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The Great VAXXED Debate


Not All Vaxxers or Anti-Vaxxers Think Alike. Here’s An Essay on the “Great VAXXED Divide,” and Why Some People Just Can’t Grasp the Damage Done by “Vaccination Genocide”



Leonard G. Horowitz, DMD, MA, MPH

(April 2, 2016)




What people call “stupidity,” damaging society and plaguing every industry, medical doctors might call “PSYCHOSCOTOMA.”

“Stupid is as stupid does,” preached Hollywood’s Forrest Gump. In medicine we have abundant examples of this madness–a degenerative disorder I have named PSYCHOSCOTOMA for lack of a better term.

A PSYCHOSCOTOMA may be defined as “blind spot in normal vision caused mainly by media programming generating fear and psychological denial. This illness, or psychological “complex,” induces a ‘belief-behavioral inconsistency’ within the sufferer (also called ‘stupidity’ or ‘cognitive behavioral dissonance’). This mental disorder, or ‘coping mechanism,’ justifiably adjudged ‘hypocrisy’ by others who are not afflicted, is the bane of everyone’s existence. Psychoscotomas affect every industry and prevent healthy, peaceful, and prospering co-existence among people and other life forms.

Transcending medical jargon–many people are simply blind and cannot see what is right in front of them that others recognize as harmful.

This common mental illness is most widespread among members of society afflicted by the news media, and even entertainment industry. Propaganda manufactures cultural memes and mores, from PEPSI and Coke guzzlers to Dr. Bronner’s soap users.

This common affliction of media-induced psychoscotoma in the “body politic” damages society most powerfully.

In this essay, I am going to focus on examples and mindsets of several pro-vaccination vs. anti-vaccination activists, similarly damaged although variably afflicted. The latter group, the anti-vaxxers, are my main subjects in this essay. This group includes people who believe some vaccines are “safe and effective,” and the vaccine industry should be credited for promoting health and saving lives, such as through the polio and smallpox vaccines.

Newsworthy examples of these people include the VAXXED movie team–Dr. Andrew Wakefield, director of VAXXED, producer Del Bigtree, and VAXXED distributor Cinema Libre Studio, the actor and Tribeca Film Festival co-founder, Robert De Niro, and the “cell” of Big Pharma’s media agents assigned to divert debate and reinforce psychoscotoma.


VAXXED–a Classic Example of Psychoscotoma in Medical Debate

“This film is not anti-vaccine, and [n]either is Dr. Wakefield,” Cinema Libre Chairman Philippe Diaz was quoted as saying in defense of the highly controversial and widely smeared film VAXXED.

“Wakefield’s concern for the last twenty years has been about making sure that vaccines are safe for children.”

This statement, a common concern, raises the question, “Can genetically modified microbes coupled with heavy metal poisons ever be ‘safe for children’?

Even in the purportedly ‘small doses’ administered through nearly fifty vaccines recommended before puberty, vaccine safety is questionable.

Few people ever consider this question, however. People, repeatedly exposed to media propaganda and Big Pharma’s mantra–“vaccines are safe and effective”–simply assume vaccine safety and efficacy, and place their faith in this medical dogma.

Even among people, like the VAXXED team, who claim “some vaccines are not safe;” intelligent and well-meaning people will defend the opposite “core belief” that vaccines can be manufactured by pharmaceutical companies to do good.

Not surprisingly, the general consensus is confused having adapted the idea that vaccinations, in general, are a great idea; except that some vaccines are less reliable than others, and some may even cause worse problems than the flu, including emerging pandemics such as cancer and Zika.

Is this a “reasonable” trade off? Blind trust versus threatened extinction?

Many confused and confusing pro-vaccinationists and anti-vaccinationists, including the aforementioned heroes of the VAXXED film, point to the risky MMR vaccine, or DTP vaccine, to evidence their anti-vaccination (or is it pro-vaccination) positions.

This confusing cultural controversy is internalized in every parent making the decision whether to vaccinate their most precious offspring; as well as in every nurse-practitioner administering vaccines, and politicians legislating them.

Affecting this challenge, within the hearts and minds of people engaging this most heated health debate, is an inner struggle for integrity versus social acceptability.

We watched this dilemma unfold on headline news after VAXXED was censored by Tribeca Film Festival officials, including Robert De Niro whose own son was brain damaged by purportedly a vaccination. De Niro had initially booked VAXXED to aid in the public discussion.

Then something happened. De Niro and Tribeca officials were reprimanded by a group of (supposed) “scientists” and “independent” film-makers. Undoubtedly, if scientists and film-makers caused VAXXED’s censorship, then they obviously held vested interests in Big Pharma or Big Biotech profits, or were simply “stupid” and suffering from psychoscotoma.

Pure “science” does not censor scientific debate or public discourse without financial support from sponsors, or gross hypocrisy.

More reasonably, there is a high probability that the “scientists” and “film-makers” warned De Niro that if he showed the film, he would be guilty of possibly killing children whose parents viewed the film, and thereafter decided against vaccines; thereby risking “herd immunity” and putting everyone at risk.

Other rumors were published that Florida Rep. Bill Posey experienced a similar rebuke after he solicited colleagues in Congress to investigate this matter of MMR vaccine CDC cover-up, disproportionately damaging African-Americans (albeit all races of children are clearly being harmed according to more than the CDC’s censored data).(Footnote 1)

Initially, the mainstream and social media filled pages, blogs, and televisions with disparaging comments about VAXXED and its makers. Later, the social media exploded with positive postings. 

What was clear to this author, unseen by the masses, and VERY confusing to anti-vaxxers who wrote positive comments about VAXXED, is that, initially, those bloggers posting negative comments, and libeling the film-makers, were very well funded and coordinated. Their publications gave the appearance of being well-financed, and more “science savvy” or technically knowledgeable than typical lay publications.

A key example is Colin McRoberts, a Harvard-trained attorney who co-operates a blog, called “Violent Metaphors: Thoughts from the intersection of science, pseudoscience, and conflict.”


Dees Art Jacobsen v Massachusetts

McRoberts was recently vetted by investigative journalist Sherri Kane, and scholar JT Kong, as published here. We learned that McRoberts operates as a key “intelligence industry” agent and Big Pharma infiltrator assigned to generate pro-vaccine psychoscotoma. In other words, McRoberts is a counter-intelligence correspondent protecting the highest echelons of Big Government and Big Pharma. He is a protection racketeer we have vetted as a leading “PharmaTroll” acting in association with the McChrystal Group and

Stan McChrysal’s platoon of mercenary pro-vaccine propagandists we call “PharmaWhores.”

McRoberts actually led us to the McChrystal Group. We learned and published that McRoberts was assigned to libel Dr. Wakefield and gather intelligence on VAXXED, two months before VAXXED was to premier at the Tribeca Film Festival.

Now any reasonable person viewing the 2015 propaganda film Eye in the Sky might reflect on today’s military and political dilemmas in killing innocent victims considered “collateral damage” in a “Holy War.” The film posed the dilemma of killing at least one innocent black child to possibly save dozens of citizens from terrorist attacks in Kenya. Isn’t this the same dilemma facing vaccination-proponents today?

According to the Washington Post, all infectious disease agents and agencies fall under Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) oversight for, purportedly, “National Security.” (Footnote 2)

Consequently, this study of psychoscotomas and vaccination propaganda is fascinating once you realize McRoberts’ yellow press is working for the military-medical-petrochemical-pharmaceutical-banking cartel that has vested interests in socially-engineering the body politic to accept vaccinations, but also be “immunized” against popular uprisings in revolt against the main financiers of Big Government, Big Military, Big Pharma, Big Biotech, and Big Banking.

The “collateral damage” is increasing dramatically. More and more children are becoming autistic. Families everywhere are being hideously damaged by vaccination side effects. In addition, people have repeatedly lost loved ones after placing faith and fortunes in “modern medicine” advancing its many wars: the “War on Cancer,” “War on AIDS,” “War on [Illegal] Drugs,” etc., etc…

The anti-vaxxed v. pro-vaxxed debate ultimately rests on the antibiotic versus probiotic paradigms (or memes). The antibiotic meme is also called the “allopathic medical paradigm” or irreverently the “slash, burn, and poison approach to healthcare.”

Pro-vaxxers generally subscribe to the world of antibiotics, featuring “anti-biology” approaches to prevention and disease care. This is diametrically opposed to what the anti-vaxxers often prescribe–“pro-biology” approaches to healthcare–health maintenance using “pro-biotics,” good nutrition, good hygiene, good hydration, etc.

http://www.waronwethepeople.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/droppedImage_961.jpgConsequently, to effectively control both populations engaged in healthcare, PharmaWhores and PharmaTrolls must be paid to prevent people from discerning the risks versus benefits of not only vaccines, but GMOs and chemotherapies too. This is the chief mission of the “Pharma-Media” (also called the “mainstream media” or “Military-Media”). 

On behalf of Big Pharma, in furtherance to McChrystals’ corporate-military mission, McRoberts published a classic example of public deception, technically called desensitization–a mass persuasion ploy he called “negotiating,”–to immobilize and “immunize” the “body politic.”

The body politic is the mass of people–pro vaccine and anti-vaccine–being ‘immunized’ against what is really ongoing in the military-medical cartel, called “iatrogenocide” (i.e., physician-administered mass murder, or genocide). The body politic must be “immunized” by Big Pharma through its Pharma Media that also serves as a protection racket preventing “sheeple” from discerning the bigger drug-industry military-industrial picture–the  “greater truth” about population manipulation and vaccination depopulation as detailed by Bill Gates of the Bill and Melinda Gates (pro-vaccination) Foundation. This relates to the behavioral science involved in the “Hegelian dialectic” explained below.

This is the engine driving Big Pharma, as well as the disease industry’s protection racket.


There are No “Safe” Vaccines–Only Hegelian Dialectics.

In my opinion, there are no “safe vaccines.”

I also question how effective vaccines can be in “developed nations,” and why safer, less expensive, and more effective alternatives are being suppressed. Why can NASA develop advanced silver hydrosols to keep astronauts healthy in space, but governments leave people on earth to suffer easily curable infectious diseases. (My bias and “conflicting interest” as most of my regular readers know is the more advanced silver hydrosols. These include advances far beyond colloidal silvers that are still helpful, albeit may cause argyria. My regular readers know that I co-developed OxySilver at the request of agents representing the leading NASA hydrosol inventor.)

OxysilverBannerNewLayered_SherriThe modern “enlightened” world practices good hygiene, pure and ample alkaline water intake, and good organic nutrition. These primary factors make infectious diseases disappear regardless of vaccinations. So there is no reasonable explanation or excuse, other than to accept consumer fraud and unfair competition as our way of life, to remain unhealthy and damaged by plagues.

Further clarifying these most important points, a simple “immunization” is believed to work by presenting a little bit of the poison into the body–the immunizing agent–the foreign protein or antigen. This causes a widespread response. The entire immune system gets “immunized” this way, by simply receiving a little injection of poison. It may take a few more than one such exposure, but a small number nonetheless, albeit at great cost, risk to recipients, and profit for drug and vaccine makers.

Much like immunization providers, counter-intelligence agents working as Big Pharma propagandists do similarly to the body politic.

Agents working for Stan McChrystal and Colin McRoberts, for instance, introduce a few poisonous ideas, such as the pro-vaccination mantra–“vaccines are safe and effective”–and that’s all that is needed to spread that poisonous, albeit it “immunizing”, belief across civilization.

http://eyeswideblind.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/TV-Mind-Control.bmpOccasionally, you have a few “alpha sheeple” who are naturally immune to this deceptive and poisonous agenda. They see through the propaganda, and they need a booster “shot” to bring them into the herd of like-minded simpletons. Like “zombies” that kill one another without remorse to satisfy their insatiable hunger for dominance, the “alpha sheeple” see a similar trend in medicine. Due to their stronger natural immunity against liars, the “alpha sheeple” (called “activists,” “revolutionaries,” “insurgents,” or “terrorists”) spread their defenses and opposition to the poisons in the hope of saving lives by alerting the “herd.” This way, the “herd immunity” is either maintained or threatened (depending on your point of view.)

Returning to McRoberts’ blog with knowledge of this enterprise, including McChrystal’s military-intelligence service protecting Big Pharma and the globalization agenda, (See Footnote 2) you can begin to discern the bigger picture, greater truth, beneath this immunization metaphor generating “herd” immunity against VAXXED. By this awakening, you may even recover from pro-vaccination and anti-vaccination psychoscotomas.

These revelations bridge the “great divide,” mending the rifts between members of the pro-vaccination and anti-vaccination movements. Diagnosing and treating psychoscotoma this way protects against further damage to the “herd” by the “herd” and those within at highest risk from their lower levels of unconsciousness. Coming to terms with psychoscotoma grants you greater freedom from the dissonance upon which “progress” in medicine is allegedly being made. This knowledge may ultimately yield “enlightenment,” also called “synthesis” or integrating the greater truth that shall set you free.

This is what is referred to as the Hegelian dialectic. Thesis: “Vaccines are Good” vs. Antithesis: “Vaccines are Bad” yields confusion and division unless you see the “bigger picture”–the greater truth–called “synthesis” in the Hegelian Dialectic.

Stanley Allen McChrystal, retired Commander, International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) and Commander, U.S. Forces Afghanistan (USFOR-A) now runs counter-intelligence for Big Pharam.

Knowledge of the McRoberts and McChrystal groups present this challenge and opportunity. Their “immunization” strategy employs the Hegelian dialectic affecting the body politic using standard desensitization strategies as evidenced in the following quote on McRoberts’ “Violent Metaphors” blog:

VAXXED, the anti-vaccine documentary made by a team of anti-vaccine activists (but curiously, no vaccine experts).(McRoberts wrote; see footnote [3]) What data was actually deleted?” McRoberts emphasized in bad faith in bold and italic text:

“If the movie omits Thompson’s strong support for vaccination, why? (Remember that Thompson, the guy whose phone calls underlie the whole movie, made a point to declare publicly, “I want to be absolutely clear that I believe vaccines have saved and continue to save countless lives. I would never suggest that any parent avoid vaccinating children of any race. Vaccines prevent serious diseases, and the risks associated with their administration are vastly outweighed by their individual and societal benefits.”

This quote presents the “lower levels” of consciousness in the Hegelian dialectic–“vaccines are good” versus “vaccines are bad.” That keeps the vaccination controversy and cover-up going. But the debate never amounts to anything politically or commercially, because the entire debate is contrived–manufactured to secure Big Pharma’s status quo. That is, by controlling opposition this way, despite all the hoopla about how bad or good vaccines are, vaccine sales continue to rise along with vaccine injuries and deaths.

In other words, even VAXXED-supporters, heralding their thesis “vaccines are bad,” followed by McRoberts’ anti-thesis “vaccines are good,” do little to deliver the world from evil on this lower level of consciousness or Hegalian dialectic.

You must “see through” to the “higher truth” that McRoberts conceals as a paid propagandist working in alliance with the McCrystal Group. These major propagandists are paid by BigPharma to divert and confuse the vaccination debate in favor of vaccinations. The resulting “immunization” of the body politic uses this Hegelian dialectic–inoculating members of every camp with reinforcing doses of mind-numbing poison.

In this CONTEXT, Dr. William Thompson’s CDC MMR vaccine study surfaces, along with public awareness of scientific evidence tampering by government officials. The three whistleblowers in VAXXED challenge people’s memes and the drug industry propaganda that has been immunizing administrators of genocide from liability, albeit risking civilization through the deceptive vaccination paradigm.

This is why McRoberts and McCrystal’s agents tell limited truths, just like anti-vaxxers. They publish disclaimers that neutralizes concerns.


Scientific Fraud and Consumer Deception

In fact, the meme that “vaccines are doing less harm than good,” akin to the mantra “vaccines are safe and effective,” has never been scientifically established. The data required to establish the risk/benefit of vaccines overall has been generally neglected for the same reason that CDC officials covered-up the MMR vaccine/autism data. The risk/benefit analysis has been purposely neglected because it is most telling and damaging to the public deception surrounding vaccinations. And this negligence, coupled with publishing half-truths and complete lies, equates to consumer fraud.

Vaccination injury data is not hard to gather and require in today’s litigious and computerized world. Medical record keeping and medical-legal concerns require this data. Surely, if the government, CDC, or vaccine industry desired this data, they could and would require hospitals, physicians, and pharmacists that are administering vaccines to follow up for seven years, as is done in the tax recording and reporting industry. If financial records are required to be maintained for seven years, why not collect vaccine injury data similarly? This policy could be mandatory versus voluntary. The fact that it remains voluntary leaves the injury data grossly defective and deceptive–largely indemnifying Big Pharma against liability also secured legislatively through the infamous perversion of justice called the “National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986.”

Very few doctors and nurses are conscientious, reliable, or ethical enough to freely and openly admit they caused a child to become brain damaged. How would you feel knowing that you cause a family’s devastation from a trusted vaccine?

So there are huge gaps in this vaccine injury data pool precluding legitimate risk/benefit analyses fundamental to public health and vaccination policy-making.

Medical science remains clueless as to whether vaccines are not killing and maiming more people than they are helping or saving.


Tell a Lie Long Enough and it Becomes Truth

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

The above quote is by Joseph Goebbles, the propaganda minister for Hitler and his Third Reich.

Alternatively, the writings of Mahatma Gandhi are compelling:

Gandhi Anti-Vaccination GraphicNearly everyone that is pro-vaccine has bought into the Big Lie–“Vaccines are Safe and Effective.” Alternatively, anti-vaccinationists, more or less, have bought into the same Big Lie. Most anti-vaxxers believe that most vaccines are good, and only a few are bad.

This dangerous and damaging meme was generated largely as a result of “astro-turf organizations” such as the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) outputting purported “truth” to allegedly protect citizens, especially children. Unfortunately, a study of the NVIC’s history reveals foul play–early infiltration by Big Pharma lobbyists that commandeered the fledgling organization away from its original founder, Marge Grant. (See story here.)   

http://www.vaccinationinformationnetwork.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/Sheeple-Dees-Illustration_com_-Copy.jpg“The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves,” wrote Communist leader Vladimir Lenin.

Now you can better understand how and why “opposition groups” in America (and elsewhere) are formed and managed to maintain the status quo for Big Pharma and Big Money. Now you have the intelligence to diagnose the cause of the condition I have named psychoscotoma. The body politic has been generally “immunized” to live a lie, and be active in the deception; in denial while engaging false memes.

People madly defend their pro-vaccine and anti-vaccine positions, with both sides generally remaining clueless about everyone having been fooled, brainwashed, and induced to serve the same masters of deception.

The body politic, or “herd,” has been sufficiently immunized with false beliefs and poisonous messages to remain controlled and susceptible to being slaughtered.


The “Great Divide” Rages On

The “great divide” or “rift” between pro-vaxxers and anti-vaxxers rages on. Even among VAXXED  supporters, the rift is deadly.

Suppose for a moment, just for this mental exercise, that Tribecca’s censorship of VAXXED, was carried out to administer the aforementioned larger “psyops” for immunizing the body politic.

6conspiraseawebbannerConsider this “conspiracy theory” for the “fun of it.”

Suppose VAXXED principals, Dr. Wakefield and Del Bigtree, as well as Robert De Niro, were all clueless about the agenda for which they would be used on-or-about March 30, 2016, when VAXXED was axed.

Suppose Tribeca Film Festival’s embarrassment was planned to further inoculate the body politic with the message to further control opposition to vaccinations. That is, in fact, what was output, as summarized by this statement that is akin to what military strategist and counter-intelligence propagandist Stan McChrystal and Colin McRobert’s output:

“Everyone loves vaccines, but we have one discredited doctor, and one misguided filmmaker, that also believe vaccines are great, but produced a film that sensationalizes a disagreement about a MMR vaccine study at the CDC caused by a looney epidemiologist who also loves vaccines.”

That is, essentially, what the mainstream media’s message has been about the VAXXED scandal.

So this evidence certainly corroborates the “conspiracy theory” of the body politic being increasingly immunized by the VAXXED inoculation for controlled opposition to vaccinations.

This “conspiracy theory” is especially reasonable given that Stan McChrystal’s vaccine industry protection racket–The McChrystal Group–and Colin McRoberts in person, was assigned months in advance of the Tribeca Film Festival to conduct a “counter-insurgency” operation against the film and its makers.

Think about this before you simply dismiss this idea. That the main players in the VAXXED scandal were all “set up” by the McChrystal Group that includes McRoberts.

After all, if you maintained their military-business commission to protect the vaccine industry, and you knew the film VAXXED was coming to New York, what would your options be?

These military-industrial agents are no dummies. They represent 900 of the largest most powerful and profitable multi-national corporations in the world. The McChrystal Group is a leading military intelligence and industrial espionage and sabotage commercial enterprise employing dozens of propagandists.

These commercial criminals could have easily let the film VAXXED be screened at the festival with little publicity. After all, they largely control the mainstream media. That obviously would have generated far less attention than what happened. Right?

And don’t forget, McRoberts is a leading public “negotiator” working for commercial entities spun from the military intelligence and National Security community.

We published irrefutable evidence that McRoberts was commissioned to degrade VAXXED and further smear Wakefield during the last week of January, 2016. That was nearly eight (8) weeks before the Tribeca Film Festival embarrassment that captured headline news for several days.

And what was output is the aforementioned primary communication and body politic “immunization.”

Given that “hit” on VAXXED commenced two months before De Niro et. al pulled the film; and given that strategic planning is an integral part of military-intelligence operations, it would be stupid to think that the axing of VAXXED happened by chance, serendipity, or spontaneously, given Stan McChrystal’s client list.

Again, McRoberts’ and McChrystal’s clients include the world’s wealthiest and most powerful vaccine makers and drug traffickers whose mob bosses would never want billions of dollars of damages to be done by a handful of discredited trouble-makers at a film festival.

Consequently, since control is the name of the game, including controlling the media spin and the social meme, and controlling the opposition movement is critical to Big Pharma, what you see is what was planned–stupid is as stupid does.

VAXXED received the full measure of “Hollywood Spin” to boost the immunity of the body politic against anti-vaccination challenges.


The Critical Mass of Awakened Anti-Vaxxers is Needed

This matter will continue to present serious problems until it is openly addressed–which is the reason I write.

A “critical mass” of “anti-vaxxers” is needed to awaken to their psychoscotomas, their personal hypocrisy endangering their own families, their children and other vaccine consumers. This mental illness may be seen as much responsible for damaging humanity as any pro-vaccine attitude, propaganda, or Big Pharma agenda.

What shall we do about the ravages from our wars against microbes, including damages from vaccine side effects called “adverse incidents.”

How about denial! No. We have had enough of that.

Many “anti-vaxxers” are intelligent enough, and informed enough, to know: (1) the risks from reading vaccine package inserts; (2) not to vaccinate their own children (anymore); (3) the mainstream media outputs and spins exclusively pro-vaccine propaganda; (4) government officials have lied and concealed condemning data to misrepresent the safety and efficacy of vaccines; (5) families that have suffered horribly from common vaccine injuries; (6) we are witnessing a crime of genocide evidenced by skyrocketing rates of autism; and (7) the demand for “special education” services for “special needs” students is bankrupting our educational system and productive economy.

Nevertheless, will you still hold that “vaccinations are a good idea,” and many vaccines and government proclamations about them are trustworthy?




(1) Besides vaccines being linked to brain damage, we must also consider co-factors that are reasonably contributing to skyrocketing rates of autism in all children, mainly boys. VAXXED shows scientific evidence tampering and consumer fraud ongoing at the CDC to divert from causation of autism away from vaccines. At the same time pesticides, GMOs, artificial sweeteners, and now the new Zika virus, are increasingly being blamed for brain damaged youth.

(2) The National Intelligence Council (NIC) Chairman, John C. Gannon, published “The CIA in the New World Order:Intelligence Challenges Through 2015” in which he included the risk of bioterrorism and pandemics as major threats to U.S. National Security interest addressed by the CIA. Gannon’s “one-sentence encapsulation”of the CIA’s focus was stated as follows:

“Globalization will provide mankind with the unprecedented opportunity to improve the quality of human life across the planet; but progress will be hampered by economic volatility, by the political and security implications of sharpening inequalities in income, and by the growing threat from multiple, relatively small-scale programs of weapons of mass destruction.” By contrast with the massive but arguably contained Soviet threat, we now face a serious challenge from lesser developed—and less disciplined—states, well-financed international terrorist groups, and powerful individuals with increasingly easy access to conventional explosives and to biological, chemical, and, to a lesser extent, nuclear weapons, along with the missile systems to deliver them. The bottom line is that these adversaries, who are often motivated by ideological rage or ethnic hatred, will have fewer and less powerful weapons than the Soviets, but are more likely to use them! . . . And we will be engaged, even more than today, in covering regional conflicts, refugee crises, peacekeeping, humanitarian emergencies, environmental problems, global health issues, technological developments, and key economic trends. The fast-moving, broadly distributed threat environment is here to stay.”


(3) McRoberts neglects Dr. Andrew Wakefield, the director of the film who published the original Lancet article urging more investigation of the MMR vaccine autism link, or the CDC’s Dr. William Thompson, the main epidemiologist whistleblower on the MMR vaccine-autism study, whose revelations about censoring the data linking a 300% increase in brain damage in African American boys following MMR vaccination–revelations that make the film.

Dr. Horowitz wishes to disclose and thank his financial sponsors (and people who do not suffer from psychoscotoma) for sustaining his efforts despite opposition forces on all sides, including:

HealthyWorldStore.com, CureShoppe.com, and the manufacturers of OxySilver–the world’s first 528-resonating broad spectrum replacement for deadly antibiotics and risky vaccinations; and Liquid Dentist, that provides the most amazing “clean feeling” on your teeth, is designed to reverse tooth decay and gum diseases, and administers a natural nutritional immunization against more than 1,000 strains of germs resident in your mouth.

The Great VAXXED Debate