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The world is as much a masterpiece as it is a mess. You could focus on the darkness without ever seeing the light, or you could focus on the light with compassion for those blindly knocking heads. It is a matter of choice, and here, in this section titled “Healthy World Solutions,” now republished on MedicalVeritas.org, you will learn there are always these two options vying for your attention.

HealthyWorldSolutions.com provides perspectives from both sides of the most urgent and controversial matters impacting civilization today. Our mission is to bring awareness, consciousness, or enlightenment to seemingly insurmountable conflicts in geopolitics, economics, and the worlds of theology and religion as a work of LOVE in service to global peace, world health, and universal prosperity.

This website, sponsored by Healthy World Distributing, LLC, Tetrahedron, LLC, and Healing Celebrations, LLC features letters, essays, feature articles, and commentaries by Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz and guests including the following:

“Count Your Blessings:” The Real Meaning of “MANNA” and “ALOHA”

“I AM” Asks Reversed “MAY I”

528 and Zero Point Energy: The Cure For What Ails Humanity

Apocalypse and the Ark of the Covenant

Commentary on the “Jew World Order”

Creation Through Hydration

“FAITH vs. FEAR”: A Dialogue About “LOVE/528” in a World of Challenges by Divine Design

Proof that God’s Heart is Focused on LOVE in 528Hz

Miraculous Healing in 5 Simple Steps

Opening the Matrix

SOLAR POWERED WATER & WELLNESS: Shattering the Medical Paradigm with Rainbows and a Blade of Grass

healthy world solutions