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Rigged Science & Man Made AIDS



Alan R Cantwell, M.D.


AIDS experts and the mainstream media have tried hard to convince us that gay men started the epidemic in the U.S. and that it originated in sub-Saharan Africa among black heterosexuals. AIDS is a blood-borne and sexually-transmitted disease (STD) caused by HIV (the human immunodeficiency virus). However, never adequately explained is how a black African heterosexual epidemic could have segued into a mostly white homosexual epidemic in Manhattan, New York City beginning in 1979 —at a time when there was no epidemic in Africa. In reality, there is little hard evidence to prove that the American epidemic came from Africa, or even from Haiti, as a few molecular biologists have claimed.

http://www.whale.to/v/cc.jpgSo how did AIDS start exclusively in young, healthy, primarily white and well-educated homosexuals in Manhattan? My research suggests HIV entered the gay population via an experimental hepatitis B vaccine contaminated by a chimpanzee virus. This vaccine was administered to gay men in preliminary trials shortly before (1976-1977) and during the actual hepatitis B experiment (1978-1980) at the New York Blood Center in Manhattan. This was closely followed by the “gay plague” of AIDS.

To better understand the man made AIDS, it is essential to know what some virologists were doing in the 1970s, the decade before the outbreak. This included unethical research performed on unsuspecting people, such as covert vaccine and cold war radiation experiments. In addition, forced transfer of deadly viruses between animal species held captive in laboratories, and the development of cancer and AIDS-like immunosuppressive viruses were commonplace as part of the “War on Cancer” (1968-1980).

The myth of Patient Zero who brought AIDS to America

In October 2016 the mainstream media finally exonerated Patient Zero, the Canadian airline steward accused of bringing AIDS to America. Gaetan Dugas, his real name, developed swollen lymph glands in 1979. Diagnosed with Kaposi’s sarcoma (the so-called “gay cancer” of AIDS) in New York City in 1980, he died of kidney failure in 1984 at age 31. He was made famous posthumously by the 1987 publication of Randy Shilts’s  And the Band Played On, an essential early history of AIDS, in which Dugas appeared as a minor character. Shilts theorized Dugas brought AIDS from Paris to New York and the media widely sensationalized the story. TIME magazine referred to ‘the appalling saga of patient zero’; The New York Post headlined, ‘The man who gave us AIDS—triggered gay cancer in the U.S.’ Even the AMA American Medical News declared Dugas “may have brought AIDS to the U.S.” In truth, it has been known for a long time that the Patient Zero scenario was a literary publicity ploy concocted to sell more copies of Shilts’s book, which quickly became an international best-seller and later an HBO made-for-TV movie.

The New York Times (October 26, 2016), which has always avoided serious discussion of the man-made theory of AIDS, headlined ‘HIV arrived in the U.S. long before Patient Zero.’ Dugas was vindicated by computer calculations made by molecular biologists using genetic sequences from the earliest blood specimens of HIV-positive gay men stored at the New York Blood Center in 1978-1979. The biologists concluded that HIV spread from Zaire, Africa, to Haiti in 1967 and then to New York City around 1971.

Other molecular biologists studying the genes of HIV estimate the virus entered the African population sometime between 1915 and 1941. Airplanes fly in and out of Central Africa carrying people and their STDs (and primates) around the world. Yet we are led to believe that HIV supposedly travelled to only three geographic areas over a period of a half-century or more. The dictionary defines “epidemic” as tending to affect many people within a population. There can be no epidemic without a large number of cases. There are no stored blood specimens in the U.S that test positive for HIV before 1978, and no epidemic cases. And there is no real evidence of an African AIDS epidemic until the Fall of 1982 at the earliest, according to Luc Montagnier, the co-discoverer of HIV.

Is the out-of-Africa theory another AIDS myth?

When HIV was co-discovered in 1984 by Robert Gallo, he theorized the virus likely originated from the African green monkey in the bush. Later, HIV was found to be most closely related to a chimpanzee virus called simian immunodeficiency virus (SIV). AIDS experts also promote the “cut hunter theory” whereby the chimp virus “jumped species” into humans who ate chimp meat or who got chimp blood into cuts or wounds during slaughter. Not everyone agrees. Primatologist Preston Marx believes a person cannot contract AIDS from a monkey or a chimp in that way.

Secret and unethical human experiments in the pre-AIDS era

Unfortunately, doctors have a long and sordid history of unethical experimentation, much of it never reported or publicized in medical journals for obvious reasons. Mention must be made of the horrific Guatemala experiments (1946-1948) conducted, in part, by the U.S. Public Health Service (now the CDC) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The study came to light, quite by accident , in 2010. Over 5,500 people, including children, were recruited and 1,300 were deliberately infected with various STDs by doctors. The Wikipedia has the gory details. Critics, who quickly dismiss man made AIDS because “doctors would never do that,” need to be aware of this shameful reality.

In 1972, a few years before the gay experiment, the government’s notorious Tuskegee syphilis experiment , which began in 1932, was finally abandoned by the CDC under public pressure. Black sharecroppers with syphilis were deliberately not treated with antibiotics so that doctors could study the natural progression of the disease until death.

In 1971, the military’s biological warfare research merged with respectable cancer research. The biological warfare research program at Fort Detrick, Maryland, is now part of the National Cancer Institute, which is part of the NIH. Thus, bio-warfare research at the Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research can go under cover of legitimate cancer research.

Unethical hepatitis research in the 70s involved instances like feeding chocolate milk laced with human feces to deliberately infect mentally retarded children with hepatitis. Saul Krugman, considered a scientific icon for his hepatitis discoveries in the Willowbrook experiments, was also condemned by some as a monster for deliberately infecting kids without consent. A few years later, Krugman was made “safety officer” with access to vaccine vials given to the gay men at the NYBC.

It was not uncommon in the 70s to test various vaccines on retarded children and black Africans. Laboratory chimpanzees were infected with hepatitis B by intravenous injections of human saliva and semen. In 1974 the NYBC established Vilab II, a rarely-mentioned chimpanzee center in Liberia, Africa, used to infect primates and to use them to develop hepatitis vaccines for eventual human use. Vilab has recently been disbanded.

The Special Cancer Virus Program (1968-1980) that preceded AIDS

dr-horowitz-emerging-viruses-bookThe Special Cancer Virus Program, under the direction of the NIH, was initiated by president Nixon as part of his War on Cancer. The program involved the leading virologists and medical research institutions in America. Its purpose was to prove that certain animal viruses could cause human cancer. This required the dangerous transfer of viruses between animal species, as well as adapting these viruses into human cells. In the laboratory process, numerous AIDS-like retroviruses were created. The annual reports of the SVCP repeatedly state that animal-derived “human candidate viruses” would not be tested in humans.

This genetic engineering of viruses was largely kept hidden from the public, as well as the ease with which these animal viruses (particularly primate viruses) could mysteriously contaminate laboratories and go unrecognized. For example, Gallo, a Project Officer in the Program, reported a discovery in 1975 of a “new” and “human” HL-23 virus which eventually proved to be three different contaminating ape viruses (gibbon ape virus, simian sarcoma virus, and baboon endogenous virus). Gallo claimed he had no idea how these primate viruses contaminated his laboratory. Veterinarian Max (Myron) Essex of Harvard , another leading AIDS expert, was also deceived in 1986 when he reported a “second” AIDS virus, which proved to be a contaminant monkey virus traced, not to Africa, but to his own laboratory.

By 1978, the year the trial in gays began, the SCVP had produced 37,438 liters of animal retrovirus material ready for lab experimentation (The Virus Cancer Program, June 1978, p 282). By 1980, the Program was disbanded because of its failure to prove that an animal virus could cause human cancer. By the end of the 1970s, homosexuals began to sicken and die due to a “new” and unprecedented immunosuppressive and cancer-causing virus. Discovered in 1984 and quickly dubbed the “human” immunodeficiency virus, it made Gallo the most famous scientist in the world—and brought riches to Big Pharma, the virologists, and the AIDS establishment. All because a chimp virus was mysteriously “introduced” into the bodies of male homosexuals in Manhattan at the NYBC.

Gay men, chimps, and the hepatitis B vaccine experiment (1978-1980)

As early as 1975, Manhattan gays began donating blood specimens for the vaccine trial. Eventually 13,000 specimens were donated. All of it was retained at the NYBC, and when a blood test later became available for HIV, the blood was re-tested to trace the introduction and spread of HIV into the gay community beginning in 1978-1979. The hepatitis B vaccine was developed by Maurice Hilleman and manufactured by Merck. Hilleman, the world’s leading vaccine developer, was well aware that the absolute safety of any vaccine could only be proven by testing it in humans. Obviously, HIV was unknown in the 1970s so there was no test for it. By the mid-1970s, prior to the actual trial in 1978, the vaccine was developed and tested in chimpanzees. A preliminary vaccine was tested in pilot studies, and inoculated into several dozen Merck executives, and a small group of homosexuals.

Did a chimp immunodeficiency virus contaminate the vaccine? This question is not idle speculation or conspiracy theory. An essential source of information on the trial is contained in June Goodfield’s Quest for the Killers (1985). She writes, “Was something wrong with the vaccine, possibly contamination? This was no theoretic fear, contamination having been suspected in one vaccine batch made by the National Institutes of Health, though never in Merck’s.”

More frightening is Paul Offit’s admission in Vaccine (2007). Offit, a leading spokesperson for the vaccine industry, states that Hilleman “would be the first and last to use human blood to make a vaccine. He didn’t know until later that the blood was heavily contaminated with HIV” (p 115, emphasis mine). The author does not explain how HIV could have “heavily contaminated” the vaccine made from the pooled blood of gay men in 1976-1977, when there were no AIDS cases and no evidence of HIV anywhere in the stored blood specimens in the U.S. Offit tries to reassure us: “Although HIV was likely present in the blood from which he had made his early preparations of his vaccine, Maurice Hilleman’s choice of pepsin, urea, and formaldehyde had completely destroyed it.” Nevertheless, medical professionals did not trust the safety of the vaccine when it came on the market in 1982, no matter what Offit claims.

Leonard G Horowitz, author of  Emerging Viruses,: AIDS & Ebola: Nature, Accident, or Intentional? (1996), explores the many factors, including the role of the military-medical- industrial complex, that convinces him that AIDS is man-made. He exposes the little-known hepatitis B vaccine pilot studies in chimps and gays in the few years preceding the large-scale trial in 1978. Horowitz theorizes: “A few military scientists, I realized, were all that was needed to transport a vial of viruses from Fort Detrick or for that matter Gallo’s lab, to Hilleman’s hepatitis B vaccine lab in West Point, Pennsylvania, or directly to Krugman’s group in New York. The African supplies could have been easily tainted the same way.” For more details, Google: Leonard G Horowitz + the earliest hepatitis B vaccines and the origin of AIDS.

The final experiment, which eventually enrolled 1,083 volunteers, began in November 1978 and ended in June 1980 at the NYBC. Half the men received the vaccine; the other half a placebo. Each man was given 3 doses of vaccines over a period of six months; and 6,332 follow-up visits and blood samples were also required. Each man had a special vaccine vial used only for him. At the end of the trial, the placebo group was offered the protective vaccine. A full history of the hepatitis B vaccine and its success can be found in the Wikipedia.

The aftermath of the gay hepatitis B experiment

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 10.24.22 AMThe entrance point of HIV/AIDS into the U.S. population clearly traces back to the experiment at the NYBC. There is no question that signing up for the trial was deadly for some gay men. The proof is contained in a 1986 follow-up report of 378 men who donated blood and/or were volunteers for the experiment (JAMA 1986;255:2167-2172). Authored by Cladd Stevens et al and entitled ‘Human T-cell lymphotropic virus type III [HIV] infection in a cohort of homosexual men in New York City’, it is the strongest evidence, in my view, that the men were damaged by HIV, the chimp virus in humans.

In 1978-1979 over 6% of the men were already “positive” for HIV. In 1980, the year Dugas was diagnosed with AIDS, 15% of the gays were positive. By 1982, as many as 30% were infected. By 1984, the year HIV was discovered, 43% of the men tested positive. To this day, this is the highest HIV infection rate anywhere in the world. (Swaziland, Africa, currently has a rate of 28.8%.) For reasons unexplained, men in the study who had already been diagnosed with AIDS were omitted from this study.

After the AIDS epidemic became official in 1981, the CDC tried to reassure the public about the vaccine’s safety with little success. In this regard, a  JAMA editor reported: “HB vaccine acceptance has been seriously hindered by the fear of possible AIDS transmission from the vaccine.” The experimental vaccine given to gays in additional trials in San Francisco and Denver was tested and declared free of HIV. However, vials of vaccines (made by Merck and the NIH) were never tested from the Manhattan group at the NYBC.

It is important to remember that HIV is not the first time a primate virus “jumped species” to enter the human population. This transfer did not originate in Africa. It occurred when a cancer-causing primate virus (simian virus 40) contaminated the polio vaccines of the 1950s and ‘60s and infected half the U.S. population of that time. Some current researchers say SV40 causes human cancer. Government scientists say it doesn’t. More information can be found on sv40Foundation.org.

Is is merely a coincidence that when large numbers of gays first come out of the closet and signed up for the government’s vaccine studies, an epidemic of mysterious origin would erupt in this most hated minority in America? An STD that attacked only homosexuals? A coincidence that the hepatitis B vaccine was developed and tested in chimpanzees and that a chimp virus is the most closely related virus to HIV, the cause of AIDS? A coincidence that the demographic group selected for the gay experiment at the Center was quickly followed by an epidemic in Manhattan that initially occurred exclusively among the same demographic (young, white, healthy, promiscuous, well-educated, and mostly professional homosexuals)?

Thirty-nine million people worldwide have died of man made AIDS; and 38 million are currently infected. Should we blame gay sex for bringing a chimp virus to America? Should we blame Africans for an epidemic that clearly started first in Manhattan? Should we blame monkeys and chimps in the bush when we hold them captive in primate labs and pump them full of cancerous viruses and cancerous tissue— and then use them to develop vaccines for human use?

Is the “science” surrounding the origin of HIV/AIDS rigged by the refusal of the AIDS establishment to seriously consider any evidence for the man-made theory of AIDS? Or are the green monkey and the cut hunter theories of AIDS—and the now defunct Patient Zero story— merely more mainstream media “fake news”?


Alan Cantwell is a retired dermatologist and cancer researcher. He is the author of AIDS and the Doctors of Death; An Inquiry into the Origin of the AIDS Epidemic, and Queer Blood: The Secret AIDS Genocide Plot, both available from Amazon.com.

His various articles on man made AIDS are posted on the Net. Google: Alan Cantwell + man made AIDS.