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Neutralizing the bioweaponized antigen must be the primary objective in defending against the COVID imposition, suffocation, and its damage and death. Once intoxicated and damaged by the spike-protein host-cell antigenic complex immune response, two primary problems present clinically: (1) cell-mediated immunity causing histamine release prompts smooth muscle contractions in blood vessels causing asthma-like respiratory symptoms; and (2) the irritation and AhR impact of the spike protein on the cilia and mucus-producing cells prompts: breathing difficulty associated with abnormal mucous production. The offending mucous is clear, but extraordinarily sticky. Damage to cilia has been reported, restricting removal of these antigen-antibody complexes. This ‘sticky goo’ restricts oxygen flow to your bloodstream. All the above results in asthma-like symptoms, ARDS, suffocation, hospital intubation, and much too often death.

Sedating this synthetic antigenic over-stimulation of cell-mediated immunity in the human body, normalizing its histamine/antihistamine functions, and mucus reduction through good hydration, exercising your breathing, and expectoration of as much mucous as you can remove, are keys to survival and rehab.

Let me introduce you to my personal successful protocol for quickly recovering from pneumonia or COVID-related ‘ARDS’–acute respiratory distress syndrome.

1. Natural Remedies Available to Help

How do you remove what feels like a hundred-pound weight on your chest when you are trying to breathe?

This advisement supplements my many previous articles in which I explained the urgency of good pH-adjusted hydration and “anti-oxidant therapies,’ neutralizing positively-charged synthetic spike-protein antigens as best you can. I recommended anti-oxidant Vitamins C; D; E (d-alpha tocopherol); Zinc; and many other scientifically proven natural remedies.

I’ve urged everyone to stockpile OxySilver w/528Hz frequency. Used as directed, OxySilverTM provides a “quadruple anti-oxidant.” (I’ve explained this repeatedly in the free subscription HealthyWorldStore.com newsletter.) I further characterize OxySilver’s anti-oxidant and broad spectrum antibiotic function below. I claim in my lawsuit against Pfizer and Moderna that safe and effective OxySilver competes directly, bio-electrically, against their risky mRNA vaccines.

Adding the anti-stress B vitamins and CoQ10–another natural anti-oxidant is helpful; as is consuming lots of greens containing chlorophyll (e.g., wheat grass juice). Reducing acidifying life-style risks is very important.

Caffeine, nicotine, sugar (refined carbohydrates), stress, alcohol, most pharmaceuticals, and excessive red meat should be avoided because they acidify your body chemistry. This electro-chemistry aids-and-abets COVID morbidity and mortality.

An excellent science paper reviewing several “bitter” natural medicines (i.e., negatively-charged alkalizing anti-oxidants) encourages doctors and patients to relieve COVID’s respiratory distress using the alternatives published above, below, and HERE. A review of the “antiviral performance of graphene-based materials with emphasis on COVID-19” by Seifi and Kamali discusses the anti-viral bio-electronic impacts of silver nanoparticles, such as those provided by OxySilverTM resonating in 528Hz.


a. Nutritional Anti-histamines to Help Breathing

In review, for your information, Vitamin C acts as a powerful natural antihistamine.

“According to a 2018 study on vitamin C in the treatment of allergies, oxidative stress plays a key role in allergic diseases. . . . Another study from 2000 suggested taking 2 grams (g) of vitamin C daily to act as an antihistamine. . . . As vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, it may act as a treatment for allergies.” Now add the asthmatic symptoms associated with smooth muscle contractions from spike-protein antigen-prompted histamine releases. These too may be naturally remedied by vitamin C.

Quercetin is another natural antioxidant found in foods and over-the-counter nutritional supplements. This flavonoid may help relieve some of the symptoms of histamine release and airway inflammation.

Fish oils rich in omega-3 fatty acids may also help reduce lung inflammation and relieve asthma-like symptoms.


b. Anti-Asthmatic Botanicals

According to many open sources, natural herbs that may help treat asthma-like symptoms include:

  • ginkgo, shown to reduce inflammation
  • mullein
  • boswellia (Indian frankincense)
  • dried ivy
  • butterbur
  • black seed
  • choline
  • French maritime pine bark extract

Many sources report that coffee and tea may also be useful for treating asthmatic symptoms. Unfortunately, these consumables tend to be acidifying. That is the opposite to what you want to accomplish to neutralize the positive-charge on the spike-protein antigen.


c. Essential Oil Anti-histamines to Help Breathing

i. Essential oils that act as anti-histamines include:

  • Lavender
  • Eucalyptus
  • Rosemary
  • Tee Tree Oil
  • Oil of Oregano
  • Lemon
  • Peppermint
  • Sandlewood, and
  • Camphor

I have been using these daily.

I made a mist-spray formula combining a few drops of these ingredients in OxySilver. One to three times daily I use this formula in three ways:

(1) I close my eyes and spray this mist around my head. I find this refreshing and relaxation;

(2) I inhale this mist as deeply as possible using a facial steamer. I find facial-steamer-misting anti-histaminic essential oils is one of the most helpful things I have done. Anyone with asthma, or COVID-associated respiratory distress, can do this too to help themselves recover; and

(3) I spray this formula in my steamy bathroom while bathing or showering. This is pleasant, and has helped me in my recovery.

ii. Tracking and Recording Your Progress

I encourage you to track, document, and confirm your progress–your positive results in freeing your breathing using the above nutritional, lifestyle, essential oil applications. Especially the facial steamer treatment. I found that most beneficial, albeit in the beginning it was difficult.

In the beginning of your recovery program you will likely feel EXHAUSTED. Oxygen deprivation has you in bed or sitting most often. (I have often used my sitting time for prayer and reflection.) I have enjoyed listening to 528Radio.com broadcasting 528Hz-transposed “medicinal music” to pass the time.

While you are sitting, you can also exercise expanding your lungs. Do this as often as you like, but certainly five-to-ten minutes three-times-daily.

For this, I recommend that you get an instrument that measures your respiratory volume, such as the AirLifeTM Spirometer device commonly dispensed to COVID patients by hospitals.

AirLife Spirometer HERE IS A GOOD EXERCISE & TEST: Before and after you inhale the essential oil OxySilverTM steam, measure and record your milliliters of air using this AirLifeTM Spirometer (or other) device. Try to breath in the steam as deeply as you can without coughing too much.  Stretch your ‘comfort zone’ during this exercise. Then sit quietly for five-to-ten-minutes and observe your breathing capability and inspiration capacity. I have experienced and recorded benefits. So will you.

I pushed my essential oil steam inspirations to the limit on several occasions. At first, this caused me to cough so intensely that I almost threw-up from coughing up small amounts of that sticky clear mucus. So I recommend, if you do this exercise, have a vomit bag or other receptacle close to you in case you ‘heave.’ I never did, but I came close to it.

Subsequently, I found this essential oil steaming exercise more tolerable, because less mucus was in my lungs. I was able to breathe deeper, and coughed less and less as days and weeks passed.

Do not think negatively, that if you cough severely this exercise is harming you. God’s physical body design (form) and function is very hardy. Sit quietly if coughing excessively. Your cough will subside.

Then you will likely be pleasantly surprised that you can ‘miraculously’ breathe deeper than you could before your essential oil facia-steaming exercise and coughing-spell.

iii. Devil’s Club Natural Expectorant Combined with Anti-Oxidants

I’ve been toying with the idea of adding menthol and the expectorant Devil’s Club to my OxySilver/Essential Oil formula.

Devil’s Club is very helpful as an expectorant to cough-out the sticky mucous. HealthyWorldStore.com has a limited supply of a Flu Free Formula that contains Devil’s Club for this purpose. It is costly, but well worth the expense to gain the relief this tincture of extracts provides.

I have been using OxySilverTM, and the Flu Free Formula three (3) times daily with prayer; and facial steaming at least once daily. I know this routine has helped me tremendously.

Corroboration comes from another interesting study. This indicated that menthol may be added to inhalants to “decrease intracellular free Ca*+ concentration through an inhibition of voltage-dependent Ca*’ channels . . . .” Decreasing free Ca+ ions in the respiratory tract, thereby increasing negatively-charged alkalizing anions therein (e.g. anti-oxidants), may theoretically help neutralize the positively-charged COVID antigen delivery mechanism causing the mucous production, smooth-muscle contractions, and asthmatic symptoms.


d. Other Self-help Activities and Supplements

i. Remember Good Hydration!

Always remember that good alkalizing-hydration goes hand-in-hand with good oxygenation to defeat the positively-charged antigenic spike protein bioweapon, respiratory distress, and sticky mucus.

Remember to drink at least half of your body weight converted to ounces in pH 8.0-9.5 drinking water daily. (I’ve been drinking mostly 9.5pH Essentia water available in food stores.) Good fluid movement will help expel the mucus suffocating your alveoli, depriving you of oxygen, and making you feel exhausted after simple tasks or exercises. This feeling will pass with time and required physical EXERCISE.

ii. Positive Attitude Toward Physical Exercise

Think as positively as you can about your recovery activities, especially exercising. Consider all your activities, where-ever you walk or what-ever you lift, as “exercise for recovery and rehab.” You are exercising yourself back to optimal health!

As you go through your day, consciously expand your lungs during breathing as much as is comfortably-possible. These inspirations are breathing exercises. Physical exercises that make you breathe deeper are great, but you don’t need to overdue it. Increase your stamina and strength slowly but surely.

You will be astonished, after a couple of weeks of exercising at least 20 minutes daily, that stairway that you almost passed out on will seem like no problem at all.

iii. Avoiding Stress and Distress

Try to avoid psychological stress. Distress can be a killer, especially compounding damage from spike-protein antigen intoxication inflammatory reactions. Psychological stress and emotional distress precipitates cytokine releases. An analysis of 34 studies found increases in circulating IL-6, IL1B, IL-10, interferon and more in response to mental and emotional distress.

Please keep this advisement in mind when watching television and following the disturbing “news.”

iv. Assert Your Will to Live

Most important is your will to live, and your relationships with your loved-ones and the All-Mighty.

v. Acquire and Thank Your “Patient Advocate(s)”

When I was in the hospital sustaining cruel and unusual punishment, with staff threatening to put me on a ventilator (from which I would not have likely survived) I had loved-ones sneak me OxySilver with 528Hz; good meals; my 528 tuning fork; and a bottle of the FDA-condemned Flu-Free Formula I mentioned above. (I originally developed that product to defeat SARS).

I used the OxySilverTM my advocates brought me with prayer. (I developed this unique product to amplify ‘prayer-power’ with the special 528 “MIracle” frequency resonating at the heart of your heart, reflected in the structured-water 528 memory.

My loved ones, my “patient advocates,” prayed for me regularly, and vigorously advocated for me as Dr. Ardis recommends. They protected me against the malpractices of the doctors and respiratory technician who threatened my death by needlessly putting me on a respirator.

We experienced a “miracle.” Within hours of my two “patient advocates” (one a lawyer) threatening malpractice lawsuits against the hospital devil-doers if I was not treated better, SUDDENLY, MIRACULOUSLY, DRAMATICALLY, my blood oxygen levels improved. In 24 hours my oxygen readings went from the mid 60s to high 80s. Then, my advocates DEMANDED I be released from the “death camp.” The staff (many in agreement with me about the inhumane environment imposed their corporate paymasters) were forced to consent.

I am here now telling you my survival story, and recovery protocol, hoping you will benefit from my research and lessons learned.


1) Start your day drinking 15-to-24 gulps of alkalized water, and wait five to ten minutes before taking the nutritional supplements aforementioned.

2) Take your nutritional supplements (e.g., vitamins, minerals, enzymes, probiotics, etc.) with 12-to-16 ounces of grapefruit or orange juice (half mixed with prune juice to remedy constitutional difficulties) to help you swallow the pills.

3) Three times daily, beginning in the morning, before or after breakfast, take 3 cap-fulls of OxySilverTM with your eyes closed to visualize the white light of the Holy Spirit resonance energizing your head and body. (The Holy Spirit is very 528-frequency friendly.) Imagine sending this positive healing energy down to help clear your lungs. One suggested prayer is:

“Heavenly Creator, thank you for sending your Holy Spirit of Love and miraculous healing energy to quickly and completely restore my breathing capacity; so that I can serve you to the best of my ability.”

4) Three times daily, take one dropper-full of the Flu Free Formula or other product(s) containing Devil’s Club expectorant.

5) Throughout your day, exercise your deeper breathing capability. Stretch your lungs with deeper inspirations.

6) Do physical exercise at least 20 minutes daily. Rehab your whole body muscle tone for at least 20 minutes (and throughout your increasingly active day). Build stamina this way to help you hasten recovery. Always practice proper posture–shoulders back, chest expanded–at all times.

7) One-to-three times daily enjoy essential oil anti-histamine respiratory therapy, especially using your facial steamer. Record your breathing improvements using an AirLifeTM Spirometer.

8) Supplement the above with a Rife frequency treatment, ideally three times a week. There are many such machines being sold. They commonly flow (negatively-charged) electrons of energy through your body for enhanced anti-oxidant activity. Using certain frequencies recommended by Rife practitioners may be most helpful.

9) Get plenty of bed rest, as your fatigue, weakness and recovery demands. And don’t forget to hydrate. At least half your body weight in alkalized ounces daily.





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