tracker

Coronavirus Negligence Slammed by Lab Virus Expert

DARPA Coronavirus? Western Hands in the Wuhan Plague

Deep State Coronavirus, Jeffrey Epstein, and Harvard University.

Experts Slam Anthony Fauci in ‘COVID-19 Coup’


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