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Trolling for Media Bias, Censorship, and Cognitive Warfare Engineering Psycho-Social Discord


Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz,

DMD, MA, MPH, DNM (hon.), DMM (hon.)

DOI: 10.7759/cureus.

Springer Nature Cognitive WarfarePeer-Reviewed

Cite this article as: Horowitz L (N/A) Trolling for Media Bias, Censorship, and Counter-intelligence Engineering Psycho-Social Discord. MedicalVeritas.org, December 28, 2023. Cureus “Desk Rejected” December 19, 2023: e. doi:10.7759/cureus.


The following article was “Desk Rejected” after favorable peer review on December 19, 2023. An anonymous official at Cureus wrote: ” This is not an appropriate submission to a medical journal. This reads as a screed containing numerous offensive, racist, and paranoid remarks.”

The author submitted this article to Cureus to ‘prod’ the science world’s most prolific propaganda publisher to reveal its conflicting interests that intertwines with the matter of “MIND WAR” (i.e., “Cognitive Warfare”) practiced by the ‘trolls’ subject to scrutiny in this article.

Implicating the financial and geopolitical interests backing intelligence agency activities and trolling behavior addressed in this article, Cureus is owned by main shareholders of Springer Nature Group: the Holtzbrinck Group (a German family-owned publisher) “and BC Partners (a European private equity firm).” A “small stake [is] still owned by the Government of Singapore [i.e., the Chinese Communist Party], which owned Springer before its sale to BC Partners).”* According to Wikipedia, “Holtzbrinck Publishing Group (GermanVerlagsgruppe Georg von Holtzbrinck) is a privately held German company headquartered in Stuttgart, that owns publishing companies worldwide. Through Macmillan Publishers, it is one of the Big Five English-language publishing companies.

In 2015, Springer Nature Group merged most of its Macmillan Science and Education unit (including Nature Publishing Group) with Springer Science+Business Media, creating the company Springer Nature. Stefan von Holtzbrinck owns 53% of the combined company.”

Chief propagandist for the globalists’ World Economic Forum, Stefan von Holtzbrinck

At the time of this writing, while Holtzbrinck’s cartel interests remain largely hidden, esteemed institutions that rely on Holtzbrinck’s propaganda in academia, medicine, and the science world, are under increasing scrutiny for outputting damaging bias impacting general intelligence, social incivility, political divisiveness, religious discord, and deviant cultural norms.

According to Springer.com, Holtzbrinck’s “Springer Nature is the world’s largest academic book publisher, publisher of the world’s most influential journals and a pioneer in the field of open research [which as Cureus’s “Desk Rejection” clearly shows is not “open” at all]. The company numbers almost 13,000 staff in over 50 countries. Springer Nature was formed in 2015 through the merger of Nature Publishing Group, Palgrave Macmillan, Macmillan Education and Springer Science+Business Media.”

Readers of MedicalVeritas.org may recall that COVID COUP agents Kristian Andersen and Bob Garry wrote the fraudulent science paper published in Holtzbrinck’s Nature Medicine following Dr. Anthony Fauci’s instruction. That Nature propaganda was used to discredit Prashant Pradhan et. al.’s IBM Watson computer analysis that showed four unique HIV/AIDS spike protein genes had been inserted into the CoV/SARS lab-engineered mutant.

That was/is the “gain of function” used to hyper-weaponize Peter Daszak’s bat viruses lab-engineered to deliver mRNA ‘payloads’ of infectivity. Fauci and his inner circle of co-conspirators acted with Holtzbrinck’s assets to conceal this truth to immunize their criminal enterprise and secure their programs and profits shared with Holtzbrinck and his publishing empire.

Pradhan et. al.’s “Indian paper” prompted Peter Daszak to protect his interests in EcoHealth Alliance that received and funneled Department of Defense grants (not simply NIH and NIAID money) to Wuhan for said CoV/SARS/HIV-1 lab mutations and hyper-weaponization.  Much of Daszak’s financing was for (supposedly) “SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH COMBATING WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION.” Yet the COVID lab virus gain-of-function weapon for mass depopulation was precisely what Daszak and his Chinese collaborators co-created in Wuhan under Holtzbrinck’s cover.

Evidence of Cureus and globalist von Holtzbrinck’s interests in population control, mind-war, and public deception is compounded by Peter Daszak et. al.’s “National Security” cover-up of the lab origin of Ebola, and the 2014 Ebola Zaire re-emergence (from a refrigerator). Daszak co-authored the 2014 Nature Communications article showing Alphabet Company controlled Google.org financed the main parts of the Daszak/EcoHealth Alliance/NIH/USAID co-funded study of the Ebola-like virus alleged to be prevalent in African bats.

Access to Springer-Nature journals will be maintained - EPFLAccording to Forbes and the New York Times, Stefan von Holtzbrinck is a $40 billion dollar intelligence asset promoting the international Green Movement and World Economic Forum elite. He bears a nefarious family history in the Nazi Party. Holtzbrinck’s businesses include several of the top ‘cognitive warfare’ assets in the world today, falsifying science and technology while concealing their risks. Holtzbrinck’s assets include Macmillan Publishers, S. Fischer Verlag, and Holtzbrinck Digital; Holtzbrinck Ventures (now HV Capital) –an investment arm of the publishing empire invested in many internet and e-commerce startups including Zalando, Groupon, HelloFresh and Rocket Internet. These online assets are aligned with the interests of the trolls and trolling activity influencing public opinion as discussed in this “Desk Rejected” study.



This “trolling study” examines data obtained from 1,609 subscribers to a popular social media platform, pursuant to an interview with the author of this report intended to raise remedial awareness regarding widespread erroneous and destructive social narratives dividing religious communities, disrupting peace in the Middle East, and threatening World War III. While 97 percent of viewers gave ‘thumbs up’ to the ‘consciousness-raising’ segment (1,580), only 3 percent (50) objected. Objectors posted most of the early reviews-nearly all negative and severely disparaging. Subsequent respondents were placed on the defensive and ‘chilled.’ This article considers this gross disparity in presumed public opinions sewing psycho-social pathologies and political discord. The statistically significant data disparity between early troll respondents and general respondents presumes cognitive warfare (“CW”) administered by well-organized intelligence-agency operatives commissioned to influence public opinion. Persuasion conducive to psychopathology and observed war mentality, opposing harmonious dialogue and civility in the social media, necessitates reconsideration and regulatory remedies.


Media bias and censorship has raised serious concerns regarding First Amendment rights to freedom of speech [1]. Such mind-controlling influence has imposed psychological, social, and political bias on nearly every controversial topic.

Addressing such bias and censorship, a most popular article by P Lorentzen published in the American Journal of Political Science (2014) favored China’s policy to permit “investigative reporting on the lower-level officialdom, adjusting how much reporting is allowed depending on the level of underlying social tensions [2].” Recognizing a high level of “social tension,” Lorentzen justified censoring civil dialogue in favor of “reporting on lower-level officialdom,” to secure nation-states against revolutions and popular uprisings.

In the United States, under Congressional scrutiny at the time of this writing, is Big Tech’s media censorship to control citizens’ ‘higher level’ awareness of ‘shadow-government’ (i.e., “Deep State”) influence on questionable regulatory and judicial policies. More than ever, investigators are considering the social media and its impacts on citizens’ attitudes, behaviors, and choices. These include the media’s impact on free and fair elections. Investigators are considering ‘election rigging,’ damaging COVID vaccination mandates, escalating crime and civil unrest, and “new normals” in society justified by ‘liberal’ (i.e., “New Left”) malfeasance [3].

In 2020, Finnish scholars, Valiverronen and Saikkonen et. al., published a comprehensive review of “hidden forms of suppression and self-censorship” impacting general and scientific intelligence. Citizens were surveyed to “reflect upon issues of freedom of expression and the feedback they receive in public arenas [4].” These authors reviewed “suppression of information,” “research silencing,” and the “chilling effect” that negative and hateful social media postings have on “chilling” social, political, and scientific discourse and progress. These researchers discussed, “the connection between freedom of expression and freedom of inquiry,” such as using an unbiased media to research controversial topics. These researchers drew a distinction between “four forms of suppression occurring in the media, and the “means, motives, and practices of suppression within each of these four forms [5].” To their credit, the authors cited the scorn they encountered after publishing controversial science. Yet, this comprehensive review and analysis neglected intelligence-agency influence on the sources of media bias and censorship. These authors considered organizational control wielded by “rival” factions and concluded:

“[T]hat aggressive feedback that appears to come from ordinary citizens or anonymous writers can originate from organized trolling campaigns or partially crowd-sourced political actions against individual researchers or points of view. When claims of scientific misconduct are used as an attempt to defame or silence a particular researcher, they are more likely to be formed out of organized activity rather than from individual feedback.”

Further comparing Chinese vs. American censorship activities In the American Economic Review, authors Chen and Yang studied “China’s censorship apparatus.” They concluded that the public accessing Internet information is so small, ill-informed, and incompetent that the governments’ media influence efforts are moot [6]. Once again, however, no mention is made of any intelligence agency activity involving ‘Deep State’ dictated censorship and propaganda policies.

Such recurring and widespread neglect of organized intelligence agency activity may be a symptom of the underlying general pathology addressed by the Finnish team. Personal or professional harassment and intimidation suffered online for political or criminal purposes (damaging individuals socially and professionally), reflects organizational orchestration befitting a criminal enterprise.

In medicine, the resulting brain influence and affliction is akin to the psycho-pathology of “intellectual scotoma.” In psychology, scotoma refers to a person’s inability to perceive personality traits in themselves that are obvious to others. Intellectual scotomas are diagnosed in people who cannot perceive distortions in their own world views that are obvious to others. “Thus,” concludes Wikipedia, “in philosophy or politics, a person’s thoughts or beliefs might be shaped by an inability to appreciate aspects of social interaction or institutional structure [7].”

The “institutional structure” that shapes world views by imposing bias, censorship, and divisive socio-political, philosophical, and theological narratives upon impressionable minds, arguably represents the greatest threat to world peace [6-11]. This institutional structure underlying systemic corruption represents the most influential financiers in the world. Key organizations that represent the financial elite include the World Economic Forum that backs artificial intelligence and the most advanced neuroscience and nano-neuro-bioelectronics for the “Brain-Cloud Connection.” Advancing these new technologies in the “Forth Industrial Revolution” (“4IR”) for “post-humanism” enables wireless surveillance, biodata-mining, and control over physiology, metabolism, even an individual’s thoughts and behaviors [8-10]. Consequently, investigators would be remiss in neglecting “Deep State” powers engineering intellectual scotomas prompting incivility as practiced by “trolls” in the social media. [7]

Similarly in the scientific media, German officials considered the damaging impacts of censorship and systemic bias on damaging scientific reporting. But there too, the authors neglected deeper diagnosis as well as the remedies that target “officialdom’s” biases and propaganda. Covert actions corrupting science and similarly imposed to secure the status quo in global governance impacting science, geopolitics, economics, the 4IR and prospects for world peace [11].

This background involving covert intelligence agency activity causing widespread psychopathological outcomes adequately explains the data acquired in this case study, and corroborates the intelligence provided in the subject video program.

Materials & Methods


Figure 1: Video censored by YouTube and Vimeo allegedly for breaching “Community Standards.” Alternatively published on Rumble.com by SGT Report, a social media platform.

On Saturday, November 4, 2023, nearly a month following the terrorist attack by Hamas on Israel, the SGT Report-a popular American politically conservative video blog [1] -posted an interview with this author titled, “The Mind Virus & World War 3.” The segment was produced to consider serious errors in public perceptions and general intelligence regarding the controversial topics of Zionism and Jihad interlacing with anti-Semitism and opposition to terrorism, along with the threat of World War III from expanding violence in the Middle East. Online notices of the controversial posting were sent to 115,000 SGT Report subscribers. Data was collected automatically by artificial intelligence (“AI”) using the venue’s algorithms. Two surveys were conducted: (i) Respondents registered their approval or disapproval using a “thumbs up” vs. “thumbs down” vote; and (ii) Respondents’ posted narratives were designated “favorable,” “neutral,” or “condemning” based on reasonable prima facie reading of content, expletives, and hate speech.

‘Favorable’ ratings praised the program, the host and/or interviewee. ‘Neutral’ respondents exclusively posted encouragement for readers/viewers to do more in-depth research or study on related topics. ‘Condemning’ respondents viciously wrote to discredit the program, demean the host and guest, or smear positive reviews.


Within ten days, according to the Rumble.com data set, 178,463 “views” were recorded. 1,580 viewers rated the segment favorably (i.e., giving a “thumbs up”). Only 50 viewers disfavored the segment (“thumbs down”). Respondents represented merely 0.91 percent of the audience. (i.e., 1,620/178,463=0.91%)

Diving into the data, more than two hundred viewers published replies (each designated favorable, neutral, or condemning. Many condemning statements disparaged the host, but far more condemned this author and/or statements made by him.

Among the first 50 respondents posting comments that were published at the beginning of the chronologically-listed thread, a 50% majority of respondents (25 of first 50) condemned the segment; 22 of the first 50 offered neutral statements encouraging further research by fellow viewers; and only 3 of the first 50 postings praised the interview, host, and/or guest.

Among the second 50 respondents a significant change in expressed attitudes was recorded. In that group of respondents who had the opportunity to read the first 50 messages, 24% (12 of 50) favored the segment; 56% of viewers (28 of 50) provided neutral responses; and only 10% disfavored and condemned the program. That difference between the two groups of 50 respondents (initial and subsequent; 50% compared to 10%), was statistically significant with 95% confidence.


Media Bias and Censorship

Media bias and censorship has imposed psychological, social, and political influence on public opinion and legislative policies in virtually every nation. Controversial topics, including matters of ethnic and religious injustices, or justifications for war, are often jaded by the media, censored, or hashed by state-administered propaganda [12]. Such restrictions of truth-telling, freedom of speech, and opposition to controversial opinions has been practiced by every developed nation. Concerns about National Security and protecting the status quo are used/abused to justify such media bias and censorship.

In China, for example, official policy permits “investigative reporting on the lower-level officialdom, adjusting how much reporting is allowed depending on the level of underlying social tensions [2].” Recognizing a high level of “social tension,” Lorentzen justified censoring civil dialogue in favor of “reporting on lower-level officialdom.” This would, purportedly, secure China against revolutions and popular uprisings.

In the United States, at the time of this writing, strategic censorship to control citizens’ ‘higher level’ awareness of the damaging influence of “Deep State” geopolitical and economic policies are under U.S. Congressional scrutiny. This fact, politically-charged and controversial as it may be, has influenced citizens’ attitudes, behaviors, and choice, pursuant to ‘election rigging,’ COVID vaccination mandates, and racial and religious persecutions, crimes, and protests [3].

Comparing Chinese versus American censorship activities, Chen and Yang concluded that online media influence is very small. Since the public is so ill-informed and lethargic, these researchers surmised that the governments’ media influence is minimal, even moot [13].

To the contrary, at the time of this writing, the U.S. Congress is stymied over the TikTok ban debacle-divided over the cost and authority to ban the Chinese government-controlled data-mining ap [14].

Cognitive warfare (“CW”) objectives in covert actions by intelligence agencies dictating these countries’ censorship and propaganda policies intertwine in the broader geopolitical picture with the 4IR. The entire enterprise relies on media influence on public opinions to drive politics and social behavior impacting National Security in every developed nation.

troll onlineTrolling Against Rivals

Considering the “chilling” impact of trolls and organized trolling evidenced in the first fifty (50) respondents’ writings, Valiverronen and Saikkonen et. al., published a comprehensive review of “hidden forms of suppression and self-censorship” impacting general intelligence and the global audience. Their survey disclosed “suppression of information,” “research silencing,” and the “chilling effect” that negative and hateful social media respondents have on chilling social, political, and scientific discourse and progress [4].

Material to this instant case study, Valiverronen’s group confirmed that “aggressive feedback that appears to come from ordinary citizens or anonymous writers can originate from organized trolling campaigns or partially crowd-sourced political actions against individual researchers or points of view [4].” Findings in this case study corroborates Valiverronen et. al’s determinations. A majority of the fifty ‘first responders’ appeared to be “ordinary citizens or anonymous writers,” but subsequent data from the second fifty less-biased cohort exposed the “organized trolling campaign.” Trolling must be presumed from the statistically significant condemning bias the trolls published to disparage this author, the host of SGT Report, and the subject matter discussed. As Valiverronen et. al. reported, trolling respondents’ writings to defame or silence the providers of life saving intelligence, “formed out of organized activity rather than from individual feedback [4].”

This intelligence further corroborates the covert counter-intelligence activities vetted In 2020 by Horowitz and Kane [15].They published substantial evidence of “organized trolling campaigns” administered by one of America’s leading social engineering firms-the Gen. Stanley McChrystal Group. That group worked under lucrative contracts to advise governments on gaining public compliance with COVID restrictions and vaccination mandates. McChrystal Group trolls combatted anti-vaccination activists and their messages. Gen. McChrystal transferred from his military intelligence leadership overseeing the Afghanistan war arena during the Obama administration, to administer his private organization influencing public opinion and social behavior [15].

Trolling as an Extension of COINTELPRO, MKULTRA and ‘Mind War’ Programming

Historical antecedents and substantial intelligence indicate The McChrystal Group is one of many independent government trolling contractors commissioned to administer such organized influence campaigns, as a successor-in-interest to the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (“FBI”) and the Central Intelligence Agency (“CIA”) counter-intelligence program dubbed the “COINTELPRO.” That covert social engineering ‘Mind War’ operation was part of the cognitive warfare operation called the “MKULTRA Program”.

Retrospectively, from 1956 to 1971, the FBI and CIA administered a “counterintelligence program . . . to discredit and neutralize organizations considered subversive to U.S. political stability [16].” According to the FBI’s “Message From the Director to All Law Enforcement Officials” circulated on September 1, 1968, officials expressed grave concerns about the “New Left” infiltrating colleges and universities via organizations deemed dangerous to status quo politics and economics. The memo captioned “COINTELPRO New Left Boston” summarized this situation thusly:

“Extremists openly avow that their aim is to overthrow the existing order. Under the use of academic freedom and freedom of speech, they profess to seek a dialog, when actually what they seek is a confrontation with established authority to provoke disorder. Through these confrontations, they expect to smash first our educational structure, then our economic system, and finally our government itself.”

Given what headline news heralds at the time of this writing, it is reasonable to presume the intelligence industry’s COINTELPRO was either impotent or turned complicit in socially-engineering the ensuing chaos and “disorder” destroying America ‘from within;’ under Congressional scrutiny.

In lieu of the threats of terrorism and civil war that has escalated in America and elsewhere, the CIA/FBI’s COINTELPRO was obviously succeeded by other covert operations presumably protecting the American people, western allies, and the global order of the ‘superpowers.’ Successors in COINTELPRO’s interests included federal agencies leveraging the mainstream and social media to advance, geo-political and financial objectives unfolding at the time of this writing along with globalism and the 4IR that leverages artificial intelligence (“AI”) heavily impacting every industry including the social media and trolling.

For example, according to Ohio Republican Congressman Jim Jordan, the American intelligence community was weaponized against conservatives [17]. Thereby, the intelligence community orchestrated the politicalization of the Justice Department leveraging the broadcast and social media. The purpose of the covert operation was to condition citizens, and behaviorally engineer society, to accept new normals such as “WOKE” impositions. This has resulted in increasing threats of civil unrest reflecting widespread psychosocial pathology damaging and potentially destroying the nation.

“So it is today,” noted Klon Kitchen considering “geopolitical power” in National Affairs Journal in the fall of 2023 [18]. The so-called “Fourth Industrial Revolution” is [promoted heavily by financial leaders in the World Economic Forum directed by Klaus Schwab. [8] This organization promotes Big Tech’s AI and transhumanizing robotics. These forces are] “shaping and re-shaping the contours of the emerging global order. Even more, the companies at the heart of this revolution are fast becoming powerful geopolitical stakeholders that often challenge the authority, sovereignty, and the capacity of governments,” wrote Kitchen, vicariously identifying the “rivals” targeted by trolls.

Accordingly, all four forms of online information suppression and propaganda dissemination, as reported by Valiverronen and Saikkonen et. al. [4], are corroborated by this study. These include:

(1) political and economic control, wherein the trolling activity is presumably financed and orchestrated to “chill” rivals: (a) undermine prospects of peace and civility; and (b) suppress public information raising consciousness to alternative ways of thinking about ongoing political affairs advancing wars and social unrest;

(2) organizational control is effected by Deep State government intelligence agencies allied with private cognitive warfare administrators trolling and influencing the social media suppressing and neutralizing opposition (e.g., The McChrystal Group);

(3) control by geopolitical rivals, such as Deep State commercial entities financing campaigns, influencing government policies, commissioning agents and agencies to promote sales of products, such as security systems, military hardware, risky vaccines, drugs, chemicals, and nano-bioelectronic devices competing against natural remedies, peace, and civility in society; and

(4) control from public citizens indoctrinated by propaganda defending the status quo.

In medicine, these forms of social engineering and Mind War have given rise to the psychopathology called “intellectual scotoma.” In psychology, scotoma refers to a person’s inability to perceive flaws in their own thinking. Damaging personality traits that are obvious to others remain suppressed by people in denial. More broadly, such Intellectual scotomas are diagnosed in people who cannot perceive distortions in their own world views that are obvious to others.

This set of circumstances is evidenced in the data reported here. The first 50 respondents overwhelmingly opposed the video segment. They obviously did not see the benefits of the program perceived and appreciated by the second 50 respondents’ cohort. The second cohort’s vast majority viewed the video segment differently from the first cohort’s mass disparagement by trolls.

In addition, the ‘thumbs up’ favorable rating by 1,580 viewers compared with only 50 viewers who disfavored the segment evidences intellectual scotoma psychopathology in trolls and their allies thinking, publishing, and justifying their negative (arguably delusional) perceptions and opposition.

These data also evidences the “chilling” impact of the trolls’ negative messaging tainting the first cohort’s reviews. Self-censorship, refraining from replying called chilling, is evidenced by merely 0.91 percent of the audience writing opinions. In accordance with Valiverronen and Saikkonen et. al. [4] findings, the vast majority of viewers were likely chilled by reading the trolls’ hateful postings, including disparaging replies to positive postings people published. Fearing similar assaults and persecution, viewers chose to remain silent.

Wikipedia noted, “in philosophy or politics, a person’s thoughts or beliefs might be shaped by an inability to appreciate aspects of social interaction or institutional structure [7].” In this instance, the “institutional structure” that shapes world views through the social media, by imposing censorship and/or divisive narratives upon impressionable minds, reflects organized criminal activity. COINTELPRO-MKULTRA agents, or agencies supervising trolls, thereby, engineer intellectual scotomas and social incivility through the social media.

This covert operation fueling terrorism and civil unrest arguably represents the greatest threat to National Security and world peace. Advanced by Deep State powers of economic and geopolitical population control, the trolls fulfill their subservient contracts.

As mentioned, justification for this chilling activity and officially administered trolling has been published in Germany whereby officials considered the damaging impacts of censorship and systemic bias on damaging scientific reporting [19]. Therein, Fecher et. al., neglected the remedies necessary to neutralize “officialdoms” biases and propaganda mechanisms.

Without diagnosing and treating the root cause(s) of cognitive bias and intellectual scotomas, prospects for world peace are chilled along with remedies needed to treat this systemic psychosocial pathology. The deadly status quo in governments regulating science, geopolitics, and economics increasingly become institutionalized, condemning civilization and the future of human rights and freedoms.

Governments’ Covert ‘Cognitive Warfare’

Trolls have administered well-orchestrated and chilling attacks against this author and the subject matter of the SGT Report video. These practices, as evidenced by the recorded data, are consistent with the administration of “Cognitive Warfare.”

Claverie and Du Cluzel [9] considered Cognitive Warfare (“CW”) for NATO audiences, explaining that, “CW relies on the dimensions of information processing by the human brain to bring out representations, decisions, and programming of the action, for individuals and for groups, and which are all targets of the CW.”

Giordano, Evers et. al. [10], reviewed CW as part of “dual-use brain science,” and described how tools and techniques are actually employed threatening public health and safety. Krishnan extended Giordano’s alert that “the brain is the next battlespace” wherein CW is waged, raising ethical challenges [11].

The subject video smeared by trolls administering CW to impact viewers’ thinking (i.e., brain activity) was produced to share remedial intelligence on several controversial topics. The intent was to promote peace in the Middle East. Subjects included Zionism, Jihad, anti-Semitism, and complicit institutions influencing people and governments via dual use behavioral science engineering social behavior.

Changing attitudes and behaviors are conditioned, or “programmed,” primarily through media messaging, according to Albert Bandura’s ‘Social Cognitive Theory.” Impacted attitudes include those regarding race, religions, prejudices, and discrimination [20].

Western intelligence agencies, well-aware of the aforementioned behavioral science and psychosocial dynamics, use “cognitive theory,” “critical theory,” and CW to purportedly combat risks to National Security and the status quo. But current events in the world discredit the acquired intelligence and intelligence agencies. Why, for example, would honorable intelligence agencies, such as the CIA, FBI and others, undermine the noble mission of securing nations, populations, and promoting world peace?

It is unreasonable to presume or argue that the exploding Forth Industrial Revolution with its unfathomable financial and political influence would neglect social engineering science and propaganda practices administered by trolls needed to influence audiences to accept the “new normals.” Globalist leaders and their corporations influence Big Tech media. They encourage new normals and the “New Left” (a.k.a., “WOKE Movement”).

Similarly, the ruling elite influence media coverage of conflicts in the Ukraine, Pacific Rim, and Middle East. It is unreasonable to argue otherwise–that globalizing agents, agencies, and companies have not relied on intelligence agencies to wield the media to induce public acceptance of such dramatic change. This enterprise leverages the most advanced brain science, cognitive theory, social cognitive theory, critical (race) theory, and CW.

“Critical Theory” in Cognitive Warfare

“Critical race theory” has emerged from “Critical Theory” that encourages cognitive dissonance-the pattern and practice of questioning everything. By so doing, confusion is generated in the ‘hive mind’ along with social divisions and anti-social behaviors. This breeds disagreements and even violence. Critical theory encourages questioning everything, including God’s existence. It is an anti-religious, arguably evil, movement because it undermines faith that is required for Divine-human coherence called “communion.” Spiritual and religious persons argue that faith in the Divine is required to open channels of communication with angels, spiritual awakening, protective intuition, and creative inspirations. These benefits are considered liabilities by globalists heralding the 4IR agenda to leverage AI and biotechnologies to advance transhumanism, converting civilization into a virtual cyborg colony.

This alleged evil administration also best explains the “WOKE” agenda destroying personal, even sexual, identity for ‘group think’ and ‘mob rule.’ This movement, that hinges on CW and critical theory, neglects and suppresses spirituality. It challenges morality, diminishes faith and religious traditions, divides families and society, and burdens parental stewardship of children. Almost everything covered by headline news reflects violations civilized society, caused by cognitive conditioning and erroneous messaging neglecting or discrediting natural laws or God’s laws.

By such widespread systemic degeneration of human intelligence, the population is conditioned to accept or ‘normalize’ trans-humanization, artificial intelligence, robotics, and alternative realities, such as the ‘Metaverse’ serving the globalists’ anti-God, anti-religion, and anti-spiritual agendas. That is why spiritual and religious people consider it “pure evil,” and why trolls disrupt the social media as they do.

In this analytical light, the degeneration of intelligence in the creative arts and sciences, especially the music industry, is revealed. Cognitive Warfare for the transformation of civilization also includes musical manipulations. The suppression and manipulation of natural frequencies such as 528Hz used in ‘energy medicine’ has accompanied the emergence of distressing “standard tuning” at A=440Hz. ‘Rap’ and ‘trap,’ heavily promoted by so-called entertainment industrialists, features disruptive lyrics, monotonous sequences, computer-generated loops, all substituting for purely human creative artistry and divine-inspirations in story-telling. All of this alleged evil characterizes the Big Tech cult, degenerating society, and engineering lowered mental acuity for the “new normal” reality celebrating the supremacy of artificial intelligence and the transhumanist takeover of civilization.

Accordingly, for intelligence agencies, risks to National Security have been replaced by risks to globalization and “post humanism.” The media, including trolling under corporate-control and complicit intelligence agency oversight, broadcasts narratives that promote all of the objectives of CW necessary to normalize WOKE ideology; incivility; divisive and disruptive social behaviors; and remedies exclusively provided by 4IR’s AI, robots, bots, and trolls.

More empirical evidence of this malfeasance is seen with officials claiming to oppose ‘systemic racism,’ but at the same time permitting, even modelling, hate speech broadcasting divisive messages such as anti-Anglo, anti-Semitic, and anti-Muslim slurs. Trolls have played important roles in this conditioning of society to accept such divisive and disruptive matters, including hate speech by ‘radicals.’ More than other influences, the social media has fueled damaging protests and violent crimes, all evidencing CW favoring the transhumanist movement.

As mentioned, the COINTELPRO’s successors-in-interest-todays’ organizations promoting such chaos, “normalizing” it, and profiting financially from it-includes pro-military, pro-vaccine, pro-Big Tech, pro-Big Pharma, pro-Big Banking, pro-brain science, pro-CW, enterprises [17].

During a “Network-Centric Warfare” conference in Arlington, Virginia, less than 10 miles from the CIA’s home in Langley, Gen. McChrystal praised the “aggressive use” of emerging technologies in warfare and intelligence operations. But “by far the hardest part” of networked warfare, he said, was “to create a culture” that gets different military and civilian units linked up by technology fighting as a team. “In other words, the technical network won’t work without the social one,” reported WIRED [21].

Such is the power, influence, and purpose of the ‘dual use’ social media under trolling influence, bias, and chaos.

The “Psychology of Terrorism” in Cognitive Warfare

Neglecting any inference that the broadcast and social media is responsible for modeling hate speech, incivility, and terroristic behavior, Randy Borum, Director of the “Psychology of Terrorism Initiative” at the University of South Florida, explained to stakeholders:

– Illegitimate or corrupt governments frequently give rise to opposition that may turn to terrorist means if other avenues are not seen as realistic options for replacing these regimes with a more credible and legitimate government or a regime which represents the values and interests of the opposition movement.

– Powerful external actors upholding illegitimate governments may be seen as an insurmountable obstacle to needed regime change. Such external support to illegitimate governments is frequently seen as foreign domination through puppet regimes serving the political and economic interests of foreign sponsors.

Accordingly, in America, the Deep State must be considered “foreign sponsors” of the “illegitimate government” that commissions trolls and weaponized the Justice Department and intelligence agencies to target political opponents. This scourge has been secured by battalions of trolls administering CW [8]. The scheme has captivated and imprisoned human consciousness and conscience, damaging ways of thinking and behaving, threatening civilization ‘s morality and ethics with psychopathology, violence, and war.


The data obtained in this study evidences an organized trolling campaign to discourage and disparage online intelligence providers and their video provision pertaining to the controversial topics of Zionism, Jihad, anti-Semitism, war in the Middle East, threats of World War III, and common misperceptions surrounding these matters of psychosocial discord. The earliest respondents, seemingly numerous troll accounts, jaded the thread by crudely disparaging the segment and its producers, causing subsequent respondents to be chilled or biased. Proof of this organized attack is provided by the statistically significant variance between the first and second group of fifty respondents, evidencing an immediate deployment of counter-intelligence activity administered by the trolls. Such administration evidences covert intelligence agencies’ organized interference with free speech in the social media. Akin to “Mind War” or CW, this unconscionable orchestration caused viewers to self-censure, chilling public debate, preventing remedial discourse. Under the circumstances, such trolling activity presents a clear and present danger to mental health, public safety, social civility, and National Security. The expanding social unrest and political chaos witnessed internationally at the time of this writing reflects the impacts of CW, effectively administered online and through the social media by trolls tainting general intelligence. A review of public records and science articles provides evidence that such trolling activity induces psychopathology and social incivility consistent with CW, resulting in ‘intellectual scotomas’ favoring globalization and the geopolitics and economics of the 4IR. The advancing aim is to convert civilization through media propaganda and public persuasion to submit to impositions encouraging transhumanism.

This corruption of the social media and suppression of public dialogue by organized counter-intelligence chills social progress in enforcing human rights. The public is forced to accept altered “realities,” “new normals,” and imposed censorship, all encouraging 4IR technologies enabling the post-humanist conversion of civilization. Trolling has turned the social media into a new and powerful weapon of ‘Mind War’ inducing social dysphoria, violence, and war mentality. Regulatory and remedial strategies are needed to prohibit such assaults on human consciousness, ethics, morals, values, and civility, degenerating society most profitably and powerfully.


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