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From: <nturner433@gmail.com>
Date: Wed, Jun 27, 2012 at 3:30 PM
Subject: A Continuation and Extension of US govt Bio-Warfare & Covert Experimentation in 2012
To: “tetra@tetrahedron.org” <tetra@tetrahedron.org>

Mr. Horowitz,

I have read your assertion of the likelihood of a United States Government origin of the AIDS virus with great interest. You obviously have come across a multitude of incriminating albeit circumstantial, evidence to arriver at your theory.

What follows below is a story that is much more bizarre and unbelievable to most who hear it. But I believe the genesis is the same–the lettered agencies of the U.S. government in concert with sub-contractors. Specifically the CIA, FBI, DoD, perhaps the NSA. Of course I have no concrete proof of this but as I relay below, the tactics that are being used against me daily are similar to those that have been exposed as part of the CIA’s infamous MK-Ultra pogrom, administered by Dr. Ewan Cameron.

There are also distinct PsyOps aspects to the ongoing harassment. If you are unfamiliar with the terms: organized gang stalking, voice to skull, remote neural monitoring, directed energy weapons, non-lethal weapons, nano technology, electromagnetic technology, please take some time to familiarize yourself with them; as I believe there will be many more citizens who will in the future complain about what I am being targeted with on a daily basis, 24 hours a day for the past almost 2 years.

There are also other targets who have spoken out over the years–british author Evelyn Waugh, african american author Gloria Naylor in her novel 1996 (who by the way, is a middle-aged black woman like myself and with the seemingly disproportionate number of minorities and specifically black women complaining about this, lends credence to my personal belief this is something that like bio-germ warfare, is being targeted at the ‘usual’ demographics—those deemed most expendable and least able to defend themselves).

Below is my story:

The FBI isn’t just targeting muslims, but anyone regardless of religious beliefs, and especially if they espouse what the govt deems ‘extremist’ political views.

The tactics used by them that have not been reported publicly are the stuff of Orwell & sci-fi movies. (except sporadically by victims like me & others who are famous, like author Gloria Naylor, who wrote a novel about her experiences called 1996).

If anybody is familiar with phrases like ‘organized gang stalking’, directed energy weapons, Operation Garden Plot, CIA’s mk-ultra, the voice of god–these, I believe, based on personal experience, are methods that the FBI, in concert with other govt. agencies, are using against law-abiding US citizens covertly.

These military-grade ‘non-lethal’ weapons have come to the public’s attention in the past few years but believe me the more sinister and on-going use of them against citizens who have in effect been targeted for involuntary human experimentation is something that most haven’t heard about and if they have, probably largely discount b/c of the widespread ignorance most americans have about the extent of technological advancements & the level of depravity of certain factions of the US govt.

I used to count myself amongst this group. Until I was targeted, directed energy weapons, voice to skull, electromagnetic weapons were words/phrases that were foreign and unbeknownst to me.
But apparently Rep. Dennis Kucinich was familiar with the technology or at least had knowledge of them, as well as former astronaut & congressman, John Glenn, since they both introduced legislation years ago to ban this type of technologies’ use against citizens.

And furthermore, if you research this yourself, you will find that the US has a long, nefarious (and documented) history of covert human involuntary experimentation against ordinary citizens.

Unfortunately, this isn’t new, although the technology has made it easier to hide and deny. And it’s not just people they believe are or could be a potential problem for the system. It’s increasingly becoming anyone who dares to reject the proverbial kool-aid. So don’t think that just b/c you haven’t DONE anything that you are safe. Maybe you’ve just written a comment on a website like this or written something critical on a blog. Or in your private emails. This is not meant to scare anyone, just to inform; because ultimately, America, like all empires, will implode. They have much to pay for and much to fear in the way of karma.

The irony is that with all the frenzied energy & resources they expend on ostensibly getting rid of ‘enemies’, that same energy moves them closer to what they are trying to stave off. The Laws of Attraction at work.

What I want to do is inform. It is not like we don’t have precedent for what is happening in this country. So you cannot say that you haven’t been warned. I am but 1 canary in the mine. Remember the poem, First They Came …. by Martin Niemöller.

I wanted to add that what I have described above is being written about by multitudes of people, both americans and citizens of other ‘industrialized’ nations, on the internet. If you were to search any of the terminology mentioned above and search on sites like youtube you can find others who describe in detail the same type of experiences— we appear to be scattered all over the globe, yet essentially relay stories eerily similar.

In my opinion, this phenomenon is too widespread, organized, with methods that seem to follow a particular protocol/standard and also well-hidden from widespread public knowledge to be anything BUT government sanctioned and/or directed. I’d speculate that contractors are in charge of the daily implementation, with government entities, like FBI, CIA, NSA, DoD, probably making the final determination as to whose name is added to the “list”(s) and profiles of persons and/or demographics to be targeted.

Some of us may be seen as a threat to the status quo and some may just be unfortunate victims randomly chosen.

While I do think part of it is involuntary human experimentation (initially), once a target is aware of what is going on, I believe it then turns into pure harassment. I think there are many people who have been targeted and haven’t yet realized it.

I recently read a book by an a well-known self help guru & they described an incident that mirrored exactly what I deal with on a daily basis; but of course, since their thinking is on a more spiritual plane, this person ascribed it to a possible demonic spirit and I doubt if approached they would believe it was the govt instead.

I think there are many who may read this and know exactly what I’m talking about but don’t speak about it openly for fear they will be automatically labeled ‘crazy’. It’s unfortunate that this is the way that so many victims have become complicit in the govt’s crimes.

I am determined not to keep their secrets. I have not done anything wrong nor do I for 1 second believe what is happening to me to be organic to my being or my brain. It is definitely technology and not psychology.

I believe in retrospect I was targeted for years before the govt revealed itself.

How did they do it?

Let me give you just a sampling of what I’ve been harassed with for almost 2 years now: Initial obvious contact was of voices of casually known people, voices that initially were thought to be ‘overheard’ in the bldg I lived in; this then led to what I now believe to be standard PSY OPS–attempts to break me down emotionally & psychologically: conversations that included accusations of pedophilia (which seems to be a re-occurring theme with this harassment based on other target’s stories); constant haranguing about my core beliefs, opinions— after researching online, I found that these are standard practices in re-programming or brain-washing.

There were also staged skit or as I came to call them ‘vignettes’ that all centered around driving home any insecurities the perpetrators felt they could capitalize on. All of these things were only heard by me.

I remember one instance in the beginning hearing threats to kill me in what was a known voice coming from outside my building; but upon looking outside, there was no one. I believe most people would automatically assume they are going crazy. For whatever reason, that never crossed my mind. I knew SOMETHING was going on, but I also instinctively knew it was external.

The skits and the ability to hear the ‘voices’ no matter where I went had me initially convinced that there were hidden mics and/or cameras in my apt and clothing. Did I report this? Of course. Like any person would and of course I believe that I what the objective is: to see if you will fold under the constant assault to the point of either voluntarily seeking out psychiatric help or perhaps lashing out in violence at the people you hear–either way, you are neutralized.

Whether in my case it was the grace of God or my early on seeking out info on the web–I thankfully didn’t fall into either trap. I realized fairly quickly that this was targeting and the likely culprit was the US govt.

For those who say could it have been my landlord instead? (who I have named and will continue to name—Janet Lauritsen Beumer 1322 Woodruff Ave, Westwood, Ca) I believe like the people who have been entrapped by FBI informants in these fake terrorist plots, my landlord is probably an informant or somehow on the payroll of some govt entity. The reason I emphatically believe this is b/c of her behavior while I lived there. In retrospect, some of the things she did only make sense if she knew what was transpiring.

And again, if I was simply schizophrenic, why would I still hear primarily HER voice 2 years later along with other tenants in that building? Wouldn’t it make sense that I would hear the voices of people who are currently around me? I believe Beumer and the others were paid to record their voices.

I believe the voices were initially mostly ‘live’ and subsequently became strictly prerecorded, again remarks that only I can hear (think newscaster with an in-ear mic), remarks that address me by name, remarks clearly being spoken by multiple persons of different nationalities; both men’s and women’s voices, some unrecognizable and some who were tenants at same property while I lived there.

The voices are now obviously a continuously played tape that utilizes favorite, oft-used phrases and comments and what I have discovered is a method used by Dr. Ewan Cameron called psychic driving. The good doctor was funded by the CIA’s Mk-Ultra pogrom in Canada–research it; this non-stop audio harassment also includes sound effects (loud noises like stomping and/or crashes, recorded sounds like helicopters, what I’m assuming are supposed to be ‘ghostly’ sounds but to me sound more like mooing sounds, and ‘hive sounds’); this audio can piggyback on electrical appliances like fans, motors, music, and it also can use water as a conduit.

Another odd aspect is being able to ‘feel’ audio. Sort of like interactive movie watching or 3D on steroids. Example: I may hear a stomp and actually ‘feel’ that stomping reverberating thru my body as if i am somehow connected to the person stomping.

Also utilized is what some have dubbed remote neural monitoring (I say it’s more manipulation & personally believe this harassment is mostly conducted via nano implants but of course that’s just pure speculation), RNM seemingly allows internal manipulation of organs, what appears to be accelerated heartbeats (that I believe is simply perception–what the target hears or perceives to be their heart beat is probably some type of overlay.

How? that’s the 50 million dollar question.). Sound like a sci-fi thriller? How bout manipulation of sexual organs (feels mechanical), sensation of overall body neural firing? Feeling that your body is being pushed or rocked by some invisible energy or force (rocking the baby). All of this is what i have experienced.

If you are still reading this, you are probably thinking that I actually MAY need medication b/c what I’ve described is clearly the result of either schizophrenic hallucinations or an overactive imagination. But again, there are multitudes of other people all across the globe describing the exact same experiences and we don’t know each other. And some of them unfortunately, bought into the idea that what I’ve described could ONLY be of a psychiatric nature—including author Gloria Naylor—who subsequently discovered even after taking medication the above continued to happen.

Fortunately, for me, I’ve never questioned my sanity. That’s something they have never made me buy into. I should be insane by now, but I know what I describe is a result of technology, not psychology. And based on my experience, the only people this would drive to a nuthouse are the cowards who have implemented this pogrom–no doubt only true psychos would actually believe ‘remote torture’ actually works.

Now, that I have relayed the bad news, the good news is: the US govt, as usual, is incompetent, lazy and arrogant. The technology, while advanced and unknown to most of the general population–is not fail proof. It can be worked around.

I’ve found that earplugs & neo-dymium magnets distort the audio over time (again why I don’t know). The looped tape that is on continuous play (psychic driving) trails off, and apparently the artificial intelligence aspect of this harassment is basic at best. What seems to happen is all conversations you engage in or overhear are recorded, stored and played back in a conversational way w/voices that are of people you are familiar with casually so as to make it more believable that it is live & happening in real time. So initially you don’t realize you are interacting with a computer program. You just think you are either overhearing conversations amongst others–that is until they start to address you by name.

lol…You really have to laugh and shake your head when you think about the probably trillions of dollars and decades of research and development that have been pored into this. All because of some diabolical sociopaths need for control and unfettered power. Sick and depraved. And probably all paid for by the american taxpayers.

As I mentioned before, initially I didn’t realize these conversations were not happening in real-time, but apparently the govt ( or it’s contractors) are so lazy they apparently don’t bother to update the voices to change with circumstances. My tape recorded messages still reflect people & circumstances that existed almost 2 years ago. But who ever accused the criminally insane of being smart?

So again, this is what I believe is the scope of this: Initially it’s a.i./military testing of military technology and/or weaponry on unsuspecting citizens. Once the target realizes what’s going on, which I believe is much easier now b/c of the internet—that is if they don’t fall into the ‘crazy’ trap and realize what they are experiencing is real and not organic to their brain—then I believe the govt just leaves them either to learn to cope, try to seek medical &/or legal remedy (there are people who have lawsuits on the books, see Brian Wronge) or seek out others who have also been targeted.

I believe most of the orgs set up to ostensibly help out those like me, are just working for the govt agencies behind this program.I believe it’s a way to not only keep an update on the efficacy and success of the program but also a way to keep targets isolated and frustrated.

This has been going on for decades and very few targets have gotten proper re-dress, let alone acknowledgement of the govt’s ongoing crimes against humanity.

I believe if the orgs were legit, this would be something that the public at large would not be so ignorant of. But hey, if everybody knows about it, how is the govt going to find new unsuspecting victims. I’m sure they prefer someone who is totally oblivious to what is happening initially b/c that logically would present the most reliable real world results. Of course, if we were actually dealing with moral, empathetic beings, instead of sociopaths with unchecked power, I would hope that ethical considerations would limit the scope of this experimentation to volunteers. Yes,I know, how naive.

As I mentioned before, this type of targeting was reported back in the 40’s by author Evelyn Waugh, so I believe the British have been testing this as far back as then and Russia probably before.

There are many people in the former USSR who surfaced after it’s collapse describing their experiences with the same types of harassment. So this is a global problem.

I’ve even read the assertion by a former north korean official that the US may be sharing this technology with it’s allies. I wouldn’t doubt it.

Again, this may read like either something out of a sci-fi thriller or the ramblings of a schizophrenic but it is neither. It is real and it’s happening. And you may already be a target.

Some of the things in retrospect I remember were things I chalked up to just life: Excruciating headaches that seemed to come and go.The sensation of something fluttering in my ear). Thinking that I was overhearing someone else’s conversation in reference to me. Always denigrating in nature.

Could any of this be a reason this country is so self-medicated?

How many people actually have experienced this and have mistakenly believed they actually were having a mental breakdown or who even went as far as to take their own life?

Again, as I don’t work for the govt entities who hold patents on this technology and have chosen to play God, I don’t have an answer as to what the ultimate goal of this is and how widespread it’s usage is. But what I do know is that I fortunately am one of those that they under-estimated and continue to deal with it, mind intact b/c I assure you, I have seen schizophrenics and there is no way in hell they would be able to explain or describe what is happening.

Fortunately, I can take the hit and will continue to speak out for those that are not able to, for whatever reason. I didn’t choose to be a canary in the mine but i accept the mission with unswerving honesty and commitment. If that is why I was chosen, so be it. I will continue to speak out about what amounts to one of the greatest crimes against humanity being perpetrated by what is touted as the greatest democracy on the face of the earth.

We all need to think about what else the govt is doing behind closed doors.




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