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The 11:11 Prophecy, COVID-19 Sorcery, and Divine Remedies

1111 ProphecyThe 11:11 Prophecy, COVID-19 Sorcery, and Divine Remedies

 a prophetic essay by

Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz


According to monotheists worldwide, the ‘fear’ of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, as noted in Psalms 111:10; Proverbs 1:7, 2:5, 9:10 and 15:33. True knowledge and Divine awareness and protection derives from this wisdom.

Compare this to the fear of COVID-19, the fear of so-called “racial riots,” fear of police brutality, fear of political corruption, and fear of the sliding economy. Under which fear are you suffocating?

This wisdom and consideration is urgently today in order to reexamine your attitudes and attachments. Have you placed your faith in corrupted and inhumane system, or have you placed your faith in God, Jesus’s LOVE, and the laws of physics or nature.

At the time of this writing, much consideration is being given to remedying the threat of rioting attributed erroneously to “systemic racism” rather than ‘systemic corruption”.

11:11 prophesyWisdom reveals that in the political and economic systems of governance, systemic ‘anti-humanism’ threatens life, liberty and justice. Why bother saving humans when ‘transhumans’ and robots are increasingly available to take their place. This ‘population control’ agenda is intertwined with depopulation objectives being administered by ‘shadow governors’ in the ‘ruling elite’. These are the leading investors in Big Pharma, Big Energy, Big Tech and big financing controlled by Big Banking. Their media has directed the ‘herd’ into a condition of ‘evil obedience’ submitting to man-made diseases and toxic prescriptions damaging and destroying people with deadly side effects.

The vast majority of people are praying for remedies. They place their faith in the Holy Trinity. The wisdom they seek is the “true knowledge” that does not imply a cowering to God for fear of being punished, rejected or imprisoned. The Divine source of sustenance, explains prophetic/apostolic teacher Alane Haynes, is a fear that is best described as “reverential awe! Recognizing that God is the most High ruler of the nations. Jesus Himself told us to fear God.”

In these End Times it is prophesied that such wisdom in the ‘Spirit of Love’ will be increasingly revealed, empowering people to know and serve God most intimately.  Throngs shall become faithful loving servants of the Great I AM. They shall arise spiritually to produce miracles greater than Jesus demonstrated. Quoting the King James Bible, in John 14:12, “Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.” Jesus’ name in Hebrew is pronounced ‘YaH-SHu-aH’. It means “God Saves.”

These promised covenants—contracts and commitments against sickness and evil—override the physical facts and political circumstances presenting with COVID-19 and murder of George Floyd. These sealed contracts confirm the timeliness of this Divine remedy in ‘true knowledge,’ ‘wisdom,’ and ‘faith’ elucidated through the following interpretation of Bible prophecy.

The Philadelphia Angel and Promise

One morning last week I was in contact with an angel. I believe it was the 6th ecclesiastical messenger described in the Book of Revelation (3:6-8) communicating to the “Church of Philadelphia,” opening doors that no mortal can open; closing doors that no person can close.

Opening ‘spiritual portals’ that no mortal can, this angel directed my discovery of secreted U.S. Govt. contracts. These included NIH 71-2025 and 2059 under which AIDS-like and Ebola-like bioweapons were mass produced. The financing came from Congress and U.S. taxpayers during the largely funded mostly secret Special Virus Cancer Program.

These revelations were popularized through my first of three national best-selling books–Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola—Nature, Accident or Intentional?

Later, that same angel directed my work on my second best-selling prophetic science book titled Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse. Subsequently, that same angel directed my third best-seller, Healing Celebrations: Miraculous Recoveries Through Ancient Scripture, Natural Medicine and Modern Science. Even better, this loving angel orchestrated my book, The Book of 528: Prosperity Key of LOVE. This work nspired the movement to transpose and perform music in the ‘therapeutic frequency’ of “LOVE 528”–the long concealed “key of the house of David.”

Isaiah was the first to relay this prophesy in ’22:22′. This act predated the existence of the State of Pennsylvania and city on the Delaware River–the “City of Brotherly Love” called ‘Philadelphia’ in America sourced from visions and faithful prayers of the renegade Quaker, William Penn.  I was born there in 1952; and this angel has largely (if not entirely) directed my work for God for the past 30-years (and probably was assigned to guard and guide me since birth).

Philly’s angel came to me in twilight sleep last week and told me to go to the Bible and find the CODE that is important to help people survive and understand what is happening in the world, especially in America during this time of global chaos. Why so many sick and dying people are being damaged by COVID-19 impositions and social unrest.

I believe this CODE carries several important and life-savinbg messages for you too.

The 11:11 Prophecy

Did you ever hear people say, I always see ’11:11’ on my digital clocks?

Many people interpret this as a sign from God”.

I am one of those people. I have never written about this before. But regularly, since about 1984, I have glanced at digital clocks just when they read “11:11”.

That sign first came as an immediate response to my prayer for assurance from God. I was in the depths of sadness and fear that I had done something terrible. At the advice of an emergency room veterinarian, I agreed to euthanize my parents dog when my folks were away on vacation.

I took that 11:11 sign as instant assurance that all is well in God, and we are all one in God’s universe.

Meanwhile, predating and not considering the COVID-19 connections detailed below, I have often promoted Isaiah 22:22 pertaining to the “key of the house of David” that God’s angel delivering messages to Philadelphia’s faithful directed me to claim since 2006 is ‘528Hz‘. (The Book of 528: Prosperity Key of LOVE covers this topic.)

I even challenged the international Jewish orthodox community two years ago to dispute, or better explain, this controversial claim. (So far, no one has responded to this opportunity.)

Nevertheless, this loving Angel directed me to discern another code in Isaiah not revealed by anyone previously.


(1) that Isaiah was a most outstanding prophet;

(2) this part of the Old Testament predated Jesus’s birth;

(3) Jesus’s ancestor, King David, played a musical harp obviously tuned to the ‘key of the house of David” to sooth his King Saul’s soul and administer healing;

(4) Jesus was the greatest spiritual healer having launched ‘The Way’ called ‘Christianity’ today that is all about LOVE–“The Universal Healer.’

(5) Jesus predicted that his faithful followers would produce many miracles, far more than he had done by the grace of God.

(6) God’s language is simple math. ‘Musical mathematics’ administers the Heavenly Kingdom and the ‘Laws of Physics’ according to the world’s leading astrophysicists whose works I have reviewed.

So I opened up my Bible (King James Version) to Isaiah 11:11 and read it.

Then, I doubled that number and read again Isaiah 22:22, because 22:22 is one higher ‘octave’ above 11:11.

Then I figured 33:33 would be next higher ‘octave.’ But curiously, there is no 33:33 in Isaiah. There is just the short chapter 33.

So I presumed this entire brief chapter is the end of the lesson.

I read chapter 33, which I advise you to do also. If you are curious, frightened, or phobic about COVID-19, or even the so-called “racial riots,” read this entire chapter 33, and reflect on these dilemmas.

As you read this, keep in mind your spiritual, metaphysical, religious, and political views as well as your personal-illness(es) if any. The last verse, I think, is especially written for everyone who is ailing, confused, or frightened, at this time.


My Take: A Prophetic Analysis and Commentary on Isaiah 33 Regarding COVID-19 and Civil Unrest

1) Deep State elitists and their secret agents have sealed their torturous fates by neglecting God, universal laws, and their blessings by dealing “treacherously” with faithful loving humanity. Karmic justice shall be administered upon the traitors who have defrauded and damaged civilization.

2) We who have awaited the administration of Divine justice pray for salvation in these troubled times in which God’s spiritual (electromagnetic, bioacoustics, or frequency-based ‘wave’) technologies have been abused to damage and control God’s children–We The People.

3) By the ‘fake news’ media’s ‘noisey’ propaganda people fled the streets and workplaces and were divided. Families and “nations were scattered” as Babylon began to fall upon the uprising of God and edification of the ‘remnant.’

4) Karmic sentencing shall run upon the wicked like plagues of locusts and caterpillers that devour all life spoiled by temptation to sin.

5) God almighty is exalted during these End Times for all to witness the superiority of Divine power over criminals’ powers. The Kingdom of Heaven is now manifesting for peace on earth to return and reign. Here the lion lays with the lamb in brotherhood. This reflects pure, unadulterated, unspoiled Zionism. Unlike those who misrepresent Zionists and Zionism, peace on earth is being administered only by righteous judges, no longer criminal psychopaths and evil-obedient deceived devil-doers.

6) Wisdom and knowledge stabilizes and strengthens those with reverential awe for the LORD who treasures and saves those righteous by the “strength of salvation.”

7) Watch now as the “valiant ones” (the highly touted ‘humanitarians’ and their foundations) who have conquered and enslaved God’s people “shall cry” for their losses, and their “ambassadors of peace shall weep bitterly” for their treachery.

8) Governmental infrastructures collapse as a result of fraud and corruption. All highways lie in waste. People can no longer travel them freely if at all because, fundamentally, they have “broken the covenant” of righteousness and good faith with the LORD. They now despise cities as battlegrounds and mortuaries. The distressed no longer regard others as kin, or fellow members of the human family. It is “every man for himself” on the way to hell.

9) The earth mourns their pollution and languishes in abusive unrighteousness. Ancient and modern nations and cities shame their former greatness and wither away like dying deserts unable to remove their fallen decaying “fruits.”

10) Now the LORD shall appear to rise as predicted and promised, and “be exalted” by and for his unparalleled power by his faithful.

11-12) The restoration shall then commence with the purging of ungodly negativity. The global elite’s creations shall fall as “chaff”; and those who attach themselves to their “stubble” shall wither from consuming the burning lies they breathe.

13-14) The Creator calls forth the ‘bride’ from far and near to hear what has not been heard, and celebrate the fall of the frightened “sinners in Zion.” The faithful witnesses marvel over the Divine might making right; conquering and consuming the surprised hypocrites who shall burn in hell “everlasting”.

15) Quoting from the King James Bible: “He that walketh righteously, and speaketh uprightly; he that despiseth the gain of oppressions, that shaketh his hands from holding of bribes, that stoppeth his ears from hearing of blood[shed] and shutteth his eyes from seeing evil;” including ‘Big Pharmacide’ and Big Tech pan-genocide advancing ‘artificial intelligence’ and ‘transhumanism’.

16) He who is righteous shall be spiritually uplifted and physically sustained in secure and elevated existence. This ‘remnant’ shall acquire and defend nature, natural laws that are ordered, and ‘prosperity in all ways’ by imbibing the Holy Spirit power of LOVE. The “munitions of rocks” that broadcast the enlivening frequencies of earth, ‘Mother Nature,’ that also inspire the living waters, will act like “bread” for the body, mind, and spirit. This shall be given those attuned freely. “[H]is waters shall be sure” to survive and thrive in communion with the Most High sustaining eternal Force directing righteousness.

17-20) Those with ‘eyes to see’ with righteous faithful hearts “shall see the king in his beauty” and “behold the land” of the free beyond slavery, deception, treason and possessive attachments. This ‘remnant’ shall be comforted. Fear shall dissolve in faith. Clarity of thinking, intelligence and wisdom shall replace ignorance, negligence, and criminality. ‘The blind leading the blind’ to ruin through unrighteous deeds and speech will cease. Awareness and clear discernment shall bless those transcending who are exclusively saved. They will “Look upon Zion,” and view and protect Jerusalem for its spiritual importance to securing peace on earth.

21-22) There, “the glorious LORD will be unto us a place of broad rivers and streams;” refuge for salvation where none may pass other than those righteous. ”For the LORD is our judge, the LORD is our lawgiver, the LORD is our king;” he will save us.

23) Without these tight “cords” you hang yourself. You divide yourself from the LORD and others like you who have been “divided” like spoiled children falling “prey” to the criminal psychopaths who deny GOD and justice.

24) And no “inhabitant” in this ‘Promised Land’ shall say, “I am sick”, because the survivors who live therein will be forgiven for their iniquity.

Concluding Comments

The Angel of Philadelpia has directed much of my discoveries, writings, and revelations about COVID-19 and the concealed criminal interests underlying this ‘great plague.’

At this time of great uncertainty and insecurity this Angel stands by to help deliver us from evil.

The political, economic, social and behavioral challenges we face are amenable to proper diagnosis, remedial repentance (i.e., choosing righteousness rather than being an ‘outlaw’ damaging yourself and others), and ‘supernatural’ treatments.

The Creator’s medicines and preventatives are far more ‘safe and effective’ than antibody or DNA testing and vaccination against the current and coming plagues.

Misplaced faith is deadly. Faith in our Divine Source is physically rejuvenating and eternally sustaining.



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