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Corruption Distress: The Silent Killer

Public Corruption and Social Engineering Distress: The Silent Killer



Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz



Stress and distress is a silent killer. That’s why we expose outlaws, especially corrupt judges, lawyers, politicians, health officials, and consumer frauds who we know are killing people. They deceive us, steal from us, damage us, and destroy our families, communities, businesses, nations and world.

Nowhere in America is ‘public corruption’ so severe as in the Department of Justice and the corporate-controlled media. We see this now in headline news covering the Trump and Mueller scandals, and the Clinton’s criminal foundation. All sides generate ‘fake news’ to convince you and I that we should curse and condemn everyone and each other. That causes more stress and general anxiety, confusion, distress, immune-suppression and early death.

According to the American Psychological Association (“APA”) stress commonly and most dangerously interferes “with your ability to live a normal life for an extended period . . . The longer the stress lasts, the worse it is for both your mind and body. You might feel fatigued, unable to concentrate or irritable for no good reason, . . . Chronic stress causes wear and tear on your body, too. . . . Chronic stress may also cause disease, because of changes in your body.”

The APA points to “cvereating, smoking and other bad habits people use to cope with stress . . .  increased risk of coronary disease, . . . depression . . . and low levels of social support.” Stress has been implicated in increased cardiovascular risk. “And once you’re sick, stress can also make it harder to recover.” People burdened by chronic distress “face higher risks of bad outcomes” in life and health, due to immune suppression and much more.

Accordingly, it is no stretch to realize that courts of law that drag lawsuits out for years, often do so for the sole purpose of persecuting or maliciously prosecuting people to gain their attrition, money, and property. This causes deadly distress and is killing people. Yet the judiciary and the media have totally neglected this institutionalized psycho-social pathology. Without mention, the courts of law are used for ‘lawfare’. Abuse of the courts as a weapon of war, genocide, or simply to tie up an adversary, is used all the time.  ‘Enemies-of-state’ (actually opponents of the ‘Deep State’) are targeted by lawfare to destroy their lives. I should know, it happened to me in cases such as this one.

You also witness the corporate-controlled media causing more stress, distress, disease, and death as it is commonly used as a weapon of political warfare and ‘mind control’. Each side fights, as in lawsuits, to keep their ‘skeletons’ hidden in their closets. The Mueller/Trump Justice Department scandal is a classic example.

Everyone points fingers at others. Those in powerful media positions gain the most public support and ‘general acceptance’ of whatever they’re selling. The criminally-complicit media keeps silent about the most disgusting, immoral and unethical actors and actions, such as pedophilia and sex crimes, drug trafficking killing millions, or cancer-causing-GMO-triggers in vaccines. You witness your friends and loved ones getting sick and dying from the stress-related diseases including cancers. But few people in law and journalism ever consider the contributing cause of massive death and disease in the ‘civilized world’ comes from rampant corruption in the courts and media. This punishing condition causes great stress, whole-body immune-suppression, susceptibility to sickness, and premature death.

Further, few people realize this ‘cultural psycho-social pathology’ makes some people rich on human suffering, including the corrupt lawyers and media moguls.


What Shall We Do to Remedy This Injustice, Stress and Disease?

Become a hero and open your mouth. Talk about the things that burden your heart and mind. Invite others into the conversation. That way, you too can be a hero.

Activate yourself as a lay person or professional. Others have successfully done so. Join the natural health and counter-crime movements.  Many of us became heroes in health science. We might do the same in politics and law enforcement.

Several leaders that I know who have done this are highly credentialed scholars. They have written many serious works in science. But seeing corruption in ‘science,’ they became activists.They were called by their brave hearts and ethical duty to stand up for righteousness in the face of death.

Contrary to the taboo, my colleagues and I raise these issues about genocidal corruption in our governments, injustice system, the media, and in the medical-monopoly because its the right thing to do. We even prescribe remedies.

Take, for example, the corrupt system administering vaccines and media promoting them. I have written many times in the past on this topic. I call vaccines, “The Sacred Cow of Public Health.” You witness their use to cause profitable mental illnesses in children, auto-immune diseases in the vast majority of vaccine-damaged persons, cancers and more. My most honorable and active colleagues write likewise. They include journalists and activists such as Niel Z. Miller, Sherri Kane; medical doctors and microbiologists like Dr. Alan Cantwell, Dr. Viera SchriebnerGary Goldman who started this journal and “Physicians for Informed Consent,” and Dr. Gary Kohls. Gary is certainly giving all of us serious exemplary ‘competition.’ He writes extensively about vaccine risks and Big Pharma’s ways and means of concealing them.

But I don’t see these doctors, or myself either, being heralded as a hero in any corporate-controlled media. I don’t even see that in the ‘independent media.’ I don’t even see the so-called ‘leaders’ in the field of natural healthcare proclaim these people as heroes. Nor do they even invite our presence at the largest, best financed and best publicized events in this controversial field.

What gives about this silence?


“Conduct which forms a basis for inference is evidence. Silence is often evidence of the most persuasive character.”

U.S. Supreme Court Judge Louis Brandeis, in United States ex rel. Bilokumsky v. Tod, 263 US 149, 154 – 1923



Shall We Shorten Our Articles and Lives?

One problem I acknowledge is the length of my and my friends articles. It is very challenging to tell a scientific story with required citations, keep it below 1,000 words like most news articles, and convince ‘science skeptics’ who don’t want to be convinced.

Fans of mine complain to me all the time that they love my articles, they just can’t get to the end of them. My reply is, “Sorry, if I could end genocide in 250 words, I would do it.”

For example, I published one of my most powerful articles that should be widely read and distributed, but it isn’t. This ‘long article’ is titled, “New Evidence from Government Records Exposes Fraud in Vaccine Safety Assurances: What You Need to Know to Stop Mandates Based on Two Nobel Prizes in Medicine, and Three Virus “Discoveries.” Too few readers have the time or attention span any longer to read and recognize the power and importance of that work.

More recently I published a shorter article titled, “Changing Ethics in Vaccination Trials“. That is another very important scholarly article that too few people will read. That’s sad because it urges a mass-awakening through political and scientific discussions about an urgent problem–Ebola, or H5N1 killer-germs out-breaking from labs. There is a high probability we will all be dying soon not simply from stress and distress. Bill Gates-loosed super-lab-viruses are likely to reduce world populations. That ‘conspiracy theory’ is reasonable, but discreditable, even though the facts are irrefutable. Gates’s goal and objectives in loosing Zika-‘preventative’ mosquitoes, for example, as he has done and promoted, while trafficking contaminated vaccines that he says he “loves,” is public knowledge. So population-reduction by a man-made plague should be headline news, but its not. That high probability is silenced. I should know. I’ve written a half-dozen articles on this topic evidencing nearly every major network and newspaper chain purposely refusing to mention my name.

As millions of my fans know, I have been outputting health-protecting and life-saving intelligence in the world of vaccine science, natural medicine, and consumer protection for forty.years. People moved to study this topic internationally know of me through my award-winning ‘self-published’ books and films dedicated to warning people. I dig up and exposed concealed and neglected conflicting-interests in health science and medicine. I developed or endorsed natural products that are safe and effective substitutes for risky antibiotics and deadly vaccines. That has gained me a lot of satisfied customers, but at the same time far more media-savvy dissatisfied critics and competitors.


There is a high probability we will all be dying soon not simply from stress and distress.


I openly celebrate my greatest royalty-producer and public health protector, OxySilver. My conflicting interest here, and in my books, films, health products, equipment, and online music healing services, include the free-listening radio station–528Radio.com. That features the 528Hz frequency “MI”racle tone of the Solfeggio scale. Again, I don’t see either media people or many natural healers asking to sell my products, or even distribute information about 528Hz and our free radio station.

Again, I witness silence.

Juxtaposed to that silence you hear the ‘squeaky wheels’ that get greased. I get harassed and slandered by ‘science skeptics‘ and online ‘trolls.’ They regularly divert from my messages to character assassinate the messenger. Instead of critiquing my award-winning books and films, they maliciously neglect those and misrepresent my training as “only a dentist.” It doesn’t matter to them that I trained in internal medicine, public health, and ‘medical dentistry’ after becoming an oral surgeon. They smear my reputation by omissions and misrepresentations, and that is fraud.

My critics and science skeptics ALWAYS DIVERT from telling people about my three best-selling books, my scientific articles, and my open journal articles, like the two linked above. They clearly do not want people to become educated or know about me. And they obviously practice this ‘conspiracy of silence’ in favor of distressing my millions of fans. The ‘science skeptics’ argue you are all deceived.


Using Their ‘Silence’ to Discern the Good Guys from the Outlaws

Thankfully, I have a number of friends involved in natural health activism and public protection with some media outlets of our own. I invite you to join us, share our alliance that provides a free news service. These include our Healthy World Newsletter e-mailed to subscribers; our Medical Veritas journal, Judicial Corrpution News,  and WarOnWeThePeople.com; 528Revolution.com; and the Revolution Television Network. We also contribute to the Exposing Vaccine Genocide Organization.  Patronize these reputable sources of intelligence. Buy their health products and services that can sustain you while sustaining us. We all heroically stand against corruption in government, in our courts, in medicine, and in the media. Join our Coalition Against Public Corruption by signing the online petition. Ask others to do the same. Defend yourself against corrupt lawyers and judges without hiring a Bar-compromised lawyer.  (I made that costly mistake, learned from it.) I developed ProSeLegalAIde.com to be far more effective battling the beasts in courts.  Support freedom to choose alternatives to deadly vaccinations and poisonous antibiotics.

Each of these resources can help you learn the facts, and discern  the good-guys in natural medicine from the villains. These publications and services help you defeat these fools.

Once you study some of these resources, you will want to boycott the scam artists and infiltrators who have disrupted, discredited, and suppressed the natural healing arts and sciences.

With more knowledge, you will find especially nauseating certain people. These deceptive individuals include Dr. Joseph Mercola and his ‘dead-doctors, fear-mongering “Health Nut,”‘ Erin Elizabeth Finn; the “Health Ranger” Mike Adams; and the right-wing looney-tune, Alex Jones. Jones effectively enrages and discredits the ‘right wing.’

Each of these devil-doers declared war on me by publishing falsehoods about me at the same time the PharmaTrolls and ‘science skeptics’ attacked me. They began to administer a covert war against honesty. By attacking me, they attacked We The People, and exposed themselves.

A classic example of this ‘conspiracy of silence’ involving the aforementioned ‘alternative’ news providers is evidenced by these devil-doers NEVER mentioning Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz‘s award-winning works in the field of vaccine risk awareness. None of the so-called ‘experts’ objected to HERE, can hold a candle to my credentials and works in this field of public health and consumer safety. As you can read, they are ‘easy pickings’ for discrediting.

‘PharmaTrolls’ and ‘PharmaWhores’ criticize everyone’s commercial conflicting interests while concealing their own. They never want to discuss the drug industry’s sponsorships of the ‘science skeptics’ blogs. This is how social-engineering and ‘general acceptance’ of drugs and vaccines over natural cures is administered–by OMISSIONS in a ‘conspiracy of silence.’

Another classic example of the hypocritical ‘conspiracy of silence’ is the Ty Bollinger production called “Truth About Vaccines.” This is now a series of online videos. I won’t even watch them for two reasons: (a) The presenters include a number of easily discredited sleazy persons, including three named above; and (b): During the formative stages of Bollinger’s event I messaged Bollinger and offered to donate a copy of my award-winning film UN-VAXXED–A Docu-commentary for Robert De Niro, to his efforts, program, and audience. He didn’t even have the professional courtesy to reply.

So here are my . . .

Three Ways to Diagnose the Scam Artists Among Us:

(1) They suck you in with 80% truth, but make you wonder about their 20% lies or silence. You get “a check-in-your-spirit” when you hear their 20% lies, or omit something you know is important. This is commonly seen in ‘fake news.’ You should pay attention to that ‘check-in-your-spirit’ and research it. It prospers them and protects Big Pharma’s racket. Research how, and who are their paymasters. In law this is called ‘discovery.’ Find out what underlies the fraud by omissions and misrepresentations. They remain silent on certain critical issues. Publicize them. They omit science such as this problem with Ebola and vaccine trials. Herald their omissions. Turn their ‘consumer fraud’ into your ‘consumer advocacy.’ Overturn their omissions and misrepresentations (or silence) used to induce people to buy something from them without disclosing accurately about it. They get you to think and do things that you would not do if you had all the information, especially their connections to Big Pharma. Dr. Mercola, Ms. Finn, Mike Adams, Alex Jones, and the agents and agencies supporting them, are classic examples of 80/20 propagandists.

They serve what is called “CONTROLLED OPPOSITION.” Past CIA psychological operations officer Barbara Hartwell and Sherri Kane are two experts exposing this scheme the best. Hartwell recently published an article exposing my earliest opponents, all of whom have gotten their ‘karma.’ This group largely monopolized the ‘alternative’ media for several years before people caught-on. Their ‘opposing dialogue’ targeted me with libel, but frequently discredited them by omissions and misrepresentations commonly seen with propagandists paid by Big Pharma to be ‘controlled-opposition’ controlling all the debates. This is how the Deep State controls, through who they invest in. This is how they defraud natural products consumers for unjust enrichment. This is how and why the propagandists cause divisiveness in every social sphere. And this is largely how Big Pharma/Big Energy/Big Banking (i.e., the “Deep State’) has been able to maintain its monopoly over healthcare by discrediting and disparaging natural care providers, consumers, and products.

In other words, these ‘despicables’ operate as leading ‘protection racketeers’ and ‘social-engineers’ for Big Pharma. Their stupidity, confusion they generate, and distress they cause, encourages the most common diseases, drug addictions, and profitable degeneration and depopulation of America.

Their lacking academic credentials coupled with mainstream media support supplied by the conglomerates, such as iHeart Radio, Premier Radio’s Coast-to-Coast, the largest press controllers, and even the main science journals, conceal the science-based legitimacy favoring natural healthcare. This is all done to protect the medical/chemical paradigm by suppressing the bio-energetic/spiritual paradigm central to whole-person healthcare and the consumer health products industry.

So watch out for the “80/20 Rule,” the ‘check-in-your-spiriit,’ and the agents of deception. Most importantly, in the 20% group, try to diagnose their published falsehoods–the misrepresentations, and also the omissions they commit. Leverage them!

(2) Their OMISSIONS show a pattern-and-practice in their ‘conspiracy of silence.’ This is a ‘smoking gun.’ Omitting important information, scientific citations, and source references raises red-flags of fraud.  The devil-doers omit the good-guys and good works we do. This omission identifies outlaws. This pattern- and-practice clearly-and-convincingly proves malicious mischief.

Thankfully, people are awakening to ‘fake news’ now. They witness widespread media control by the Deep State traced to multi-national investment bankers profiting from ‘crisis capitalism.’ They commit massacres and their media obfuscates their disasters, as Sherri Kane, J.T. Kong, and I exposed in the Las Vegas Deep State Massacre. They kill people, splash it on the news, and divert from the most important facts. Few people realize this is how deadly ‘false flag’ schemes are administered. It succeeds because too few people protest this pattern-and-practice. Massacres are planned and administered to sell wars, arms, and security services. ‘Gun control’ is a political red-herring. The criminal psychopaths want more people to kill each other, and they get away with this through the ‘conspiracy of silence.’ CONTROLLED OPPOSITION, social diversions, political divisions, and contrived debates, support the corruption. Justice officials, nearly all lawyers, aid-and-abet these crimes by willful blindness–choosing to disregard the stress, damage, and disease it causes in everyone.

3) These agents sudden rise to stardom is another ‘red flag.’ Most of them came like ‘out of nowhere.’ They had no scientific training, no scientific publications, no science-based awards or accomplishments. Yet, they were each HEAVILY SUPPORTED BY WELL FINANCED MEDIA.

A note of caution. Even bad publicity is good for building name recognition, celebrity, as well as prompt product sales. Each of the aforementioned villains in natural medicine are heavily criticized in the mainstream media. That’s a tip, if not another ‘smoking gun’. Contrary to the ‘conspiracy of silence’ these folks are mentioned by the mainstream. You don’t see the mainstream media doing that with Dr. Kohl or myself. We get the ‘silence’ treatment. Dr. Mercola gets on Dr. Oz. Adams gets promoted by Jones,etc.


Summary and Conclusion

Stress causes disease and depopulation. Awakening to the makers of stress, how they operate, is life-saving. Social engineering and media-control is killing people. Discovering this commercial crime racket is life-saving because ‘knowledge is power’ and it is stress-reducing. Once you know how the corruption works, that is, you diagnose (i.e. ‘see through’) the problem, you can treat it. You can treat it internally and socially. One recommended treatment is to detach; shut it off, avoid it, don’t give it any energy. Alternatively, you can ‘play against it.’ Take on the beast as a ‘hobby.’ And if they attack you, get with your alliance, which we make available to you. We can help you expose the ‘beast.’  There is strength in numbers. Together, in our alliance, we can oppose corruption and remedy the stress and distress it causes.

You’ve got to stop remaining silent about our degenerated government and industries, including our courts and health agencies, law enforcement, and corrupt political system that operates by bribery is damages everyone. You need to vet the scourge of investment bankers, their lawyers and media destroying America. You’ve got to expose corrupted courts.  In this context of raising awareness, shedding light into the darkness, you can help stop the stress, degeneration, and disease. The ‘darkness hates the light.’ Outlaws runs away from the light of truth. People previously unaware of the truth, not knowing their risks, can be saved, and empowered with knowledge to make informed choices.





Dr. Leonard Horowitz, D.M.D., M.A., M.P.H., D.N.M. (hon.), D.M.M. (hon.), is the author of twenty-two books, including the prophetically titled Death In The Air: Globalism,Terrorism and Toxic Warfare that came out three months before 9-11-01. That book deals with biological and energy weapons being used for population control. His three American best-sellers include: Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola–Nature, Accident or Intentional? that was largely responsible for prompting explosive interest in vaccination risks and biological warfare; Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse, that revealed the ancient Solfeggio musical scale secreted for millennia; and Healing Celebrations: Miraculous Recoveries Through Ancient Scripture, Natural Medicine and Modern Science in which Dr. Horowitz presents his protocol for administering prevention and speedy recoveries. His most recent texts include The Book of 528: Prosperity Key of LOVE, that has prompted a revolution in the music industry improving recording artistry and music therapy with the use of C=528Hz(A=444Hz) tuning that produces “medicinal music;” and The Las Vegas Deep State Massacre written with Sherri Kane and J.T. Kong. Dr. Horowitz also works to advance Healthy World Organization (HWO) as an alternative to the duplicitous World Health Organization (WHO).


Dr. Horowitz’s and Sherri Kane’s latest documentary: UN-VAXXED: A Docu-commentary for Robert De Niro won five international awards, including “Best Film – 2016” in London and Geneva competitions.


To contact Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz, please e-mail: editor@medicalveritas.org with your special requests.