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FLU SALVATION: The Creator’s Message for Destroyers and Plan for Survivors

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The Creator’s Message for Destroyers and Plan for Survivors


“But if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet to warn the people and the sword comes and takes the life of one of them, that man will be taken away because of his sin, but I will hold the watchman accountable for his blood.”                                                                          Ezekial 33:6

with contributions by

Mayer Eisenstein, MD, LLD



Imagine an apocalyptic thriller wherein researchers discover evidence that an alien race, determined to depopulate earth, has infiltrated and corrupted the world’s wealthiest banking families to manipulate governments, esteemed institutions, and leading scientists. The ruling elite, through their “experts,” convince civilization that a vaccine containing laboratory weakened influenza viruses could prevent a predicted plague from killing 3.5 billion people.

Reasonably sure their new “primer” vaccine is safe, but knowing intelligent people would not take a vaccine against a flu that hasn’t happened yet, they agree to engineer a small outbreak in Mexico City reasoning that killing a few hundred people to save millions is worth the loss of lives.

So their outbreak is triggered. The media alarms the public and convinces governments that stockpiling their company’s new vaccine for “flu season” against the coming “Big One” is well advised.

flu salvationSuddenly you learn the adversaries had loosed more than the scientists knew. Undercover agents had laced outbreak viruses into  the doctors’ “vaccines.” These rapidly mutating viral packages contain genes that easily recombine with strains of the avian, swine and Spanish flu—the world’s most lethal bioweapons.

“Accidental” releases of these terrible viruses are now orchestrated. The controlled media simply neglects investigations into two separate “accidents.” In one, a contaminated experimental vaccine containing avian, Spanish, and swine flu was tested on humans across continental Europe. The other release involved vials of viruses broken and transmitted to Europeans during a train “accident.”

Their plan works perfectly as the Mexican flu makes its way to Europe where the “primer” viruses recombine with the most deadly influenza strains ever known. The “Big One” is triggered within six  months of the initial Mexican outbreak. Half the world’s population, along with the doctors and scientists who triggered the pandemic, die.

In the last act, as the pandemic and successful depopulation draws to a close, nature exercises its discretion. Superseding anything mortal or extraterrestrial, a population restoration plan is administered through a cosmic alignment that increases ultraviolet irradiation from the sun. The higher levels of UV exposure kills all of the air and water borne viruses loosed from labs. Additional cosmic radiation terminates all life forms made genetically and immunologically weakened by chemical pollution and genetic manipulations. The more susceptible life life forms perish. Increased ocean evaporation from solar radiation causes more precipitation worldwide and puts the planet into a virtual nuclear winter as rain clouds block the sun for years.

The fittest species, including super-humans, not only survive, but thrive having made the leap into a higher “energetic resonance” capable of sustaining themselves on pure water, oxygen, minimal sunlight, and algae.


Now consider “reality.” Within a week of heralding the 2009 Mexican outbreak, officially named the H1N1 2009 swine flu, the Washington Post reported that the Obama administration is advancing “an unprecedented fall vaccination campaign” that would give every American “three flu shots, ” one to combat the seasonal flu, and the other two “targeted at the new swine flu virus spreading across the globe.”(1)

In Dr. Leonard Horowitz’s previous Special Report widely viewed on YouTube, the suspicious timing of the “Mexican Flu” outbreak, emerging perfectly synchronous with mass media promotions of experiments by Novavax and Baxter corporations testing similar strain influenza vaccines, was referenced.(2) Documents implicated leading Anglo-American flu vaccine virus engineers, especially Dr. James S. Robertson and colleagues collaborating with Dr. Robert O. Donis at the  U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in Atlanta—leading H1N1 and H5N1 virus distributors–supplying Dr. Rick Bright, formerly working with Donis at the CDC, currently Novavax’s Vice President of Global Influenza Programs.(2)
Dr. Horowitz obtained a shocking report published April 27, 2006, summarizing the Economic Union (EU) and World Health Organization (WHO) flu response strategies published by the geopolitically powerful British RoyalSociety.org. This evidence proved doctors John Wood and James Robertson, Principal Scientists in the Division of Virology at the National Institute for Biological Standards and Control (NIBSC) in the UK:

1) control the standardization of influenza vaccines based on H5N1 and H1N1 strains on behalf of the World Health Organization (WHO);

2) are involved in the serological testing of vaccine trials for these agents internationally;

3) prepare these strains of influenza viruses for these trials;

4) select all strains of viruses used in flu vaccine research and development on behalf of the EU;

5) prepare and distribute selected influenza viruses on behalf of a) vaccine manufacturers, and b) and the EU;

6) promote governmental stockpiling of the latest influenza vaccines;

7) provide economic incentives for private companies to invest in vaccine research and development;

8) prefer American corporate collaborations in H5N1, H1N1, and H9N2 research allegedly due to availability of U.S. taxpayer money to fund research, development, and stockpiling of vaccines;

9) introduced laboratory flu viruses, unassumingly called “mock up files,” to entice private corporations to invest in vaccine development;

10) generate new vaccine viruses using “reverse genetics;”

11) hold lucrative “Intellectual Property (IP) rights for reverse genetics technology used to create new influenza viruses, and

12) have “Material Transfer Agreements (MTA)” that provide compensations following their delivery of reverse engineered viruses to vaccine companies when a related vaccine becomes commercialized.

Beyond these stunning conflicting interests, “Drs. Wood and Robertson were asked their opinion regarding the priming of human populations for the pandemic flu using live viral vaccines, and if they consider it to be a good idea.” They admitted, “if live H5N1 vaccines are used now it would be considered too dangerous, but if a pandemic is imminent the risk may be justified. A stockpile of live vaccine, with the cleavage site removed, could be used to prime the population in advance of the pandemic . . . “{Emphasis added.]

In other words, “priming” the generally non-compliant completely unwitting public with live flu viruses in 2006 was considered marginally contraindicated. In 2009, however, with governmental and WHO experts urging vaccine stockpiling due to the pronounced pandemic, these principals directing global “biodefense” clearly indicated their decision to administer the release of live viruses (with certain “cleavage sites” removed), to “prime” earth’s people.

Man-made viruses with certain “cleavage sites” removed are genetically unstable, mutate rapidly, and recombine vigorously with natural and other genetically-engineered viruses they contact circulating at the time of their release.

In other works, this global experiment is alien to anything humanity has ever witnessed and riskier to civilization than any natural outbreak including the 1918 Spanish flu single virus.

Given the unprecedented nature of this medical and ethically alien imposition, and the obvious neglect of the public’s informed consent to being “primed,” that is, infected with live viruses that easily recombine to become more deadly, the current H1N1 pandemic, and vaccine “bio-defense” policy, must be most reasonably, rationally, and scientifically scrutinized for what substantial evidence says it is—gross medical malfeasance and abuse of the scientific community to commit the atrocity of global genocide for population reduction.

This conclusion is far more reasonable than any alternative explanation regarding this sudden suspicious pandemic, the economic special interests involved; the well orchestrated, media promoted, worldwide vaccine stockpiling activities, and the governmental dictates to administer these vaccines during the coming flu season.


In May, 2009, an esteemed Australian virologist, Adrian Gibbs, captured world attention by decrying the likelihood of “human error” in the highly apparent vaccination induction of the Mexican outbreak/swine flu pandemic. Gibbs’s credibility was established as a co-developer of the toxic drug Tamiflu, developed under the administrative watch of Gilead principle  shareholders, Donald Rumsfeld, Secretary of the Department of Defense in the Bush administration, and Former Secretary of State George Shultz.(3)

Gibbs studied the genetic sequences and mutation rates of the bioweapon currently spreading worldwide compared to known natural occurring swine flu viruses. The rate of mutation was substantially accelerated, . . . meaning the virus must be a laboratory creation; very likely a “primer” selected and transferred by WHO/EU influenza chief, Robertson.

Every legitimate virologist, vaccinologist, and genetic engineer knows damn well that rapid mutation rates evidence man made viruses, because natural viruses, evolved over millennia, are far more stable, and far less lethal.

Think about it, for eons human beings have farmed chickens and pigs. So why would government virologists, especially at the CDC, rebuke Occum’s Razor—that the simplest most logical explanation for an event is nearly always most accurate? That is, why other than gross criminal negligence would WHO and CDC officials neglect, even negate, Dr. Gibbs’s most sensible conclusion?

The increased rate of mutation, and recombination with other viruses, including the H5N1 avian and Spanish flu strains transported by Robertson et. al on behalf of the WHO and CDC, is now certain as the germ makes its way through the populations exposed to these pathogens by Baxter’s and Novavax’s covert and overt operations called “accidents.”

Anyone in government with a fragment of intelligence, ethics, and moral concern would not dismiss this thesis simply because those organizations and officials most implicated rebuke Occum’s Razor and Gibbs’s analysis, especially since such neglect foreshadows, virtually assures, unprecedented depopulation.

Dr. Gibbs’s reasonable, rational, scientifically responsible conclusion compels urgent action beginning with investigations of the corporations and officials most implicated in this global genocide; and more importantly, how we might stop this rapidly advancing unprecedented mass murder.


Now there are many people who say the world needs fewer fools, including those trusting the future of the human race to vaccin-o-holics and prostitutes for “genetopharmaceutical” special interests.

Who are these people? Are they solely after money, or something more? (An essay on how medical doctors and genetic engineers become brainwashed into becoming licensed-to-kill Manchurian candidates operating unwittingly for the drug cartel is available by clicking here.)

The responsible parties are well known to freedom fighters and pharmaceutical industry observers. Historians document the companies most profited by the genocide of World War II evolved into today’s drug cartel that exercises crippling controls over governments worldwide. Grossly corrupted laws that effectively license drug companies to kill people for profit; that no longer protect people from the side effects of “modern medicine” and “biodefense” have been obviously advanced by murderous special interests.

The companies contracted to research, develop, stockpile and administer vaccines, new genetic strains of the flu, and flu drugs, including Tamiflu, are descendants of the Rockefeller/Rothshield investment banking community that President Eisenhower, as well as U.S. Senator and Presidential candidate Barry Goldwater, emphatically cautioned Americans against, indicting their cartel as the “military-industrial complex.” These companies include: Novavax, Baxter,Roche, Merck, Glaxo-Burroughs, SmithKlein, Keiser, and more.

Believe it or not, every industry association and governmental agency, including special advisory think tanks, are simply special interest groups extorting concessions from official decision makers now planning forced quarantines, inoculations, and druggings.

Another leading suspect in the current manufactured pandemic, for instance, is Baxter Corporation according to financial evidence from Wall Street. “Follow the money!” In this case, who reaps rewards for stockpiling armaments against influenza? Put Baxter Corporation under investigation and what you will find is unsettling beyond nauseating.

Alleging scientific integrity and sensibility, it would be most responsible for CDC and WHO officials to ask, “Is Baxter trustworthy?” Especially trustworthy to be relied upon to provide the preventatives and curatives needed during a pandemic crisis?

Any reasonable responsible person must conclude from even a cursory review of their history, ABSOLUTELY NOT!

Therefore, the world’s public health guardians must be either: a) mind-controlled “Medical Manchurians”  or, b) grossly negligent criminal incompetents.

Baxter was recently indicted for the human transmission of H5N1 avian flu viruses. Their vaccine shipments were inexplicably contaminated with this “experimental virus material.” Called an “accident” when the discovery was publicized, no one was able to provide any explanation as to how the “accident” happened. Typically, “accidents” can be explained. Gross criminal genocidal malfeasance is sequestered.(4)

Curiously, Baxter had already survived previous similar indictments. It created human transmissions of HIV/AIDS by manufacturing and distributing blood clotting factor VIII to hemophiliacs.(5)

Baxter also sold contaminated heparin that was prepared in their Chinese factory. This caused at least 80 fatalities and far more injuries. The class action lawsuit filed against Baxter claimed the company substituted cheap ingredients in its anti-coagulant heparin—“a contaminant, over-sulfated chondroitin sulfate, or OSCS, … cost only $9 to produce compared to $900 for heparin.” According to the lawsuit, “[t]he recalled heparin was adulterated, misbranded, defective, unreasonably dangerous and unfit for its intended uses,. . . Baxter [thus] placed tens of thousands of patients, . . . at unnecessarily risk of serious injury and/or death.”(6)

Their Chinese manufacturing plant is also curiously implicated as the possible source of the H5N1 Chinese avian flu strain Baxter shipped internationally; inexplicably contaminating their latest vaccines.

Baxter also manufactured medication delivery pumps in China, for which the company was charged by the U.S. Justice Department for violating federal laws pertaining to their flawed testing, lacking approval, and damaging clinical use. (7)

So Baxter is obviously as untrustworthy as any company could be.

Yet, governments are now placing the public’s trust and billions of dollars in orders for Baxter’s vaccines. Politicians and the mainstream media seem comatose, promoting the company’s products, and persuading the public to inject Baxter’s products, despite its genocidal history.

Is their a better explanation for this than gross criminal negligence, or murderous malfeasance?


Now scientists from the Marine Biological Laboratory at Woods Hole are reporting contaminated water worldwide is largely responsible for immunological dysfunction and significantly increased susceptibility to dying from the flu.(7)

In fact, most water polluting chemicals, they caution, disrupt hormonal pathways, and predispose people to every illness including cancers, diabetes, heart diseases, reproductive and developmental disorders, and neurological ailments. They warn about the coming pandemic flu taking higher tolls than usual due to global water pollution.
Their warnings are incredibly synchronous and ironically issued coming days before LIVE H2O—Concert for the Living Water—a global event that invests in peace, health, and prosperity through pure water awareness and revolutionary technologies.

This irony is compounded by retired U.S. Navy physicist and engineer, James A. Marusek, whose predictions of frightening freezing temperatures and massive starvation due to solar cycle atmospheric alterations, are now broadcasting widely over the Internet.(9)

Dr. Marusek’s alert reinforces scholarly predictions that increasing cosmic radiation hitting earth due to celestial alignments, more monstrous solar storms, and less overall electromagnetic shielding of earth from cosmic radiations, will increase the amount of water evaporating from oceans. This will cause increasing cloud cover, colder global temperatures, and more precipitation. Thus, pure water, water vapor and cloud cover, earth’s natural way of protecting itself, will cause massive drops in temperature and agricultural output.

Constant overcast skies will produce a virtual “nuclear winter” and severe freezing temperatures, scientists say. Plants, animals, and humans, as we know them today, may go by way of the dinosaurs.

Ironically, the new man-made viruses are likely to be killed by the increased ultraviolet (UV) light and cosmic radiation hitting the earth. Only those species making a genetic leap may gain protection.


It is fascinating to note that the treatment plan for this viral scourge, both God’s and man’s, features: 1) Water—H2O=2H+ + OH; 2) the sun—nearly completely hydrogen—H+—broadcasting its energy electrons, and 3) Oxygen—the universal electron energy carrying element.

In homeopathic medicine, remedies are made from pure water. It is noteworthy that all natural remedies require pure water to be effective.

In recent years, scientific evidence shows water’s unparalleled behavior largely depends on metaphysical factors including faith and prayer.

The documentary film, Water: The Movie, brings scientists and theologians together from around the world to deliver several critical messages for this Age of Great Plagues. These urgent alerts have been grossly neglected by the stewards of science and medicine.  Most important among these is that water, comprising nearly 80% of your body, is intelligent, response, or  “conscious.” It responds physically, molecularly, and structurally to earnest faithful prayer.  According to award winning water researcher, Dr. Masaru Emoto, water molecules form crystalline images viewable under a microscope that relay precise messages relevant to each petitioner.

For this to happen, that is, for water to change its physical structure due to prayer, it must receive, process and transmit energy hydrosonically, coherently, using scalar energy. In this case, prayer’s resonant energy comes most forcefully from heart-felt loving intention to secure some miraculous manifestation of the petitioner.

Recent research strongly suggests LOVE is fundamentally an energy frequency of 528Hz. This is mathematically-related to Pi, PHI, the Fibonacci  series, and the fundamental harmonics of the sun as recorded by NASA; audible by clicking here.

This “MI” tone of the original Solfeggio musical scale, stands for “MIracles;” and humanity apparently needs and shall receive one now.

On June 21, 2009, precisely forty two months to the day of December 21, 2012, when the Mayan calendar ends, as prophesied in Revelation 13:5, the Concert for the Living Water, shall be broadcast worldwide over the LIVEH2O.tv NETWORK. (Everyone with a website is encouraged to embed a free player using the copyable HTML code available on each player.) This global prayer and loving chant shall set into motion many miraculous metaphysical (i.e., electromagnetic, hydrosonic, and bioacoustic) events.  Although these events may escape most people’s awareness, they will impact everyone hydrosonically and electro-genetically.

Since faithful prayer affects water, and biology is made and sustained hydrosonically, those connected to this purest source of sustenance most shall fare the best. Some may transition into a higher state of immuno-competence. The most successful may emerge “spiritually enabled,” as this 528Hz loving frequency may engage an energetic resonance required to withstand both biological and cosmological attacks. The Christian world calls this the “rapture.”

This notion of a “rapture” has been heartily contested by religious zealots, and generally neglected by devotees of the pagan gods of science and medicine. We may soon witness a winner in this debate.

“If a person is thirsty, let him come to me and drink. If a person believes in me, rivers of living water will flow out from his heart.”

                         Jesus (John 7:37-38)

It is claimed that Jesus demonstrated the metaphysical ability to transcend gravitational energy to walk on water. To do this he would have needed to:

a) have faith and trust that he was intimately connected to the Living Water, which he stated (above) he was;

b) resonate his cells to a higher energy or spirituality to transcend gravitational forces (i.e., standard physical limitations), that he taught was only possible by heart-felt loving intention exercised by faith and prayer, and

c) enter into a state of both awareness and experience of the metaphysical or spiritual realities that quantum physics proves exists here and now. (That is, parallel universes apparently issue from a mathematical matrix called “the Kingdom of Heaven” in the religious world.)

The metaphysical capability that the Prince of Peace encouraged people to gain through Divine communion within the Kingdom of Heaven would enable his disciples to do more than he did; fulfilling his prophecy that we could and would.

Given that fear and stress are major risk factors for premature death and dying from infectious diseases—plagues that humanity is responsible for by default, the beauty in fulfilling the Book of Revelation’s great plague prophesy at this time in history is the forced responsibility for adherence to the Prince of Peace’s wise counsel.

Those uncomfortable with this treatment plan, prognosis, recommendation for eternal salvation are unlikely to survive.


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10) Some persons cite the work of Recombinomics, Inc. Founder and President, Henry L Niman, as proof that recombinants of modern H1N1, Spanish flu, and H5N1 avian flu evolved naturally and have been around previously. Dr. Niman: a) obviously prostitutes for the pharmaceutical industry promoting annual flu vaccinations and the genetic technologies used by Novavax and Baxter; b) makes no claims regarding the probability the 2009 H1N1 flu derives either naturally or from laboratory-linked sequences; c) cannot refute the substantive claims advanced by Dr. Horowitz in this report; and d) often writes so ambiguously as to confuse scientists, medical doctors, and lay persons alike, who then easily misunderstand and misinterpret his biased conclusions. See:


About the Authors

Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz (DMD, MA, MPH, DNM, DMM) is an internationally known authority in public health, emerging diseases, and natural healing. Author of more than sixteen books, including Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse, Walk on Water, LOVE the Real da Vinci CODE,  and DNA: Pirates of the Sacred Spiral, he is globally known as the most outspoken critic of the genocide he ascribes to the “military-medical-petrochemical-pharmaceutical cartel.”

Dr. Horowitz’s presentations and publications have served as the impetus for numerous Hollywood productions. In his most recent book, LOVE the Real Da Vinci CODE, and 2-hour DVD documentary, The LOVE CODE, Dr. Horowitz presents the musical-mathematics underlying the spiritual mechanics of creation. His “Perfect Circle of Sound™” revelations have been revolutionizing the music industry as well as water science. Dr. Horowitz revealed that the 528Hz frequency of sound is the precise LOVE tone, and prophetically important “key to the House of David.” He has introduced recording artists worldwide, to this musical technology of Divine creativity with which instruments can be retuned to prompt miraculous healing. Dr. Horowitz seeded the concept of producing the international Concert for the Living Water, LIVE H2O, June 19-21, 2009. OxySilver.com is honored to be a major sponsor for this historic event.

Dr. Horowitz’s website is www.DrLenHorowitz.com

Dr. Horowitz acknowledges important contributions to this article by:

Dr. Mayer Eisenstein, MD, JD, MPH, is a graduate of the University of Illinois Medical School, the Medical College of Wisconsin School of Public Health, and the John Marshall Law School. Since 1973 he has been in private medical practice and is currently the Medical Director of Homefirst® Health Services, the largest physician attended home birth service in the country. In his 33 years in medicine, he and his practice have cared for more than 75,000 parents, grandparents and children. Advancing vaccination liberation, there are no autistic children in his practice caring for more than 20,000 families.  He is the author of numerous books including the award winning Give Birth at Home with the Home Birth Advantage. His other books include: Safer Medicine, Don’t Vaccinate Before You Educate, and Unlocking Nature’s Pharmacy. His guest appearances on television include “The Phil Donahue Show” and “Oprah Winfrey Show.” Since 1987 his weekly radio show “Family Health Forum,” has aired in the Chicagoland area. He is a NOHA Professional Advisory Board Member whose philosophy comes from his years in medicine, law, and Public Health, combined with his years as a husband, father, and grandfather.

Dr. Eisenstein’s website is: www.homefirst.com