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‘ Disease X ‘ Depopulation Propaganda Vets Bill & Melinda Gates Media Genocide Plot

Bill & Melinda Gates Genocide Plot Vetted by Barclay Brothers’ ‘ Disease X ‘ Propaganda


Leonard G. Horowitz, DMD, MA, MPH, DNM (hon.), DMM (hon.)



NEARLY 50 YEARS AGO the U.S. military and medical officials developed the genetic ways and means to create AIDS. Ebola and assorted biological weapons were also developed for triggering cancers and plagues for “dual use” military and health commerce. The underlying objective was “population control.” Few in the broadcast media talked about these facts dismissed as “pseudoscience,” “quackery,” and “conspiracy theory.” Those who advanced these unpopular truths, such as American Dr. Robert Strecker and East German Dr. Jakob Segal, where attacked in the press and online by “PharmaTrolls.” The scholars were smeared as heretics and communists. At that time, only CIA, MI6, Stasi and Mossad propagandists understood the power of “counter-intelligence” in muddling novel killing methods and materials–assorted devices developed for biological warfare and depopulation.


The above Department of Defense text is true and correct. It explicitly describes what the AIDS virus is and does twelve (12) years before the virus’s falsely alleged “discovery” by Dr. Robert Gallo. I caused Dr. Gallo to lose his Nobel Prize in Medicine by challenging him openly at the XI International Conference on AIDS in Vancouver, Canada, as shown here. Nonetheless, the media attacked me and continued to promote Gallo’s “discovery.” Today, that interchange in “The Man Who Created AIDS” has been viewed by more than 7 million people thankful for my whistleblowing, courtesy of fellow activists who had the intelligence to download and multiply that original video on numerous websites before Google/YouTube censored it. As for me, Google/YouTube’s censorship and blocking of my account has caused less than 3,000 people to view that video on my RevolutionTelevision.net “alternative media.”

Using Dr. Jakob Segal, and his supportive wife Lilly, as classic examples of similar suppression and counter-intelligence “programming,” these Soviet citizens were alienated and defamed by Western presses when they drew attention to the man-made origin of AIDS theory. Their classic disparagement can be read here, as published by “Sage journals”–the founding member of the Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association (OASPA). That yellow press was discredited for relying on the Journal of International Medical Research and “a false and intentionally flawed paper created and submitted by a reporter for the journal Science. That scandal demonstrated how severely corrupted the world of medical science had become by 2013, tainted by pseudoscience and propaganda to infect the mass mind and maintain the medical status quo to aid-and-abet petrochemical-pharmaceutical genocide.

Alternatively, paradigm-shattering natural healing methods and materials that compete with drugs and vaccines have been largely suppressed and demonized. This status quo criminal commerce and “genocidal protection racket” flies in the face of common sense. If people are spiritual beings first, and spirit is energy, and energy is frequency vibrating electrons of sound and light, then the “slash, burn and poison paradigm” in medicine is absurd besides deadly. Spiritual beings can and should be treated vibrationally, not chemically, according to suppressed knowledge.

But in our current imposed CULTure, this common sense is taboo–suppressed along with truths about health being a function of spirituality, consciousness, and dutiful “self-care.”

In this context of “disease control” and propaganda published for deception, “Disease X” is the latest disinformation campaign. Comparing “Disease X” to HIV/AIDS is enlightening. Returning to the Segals’ example, this couple was supposedly suckered into collaborating with Russian intelligence to spread falsehoods about AIDS–the dreaded disease of their age. According to the Sage Press’s propaganda, professor Segal was presented with forged documents that were claimed to have leaked from Fort Detrick, MD–America’s premier biological weapons testing center. Sage bemoaned “rumors” about the US military using humans in bioweapons experiments. Nonetheless, this is precisely what was done. This is not “conspiracy theory. The U.S. Congressional Record includes Frank Church’s committee hearings detailing what Sage’s propaganda suppressed in their following two paragraph quote:

“[A] story about spreading flu virus in San Francisco in 1955, where 1 person was presumed to have died. Another rumor told about another experiment in Tampa Bay, where 12 civilians were supposed to have died. Furthermore, official reports from the United States stated that the Central Intellegence Agency (CIA) had actually tested LSD on uninformed people. An official report revealed that syphilis had been administered on African American farm workers in Tuskagee between 1932 and 1972 in order to try the effect of penicillin on syphilis. There was, in other words some rumors, of which some are even true, already in circulation. From this point of view, another story about the origin of HIV would fit very well into the historical background. This background contributed largely to Dr Segal’s conviction that the story about Fort Detrick was not only plausible but probable and even true.

“The Segal couple were convinced that the Fort Detrick scenario was genuine and worked hard to spread this message. They were allowed by the East German authorities to do so at a conference in Harare, Zimbabwe. They were, however, not allowed to publish their material in East Germany. The fact that they were not supported actively by the German Democratic Republic (GDR) authorities, however, made them feel suppressed. The conspiracy theory had also been spread in Indian and Russian newspapers, such as Trud and Literaturna Gaseta.”

In 1996, I published the first edition of Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola–Nature, Accident or Intentional?. I did not rely on Segal’s reports, nor Strecker’s. My three-year independent inquiry culminated in my discovery of the actual “Special Virus Cancer Program” (SVCP) contracts under which the genetically-engineered immune-suppressive viruses were bio-engineered by the U.S. Army’s sixth top biological weapons contractor–Litton Bionetics. That discovery resulted in my blacklisting as a speaker from major professional conferences and the lecture circuits in which I had been previously welcomed.

Disease X and the “Global Health Security” Organization

During the past few weeks (June, 2018) I was asked by several people to uncover the truth about “Disease X”. In the wake of intense anti-Chinese propaganda issued by the Western media in the wake of President Trump’s efforts to “normalize” trade with China and non-communist “allies,” Disease X was rumored to be associated with Chinese chickens. The 2018 source of this Disease X hysteria turned out to be The Telegraph. “Our Global Health Security coverage is partly funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation,” The Telegraph admitted.

Sherri Kane and I had already exposed the Gates Foundation’s nefarious drug dealings in ExposingVaccineGenocide.org and in the “Best Film-2016” in London and Geneva World International Film Festival (WIFF) competitions for UN-VAXXED: A Docu-commentary for Robert De Niro.  So I dug deeper to discover the commercial connections between Gates and The Telegraph.

The Telegraph‘s yellow press generated a firestorm of fear and publicity surrounding the not-yet-existing flu-like disease purposely confused with a real flu virus labeled “H7N9.” The Disease X fright was prematurely fanned by collaborating propagandists, including Ruppert Murdoch’s troublemakers at The Sun. Murdoch is allied with Warren Buffet who largely financed the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The Guardian too, that supposedly competes against The Telegraph and The Sun, published a similar spin evading the “novel bioweapons” that already decimate populations worldwide in favor of the financial elite. Soon after these tabloids heralded Disease X, America’s leading right-wing counter-intelligence agent, Alex Jones, joined the furor.

Led by the British businessmen, and allied in the Deep State commercializing frights and genocides to protect their wealth, Jones compounded the public’s fear and confusion to extend his bad faith. He broadcast falsely: “We have been following for several years Disease X that the UN World Health Organization (WHO) has predicted could wipe out humanity.”

Not only did Disease X not exist as anything other than a think tank concept, still not real after “several years,” but no one at the WHO ever “predicted” Disease X “could wipe out humanity.”

Consequently, I was asked by several colleagues and Healthy World News subscribers to uncover the truth about “Disease X,” and the propagandists’ connections to the Gates Foundation’s racketeering enterprise.


The Telegraph and Disease X Yellow Presses

The Telegraph tabloid that began the hysteria, I learned, is owned by the “Barclay Brothers”–Sir David Rowat Barclay and Sir Frederick Hugh Barclay. These entrepreneurs “have very substantial business interests primarily in media, retail and property [as well as in drug and vaccine investments]” Wikipedia partially revealed.

The Telegraph owners’ 2017 estimated wealth was set at £7.2 billion. The Barclay twins presumably avoid publicity, and are often described as “reclusive.” But with this story, vetting their sales chicanery and alliance with fellow media moguls/drug industrialists and psyops entrepreneurs, Murdoch, Buffett, and MicroSoft (MSNBC) billionaire Bill Gates, their efforts to prepare people for impending death–the depopulation event named Disease X–evidences real and imagined bioterrorism and treason undermining public health and safety.

Simply considering the amount of social distress these villains cause by their frightening publications adequately evidences treason and criminal psychopathology. They induce phobias for profit.

Quoting their pro-vaccine Disease X unfair and deceptive trade, as published by the CIA-edited Wikipedia, “According to an article in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) in May 2013, “Even with additional vaccine manufacturing capacity . . . the global public health community remains woefully underprepared for an effective vaccine response to a pandemic [such as Disease X]. There is no reason to believe that a yet-to-be-developed pandemic A(H7N9) vaccine will perform any better than existing seasonal vaccines . . . .”


“In other words, by genetically engineering a virus and viral genes from Chinese chickens, and injecting them into humans during a “vaccine trial,” officials risked creating and transmitting a new H7N9 strain that could kill 40 percent of earthlings.”


The Disease X sales pitch included the November 12, 2013 report by US scientists at Novavax, Inc. who announced their “successful clinical testing of an H7N9 vaccine in the New England Journal of Medicine.” Wikipedia continued, “[t]he Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) began sequencing and development of a vaccine as routine procedure for any new transgenic virus.[96] . . . On September 18, 2013, NIH announced that researchers” began testing an investigational H7N9 influenza vaccine in humans. . . . The inactivated vaccine was made with H7N9 virus that was isolated in Shanghai, China. . . . In response to a request from the CDC and the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority, following the unprecedented immediate release of the H7N9 flu virus gene sequences from the first human cases by scientists at the China CDC[99] through the GISAID Initiative[100][101], the J. Craig Venter Institute, and Synthetic Genomics Vaccines, Inc. began working with Novartis to synthesize the genes of the new viral strain and supplied these synthesized genes to the CDC.”

In other words, by genetically engineering a virus and viral genes from Chinese chickens, and injecting them into humans during a “vaccine trial,” officials risked creating and transmitting a new H7N9 strain that could kill 40 percent of earthlings.

Conveniently, the Disease X propaganda campaign now conceals these institutionally-imposed risks. Just as propaganda concealed the laboratory creation of HIV/AIDS, today, vaccine-makers like Novartis and Merck are shirking responsibility for the pandemics they cause.

It is much more profitable and protective to pay propagandists to indoctrinate the CULTure feigning risks from rogue terrorists allegedly acquiring new biotechnologies, and releasing novel bioweapons, than to compensate the damaged masses or survivors of pan-genocide.

In this context, the Disease X fraud and propaganda campaign serves as litigation protection opposing an avalanche of class action lawsuits against vaccine makers such as Merck, now being sued for its deadly and debilitating Zostavax vaccine. The company failed to warn consumers about expected side effects. Victims suffered from a host of herpes virus ailments including shingles, blindness, autoimmune diseases, nerve problems, hearing loss, spinal inflammation, heart problems and death. “Lawyers accepting Zostavax claims,” DrugWatch reported, “say they expect thousands of people to file lawsuits.”

It really should be tens of millions of plaintiffs suing for treason by reason of Merck’s polio and hepatitis B vaccines spreading the most common vaccine contaminants–the herpes viruses. These include the cancer causing Epstein Barr virus, simian (monkey) cytomegalovirus, SV40 and several more.


The Fraud in Concealed Conflicting Interests, Media Censorship, and Military Interests

So the Global Health Security (GHS) organization fronts for Big Pharma, and this entity is central to the Deep State’s depopulation/counter-intelligence program. According to their propaganda and fraudulent concealments, this racketeering enterprise commercializes in:

  • the spread of communicable diseases like Ebola, Zika and dangerous new strains of influenza;
  • non-communicable conditions including obesity, heart disease and diabetes;
  • the rapid rise of antibiotic resistance and new superbugs;
  • the growing threat of bio-terrorism; and
  • social and political instability sown by war and natural disasters including drought and famines. . . .

The GHS website was launched in February 2018 to allegedly “raise awareness and understanding of these and other issues and how they relate to us at home.” The Telegraph publication heralds “breaking news,” but conceals its Big Pharma/Deep State conflicting connections–the corporate sponsors of this propaganda, their Wall Street partners, and their depopulation vaccine promoters, such as Bill Gates.


“It is much more profitable and protective to pay propagandists to indoctrinate the CULTure feigning risks from rogue terrorists allegedly acquiring new biotechnologies, and releasing novel bioweapons, than to compensate the damaged masses or survivors of pan-genocide.”


For instance, The Telegraph has published nothing about the laboratory creation of Ebola in their Global Health Security publications. No coverage at all about what actually sourced HIV/AIDS and Ebola. No mention at all about the messing with monkeys and chimpanzees in Africa done by Litton during the early 1970s. Those “studies” undoubtedly sourced the first AIDS case in New York City in 1976, and the Ebola Zaire outbreak in African that same year.

Ebola’s mother, the Marburg Virus, undoubtedly emerged from that vaccine industry supplier–Litton Bionetics. The monkeys and chimpanzees supplied to vaccine makers in Marburg, Germany as well as in Frankfort and Belgrade Yugoslavia, came from Litton–the sixth leading U.S. military bioweapons contractor in 1970. I reviewed these most important facts recorded in scientific discussions about these outbreaks, Litton, and their African primate supply center in my bestselling book, Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola–Nature, Accident or Intentional? I wrote many official alerts to government officials worldwide concerning this neglected science and risk to civilization. Several responded in good faith, but the vast majority and their protective media did not.

More recently came Zika–another example of neglected science and the Deep State’s pattern and practice of generating novel germs and media psyops. I tracked the corporate roots of Zika here, corroborated here, and here and also here and here. Few people realize the mosquitoes Bill Gates heralds as malaria and dengue fever “vectors” are actually genetically-engineered to deliver deadly mutant viruses and even GMO vaccines.

There are now mosquito-look-alike weaponized drones developed for military uses by DARPA. These are not the live stinging vaccine-injecting critters developed by companies like OxiTec. Although it is likely this novel biotechnology can deliver the microchip produced by “Verichip” to inject whatever devil-doers desire. Plagues such as Morgellons disease may well be side effects from similar experiments using nano-structured self-replicating infectious agents. Given media and scientific censorship, how will we ever know for sure?

That is how “plausible denial-ability” is protectively waged in science and the media today. “See no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil.” So the willfully deaf, dumb, and blind are complicit in the ongoing genocides.

Regarding the “dangerous new strains of flu,” I covered this topic too. Many years ago, I vetted the media fraud and agents of deception on FluScam.com (view in Safari after Firefox decommissioned my website).

To combat the flu, and the “rapid rise of antibiotic resistance and new superbugs,” I pioneered with NASA scientists the best antibiotic replacement and vaccine alternative, OxySilver. This too has been grossly suppressed by the media, including Alex Jones who breached his contract to advertise OxySilver’s unique 528Hz/nm therapeutic bioresonance.

“[T]he growing threat of bio-terrorism” heralded by the GHS I attribute mostly to this PharmaMedia protection racket. I exposed this public health menace in In Lies We Trust: Hollywood, the CIA, and Bioterrorism; in PharmaWhores: The ShowTime Sting of Penn & Teller; and in the “Best Film-2016” in London and Geneva competitions in The World International Film Festival, UN-VAXXED: A Docu-commentary for Robert De Niro.

As far as “social and political instability sown by war and natural disasters including droughts and famines,” I warned decades ago that “no pandemic in earth’s history has ever emerged divorced from major sociopolitical and economic upheaval.”

In this context, Disease X is attributed to Chinese chickens while Western allies fear China’s economic supremacy and threaten World War III beginning in the Taiwan Strait. This is like plague warfare repeating throughout history. That is the pattern and practice of the “Deep State” in every age. The Great Plague or Black Death (1347) erupted in Central Asia or Eurasia at the time of the Byzantine War. The so called “Spanish Flu” erupted in 1918 soon after the Spanish-American War left Americans hating Spain. Quoting Wikipedia, “US public opinion was agitated by anti-Spanish propaganda led by newspaper publishers such as Joseph Pulitzer and William Randolph Hearst which used yellow journalism to call for war.” “To maintain morale [and leverage anti-Spanish sentiments], wartime censors minimized early reports of illness and mortality in Germany, the United Kingdom, France, and the United States.”

Contrary to naysayers and “skeptics” smallpox was used to decimate Native American populations beginning in 1763. “”[T]here is no doubt that British military authorities approved of attempts to spread smallpox among the enemy”, and “it was deliberate British policy to infect the indians with smallpox,” Wikipedia reported.

Then, a century later, in 1853, Native Hawaiians went under siege by Western merchant-missionaries only a few months after the original smallpox vaccine began to be commercially manufactured in England from 1848-1853 by secret agents of Great Britain’s Royal Jennerian Society for Extermination of the Small-pox–a group assembled over drinks at a tavern. That was the first time compulsory infant vaccination was legislated in England, Hawaii, and elsewhere by the Vaccination Act of 1853.

Showing the power and influence of Western propaganda and gross deceptions accepted internationally, history books today record a completely different timeline for smallpox vaccine production. According to current historic revisionism, the commercial manufacture of smallpox vaccine was not even available at that time when the 1840 Act outlawed variolation for smallpox and made commercial vaccination mandatory! This obfuscated history, concealing the British government’s and British East India Corporation’s role in commercializing profitable plagues, raises the high probability the deadliest smallpox pandemics arose from intentional “accidents” or acts of biowarfare.

In other words, every great plague was preceded by severe social/political distress fueled by the military merchants and their media.
Psycho-emotional distress whacks immunity. Stress generates acidity in your body’s chemistry. This causes viruses and bacteria to grow, along with cancer cells and inflammatory conditions. Good hydration, nutrition, remineralization, oxygenation and hygiene helps keep people healthy despite high levels of stress, distress, and infectious diseases. 
Spirituality, meditation, and faithful prayer are neglected preventatives. They work “miracles” best explained by 528Hz frequency science and common sense. The common denominator among these self-care remedies and preventative strategies is “electron energy.” This is the alkalizing factor attributed to electrons resonating at 528Hz in oxygen freshly generated by 528nm-colored chlorophyll. This is also the “Holy Spirit” power to cure what ails you. I explained this well while heralding a “cure for Ebola” during the 2014 global “emergency.” I also explained this in greater detail in Healing Celebrations: Miraculous Recoveries Through Ancient Scriptures, Natural Medicine and Modern Science; and in The Book of 528: Prosperity Key of LOVE.



The Telegraph Heralds the Disease X Deception

What follows is The Telegraph‘s deceptive article heralding Disease X, edited for brevity. I added my critical comments in red:


Beware ‘Disease X’: the mystery killer keeping scientists awake at night

WHO have named Disease X as a disease with pandemic potential


Over two days in early February, the World Health Organisation (WHO) convened an expert committee at its Geneva headquarters to consider the unthinkable.

The goal was to identify pathogens with the potential to spread and kill millions but for which there are currently no, or insufficient, countermeasures available. . . .  It was the third time the committee, consisting of leading virologists, bacteriologists and infectious disease experts, had met to consider diseases with epidemic or pandemic potential. But when the 2018 list was released two weeks ago it included an entry not seen in previous years.

In addition to eight frightening but familiar diseases including Ebola, Zika, and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) the list included a ninth global threat: Disease X. [I was the first to expose SARS as a “false flag” psyops here and here; for which I was subsequently defamed by several so-called “skeptics.” These paid professional propagandists and drug industry protection racketeers protected the SARS scam.]


“I researched the earliest outbreaks using viral studies and was shocked by what I found. The only reasonable explanation for Ebola Zaire’s 1976 strain re-emerging from hiding in different African countries in 2014 in a so-called “natural reservoir” was an American bioweapons lab and vaccine supply company refrigerator.”



What is Disease X?

Disease X is not a newly identified pathogen but what military planners call a “known unknown”. It’s a disease sparked by a biological mutation, or perhaps an accident or terror attack, that catches the world by surprise and spreads fast.

[Notice nothing is mentioned here about earlier “accident”s or “attacks” having giving rise to pandemics such as AIDS or Ebola. The media historically censored the “accidental” laboratory creation and release of HIV/AIDS, hepatitis viruses, herpes viruses, and much more.]

By including it on the list, the WHO is acknowledging that infectious diseases and the epidemics they spawn are inherently unpredictable.

[No so in many cases. For example, AIDS killing 10,000 hemophiliacs was absolutely predicted by blood industry officials before the Rockefeller-directed industry pooled contaminated blood supplies from which contaminated blood products were made and trafficked by the Bayer and Baxter companies.] Like the Spanish flu which killed 50m to 100m people between 1918 and 1920, Disease X is the catastrophe nobody saw coming until it was too late. [Notice the language confuses the not-yet-known illness with one that already emerged–a slick frightening propaganda ploy.]

“Disease X represents the knowledge that a serious international epidemic could be caused by a pathogen currently unknown,” says the WHO.

It has been included on the list not to terrify us, but to ensure that the global health community builds the resilience and capacity needed to tackle all threats – not just the predictable ones.

[This is an obvious lie. If “resilience” against diseases was important to the “health community,” more funding would be given to health education and natural medicine.  OxySilver technology, for instance, would not be suppressed. Each nation would have already built an OxySilver manufacturing plant as I urged years ago, and offered to help design.]

Where might it come from?

One source of Disease X could be the deliberate utilisation of infectious disease as a weapon.

[Notice The Telegraph’s link to Bill Gates’s propaganda. Superficial treatment of the serious prevalent threat of ongoing biowarfare is part of the gross deception and this media diversion. If it were not, Bill Gates would be calling to end genetic engineering of viruses worldwide. Instead, he and his cohort finances and promotes the dangerous biotechnology available for biowarfare and depopulation programs.]

While bio-weapons have been used since the middle ages . . . new scientific developments including gene editing and an exponential increase in computing power make it easier than ever to develop lethal biological agents.

The US and USSR explored bio-weapon development during the Cold War and both continue to hold live cultures of deadly pathogens, including the smallpox virus, in secretive and (hopefully) secure labs. More recently, the Iraqi military toyed with botulinum toxins under Saddam Hussein [supplied by the American Type Culture Collection (ATCC) controlled by US officials], Al Qaeda operatives experimented with anthrax [also supplied by the ATCC] and, in 2014, a laptop captured from Islamic State (IS) was found to contain instructions on how to weaponise the plague bacteria.

[Notice this Deep State plug:] North Korea and Syria are also thought to have bio warfare capability [apparently also obtained by U.S. military suppliers such as the ATCC]. Syria, which [which curiously is considered America’s enemy] has been using chemical weapons against civilian populations in the current conflict. [What about heavy metals in vaccines, barium and aluminum in chem-trails, organophosphate poisons in foods, aspartame in soft-drinks, and fluoride in drinking water? Aren’t Americans being poisoned by their government regulators?]  [Syria] suffered a rare smallpox outbreak in 1972 and is believed to have held wild smallpox strains within its military-industrial complex ever since. Equally alarming, anthrax antibodies were detected in the blood of a North Korean military defector last year, raising fears that Pyongyang has a store of weaponised anthrax. [Note: I extensively exposed the source of the 2001 anthrax mailings shortly after 9/11. Robert Mueller and his FBI purposely neglected my hounding.]

On the bright side, the number of incidents involving bio-weapons to date has been very low, with hoaxes far outnumbering genuine attacks. Non-state actors, including IS, appear to lack the capacity to develop a bio-weapon with large scale reach.

But this could change. It has long been feared, for instance, that military grade pathogens could leak from Soviet labs onto the black market and into the hands of terrorists. [Oh. Excuse me. “Soviet labs” exclusively? No U.S. or U.K. labs? Hogwash–telltale propaganda.]

Only last year Canadian researchers published a peer-reviewed paper detailing how they had synthetically engineered horsepox (a close relative of the smallpox virus) from scratch using equipment now which falls within the reach of many terror groups. [No mention whether this risky Canadian publication occurred by “accident” or by intent. The “peer-reviewed paper” could have been published to help justify this Disease X propaganda campaign.] The paper’s publication has been widely condemned as a security breach. The details provided could “substantively assist those with lesser degrees of experience to synthesize smallpox”, said one [unidentified] critic.

“The synthesis of horsepox virus takes the world one step closer to the reemergence of smallpox as a threat to global health security”, said another [unidentified “critic”]. [Notice no mention of smallpox having originally emerged internationally only a few months after the original smallpox vaccine began to be commercially manufactured in England, 1848-1853 as previously mentioned.] 


What about animals?

Bio-weapons are one risk, animals another [hogwash a third]

The most probable source of Disease X is zoonotic diseases, or Zoonoses. These are diseases present in wild and domesticated animals that can be transmitted to humans.

Some 70 per cent of newly discovered diseases in the last century have been zoonotic. The hemorrhagic bug Ebola is a prime example. The 2013-2016 West African pandemic is believed to have started when a one-year-old boy was bitten by an Ebola-infected bat in Guinea.

[This Ebola propaganda is believed by idiots and spread by propagandists. I covered deception extensively in 2014 when the outbreak of Ebola happened. I am the world’s leading expert in the origin of Ebola. My articles disputing the media’s propaganda are linked here:BREITBART, and here at PRNewswire/iREACH/UBM,, and here concerning the Washington Post, and here also pursuant The Guardian, and the “fruit bat” fraud is exposed here, and ties to the HIV/AIDS creators are linked here, and helpful natural cures and immuno-boosters are detailed here.  My generally censored “EbolaGate” news coverage was published primarily on WarOnWeThePeople.com under the “MEDIA” menu.

Please be advised that the media did its best to CENSOR, IGNORE, DIVERT OR DISCREDIT yours truly before, during, and after the 2014 African Ebola outbreak. Every Ebola article I wrote covering the “1976 Ebola Zaire strain” blamed for the “2014 Pandemic Emergency” was censored. This occurred contemporaneously with Google/YouTube blocking 157 of my videos, and Wikipedia striking my non-editable Wikipedia page used from 2008 to 2016 to smear me and my research. If there ever was an extreme example of Deep State mass media censorship, my treatment was classic. (The Wikipedia Editors’ discussion about why my CIA-tainted biography was to be blocked from the Internet reveals how Deep State/Drug Cartel censorship is administered.)

The [Ebola] disease spread to his mother, sister and grandmother and then on to kill more than 11,000 people in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone.


Subliminal Racism to Foment Black Hate and HIV/AIDS Confusion

fruit_bat“Another Ebola problem,” I wrote, “concerns the subliminally racist message that Africa, or Africans per se, sourced the international emergency.”

I researched the earliest outbreaks using viral studies and was shocked by what I found. The only reasonable explanation for Ebola Zaire’s 1976 strain re-emerging from alleged hiding in different African countries in 2014, in a so-called “natural reservoir,” was an Anglo-American bioweapons lab and vaccine supply company refrigerator.

I used scientific records and common sense to vet the scientific fraud and commercial crime in 2014 just as I do here in the Disease X fright. I reviewed WHO and CDC claims that the “natural reservoir” might be “ fruit bats. “ That “official story,” I discovered, was “pseudoscience.” I referenced health officials’ purported findings that four percent (4%) of bats tested in Bangladesh (Asia) were claimed to carry antibodies for “African Ebola.”

“Think about this,” I wrote. “The wealthiest, most powerful, untrustworthy people in the world, who have military-medical-financial motives for spreading racial hate, pandemics, and related fears, are dictating what can or can’t be discussed or published in the media and scientific forums from which legislative decisions and emergency response plans using drugs and vaccines are made. This fact compounds evidence of ‘bad faith,’ ‘foul play,’ and commercial crime.”


“The human HIV epidemic most likely began when someone” named Maurice Hilleman at the Merck drug company used Litton Bionetics’ contaminated monkeys and chimpanzees to grow hepatitis viruses that were injected into gay men in NYC, Blacks in Central Africa, and Willowbrook State School mentally retarded children in 1972-74 under U.S. Army and Special Virus Cancer Program (SVCP) contracts.”



HIV is also a zoonosis. The human HIV epidemic most likely began when someone killed and ate a wild chimpanzee.

FALSE! “The human HIV epidemic most likely began when someone” named Maurice Hilleman at the Merck drug company used Litton Bionetics’ contaminated monkeys and chimpanzees to grow hepatitis viruses that were injected into gay men in NYC, Blacks in Central Africa, and Willowbrook State School mentally retarded children in 1972-74 under U.S. Army and Special Virus Cancer Program (SVCP) contracts. I reprinted these SVCP contracts in my Emerging Viruses book. The “Black Attack,” with HIV/AIDS disproportionately impacting Africans, evidences Anglo-American genocide. These facts are worth repeating until the world confronts these facts.

[HIV/AIDS] has since infected some 70m people and killed 35m.

Domestic livestock are the most likely incubator for Disease X. Large groups of farm animals (chickens, pigs and even camels) kept in close quarters create ideal breeding conditions for zoonotic disease. The viruses, constantly mutating, move rapidly from wild animals to farm animals and then on to humans. They can be spread by ticks but the fastest moving are airborne.

[Again, not a word about vaccine makers’ reliance on genetically engineered bioweapons, or their outbreak risks.]

Disease X could be a mutation of an existing animal disease like avian influenza or African swine fever or it could be a brand-new pathogen that moves from animals to humans. As we farm, mine and colonize ever more remote locations of the planet, the more likely we are to come into contact with as yet unknown animal bugs. Cutting down the African bush for farmland or mining the Brazilian rainforest presents a constant risk of exposure to new zoonotic diseases.

Hiding in plain sight

Although the WHO focuses on unknown pathogens in its description of Disease X, another major pandemic risk comes from the potential evolution of existing diseases.

HIV, Tuberculosis, and influenza have already demonstrated their capacity for devastating epidemic spread. Global health infrastructure currently keeps them under control through a combination of surveillance, effective treatments – and good luck [say nothing of mass media propaganda].

Influenza is one of the biggest threats. This was proven in 2009 when H1N1 (swine flu) went rapidly pandemic. 213 countries and territories reported cases of the virus and an estimated 285,000 people died in its wake. [This was another Deep State pandemic fraud as I covered here implicating the Partnership for New York City that largely controls commerce in bio-technology.]

That is a massive number, but it represents a case fatality rate of just .02 per cent. Approximately one out of five people on the planet were infected, but very few died. In other words, H1N1 was highly infectious, but it was not highly virulent.

On the other hand, H151 [no such critter] avian influenza has a mortality rate in humans of about 60 per cent. At present, H151 does not spread human-to-human. However, it could easily evolve and a virus with the infectiousness of H1N1 and the mortality rate of H151 would be devastating.

[This H1N1/H5N1 (swine-avian) mutant is a serious threat that compelled me to be the first researcher on the planet to vet the falsehoods underlying the purported “Mexican Swine Flu” (renamed the Swine Flu Pandemic of 2009-2010) beginning with this video.]

Tuberculosis (TB) is another continually evolving disease. The most basic forms of TB infection are cured with simple antibiotic treatment, but the bacteria which cause Tuberculosis are rapidly developing resistance to antibiotics. In 2016, an estimated 490,000 people worldwide developed multidrug resistant TB and it has been reported in 117 countries worldwide. [All the more reason to realize the false-positives generated by the outdated TB skin test as I warned here, as well as the natural remedy available in OxySilver heralded here.]

HIV is a third existing pandemic that could slip out of control. Antiretroviral drugs (ARVs) allow people with the condition to live normal healthy lives. [This is hogwash, the multi-drug cocktails are killing far more people than the virus does. But this fact and debate is muddled by the deceptive HIVAIDS counter-intelligence corps that embraced Dr. Peter Duesberg’s diversion from his SVCP work with Dr. Robert Gallo exposed here.] . . .

These numbers could get worse. “HIV is the fastest mutating organism on the planet”, said Dr. Edsel Salvana, an infectious disease specialist at the University of the Philippines. . . . [The main reason for this rapid mutation of HIV/AIDS is because it is not natural, but man-made. The lab produced recombinant is inherently unstable. It did not mature over the millennia in nature. So the gene sequences spliced together tend to break up and recombine with other genes to become more stable. Hiding this fact helps the drug cartel promote the need to develop more effective antivirals as well as experimental vaccines.]


Doing battle with Disease X

How do you prepare for a threat you cannot predict?

[Notice in the following closing no mention at all about self-care and boosting natural immunity using the ways I recommended earlier and published HERE. This omission evidences the fraud and commercial crime in The Telegraph‘s yellow press.]

The WHO has chosen a tried and tested approach to preparing for Disease X. Its doctrine flies under the age old banner of “preparedness”.

By improving disease surveillance and strengthening the capacity of local health systems across the globe, it aims to spot an outbreak early, contain it and kill it off before it spreads.

Few experts, if any, disagree with the approach – it’s really the only one we have – but many wonder if adequate health care facilities exist on the ground internationally to make it work.

Dr Nahid Bhadelia, Medical Director of Special Pathogens at Boston University Medical Center, compared the system of preventing the spread of new diseases to a city building a series of dams or seawalls to protect itself from floods. In the case of diseases, the presence of a strong local health system provides the vital early warning and treatment needed to contain the outbreak.

“Not helping strengthen international capacity to combat infectious diseases is like refusing to build barriers against the tide in some parts of our ‘global city’ and expecting to be protected when the flood comes.”

Protect yourself and your family by learning more about [OxySilver].


About the Author

Dr. Leonard Horowitz, D.M.D., M.A., M.P.H., D.N.M. (hon.), D.M.M. (hon.), is the author of twenty-one books, including the prophetically titled Death In The Air: Globalism,Terrorism and Toxic Warfare that came out three months before 9-11-01. That book deals with biological and energy weapons being used for population control. His three American best-sellers include: Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola–Nature, Accident or Intentional? that was largely responsible for prompting explosive interest in vaccination risks and biological warfare; Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse, that revealed the ancient Solfeggio musical scale secreted for millennia; and Healing Celebrations: Miraculous Recoveries Through Ancient Scripture, Natural Medicine and Modern Science in which Dr. Horowitz presents his protocol for administering prevention and speedy recoveries. His most recent text, The Book of 528: Prosperity Key of LOVE, has prompted a revolution in the music industry improving recording artistry and music therapy with the use of C=528Hz(A=444Hz) tuning that produces “medicinal music.” Dr. Horowitz’s documentary, UN-VAXXED: A Docu-commentary for Robert De Niro won five international awards, including “Best Film – 2016” in London and Geneva competitions.

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