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Biofield Rehab Using Tuning Forks for ‘Sound Therapy’

Biofield Tuning: How Sound Therapy Can Unlock the Hidden Causes of Illness

This article was originally published in Health Impact News. Permission to reprint was kindly granted by Editor Brian Shilhavy of Sophia Media.

biofield tuning forks

Biofield Tuning using tuning forks. Image Source.

by John P. Thomas
Health Impact News

Sound Therapy Unlocks the Hidden Causes of Illness

I was eating a totally organic diet or better. I had very limited exposure to EMF and microwave radiation. I avoided chemical toxins. I took dozens of supplements. I did everything I could to be healthy. But regardless of my efforts, I just didn’t feel physically and emotionally strong. I was 62 years old and my health was failing.

I went to see an alternative minded physician about a year ago and he suggested biofield tuning. He told me that biofield tuning helps people get to the root of their illnesses – the energetic cause – and can unblock the physical and emotional dysfunctions that I had accumulated since the beginning of my life.

I liked the idea of going deep and removing the cause of my problems. But, I am basically a skeptic.

Even though I am a critic of most aspects of conventional medicine, I don’t automatically trust the alternatives unless two conditions are met.

First, I must see strong evidence of effectiveness, and second I must be able to understand how the healing modality achieves its results. In other words – show me proof of healing and show me the science.

My Investigation into Biofield Tuning

So, I went home and began to investigate. I listened to YouTube presentations by Eileen McKusick, the originator of biofield tuning, and then I read her book, Tuning the Human Biofield.

Having been tentatively convinced by the science and the testimonies, I decided to try a biofield tuning session so I could draw my own conclusions.

My Experience with Biofield Tuning

The biofield tuning practitioner began with my conception and gestation to address energetic blockages from that time in my life.

Then she identified every major point in the next 50 years of my life where there were significant traumatic events and worked on clearing them. She could identify the exact year and month where there were traumas and asked me to describe what happened.

As I spoke, she continued to activate her tuning fork which broke up the energetic consequences of my many childhood and adult traumas. It was fascinating that the sound of the tuning fork actually changed as she cleared the energetic blockage for each traumatic event.

I had five sessions that were spaced out about 8 weeks apart. Other sessions worked more specifically on physical pain, emotional pain, addiction, and the functioning of various organs in my body.

Based on my positive experiences, I decided to prepare an article on biofield tuning to explain how it works.

Biofield Tuning in a Nutshell

Tuning forks

The primary tools used in biofield tuning are tuning forks. The practitioner taps the tuning fork to make it produce a bell like tone.

As the ringing fork is moved through the energy field that surrounds every human being, the quality of tone changes when it encounters energetic disturbances.

The energy field around the body is called the “biofield.” The word biofield was chosen by a team of National Institute of Health scientists in 1994 to describe the field of energy and information that surrounds and interpenetrates the human body. [1, 2]

The biofield extends 6 feet to the left and right of our bodies. When the tuning fork encounters a disturbance in the biofield, the sound of the tuning fork will pulse or wobble.

The tone may sound harsh, sharp, dull, coarse, or unpleasantly distorted. Sometimes the sound will just rapidly fade away as if someone had touched the tuning fork with a cotton pad.

When the energetic blockage is cleared, the sound of the tuning fork will be bright, clear, and beautiful. It will no longer wobble, pulse, or be distorted.

There is a close relationship between unencumbered flow of energy through the biofield and our physical and emotional health. Energy in the biofield tends to flow along established pathways.

If the pathways are blocked by disturbances then this will lead to dysfunction and illness. Our bodies and minds become increasingly stuck as we age, because the biofield continues to accumulate disturbances with each passing year.

Biofield tuning gets people unstuck. It helps the body and mind to establish new rhythms and patterns and flows, which becomes the foundation of good health.

Interview with Sound Researcher Eileen Day McKusick

Eileen Day McKusick

Eileen Day McKusick – Founder of Biofield Tuning. Image source.

I interviewed Eileen McKusick, the originator of biofield tuning, at the end of 2018. I will use her words as much as possible in this article to explain how biofield tuning promotes health.

Eileen McKusick began our conversation by saying:

A tuning fork is simply a single tone frequency generator. It is an emitter of pure sound.

What I have discovered over the last 22 years of using tuning forks around people’s bodies and listening to the sound they produce is that the body really responds to sound.

The tuning fork doesn’t produce the pure tone that you think it would, it actually is a conversation. The tuning fork produces a living acoustic tone. It will initially resonate with whatever distortion might be present.

Energy is Vibration moving in Waves

Eileen McKusick stated:

When you feel bad or you are in pain or you have strong uncomfortable emotions those are just wave forms traveling in your body and they don’t just stay in the body – they propagate. Everything in your body is in motion.

Things in motion make waves. Everyone has had the experience of getting a bad vibe off of somebody, because we can sense these things.

There is not an empty vacuum between us and the world around us – we are in an electromagnetic medium and atmosphere that conducts waves, and we have sensors for those waves.

What we are not taught in school is that every cell has little antennas on it. These primary cilium house microtubules which are antenna-like structures that are receiving and transmitting vibrational information in and out of the cell. This means, we actually have a biological mechanism for sensing vibes.

The Sound of Distorted Energy in the Biofield

Eileen McKusick explains:

When we are scared, we actually have a pulsing quality and that is exactly how the tuning fork sounds. The tuning fork will actually reflect that rhythm in a kind of pulsing quality that you can hear in the overtones and you can feel in your hand – and it is not subtle.

What is really cool about this body is that when the body hears its own noise it will spontaneously auto-tune – it will correct itself – it will take the noise out of the signal [remove the distortion].

The tuning fork acts like a metronome. It gives the body a steady rhythm and the body tunes to it – it uses the sound to return to its factory settings. It helps the body reset and produce coherent waves.

Tuning forks also act like a magnet. I am able to find patterns and flow within the body’s bio-magnetic field and to use the tuning forks to shift them. If somebody is in pain, then we will find a spike and a loud tone somewhere in their field, which is the signal of that pain. By keeping the sound of the fork in that location it will modulate down and stop being so sharp.

If you think of pain as too much current through a wire then we are actually able to move the way the energy is flowing through the body by manipulating the bio-magnetic field.

Memories are Stored in the Biofield

If we assume that the entire human organism is enclosed with skin, and we want to describe the location of memories, then we will conclude that memories must be stored in the brain.

However, if we accept the fact that human bodies are surrounded by an energy field, which can be photographed with specially designed equipment, then new possibilities unfold concerning the location of memories.

Eileen McKusick’s hypothesis is that memories are actually stored in the biofield that surrounds the human body. If the memories are positive and without intense negative emotions, then energy will flow through them. If the memories are traumatic, then they block healthy energy flow.

The memories are not randomly dispersed in the biofield, but are located in specific regions or zones based on a number of factors. They are arranged in a map that is consistent from person to person.

Eileen McKusick explains:

I have mapped the biofield and discovered a very specific anatomy and physiology about the way memories are stored. Specific memories seemed to be stored in certain areas.

I found that the biofield for most people extends 6 feet away from the body on either side and 2 to 3 feet on the top and bottom. Information that I find at the outer edge of the field relates to gestation and birth.

It is almost like dropping a needle on a vinyl record album. You start at the outer edge and you go through the field [toward the body].

I am able to read the record of a person’s life and I am able to find certain ages where there were difficulties, traumas, accidents, and injuries. I am able to find different emotions, which have different frequency signatures.

Emotions seem to inhabit very specific strata of the field. For example, every time you feel sad, you generate the wave form of sadness, and the record of that sadness appears to be stored off of your left shoulder.

So, I can go through the field off of the left shoulder and find every age where you really had a lot of sadness or loss – it just shows up in the signal.

So, if you are 60 and your field is 6 feet across, I am going to find memories from when you were 30 about 3 feet away from your body. This is consistent from person to person.

My students and I work with the biofield anatomy map that I have developed. We are all able to read the biofield in the same way and find the same memories.

Biofield practitioners find memories that still have charge – memories that we still react to, and discharge the memories. We settle down the wave form and discharge the energy that is frozen in the field and frozen in the body.

We are able to release it and to change the way the body references that memory.

Some Results of Biofield Tuning

Eileen McKusick stated:

Sometimes the discharge of energy can lead to an immediate reduction in pain or anxiety or whatever discomfort people have been experiencing.

Sometimes we build walls in our system and they are actual structures that wall off painful memories.

This is a survival technique. Walls sequester a lot of energy and the information behind those walls sequesters a lot of energy.

When we let go of the wall we are able to discharge emotions then that energy enters back into circulation and people report feeling lighter and clearer. They have more energy to get things done.

One of the things that often gets reported after sessions is that people start busting clutter in their environment – something they hadn’t had the energy to deal with. Once your inner clutter and walls are removed, then this starts showing up in your life.

Resolving the Effects of Child Abuse and Childhood Trauma

It is becoming more and more accepted that the traumatic experiences we experienced as children or the neglect and lack of love we experienced produce lifelong consequences.

The philosophy of “just get over it” has never worked to heal childhood trauma and neglect. Most people struggle with the energetic results of early childhood pain throughout their lives and hope that it will get better over time.

But it doesn’t usually get better. It just keeps crippling healthy emotional functioning and then it leads to poor health.

Eileen McKusick explains:

One of the interesting things about this work is that it reveals whatever is there. There is no hiding the truth, because it is just part of the record.

I can’t tell you how many times I have dug up something in somebody’s biofield that is really intense and they said to me, I have never told anybody this.

They then proceed to share the story. Often it is shameful, painful, and isolating. I think confession is really good for the soul.

It isn’t actually necessary to share the stories with the biofield practitioner. Our job is simply to be present and to witness the experience of the person.

We can do this because we are in the vibrational field of the person. The tone contains all the information of that trauma. In this unearthing and revealing there is liberation.

Continual Suppression of Memories Leads to Physical Dysfunction and Illness

Eileen McKusick describes this process:

Our biography becomes our biology. When people start being 40, 50, or 60 the turbulent memories in their biofield start to breakdown the body.

As we find and release this turbulence, the blueprint signal is clearer and the body can reproduce itself from a clean blueprint instead of from a heavily distorted one.

This means we see a lot of health issues reverse themselves.

Relationship between Physical Pain, Illness, and Emotions

Eileen McKusick stated:

In my experience, almost all physical pain has an underlying emotional component. Even injuries and accidents tend to happen when people are energetically out of balance. We see these injuries show up in specific places within the biofield anatomy.

For example, right shoulder injuries are associated with saying yes when we mean no, putting the needs of other people ahead of our own, being an accommodator, or being a caretaker. It is really not uncommon for somebody who is a massage therapist, a mom, and a giver and a doer to end up with right shoulder injuries. Energetically they are out of balance in that zone.

So what we do in biofield tuning we just find the signal of the pain where ever it is in the body.

I worked on a 74 year old man who had pain in his left hip and as I was going through his field I discovered that he had an injury diving into a quarry when he was in his 20s, and then he had a whole lot of adhesion in his field.

When I released the adhesion that was in-and-around that memory his pain disappeared right on the therapy table. From what I heard, it did not come back.

A lot of aches and pains of old age are just adhesions in the biofield and they can be released.

Biofield Tuning is also an Anti-Aging Therapy

Eileen McKusick explains:

I am going to be 50 next week and I don’t have any aches or pains or any health issues. My digestion is great. My energy levels are high. I travel all over the world all the time and work pretty constantly because my field has been well groomed.

I am not carrying old baggage. I don’t have unexpressed emotions, unresolved grievances, and old injuries weighing me down.

But it was not always this way. I had all kinds of health issues – miserable digestion, gas, bloating, indigestion, and heartburn. I couldn’t eat dairy. I couldn’t eat gluten.

That’s all gone now. That was just noise in the signal. It was dispersion of my field. I was giving away my power. I was over doing. I was saying yes when I meant no.

The good news is that all this kind of stuff can be reversed. It is very much an anti-aging kind of process.

Once the field is tightened and brightened, and it is brought into flow, people just experience more flow – more ease – more joy.

Answering the Skeptics

I asked Eileen McKusick how she deals with the skeptics. She stated:

I am an extremely skeptical person. I am skeptical about everything and I always have been. I used to drive my mom crazy, “You can’t tell that child anything she has got to figure it out herself.”

When people are skeptical I am fine with that because we are dealing with a realm that really hasn’t been fully described by science.

In order to find a framework that could give a context to my observation of the biofield, I had to move from the world of solid, liquid, and gas into the world of solid, liquid, gas, plasma, and ether.

So, I am coming from a cosmological framework that encompasses two entirely additional states of matter. This creates a gap. This creates difficulties for people being able to stomach my research.

I say the proof is in the pudding. Many people come to my treatment table skeptical, and I can be perfectly honest and say that no one has ever left a skeptic.

When you are on the table you hear the changes in tone, you feel the state shift in your body, and it all starts to kind of trickle in and make sense to you.

Anybody who has been exposed to this information in totality from my book or watched a video or experienced a treatment all says the same thing – this makes sense.

You have got to make up your own mind. You have got to be willing to look at the evidence of the experience. If you are open minded, then try it. If not, that’s fine, there are plenty of pills out there that you can go and take.

Coming Up Next in Part 2

In the second half of this article, Eileen McKusick will discuss how biofield tuning can be used to help people with addictions – especially food/sugar addiction. She will explain how people can get rid of the noise in their biofield so that their mission in life can be pursued without the energetic drag from unresolved traumas, and how people can learn to work with the biofield at home.

Contraindications will be discussed, as well as options for further study, and opportunities for receiving biofield tuning from trained professionals. See:

Biofield Tuning: Healing with Vibrational Sound Therapy

For additional information about Eileen McKusick’s work, listen to this presentation.

About the Author

John P. Thomas is a health writer for Health Impact News. He holds a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Michigan, and a Master of Science in Public Health (M.S.P.H.) from the School of Public Health, Department of Health Administration, at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


[1] “The Human Biofield — The Missing Dimension in Health Care,” Eileen McKusick, Spirit of Change, Winter 2014.

[2] Shamini Jain, PhD, Richard Hammerschlag, PhD, Paul Mills, PhD, Lorenzo Cohen, PhD, Richard Krieger, MD, Cassandra Vieten, PhD, and Susan Lutgendorf, PhD; “Clinical Studies of Biofield Therapies: Summary, Methodological Challenges, and Recommendations,” Global Advances in Health and Medicine, November 2015, PMC4654788.