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Silver Antibiotics Scandal Erupts in the Netherlands

AVROTROS Officials Have Been Caught in the Act of Unfair and Deceptive Trade with Aspen Pharma Advertisers to Deprive Consumers of Safe and Effective Silver Products


Sherri Kane

Amsterdam, Netherlands—Acting to smear silver antibiotics, immune boosters, and alternative cancer treatments, AVROTROS Company producers of Radar, a popular television show in Holland, have been caught conspiring with advertiser Aspen Pharma Company to broadcast a public deception for unfair competition in medicine. Their scheme targets “colloidal silver” makers, sellers, and consumers. The fraudulent disparagement campaign taped for showing on Monday night, December 3, 2018, is aimed to restrict commerce in over-the-counter silver products in favor of antibiotics and the drug industry’s increasing monopoly over healthcare, including natural medicines. Opponents protest the history and deadly consequences of this campaign.


Defying “general agreement” in science and medicine that silver consumables are safe and effective in professionally-recommended doses when used to fight infections and boost immunity, evidence has come to light of an unethical, actionable, and arguably criminal conspiracy to defraud the public for financial gain indicting AVROTROS officials and co-conspirators.(1) Discoveries made by this author show AVROTROS officials concealed their conflicting interests during the taping of the show to favor its advertiser Aspen Pharma that sells antibiotics, immune boosters, and cancer drugs that compete against the silver products the show smears.

Implicated in the alleged wrongdoing is AVROTROS Governing Board Chairman Ed Nijpels, a high-profile political figure active in government relations also serving as “independent chairman” of the Climate Center established by the Netherlands Red Cross. Further implicated is Hans Snijder, Nijpels subordinate, who runs the media and publishing department for AVROTROS as well as Prinses Maxima Centrum where he also serves as the “Director of Media and Fundraising.” At that pediatric oncology enterprise, Snijder advertises Prinses as “the biggest scientific research institute for pediatric oncology in Europe, and boasts having a “Scientific Integrity Program.”

Besides AVROTROS’s conflicting interest with Aspen Pharma, the AVROTROS-Princes-Red Cross enterprise disparages miniscule amounts of silver in consumables while neglecting the large amounts of silver polluting the environment from other industries. Silver iodide is used to seed rain clouds. This silver pollution is presumably needed to battle climate change. Yet, this is neglected in Nijpels’ administration of the Climate Center with the Red Cross.

News of AVROTROS’s unfair and deceptive trade reached this author in the U.S. through health and natural food store officials, some of whom were interviewed for the segment.

The news affects public health expert and Editor-in-Chief of Medical Veritas, Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz, who branded and markets OxySilver. The doctor collaborates with Steven de Koenigswarter, President of The Health Factory–the main target of the Radar smear. Koenigswarter leads the natural health market in the EU as the chief provider of silver and gold products.

“I feel worst for all the sufferers at the Dutch Lyme [Disease] Foundation,” said Amsterdam care provider, Mi Ran van Workum, who agented Horowitz’s and Koenigswarter’s meeting. “Clinical pilot studies on OxySilver gifted to benefit these patients showed promising results. AVROTROS’s program threatens to damage all of us.”

AVROTROS’s Consumer Fraud

Mr. Koenigswarter, a research scholar in medicinal metals at The Health Factory, says:

“We’ve seen a history of big pharma suppression of silver health products since the 1970s because of competition for the most profitable product in history: antibiotics. Big pharma has the money to do this and Aspen Pharmaceuticals have been taken to court for this before.”

Dr. Horowitz, agrees. He wrote to Koenigswarter, “We’ve seen similar reckless disregard of life and health in anti-silver campaigns in the United States. But rarely have I seen such clear-and-convincing evidence of illegal activity as Sherri Kane discovered here with AVROTROS and Aspen Pharma making money by consumer fraud while damaging and threatening to destroy our silver industry.”

Laws in the U.S. and EU have provided exceptions for silver consumables because of substantial science proving high benefits and low risks. Research proves micro amounts of silver works safely and effectively to boost immunity and heal infections when used properly.

Naysayers make other claims. Using concealed financial and conflicting interests they wield their media to fan fears and engineer what is called “general acceptance” in society and the medical community of whatever makes them the most money and protects their racket. The fear and fraud-tainted general acceptance of pharmaceuticals over silvers enables the racketeers to pressure government regulators into depriving people of these affordable alternatives to drugs and vaccines.

Healthcare-monopolists argue that silver products are risky, and may damage health and the environment. Both arguments misrepresent the scientific facts, however, and worse. These sham arguments divert from the actual science and damage to human and environmental health from antibiotics, especially polluting water supplies. Such diversion further neglects the massive number of fatalities that occur due to drug and vaccine side effects, that society now generally accepts despite overwhelming damage to the economy and people’s quality of life.

Fanning Fears for Power and Profit

The first fear promoted by the drug pushers is that long-term use of colloidal silvers cause argyria—a tattooing of the skin. This outcome is a rare exception and generally misapprehended. Even those so-called ‘damaged people’ say they benefited from their colloidal silvers, and they would choose to use them again despite looking like the ‘Tin Man’ from the Wizard of Oz. That amount of tattooing occurs following years of consuming high volumes of home brews, not from the recommended doses of advanced silver hydrosols available in retail stores today.

Similarly, the environmental damage fear fails upon close examination. The World Health Organization’s (WHO’s) extensive scientific review dismissed this claim.(2) “Emissions from smelting operations, manufacture and disposal of certain photographic and electrical supplies, coal combustion, and cloud seeding [with silver iodide] are some of the anthropogenic [i.e., man-made] sources of silver in the biosphere,” their 2002 report stated. At that time homemade silver use was high, but the report didn’t even mention medicinal silver usage as a risk.(2) And here’s why . . .

“The chief source of silver contamination of water is . . . photographic developing solutions that photofinishers discard directly to sewers,” the WHO reported. “Practically all silver became associated with the sludge solids . . . . When fresh sludge and aerobically digested sludge solids were subjected to leaching procedures, the resulting silver concentration was at least 40 times lower than the regulatory limit of 5 mg/litre.”

Accordingly, both arguments opposing today’s silver consumables are bogus. They are media fabrications.

A Pattern and Practice of Unfair Competition for Monopolization

This is not the first time AVROTROS’S Radar has been condemned for broadcasting fallacies. In 2007, the Holland Council for Journalism indicted the broadcaster for intentionally making statements ‘so that an incorrect and misleading image emerged.’ Subsequently Radar withdrew its presence from the Council.

“Something has gone fundamentally wrong [with science],” wrote Richard Horton, the editor of the esteemed Lancet in 2015.(6)  “The case against science is straightforward: much of the scientific literature, perhaps half, may simply be untrue. Afflicted by studies with . . . flagrant conflicts of interest, together with an obsession for pursuing fashionable trends of dubious importance, science has taken a turn towards darkness. . . . The apparent endemicity of bad research behaviour is alarming. In their quest for telling a compelling story, scientists too often sculpt data to fit their preferred theory of the world. . . .”

In this case, AVROTROS’s Nijpels and Snijder have crafted “flagrant conflicts of interest” with Aspen Pharma and Prinses oncology where many children die of cancers linked most reasonably to the side effects of medicines and vaccines. By diverting to their silver target, they engineer society to neglect the SV40 monkey virus vaccine contamination problem impacting today’s cancer rates from the early polio vaccines known to have been contaminated. The SV40 genome can spread “vertically” from parents to children, reinforcing the wisdom of substituting silver for vaccines.

“There is no better explanation for the 600 children coming to Prinses cancer center every year seeking cures,” explained Dr. Horowitz. “Today, officials neglect the inherited spread of cancers from lab virus genes being passed from vaccinated parent to child. Officials use their corporate-controlled media to divert from and conceal scientific facts, including antibiotic side effects and vaccine risks. This is woefully evidenced by the lab virus origin of HIV/AIDS, HPV, and the hepatitis viruses as government records prove. Officials have been wrong in the past about the safety of drugs and vaccines.”

Then there is AVROTROS’s advocacy for its advertiser, Aspen Pharma, that commercializes cancer technologies, chemotherapies, and directly competes against immune boosting and anti-microbial products like OxySilver. Aspen’s Moducare/Futurelife and Amoxil, respectively, both compete against silver products. With these conflicting interests, it’s no wonder AVROTROS scheduled the sham slams.

Case Law and Criminally negligent involuntary manslaughter

In the case of Daubert v. Merrell Dow Pharmaceuticals, Inc., 509 US 579 (1993) the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the Merrell Dow drug giant falsified science, falsely advertised, and fraudulently gained “general acceptance” of the value of their products in the public’s mind. The same is true here with AVROTROS’s claims against silver products.

Add to the aforementioned evidence of AVROTROS’s and Aspen’s malfeasance the drug company’s reported pattern of “price gouging” many EU nations by increasing the prices of generic drugs.

Then here’s the kicker, Aspen is infamous for anti-competitive complaints previously filed by Boehringer Ingelheim and GlaxoSmithKline in 2003. That wrongdoing forced Aspen to license antiretrovirals that compete directly against silver hydrosols.

This author messaged Nijpels and Snijder for explanations, but they neglected to respond. “Conduct which forms a basis for inference is evidence. [And s]ilence is often evidence of the most persuasive character,” concluded the Supreme Court in United States ex rel. Bilokumsky v. Tod, 263 US 149, 154 –1923. Nijpels’s, Snijder’s and AVROTROS’s silence is deafening and indicting.

According to Article 307 of Holland law, the conspirators may be charged with involuntary manslaughter under these exceptional circumstances if the silver smear airs and a defrauded citizen dies from consuming one of Aspen’s competing products as an alternative to silver.

Honest and complete information to gain informed consent for medical procedures was affirmed in Holland in the 2017 case of a 12-year-old boy with cancer pleading his right to refuse chemotherapy against doctors’ orders in favor of his mother’s treatments using natural alternatives.  By extension, AVROTROS’s and Aspen’s officials are liable for ethical breaches, torts, and even felony violations for their breach of license under public duty doctrine that requires them to protect and inform society honestly without financial conflicts.

Hypocritically, AVROTROS “house rules” on its website instructs people to “keep the forum civilized, . . . [S]tatements about companies, . . . services or products must always be substantiated. . . . Aggressive, unlawful, threatening, defamatory, . . . misleading, disrespectful, . . . or otherwise inappropriate contributions are not permitted.” The company should walk its talk.




(1) AVROTROS is the parent company of Radar—television and print media company, as evidenced by public disclosures here:


(2) See: Concise International Chemical Assessment Document 44, covering “Silver and Silver Compounds: Environmental Aspects.”  states, that “Silver is a rare but naturally occurring metal, often found deposited as a mineral ore in association with other elements. Emissions from smelting operations, manufacture and disposal of certain photographic and electrical supplies, coal combustion, and cloud seeding are some of the anthropogenic sources of silver in the biosphere. The global biogeochemical movements of silver are characterized by releases to the atmosphere, water, and land by natural and anthropogenic sources, long-range transport of fine particles in the atmosphere, wet and dry deposition, and sorption to soils and sediments.

The global biogeochemical movements of silver are characterized by releases to the atmosphere, water, and land by natural and anthropogenic sources, long-range transport of fine particles in the atmosphere, wet and dry deposition, and sorption to soils and sediments (ATSDR, 1990). The chief source of silver contamination of water is silver thiosulfate complexes in photographic develop- ing solutions that photofinishers discard directly to sewers (Smith & Carson, 1977). Secondary waste treatment converts most of the silver thiosulfate complex to insoluble silver sulfide and forms some metallic silver (Lytle, 1984). About 95% of the total silver is removed in publicly owned treatment works from inputs containing municipal sewage and commercial photoprocessing effluents, and effluents contain less than 0.07 μg ionic silver/litre; concentrations were independent of the influent silver concentration (Lytle, 1984; Shafer et al.,

1998). Silver in sewage treatment plant effluents may be associated with suspended particles or be present as thiosulfate complex, colloidal silver complex, colloidal silver chloride (AgCl), silver sulfide, or soluble organic com plexes (Smith & Carson, 1977). Silver on suspended matter and in colloidal forms and insoluble salts ultimately settles out in the sediments. At the water treatment plant, most of the silver is precipitated after treatment with lime or adsorbed after treatment with alum flocculant. Chlorination converts some silver to silver chloride or to a soluble silver chloride complex (Smith & Carson, 1977). Aerobic biodegradation of a photoprocessing wastewater containing 1.85 mg total silver/litre did not adversely affect the activated sludge process (Pavlostathis & Maeng, 1998). Practically all silver became associated with the sludge solids at 1840 mg silver/kg mixed liquor suspended solids. When fresh sludge and aerobically digested sludge solids were subjected to leaching procedures, the resulting silver concentration was at least 40 times lower than the regulatory limit of 5 mg/litre (Pavlostathis & Maeng, 1998).

(3) The Governing Board of AVROTROS includes: (a) Ed Nijpels, Chairman, providing general administrative supervision and the relationship of AVROTROS with government and political officials. Mr. Nijpels is also the “independent chairman” of the Climate Center that was established in 2002 by the Netherlands Red Cross (NLRC) and the IFRC, and is hosted by the NLRC in The Hague as a purportedly “Public Benefit Organization” ; (b) Mirjam Nouwen, Vice-Chairman, directing financial-economic policy at AVROTROS; (c) Hester Bais, overseer of internal organization of AVROTROS and contact person for the Works Council; (d) Eric Mijnsberge, the legal affairs director; (e) Hans Snijder, the media supplier and publishing official. See evidence at:

https://www.avrotros.nl/fileadmin/user_upload/Docs-verantwoording/NEVENFUNCTIES_RvT___Dir_AVROTROS__update_22-6-18_.pdf; and


(4) It is noteworthy that Hans Snijder runs the media and publishing department for AVROTROS and does the same thing for Prinses Maxima Centrum for pediatric oncology where he also serves as the “Director of Media and Fundraising.” Mr. Snijder advertises Prinses Maxima Centrum as “the biggest scientific research institute for pediatric oncology in Europe that employs both national and international top scientific talents” and boasts over its “Scientific Integrity Program.”



(5) Aspen Pharma is a major sponsor for AVROTROS. They operate globally, including in Africa where millions of people die from contaminated water and unaffordable healthcare; and where silver hydrosols and non-chemical water purification systems are in high demand See:





Aspen Pharma (scroll down to prove they are also in developing countries such as Africa where people need the silver.


Aspen Europe Oncology


Avrotros network promotes Oncology machine


Aspen Pharma is under Aspen Holdings


Aspen Anti-competitive behavior


Aspen Anti-biotic product


Another competing product.


FutureLife – competing supplement to Silver for immune support.

(see attachment too) under the umbrella of Aspen

(6) Horton R. Comment: What is medicine’s 5 sigma? www.thelancet.com Vol 385 April 11, 2015.



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Here are some political reasons why:

Sherri Kane is America’s gutsiest investigative journalist, news commentator, psycho-social analyst, and political activist, specializing in uncovering what social predators do not want you to know about how they damage society, especially women, children, and even animals.

Sherri has been called “the Lynn Russell of Independent Media,” for her powerful professional presence and delivery of “news from the underground.” She investigates, analyzes, and reports on the dark world of governmental corruption and big business complicity in organized crimes aided-and-abetted by intelligence agencies and corrupted officials. She discerns and refutes the propaganda published for public persuasion, manipulation, and concealment by the FBI/CIA’s and NSA’s “COINTELPRO” (that was supposed to have ended by Acts of Congress). Sherri Kane delves into conspiracy realities so dark that very few people dare to study them, let alone report them in the media. She has dedicated much of her career exposing human rights violators, child sex traffickers, human slavery networks, animal abusers, and several high ranking government officials, including Barack Obama, long before most Americans ever heart of him.

For instance, you may have heard of the political fracas involving certain members of Congress, a high ranking official in the Republican Party, and the mysterious disappearances and abuses of children at “Boys Town” in Nebraska, called “The Franklin Cover-up.” Thanks to Ms. Kane’s heroic investigative reporting, the matter has now been exposed as “The Franklin Double-coverup.”

You may also recall the Gulf Oil Crisis, maybe even the extensive coverage Jesse Ventura and TruTV gave to the “Conspiracy Theory” that Halliburton, TransOcean, and BP knew in advance the rig was doomed, and acted to profit before it blew. Ms Kane sourced that story, and appears on Ventura’s segment.

You might have heard about the waxing the mainstream media gave to Dr. Andrew Wakefield for publishing in the Lancet a report suggesting autism in children is linked to poisonous vaccines. Kane exposed Rupert Murdoch’s financial interests in the scandal, sourced much of the intelligence upon which the “Best Film-2016” in London and Geneva competitions was based for the movie UN-VAXXED–A Docu-commentary for Robert De Niro. Sherri went on to expose the “Holy War” in healthcare administered by the Hearst Corporation and its agents in the mainstream and social media.

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Her latest book, co-authored with Dr. Horowitz is Las Vegas Deep State massacre investigating the deadliest mass shooting in modern history.

Sherri Kane has also blessed Dr. Horowitz and his Healthy World Organization with her hobby–culinary artistry–co-formulating a number of great-tasting nutritional supplements, including PrimoLOVE and Liquid Dentist, both made with Dr. Horowitz’s pioneering development, 528 structured water.

Kane garnered national publicity as an outstanding Mediterranean chef at Dardanelles restaurant on Strawberry and Chestnut Streets in Philadelphia during the 1990s. Philadelphia Magazine rated Kane’s cuisine ten-out-of-ten and heralded Dardanelles among the top 100 places to eat in America. Sherri extended her culinary skills and expressed gift for unique seasoning while working at the Palm Restaurant, but retired in favor of a vegan philosophy.

Ms. Kane currently serves as the Vice President of Medical Veritas online journal, has published works in newspapers, magazines and many websites, and has been interviewed worldwide including on Al Jazeera’s A9 Turkey, The Veritas Show, the BBC’s Talk Radio Europe, Late Night In The Midlands with friend Michael Vara, WAC Connecticut, LA Talk Radio, and many others. Sherri co-hosts the Hollywood Spin series of film reviews with Dr. Horowitz viewed on RevolutionTelevision.net and Vimeo’s Revolution Television Channel. Ms. Kane also co-hosted The HOROKANE Hour on LNM Radio Network with Dr. Horowitz, and the Space Pearl Harbor 39-minute news segment seen HERE.

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