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Special Virus Cancer Program – Must Reading for Cancer Researchers


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Initially Concealed for “National Security” Reasons by Federal Officials, this Special Virus Cancer Program Text is Must Reading for Any Serious Cancer Researcher





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Date mailed: December 5, 2016

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Special Virus Cancer Program Concealed Contracts Evidencing Man-Made AIDS Pandemic Released in 20-Year Anniversary of Amazing Discovery


Honolulu, HI — Twenty years ago Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz presented a shocking new theory on the man-made origin of HIV/AIDS at the XI International Conference on AIDS in Vancouver where he challenged the virus’s purported “discoverer,” Dr. Robert Gallo. That session was video taped, republished widely on the Internet, viewed by millions, and eventually cost Gallo his Nobel Prize in Medicine. it also got Horowitz blacklisted from the medical lecture circuit.

To celebrate this anniversary, and the lives of more than 20 million people worldwide who have since died of AIDS, Horowitz is republishing the National Cancer Institute’s censored Special Virus Cancer Program text originally published in 1972, for the eyes of only top officials.



In a 1996 press release, Horowitz, a Harvard-trained public health expert and medical educator, revealed that the AIDS virus (HIV-1) “did not likely originate naturally from African green monkeys,” as Dr. Gallo had promoted, nor from “Patient Zero”–a gay flight attendant named Gaetan Dugas. Instead, Horowitz’s three year study concluded that the virus, and the associated pandemic, more likely evolved from early cancer virus vaccine experiments in which top military–pharmaceutical scientists infected monkeys and chimpanzees with viral genes from other animals to produce an array of “novel” illnesses. The primary focus of massive money and drug company investments was on the never-before-seen leukemia-lymphoma-sarcoma immune-suppression cancer complex now called AIDS.

“Such methods of recombining “novel” cancer triggers used by National Cancer Institute (NCI) researchers during the ‘Special Virus Cancer Program’ in the late 1960s, aimed to develop cancer “models” for human vaccine trials. The largely-funded mostly-secret program “generated grave outbreak risks” Horowitz concluded in this “first in-depth scientific exploration into the origin of the epidemic.”

Earlier this year, a massive amount of publicity attended the Science journal (04 Mar 2016: Vol. 351, Issue 6277, pp. 1013) that, finally, debunked the “Patient Zero” theory. A “new genetic study of HIV isolated from blood samples taken in the late 1970s clarifies where and when the epidemic began in the United States—and it does not involve a man infamously labeled as ‘Patient Zero,’ the journal published.


The Patient Zero Hoax


The Science reporters “obtained eight blood samples taken from gay and bisexual men in 1978 and 1979 for hepatitis B studies. They isolated HIV from the blood and resurrected nearly complete viral genomes. They did the same with a 1983 blood sample from” Patient Zero. They used “a technique known as the molecular clock that allows researchers to create a family tree of different genetic isolates and place them in time.” “Dugas’s isolate fell in about the middle of the tree they created of early U.S. isolates, and clearly showed that he was not Patient Zero—the first person to introduce the virus—in the United States.

“This is simply confirmation, not news,” Dr. Horowitz said, referencing the genetic studies of Gerald Myers that proved the same thing in the late 1990s.

“The ‘Patient Zero’ theory was a hoax and diversion, as is the publicity campaign surrounding it that diverts from the massive evidence and common sense that says my Special Virus Cancer Program thesis is the only legitimate scientifically-valid explanation for the emergence of HIV-AIDS–the unprecedented leukemia-lymphoma-sarcoma cancer complex ‘model’–on three far removed continents simultaneously during the mid 1970s.



The Haiti Diversion

The new Science publication references Haiti as a likely initial AIDS virus outbreak zone, but that is also understood only in the context of the Special Virus Cancer Program, Dr. Horowitz explained. “We are now publishing the actual contracts, and these scientific contracts and previously concealed publications proves Haiti was a central experimental cancer virus research zone for more than esophageal and prostate cancers.”

To prove why Haitians should not be blamed for AIDS, Horowitz published the International Association for Research in Cancer (IARC) chart below. This he reprinted in his monumental text, Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola–Nature, Accident or Intentional? It proves the Special Virus Cancer Program extended to Haiti. The same cancer contractors active in New York City supplying cancer viruses and experimental animals were active in Haiti. French speaking nurses in Haiti were solicited to be part of the earliest hepatitis B vaccine trials according to reputable sources. 


“Accordingly, evidence that these emerging viruses evolved naturally, and then jumped species in the wild from monkey to man, or from monkeys to monkey hunters in the jungle, is minimal and all circumstantial,” Dr. Horowitz reported. “There is much more compelling evidence to support the conclusion that the Special Virus Cancer Program originated HIV/AIDS. It is far more likely the AIDS virus emerged from these NCI-funded laboratories.”


The Special Virus Cancer Program Book Recovered by “Miracle”



dr-horowitz-emerging-viruses-bookHorowitz’s thesis is backed by the shocking lab experiments detailed in the 425-page Special Virus Cancer Program 1972 publication. The government’s secreted text explains how and why these kinds of “special viruses” were manufactured and distributed.

“It was all done under a hush-hush program,” Dr. Horowitz explained. “The scientific publications prove the simultaneous hepatitis B experiments were conducted in New York City, Central Africa, and apparently Haiti too, during the early 1970s. And these facts best explain the occurrence of what Dr. Myers called the ‘Big Bang.’ This chief of the special AIDS project for the U.S. Government’s Los Alamos Laboratory corroborated my thesis that the sudden and simultaneous emergence of several strains of HIV around the world by the mid 1970s resulted from the secreted Special Virus Cancer Program lab experiments.

“It was really a miracle how I discovered the Special Virus Cancer Program texts from 1971 and 1972,” Dr. Horowitz continued. “I thought I was done my 3-year investigation. I needed one last primary citation that was in a Congressional Record in the basement of the Chapel Hill Davis Library. There I needed access to the “Government Documents” part of the basement under librarian supervision. I was following the librarian when I suddenly, literally, heard a loud voice inside my head that told me to ‘Stop. Turn right.’

“It was like I entered the Twilight Zone. And I needed to cajole the librarian who didn’t want me to ‘turn right’ and walk into a restricted area. It was really bizarre. The voice told me, ‘Don’t mind him. Just walk.’

“So I followed the voice and really got the librarian angry and frustrated. ‘All right. I’ll get your Congressional Record,’ the fellow finally said, as I continued to walk slowly away following the voice.

“I believe in angels, and I assume it was one I was hearing. I obeyed the direction, and followed it down a set of aisles, past thousands of books and classified records. Then it said, ‘Slow. Stop. Look down, knee high.’

Suddenly, from among thousands of volumes, the words Special Virus Cancer Program flew up into my face. I had seen those words in the funding acknowledgment sections of Gallo’s early publications with Litton Bionetics. But when I searched for those Special Virus Cancer Program records, they could not be found. They had been ‘disappeared’ from all the library catalogs.

“In that miraculous moment I reached down, picked up the book, and happened to open it to the first page of Litton Bionetics’ report to the National Cancer Institute.

“‘I think I found what I am looking for.’ I yelled across the expansive floor to the angry librarian. I then took the texts to the photocopying machine and spent the rest of the afternoon and evening photocopying the books.

“Later, in 1997, after I came out with the secreted contracts, and the library reference numbers, there were so many people requesting the volumes that officials could no longer hide the records. That’s when the volumes showed up for the first time in the library catalogs and online data bases.”

Dr. Horowitz reviewed more than 2,500 scientific reports and government documents, some obtained through the Freedom of Information Act, to assess dozens of viral vaccine studies. The chief suspects engaged a network of military and pharmaceutical industry scientists working for the Merck Drug Co., Litton Bionetics, and the Southwest Foundation, as shown in the Special Virus Cancer Program text now available for the first time for sale here. Dr. Horowitz’s complete 3-year investigation is documented in his 592-page Emerging Viruses book sold elsewhere.

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 3.40.42 PMEmerging Viruses: AIDS & EbolaDr. Horowitz said,clearly explains and documents how, when, where, and why the viruses that now threaten humanity’s extinction were made and got loose.”

And we’re not just talking about AIDS and Ebola. Today, civilization is challenged similarly by ZIKA, the West Nile Virus, H1N1-H5N1 flu virus recombinants, and more. To grasp the “bigger picture,” researchers and educated consumers need to understand the basis for all these new “emerging viruses.” This is best done by reading the actual government contracts. These records even show how much the viral engineers and vaccine makers were paid for what amounts to “genocide,” according to Horowitz and many other whistleblowers.


Support From Officials Internationally

To further support his disturbing thesis, Dr. Horowitz’s text presents shocking testimonies by top monkey virus experts and vaccine analysts including the world’s leading vaccine developer, Dr. Maurice Hilleman of the NIH and Merck, Sharp and Dohme. Hilleman acknowledged his role in importing contaminated monkeys from Litton Bionetic’s “gang housing” facility in Central Africa. These animals were imported for research and vaccine production.

“I brought [the] African greens in,” Hilleman explained. “I didn’t know we were importing AIDS virus at the time.”

Dr. Horowitz included Hilleman’s interview, and the Robert Gallo snafu, in UN-VAXXED: A Docu-commentary for Robert De Niro, for which Horowitz won several major film awards, including “Best Film-2016” at the World International Film Festival competitions in Geneva and London.

Outraged AIDS activists, scientists, and public interest groups worldwide are now calling for independent investigations into Horowitz’s published facts. 

Several American authorities have also urged analyses of suspected vaccines believed to be still held by the FDA. These critics include Dr. W. John Martin, former director of the Viral Oncology Branch of the FDA’s Bureau of Biologics, the government’s principal agency in charge of testing human vaccines. Martin, who wrote the foreword to Horowitz’s book, stated “the issue of possible simian . . . virus contamination of live polio virus vaccines has been suppressed since 1972. . . . This basic flaw in the regulatory process must be addressed.”


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