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Introduction to “528 Electroceuticals”: An Awakening from Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz


Welcome to this audio and text introduction to “528 Electroceuticals”–a medical paradigm-shattering and game-changing provision of intelligence that can or will change your view of health, and life itself. This information can dramatically improve your health and well being; expand your view of spirituality; and offer you a more faithful, loving, and empowering relationship with God.

In this audio presentation, I introduce and explain my line of “528 frequency Electroceuticals” that use the 528 frequency of sound and light in specially empowered “structured water”. This emerging technology I use to deliver natural nutrients, micronutrients, immune boosters, anti-oxidants, and health-enhancers, most efficiently, effectively and successfully into your needy body.

In case you don’t know who I am or what I do, I’m Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz, a leading pioneer in this fascinating exploding field of healthcare making virtually all pharmaceuticals inferior and, in-effect, obsolete. I am the multi-award winning author of more than two dozen books and films, including the best-selling book in the field of emerging viruses and communicable diseases: Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola—Nature, Accident or Intentional? Here I draw mostly from my books DNA: Pirates of the Sacred Spiral to address electro-genetics; Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse to address musical-mathematics and frequency dynamics; and The Book of 528: Prosperity Key of LOVE a life-changing book heralding 528 frequency of sound and light. I claim 528 frequency is the prophetically fulfilling and civilization securing ‘key of the house of David’, heralded in the Bible in old and new testament, Isaiah 22:22 and Revelation 3:6-8. I celebrate this as ‘pure tone LOVE–the ‘Universal Healer.’ I add this ingredient of LOVE/528 to my line of “528 Electroceuticals” since this is the miraculous frequency resonating at the heart of nature, manifesting physical reality from metaphysical energy we celebrate as ‘spirituality.’ I apply this knowhow as a leading pioneer in the fields of ‘energy medicine,’ frequency therapeutics, and electroceutical research and developments, and share here since it is such GREAT NEWS.

First, let me define for you ‘electroceuticals’ and how they differ dramatically from pharmaceuticals. Then I will explain why I use the 528 frequency of sound and light to enhance, empower, and ‘structure’ the purest nutrient-rich “clustered water”–water I call “Liquid God,” capable of delivering solutions to most of the healthcare problems we face in the world today.

Defining the word “Electroceutical”

According to Scientific American, electroceuticals are “devices that treat ailments with electrical impulses. These have a long history in medicine.  But according to Science Direct, and I quote, “Electroceuticals are a new category of therapeutic agents which act by targeting the neural circuits of organs.”

This quote falsely misrepresents and damagingly limits the scope of electroceuticals. Drug industry officials and promoters advertise that electroceutical therapies involve, “mapping the neural circuitry and delivering neural impulses to these specific targets . . . via an implantable device[s].”

This is not true, much too limiting, and commercially monopolizing. Mapping neural circuitry is not required for electroceuticals because we know all nerves operate bioelectrically, or “bio-spiritually,” and can be influenced energetically.

Nerves, for instance, need the alkaline earth metal magnesium to recharge or re-polarize to conduct signals. DNA is another example. Your genes encode for nerves and all body parts bioelectrically. Your electro-genetic impulses of sound and light, called phonons and photons, respectively, recreate you every nano-instant. Your entire body gets restored, reinvigorated, recreated every second. All your nerves, cells, tissues, body organs etc. manifest and heal this way. All are intelligently designed and administered bio-electrically via frequencies of sound and light.

That process, in essence, can be viewed orchestrally, as musical mathematics administers your life on earth (as it is in Heaven). I have explained many times, in many previous publications, “You are The Music.” Divine energy re-manifests you every nano-instant.

Just like all snowflakes, organic chemistry molecules–chlorophyll and hemoglobin included–manifest energetically, that is “cymatically,” as six-sided hexagonal rings, that intelligence, that includes “sacred geometry” fundamental to life, is used in my 528 electroceuticals. I use this knowhow to leverage the greater spiritual, energetic, or metaphysical context of physical form, sacred geometry, and life itself. Now you can use this intelligence to re-make yourself most naturally, according to the laws of physics, metaphysics, spirituality, and solid science; all based on musical mathematics, regenerating and securing your optimal form, function, health, and wellness.

So the main difference between chemical pharmaceuticals and natural electroceuticals, is the former uses drugs, medicines, potions or worse. According to the original Medieval Latin meaning of “pharmaceutical,” this includes magic spells, poisonings, witchcraft, and hocus pocus persuasion. In essence, drugs used to cure what ails you competes against what nature provides freely and divinely.

Alternatively, the suffix “ceutical” simply means “refined healing item” or “therapy”. This therapeutic healing item can be pure energy–the 528Hz/nm frequency. According to mountains of science, and our eye-witness experience, healing and wellness is best accomplished energetically, bio-electrically, musically-mathematically, and spiritually.

You are, after all, a spiritual being first, before you are a physical being. This has been proven by science with videos showing an explosion of light energy at the moment of inception. Fertilization of the egg by sperm causes an explosion of bio-energy. There is an elecro-genetic ‘Big Bang’ so to speak.

So, most reasonably, how should you treat yourself as a spiritual being? Certainly not by poisoning yourself with drugs (i.e., pharmaceutically and chemically), as barbaric medicine prescribes. You would rather treat yourself as a spiritual being using bio-energic knowhow.

My electroceuticals leverage this knowhow using the most loving and healing natural frequency of all, 528.

What is 528hz frequency? 

Now consider what 528 frequency is and does. Then I will share with you what I know about water, water chemistry, and water structuring.

In The Book of 528: Prosperity Key of LOVE, and in my scientific publication in the premier homeopathic journal, Homeopathic Links, you can learn much more than I have time to share here, about 528 frequency dynamics and practical applications.

As mentioned above, I claim that the 528Hertz frequency of sound is “pure tone LOVE”—the “Universal Healer.” How so?

Light sources from sound, just as the Bible asserts in Genesis 1:1 thru 1:8.

And Water was there when God was there. How much of your body is water? Approximately 80%. Water is a liquid crystal superconductor of sound and light energy.

Quoting the King James Version, “the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. . . . And God said, Let there be light: and there was light. . . .”

Words are sounds, and sounds are frequency vibrations moving through the hydrated atmosphere and/or your body. 

And God said, Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, . . . And God made the firmament, and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament: . . .And God called the firmament Heaven.”

So you have Heaven (or alternatively hell) within you. And LOVE/528 Electroceuticals literally bring Heaven to earth in your Holy Spirit filled ‘temple.’ This is how normal, healthy, electrogenetics and immune-system dynamics operates.

Thus, I apply 528 frequency of sound and light in my 528 Electroceuticals, because this therapy administers “LOVE/528″—the ‘Universal Healer’.

I rely on the fact that 528 resonates at the heart of everything, beginning with the musical-mathematical matrix of Divine design—the laws of righteousness (i.e., right-standingness), karma, physics, and metaphysics. I realized this in 1998 with my publication of Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse. I learned that 528 is the third note, the Miracle note, in the original Solfeggio musical scale. I learned that 528 is fundamental to everything, including Pi, Phi and the Golden Mean. It is required for all space/time measurements. It is paramount to all sacred geometry. It is crucial in measuring the speed of light and even distance on earth. (There are precisely 5,280 feet in a measured mile.) 528 is central to water structuring,

“As above, so below.” 528 vibrates at the heart of sunshine,  rainbows, God’s heart, nature, and your heart. 528 is the clear channel broadcast carrier wave for miraculous healing through faithful loving intention in prayer, connecting your heart to God’s heart.

This knowhow certainly captured King David’s heart when he wrote the Book of Psalms, the most loving book in the Bible.

So I claim 528Hz, “pure tone LOVE,” is the long-secreted “key of the house of David” prophesied for this time of ‘great tribulation’ in the old and new testament, Issiah 22:22 and Rev. 3; 6 thru 8.

All sacred geometry, including all hexagons in your body, including ‘Carbon-6’, derives from 528 frequency. This is the powerful protective energy and sacred geometry provided by Solomon’s Seal—the Star of David. This can be used as I use it, to shield you from illness or damage through your faithful brave heart.

528 inspires the values of your heart—love, faith, joy and bravery. 528 forms the sacred structure of oxygenating hemoglobin and chlorophyll too. It is the “MI” note (i.e., Miracle note) of the original musical scale and universe. 528 is naturally and automatically instilled in you when you are born. You broadcast 528 automatically when you yawn, laugh, sigh, and even scream. This sound is considered a holy name of God . . . Haaaahhh or Yahh, or Yah Haah.

That’s why I put 528 frequency of sound and light into my 528 Electroceutical line of nutritional supplements.

How do I do that? By structuring the purest steam distilled water available, the purest water in the world, while applying the sound and light of LOVE/528 frequency. I do this just as nature does this, as researched by my mentor, and world leading water scientist and nutraceutical expert, Dr. Lee Lorenzen.

Following works by Viktor Schauberger, Dr. Lorenzen first commercialized structured water after studying the most powerful healing wells in the world. Holy healing waters were then flash frozen and analyzed by my good friend and dearly-departed colleague, Dr. Masaru Emoto. Masaru first photographed the “Messages in Water” using 20,000 magnification of flash frozen water samples influenced energetically by music, words, or prayers.

Essentially, holy water, like OxySilverTM , 528Rejuvenate Concentrate, and my CBD528 pain and depression remedy, spirals through a powerful electromagnetic field resonating with the sound and light of LOVE/528. The spiraling causes the actual water molecule (i.e., H2O) to expand. This increases the angle between the hydrogen atoms in the polarized molecule.

Mind you, as that molecular expansion occurs in this water structuring process, two important things happen:

First, the expanded water molecule invites more nutrients or micronutrients, such as magnesium, chlorophyll, vitamins, even pharmaceuticals, to be delivered to cells, including intracellularly. This structuring dramatically increases the absorption and assimilation of nutrients and micronutrients, impacting your cells, tissues, and body organs.

And Second: the expanded water molecular structure, that is “structured water”, increases its anti-oxidant activity as measured in “ORPs” or Oxidative Reductive Potentials.

This is what is known as “Redox Potential” in chemistry. “Redox potential is a measure of the tendency of a chemical species to acquire electrons from or lose electrons to an electrode [or adjacent molecule] and thereby be reduced or oxidized respectively. Redox potential is expressed in volts (V).

In this case of manufacturing my 528 Electroceuticals using pure structured water, I am talking about adding 528 frequency resonating negatively-charged electrons into the memory of the spiraling energized water itself.

This energized water increases the amount of energy and nutrients carried in the water dramatically.

I raise the ORPs in 528 Electroceuticals this way, increasing nutrient delivery to cells, adding great loving energy to your body, and dramatically increasing anti-oxidant activity. This boosts natural immunity, and the immune boosting capability to your body, as already independently proven and published science shows. You are adding oxygen and negatively-charged electrons to your system. And in this case you are doing that using and imparting 528 greenish-yellow colored light and sound to the structured water memory. (This simulates the ‘biogenetic master reaction’ happening in nature and the environment. ‘Eh’ and ‘pH’ is changed, as in reductive photosynthesis by algae and by colored bacteria, according to University of Chicago published science.)

Please understand that you are learning about God’s technology for creating and sustaining life on our planet. This is not a “sales pitch.” I am well known internationally as a humanitarian research scientist and politically-incorrect whistleblower dedicating my life and work to help you and the rest of humanity evolve in harmony, integrity, and health optimally.

Nothing like this has ever been known or marketed in modern medicine. So my 528 Electroceuticals brand of nutritional supplements is unprecedented and most powerful. This is a rapidly emerging new industry in healthcare featuring healing biotechnology also necessary for evolving consciousness and humanity’s spirituality.

Thanks for listening, integrating this intelligence, and sharing this knowledge with others.

I’m Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz. God bless you!


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