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Free Will and Evil Obedience to Mandatory Vaccinations

A Review of Vernon M. Neppe and Edward R. Close’s “Free-Will: Freedom of choice within limits” Monograph


Leonard G. Horowitz,

DMD, MA, MPH, DNM (hon.), DMM (hon.)


This review considers the important brilliant work of doctor professor Vernon Neppe who is recognized for outstanding achievements in expanding human understanding through the study of unexplained phenomena.

Dr. Neppe and his colleague, Dr. Edward Close, consider the concepts of “consciousness,” “good and evil” and “free will” as most urgent topics while civilization is threatened with extinction by nuclear annihilation, environmental degradation, biological and chemical weapons assaults, and artificial intelligence overtaking human decision-making.

With mathematical accuracy and humanitarian diligence Drs. Neppe and Close have addressed these urgent matters in numerous publications. They deserve recognition for best explaining “consciousness,” “good and evil,” and “free will” in a mathematical context; and at the same time arguably “proving” the existence of a Supreme Guiding Force (“SGF”). This SGF becomes apparent, they argue, upon mathematical determination of what internationally known physicists have argued is a “God particle.” Alternatively, Neppe and Close present more reasoned determination for what they call “gimmel”–like the “glue” that holds the universe together.

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Science partners Neppe and Close have advanced extraordinary research impacting political debate in critical areas of human choice-making, most material to the outcomes that will determine the future of our planet, and destiny of civilization. In fact, the concept of “destiny,” another “unexplained phenomenon,” is best explained by Neppe’s thesis on “free will” which this article links to for critically reviewers. (CLICK HERE to access Neppe and Close’s “free will” and “evil obedience” articles.)

Drs. Neppe and Close have advanced solid mathematical and related psychoanalytical arguments why human-higher consciousness (a function of frequency dynamics) can be accessed more intelligently to administer choices favoring individuals’ and our planet’s positive destiny. They posit that “free-will” and decision making involves a metaphysical component of superior intelligence most important in medicine and healing. This topic dovetails with spiritual, theological, philosophical, and religious discussions most urgent in this Age of Artificial Intelligence (AI) wherein reality, ethics, morals, and consciousness itself is questioned politically and academically.

Neppe and Close’s works are applicable, for instance, in the realm of vaccinology wherein not only are vaccines being increasingly mandated for presumed “herd immunity” challenging civil rights, individual sovereignty, and religious freedoms, but with AI technologies entering this landscape at the nano level, merging human and robotic “neurology” with integrated circuitry, commercial efforts are underway to microchip populations via vaccines for an assortment of risky benefits. This invasive commerce has even expanded into entomology with genetically-modified mosquitoes manufactured for Zika, as Microsoft’s Chairman and CEO, Bill Gates, has widely heralded and encouraged.

Consequently, Dr. Neppe’s reconsideration of “free will” as it intertwines with “good and evil” in the realms of law and medicine are reviewed here for civilization’s enlightenment during this age of rapidly accelerating socioeconomic, political, and spiritual change.


Does Free Will Exist?

“Does free-will exist?” Neppe and Close answer “yes” and “no,” and ask you to decide for yourself. In reporting their study and conclusions, they provide exemplary service to heighten your level of awareness and “consciousness,” impacting, they would argue, not only civilization’s destiny, but the universe at large.

Their seemingly contradictory answer defies a long history of speculation, scientific debate, and psycho-social behavioral theories that these authors review and dismiss for good cause. Physics, metaphysics, mystical experiences, and mathematics is largely (if not completely) neglected by most scholars considering this question. And how important is this question and subsequent mass misapprehension? The survival and future of civilization rests on the choices we make freely or not.

In my opinion, free-will is the greatest gift the Creator ever gave to humanity. But its Divine license is limited. How so? Consider Free-will the “catch-22” in which God is rumored to be patiently awaiting the “Experimental Outcome.” Will aggressive reptilian humans eventually cede control to their latent goodness, or annihilate themselves at Armaggeddon? “Good will” demonstrates productive empathetic or loving expressions of free-will versus destructive decisions and outcomes. Creative intuitive freedom is claimed imprisoned in people’s hearts and right brains versus neurotically-possessed egos. The Neppe Close Free-will thesis addresses these subjects, and partly reconciles perplexing dualities.

Metaphorically, the Hebrew priests and rabbis addressed, even transcended, this question. They practiced various forms of divination (each reviewed by scholar Robert Dos Santos Teixeira). They demonstrated communicating with the God(s) of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob; and their practices have been preserved despite theological debate on their goodness or evil. Monotheists intending to choose the highest good used “divining” to solicit God’s Free-will since the Fall of Eve and Adam strained domestic relations. Subsequently, their offspring chose (by “free-will”) a less righteous path disciplined by suffering. Otherwise, being one with the Creator, they knew in advance by communion and communication with the Divine Sustainer their most prospering paths and destiny.

Accordingly, intelligent “free-will” makes informed choices that are metaphysically or spiritually righteous (i.e., “right standing” or standing correctly within the matrix of creation in harmony with the musical-mathematics therein). This is well known to the Universally Intelligent. In essence, aligning personal “free-will” with the Creator’s Free-will yields the highest good and best outcomes, always and in all ways. Justice reigns regardless of what the choice-maker thinks at any moment, or experiences as a result. This concept too is discussed by Neppe and Close pursuant to “the mathematically-proven yet empirically feasible [Neppe-Close model they call the “Triadic Dimensional Distinction Vortical Paradigm” or “TDVP”). They determined that we humans exist “in a 9-dimensional (9-D) finite quantized reality, and that this is embedded in a continuous infinite fabric, explaining the feasibility of free-will and precognition together” being and becoming manifest in an enlightened person’s unfolding experience.


Math Doesn’t Lie Like People Do in Fear

Math doesn’t lie. Nor does Neppe and Close misrepresent or omit substantive facts explaining reality in their thesis. Only ignorant, arrogant, frightened, or “evil people” wrongfully or criminally act for profit, politics, or self-interest in my experience, corroborated by Neppe’s earlier thesis illuminating “good and evil” and “evil-obedience.”

“[T]he legitimate existence of both free-[will] and precognition” evidencing metaphysical intelligence encourages reexamination of outdated secular theories and religious dogma, they argue.

Geniuses Neppe and Close apply honest principles from their TDVP model that mathematically proves the existence and operation of the “Higher Intelligence” administering precognition (or intuition). The Musical-Mathematical Matrix of Universal Construction is well known to its Creator, wherein the “glue” holding it all together—math—primordial frequencies of sound (and light); the Word manifest in time, space and dimensionality, Neppe and Close call “Gimmel.” Gimmel (more than the “God particle” theorized in physics) infuses free-will like the laws of nature impact physics.

I have good cause to conclude that human choices must judiciously obey the laws of physics Neppe and Close discuss. Otherwise, judgment or karma imposes disharmonious or destructive energy vibrations, necessary expressions to reestablish homeostasis in the Universal Balance. This balanced system is administered by and through the Matrix—the Word—anchored by “Love-528Hz/nm,” in my opinion. This “system dynamics model” directs or redirects human experience, adjudicating choices and outcomes of free will that also must obey Universal Governing Principles. Everything, Neppe and Close posit, “even atomic particles, has some limited free-will; and recognition of the roles of meaning, guidance and consciousness, and of ‘relative’ influence,” is infused with Gimmel impacting cause and effect.


The Neppe/Close 9-Dimensional Mathematical Model Underlying and Advancing “Consciousness”

“[I]t is likely that the 9-dimensional finite [TDVP] model is embedded within a continuous infinite reality making a unified whole.”

This means that we are not only able to interact with free-will, but that our free-will is not limited inside that finite reality. “[B]ecause we do not have complete control of all of the infinite.”

This, in essence, is a defense, if not proof, of God. The authors state this subject is the substance of their thesis. In other words, the Master Conductor Master Composer of the Universal Orchestra is constantly broadcasting Love songs through the Musical-Mathematical Matrix of Existence actualizing Divine Consciousness connected to every human’s free will. Yet, like a protective, permissive and loving parent, children reaching for cookie jars come under “heightened scrutiny” by Divine intelligence.

Even “conscious” “enlightened” humans are forced at times by circumstances to consider and reconcile why certain things happen to them. “Good people,” for instance, have bad experiences wherein they face pain, loss, or threats to survival. “Bad people” do too. These “victims” of circumstances or destiny would not consciously choose such trauma. But years later they commonly reflect on life’s passages, damages done, and lessons learned, and recognize the positive value in even the “bad choices” made.

The best of us reexamine our choices, especially our “mistakes.” The “mistakes” can be viewed as “maladaptive coping behaviors.” Ideally, we master our neuroticisms to be optimally well and prosperously productive, versus ill and destructive to self and society. A significant percentage of us acknowledge a metaphysical intelligence and guiding presence that consciously administers our lawful evolution by “natural education,” impacting “natural selection” and “survival of the fittest.”  “The Force” for protective and productive guidance over “The Experiment” promotes justice or karma that ideally sustains, not destroys, our lives. Neppe and Close provide a “heady” analysis of these psychosocial-metaphysical/spiritual behavioral dynamics that transcends old doctrines and dogmas.

It is . . . a fact,” these authors state, “that our current scientific method cannot handle Evolution, Cosmology, and even Quantum Physics. And that pure falsifiability barely handles much of the practice of Medicine and Psychology; and it does not deal with consciousness, dimensions, and psi. Applying this prevailing scientific model of physics based on Popperian falsifiability, we could call all these areas, pseudo-sciences. It is somewhat ironic that somewhere along the line, we make exceptions and do not call Evolution, Cosmology and Quantum Physics ‘pseudo-science’, even though Quantum Physics in current models involves a ‘weirdness’ which cannot be explained. . . . These areas are important in discussing freedom of choice.”

Additionally, quoting Neppe and Close liberally as they advocate for pseudo-science to become more rational, vital concepts they advance include: “CONSCIOUSNESS” that “of course” is the key to free-will” and choice. “WHO HAS FREE-WILL? Certainly, humans and all living beings have free-will. But because of our model with ‘gimmel,’ the third substance always in union with everything including subatomic particles, even quarks, protons, electrons, neutrons, and certainly photons, we hypothesize that there might be different impacts of that gimmel,” extending beyond the reach of the rational mind.

And “MEANING [in existence] . . . may even be special for every subatomic particle. They don’t have brains, they don’t function like animals or even any animate being. . . but at the quantum level, there is a mathematical uniqueness. . . .” that impacts the free-will of neighboring particles, all influenced by the glue, gimmel,” securing the matrix and experiment.

Neppe and Close also “recognize that consciousness is not only just associated with [free-will and meaning],” but enlightenment lies outside these elements too, “beyond our usual fabric.”


Synchronicity and “Meaningful Coincidence”

“MEANINGFUL COINCIDENCE” also exists they observe. And this, I gather, is the primary impetus for Neppe’s work, as he has elsewhere professed. Here, the authors examine “meaningful continuity” and information that flows back and forth between the infinite and finite. “This implies that all events are linked.” Even supposedly random events, and those perceived mundane, “may have meaning, which we minimally at least can impact and influence.”

Arguing in favor of the Divine Presence in precognition, “Meaningful Coincidence, and the Divinely-human interaction at the theological level, “Meaningful Coincidence” or “Synchronicity in Experience” “implies a higher supreme being” and “Divine Providence” expressed in human lives. Correspondingly, on the macro-level, “[l]iterally, nothing happens except by choice of everything, and the qualitative impact is profound from the [view of the] infinite.”

Addressing the metaphysical limits of free will, as well as these authors’ exceptional intelligence, they discussed “a commonly conceived-of mystical metaphor” associated with “‘vibrations.’ These vibrations become finer and finer as the ‘consciousness development’ becomes higher and higher, they theorize. They extend this metaphoric concept from vibrations to frequencies in space time and dimension, applying their “3S-1t” math in the process. Here they confront the limits of their vast knowledge and “Meaningful Coincidence” experiences, concluding that finer and finer vibrations may have “less relevance” “as one goes higher and higher” in “mystical spirituality.”

“We might have less impact on free-will at those higher levels, eventually leading to a mystical infinite state”—the place where the “I am” personal identity fuses with the “I AM” One Consciousness.

Neppe and Close go further that anyone else in addressing the numerous aspects of free-will neglected by their scientific psychoanalytical predecessors. They bring to this discussion their unique contributions to the fields of math and physics involving the influence of time, dimensionality, particle science, and even the “Neppe Law of Cause and Effect” that addresses precognition and the ability to use that information to secure positive outcomes, perhaps altering “destiny.”

The authors conclude with a liberal list of references that, together with their lengthy monograph, raises the bar over which free will advocates and opponents must now, and for all time, jump.



About the reviewer:

Dr. Horowitz is an award-winning author, film-maker, consumer health advocate, drug industry critic, and intelligence industry analyst who has published twenty-one books (including three American bestsellers), dozens of peer-reviewed scientific articles, and six (6) documentary films, including “Best Film – 2016” at the World International Film Festival London and Geneva competitions for UN-VAXXED: A Docu-commentary for Robert De  Niro). Dr. Horowitz’s first bestseller, a landmark medical text, Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola—Nature, Accident or Intention? is credited by CDC and WHO officials as most influential in establishing vaccination risks opposed by public health and anti-vaccination activists worldwide. The doctor’s “Hollywood Spin” series of movie reviews and myriad videos can be viewed on RevolutionTelevision.net. Dr. Horowitz’s second bestseller, Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse, prompted a revolution in the music and natural healing industries. His 2007 decryption of Leonardo da Vinci’s most famous drawing revealed the mathematics of LOVE: The Real da Vinci CODE; and his follow-up text, the most monumental of his 40-year career, The Book of 528: Prosperity Key of LOVE, reveals “God’s creative technology,” available for revolutionizing every industry, especially music, recording artistry, healthcare and medicine, nutrition, environmental protection, natural resource restoration, along with civilization’s transformation as an “enlightened species” choosing peaceful sustainable collaboration versus murderous degenerative competition and lethal consumption. International acclaim has also come from the doctor’s works revealing Solfeggio frequency physics and metaphysics that has prompted the “528LOVERevolution,” commercialized in the rapidly growing 528RadioNetwork.com and 528Radio.com broadcasts featuring “medicinal music” transposed into the “LOVE frequency” of 528Hz.