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Miraculous Healing in 5 Simple Steps

Miraculous Healing in 5 Simple Steps


Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz

Healing Celebrations
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It’s time to prepare your Holy Spirit-filled temple for the great ‘paradigm-shift.’ You can only manifest your destiny to be all that you can be by doing so.

How else will you be able to touch people and have them miraculously heal, if you are not healed yourself? Why would you choose to carrying around a polluted disabled “temple?” You take your car for an oil change and tune up? Why care less for yourself than your automobile?

I pray these five simple steps to facilitate miraculous healing will contribute significantly to your participation in the planetary transformation at this critical time in history. Your efforts to spread love, levity, freeing truths, and life-sustaining provisions; to secure health, peace, and prosperity in all ways, are sincerely appreciated.

STEP ONE: Detoxification

Detoxification is imperative as you are constantly being subtly intoxicated and polluted with petrochemicals, heavy metals, and harmful electromagnetic radiations from the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat and the buildings we visit.

Healing begins with detoxification and elimination of poisons that weaken your immune system and other body defenses. Read the book and watch the DVD Healing Celebrations to learn more about fasting, sweating, clay baths, homeopathics, and other ways to pull toxins out of your body. The most advanced detoxifying rejuvenating formula available now is called ZeoLife™. This both chelates as well as clathrates. Chelation pulls toxic metals, like mercury and aluminum, and chemicals out of your tissues. Clathration makes sure these toxins leave your body most safely and effectively. Children, in particular, can use this to purge mercury and aluminum from injected vaccines.

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Immunity depends on a healthy gut and clean lymphatic system. Lymph vessels and tissues surround your digestive and eliminative organs. Stop wasting money on expensive products if your body cannot assimilate them. Clean your colon! Then use some GI Flora Pro to repopulate your gut with powerful probiotics. Here are my dexotification recommendations.


miraculous healingIf you are not well hydrated, you are killing yourself! Your body is mainly a Creative Juice carrier—a water vessel. According to advancing science, water molecules form tiny tetrahedrons—little pyramids—that receive and transmit energy signals, intelligence, or consciousness. This is how your body responds to prayer! Holy Spiritual energy flows and does all the healing in your body. Drugs never heal you, even if you think they help. Electrons energetically flowing through water in your body, along with sound and light signals do all the work. This is how your DNA actually works hydrosonically or electrogenetically.

So if you want to stay healthy, or recover miraculously what you’ve lost, get hydrated!

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STEP TWO: De-acidification or Alkalization

Deacidifying your body chemistry is critical for staying healthy and recovering from any disease. This second step of my 5-Step Plan is imperative.

Everything boils down to hydro-energy; more specifically, hydrosonic energy. Water transmits sound and light energy that comes mainly from our sun, mostly composed of hydrogen. The hydrogen in water (H2O) donates spinning, spiraling, and energizing electrons to matter everywhere.

Your body chemistry depends on these solar radiations and generated electrons. The most important energy and chemistry in your body is classically related to “pH.” This stands for “parts hydrogen” or “power of hydrogen.” This is the fuel that runs you. Medical deities have generally neglected this, and global energy industrialists have suppressed this knowledge and related technologies.

Just imagine, low-to-no-cost energy machines can produce, and run on, hydrogen fuel (gas from water). The same global industrialists that suppress health-enhancing  generally-freeing natural healing technologies have suppressed alternative energies!

Suffice it to say, when you are properly hydro-electrified, with a pH reflecting the ocean’s natural chemistry (pH of 7.4 to 7.8), you cannot get sick unless you’ve been poisoned. And even poisons are electrically regulated by changing pH. So these Step 2 provisions are vital and often produce amazing health benefits including healing miracles.

STEP THREE: Boosting or Normalizing Immunity

Boosting or normalizing natural immunity is Step 3 of my 5-Step Plan. Your army of immune cells seeks and destroys that which is not you—foreign entities, proteins, genetic material, and germs. These body guards protect your normal cells, proteins and your genes. My Taking Care of Yourself package best explains how to keep your immune system optimally fit.

To summarize, you should approach natural immunity holistically: physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, environmentally, and above all spiritually to gain the greatest benefits. Immuno-competence depends on all these factors and potential stressors. Your psycho-social behavior and spirituality has a lot to do with your immunological activity and defense capacity. If you ever wondered why some people stay healthier than others, self-esteem and social service commitment has a lot to do with it.

Very simply, self-identity, self-esteem, and service to others is critical to mental health and emotional fulfillment. If you know you are capable, worthy, loving and lovable, and you are jazzed to use your gifts to serve others in a meaningful way, then you can expect your immune system to serve you optimally, and know the difference between self and non-self (or the difference between you and an attacking germ or poison).

STEP FOUR: Oxygenation

Oxygen is the central element in every Water molecule’s pyramid. In the beginning, Genesis records, there was The Creator and The Water; even before there was The Word. The Holy Spirit flowed over the face of the Water, divided the Water from the Water as the oxygen atom divides two hydrogen atoms to form water; then oxygen divides from hydrogen during hydrolysis to free natural energy for balanced chemistry. This is the most creative and sustaining chemical reaction in the universe. So, if you desire to recreate and sustain yourself and your health, study oxygen.

Respiration implies re-spiritualization. Consider “inspiration,” bringing creative spirit into your body with each breath. After all, God breathed the breath of life into Adam. . . .

And what does God’s Hebrew name mean?

The “Tetragrammaton” incorporates the sacred energy and geometry of the tetrahedron-shape of the Water molecule. The Creator’s Hebrew name, YHWH, literally means “to breathe is to exist.” This tells that the King of the Universe breathes oxygen and loves oxygen (i.e., God is aerobic). Now that you know this, can you see more clearly why oxgenation therapies work so powerfully to terminate infectious diseases, reverse neurological damage, and cure cancers?

STEP FIVE: BioSpiritual/Bioenergetics

This final step in the miracle-making plan is the most powerful. Regardless of what health products or equipment you use, everything comes down to this basic creative principle: “You are the Music.”

Your “Body Electric” is filled with the energy the religious world calls the Holy Spirit. Physicists and mathematicians study the quantum field or mathematical matrix underlying this creative power and potential.  You are part of the spiraling universe. Like everything and everyone else you  are animated by the mathematics underlying the laws of physics and intelligent design. Your sacred geometric design is seen throughout nature. So in a way you are not so special, alternative you are VERY SPECIAL thanks to you true identity that operates in harmony and unity with Divinity.

The universe is composed with merely nine numbers—“The Perfect Circle of Sound™”—with 528Hz frequency at its center. 528Hz is the sound of LOVE that generates healing miracles. 528Hz puts you in the “zone.” This is the carrier wave of our Creator’s main joyous clear-channel. It is the mid-point, or Zero Point in the miraculous manifestation of matter from Spirit. It is also the center of the electromagnetic spectrum; the center of the sound spectrum; the center of the rainbow, the center of your heart, and the center of the figure eight. Eight being God’s number, the symbol of infinity and infinite creativity.

Once you integrate the above intelligence, you will realize (as I have frequently written, “You are a digital bioholographic precipitation, crystallization, miraculous manifestation of Divine frequency vibrations, popping out of Water.” The donut-shape of your red blood cells mimics the structure of the torroidal universe. In you, and everywhere else, oxygen (element 8) carries the breath of life, and God’s own resonating existence in your life.

“As above, so below.” The shape of your atoms and subatomic particles reflects the shape of our planet and galaxies. Your DNA spirals into existence by the same forces that drive the spinning spiraling cosmos.

So now that you know the bioelectric Truth that shall set you free, how do you plan to protect yourself during this Age of Uncertainty, plagues, and poverty? Not by popping pills to cure every ill, I pray.

As a spiritual being you can best treat yourself and your loved ones with LOVE and Faith in the True Source and Essence of Sustenance.

My highest recommendation for your rejuvenation, based on these reliable revelations, is a new product called Primolife.

If you appreciate this information, and want more like it, order my book, Healing Celebrations: Miraculous Healings Through Ancient Scripture, Natural Medicine & Modern Science.

About the Author

Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz (DMD, MA, MPH, DNM, DMM) is an internationally known authority in public health, emerging diseases, and natural healing. Author of more than sixteen books, he is globally known as the most outspoken critic of the genocide he ascribes to the “military-medical-petrochemical-pharmaceutical cartel.”

Dr. Horowitz’s presentations and publications have served as the impetus for numerous Hollywood productions. In his most recent book, LOVE the Real Da Vinci CODE, and 2-hour DVD documentary, The LOVE CODE, Dr. Horowitz presents the musical-mathematics underlying the spiritual mechanics of creation. His “Perfect Circle of Sound™” revelations have been revolutionizing the music industry as well as water science. Dr. Horowitz revealed that the 528Hz frequency of sound is the precise LOVE tone, and prophetically important “key to the House of David.” He introduced recording artists Jonathan Goldman, Scott Huckabay, and others to this musical technology of Divine creativity with which instruments can be re-tuned to prompt miraculous healings; and his seeded the concept of producing the international Concert for the Living Water, LIVE H2O, June 19-21, 2009.

Dr. Horowitz’s website is www.DrLenHorowitz.com