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Antidote to Vaccine Injuries Features “Green Bioelectronics” Generating Anti-oxidants from 528 Frequency Resonance in OxySilver Pioneered Nutraceuticals




Reports of severe immunological suppression, genetic alterations, and increased morbidity and mortality in COVID vaccine recipients have raised the need for safe and effective antidotes. Massive public distrust of vaccines, drug companies, governmental agencies, media propaganda, and censorship, undermines official denials regarding risks from spike-protein antigens, nano-bioelectronic lipid hydrogel “payload” delivery technology, with hexagonal-matrix developed graphene mono/di and tri-atomic and bioelectronic layers used in new drug and vaccines delivery systems, particularly important for overcoming blood-brain barrier restrictions.

Official assurances that the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccines do not contain advanced nano-bioelectronic technology is incongruous, presumably specious, given the extent to which fraud has been committed in the media and health sciences. The now-proven falsity of officials’ safety and efficacy claims pursuant to the “novel” COVID vaccines is one glaring disconcerting example.

Given the current explosive growth in artificial intelligence (“AI”) and nano-bioelectronics impinging on every aspect of life, commerce, biomedicine, and pharmacology, it must be presumed that millions of vaccine recipients are now suffering and subject to the aforementioned risks of toxicity, illnesses, and iatrogenocide.

Accordingly, the presumed deployment of nano-bioelectronic pH-dependent vaccine hydrogel lipids, graphene devices, and spike-protein antigenic complexes, violating religious, philosophical, and human rights laws, requires scrutiny and remedies.

Substantial scientific evidence of lipid hydrogel, vaccine graphene, and spike-protein antigen toxicity has been published. Contrary to common sense, nano-bioelectronic self-replicating neuroscience AI devices claimed to boost immunity, despite increasing reports of immunological toxicity, should be outlawed for as little as lacking informed consent, notwithstanding the threatened extinction of civilization.

Preventatives and cures are consequently being sought and found. Commercially viable natural remedies are available that operate consistently with scientific determinations in these multidisciplinary fields, including “green bioelectronics.”

Green bioelectronics characterizes a product initially invented by NASA scientists to keep astronauts healthy in space. This author, whose conflicting financial interest in this product does not preclude the legitimacy of the scientific facts detailed below.

A remedy called ZeoLOVETM based on the NASA technology branded OxySilverTM and “OxySilverTM with 528” has proven to generate substantial antioxidant activity and free radical scavenging, competing directly against risky and deadly antibiotics and vaccinations.

This low-cost, risk-free technology is based on natural electromagnetic and bio-acoustic impacts and sound and light frequency dynamics and genetic cymatics out-dating risky vaccines that undermine neurobiology, general immunity, and hastened recovery from infectious diseases, including “COVID.” This ‘antidote’ is identified as a 528 frequency-resonating covalently bonded nano-silver structured water hydrosol (i.e., OxySilverTM with 528”). When combined with humic acid, zeolite, silicon, and anti-oxidant vitamins, this remedy and “antidote” may be relied upon for immune enhancement, disease prevention, and health recovery.



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