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Sponsors, Donations and Store

MedicalVeritas.org and Medical Veritas International, Inc. are  grateful to you, and people like you, for supporting this online journal and our premier humanitarian projects–528Records.com and 528Radio.com. These are our music re-mastering and 528Hz broadcasting services, respectively.

Public support for these services come by DIRECT DONATIONS made to keep 528Radio.com broadcasting (despite heavy opposition, repeated “hacking”, and costly servers), and also through support we receive from the sales of natural health products and services through our sponsors, CureShoppe.com and HealthyWorldStore.com.

We need your financial support to grow and succeed in awakening people to the neglected risks in “modern medicine,” as well as to viable alternatives in “natural healthcare” to save lives. A good percentage of the money you spend buying outstanding natural health products on CureShoppe.com and HealthyWorldStore.com is donated to sustain Medical Veritas International, Inc. (a 501(c)3 tax deductible recipient), Medical Veritas film productions, including UN-VAXXED: A Docu-commentary for Robert De Niro–winner of five international awards including “Best-Film, 2016” in London and Geneva competitions.

The editor of Medical Veritas online journal, Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz, has also been very active in advancing the “528LOVERevolution” globally. This movement in the music and natural healing industries features, for instance, the educational website 528Revolution.com. This educational service best explains our commitment to developing the 528 Radio Network that streams “medicinal music” transposed into the 528Hz frequency vibrating at the heart of nature.

There are currently 12 stations sustained only by public donations to help pay for increasing server space and security needs required to develop the “528 Public Music Library” containing exclusively 528Hz frequency music transpositions. Our 528Records.com service stores, downloads, and broadcasts thousands of transposed recordings vibrating in 528Hz frequency for enhanced healing and energizing using the greatest vibration of all–528–the musical mathematics central to chlorophyll and oxygen, resonating at the heart of sunshine and rainbows. You can read more about this wonderful knowledge in several articles published on MedicalVeritas.org, and at 528Revolution.com.

Dr. Horowitz’s many books, DVDs, CDs, and online videos best explain “medicinal music” that can help you (and the planet) advance legitimate “holistic medicine”, including “energy medicine”, for low cost, no risk, natural healing using the frequency of LOVE/528Hz that resonates at the heart of everything, including your heart.

A lot of research, time, money, and goodwill went into creating these Medical Veritas International, Inc. services. We pray you will appreciate, learn from, and benefit from this knowledge.

Your reciprocal goodwill, financial support, and telling others about our websites and services, and becoming a satisfied customer of CureShoppe.com, and HealthyWorldStore.com, will benefit everyone.

And if you wish to become a corporate or sustaining sponsor, an advertiser, or support the 528 Radio Network by partnering with us in other ways, please contact: editor@medicalveritas.org

Thank you!