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Apocalypse and the Ark of the Covenant

Apocalypse and the Ark of the Covenant


Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz

Apocalypse and the ‘Arc of the Covenant’–two seemingly juxtaposed topics, it turns out, are actually intimately related.

Contrary to popular belief, the word Apocalypse implies something wonderful, as does the Ark of the Covenant. Now, according to recent mathematical revelations and scientific determinations, humanity is compelled to consider an alternative view of reality and these important spiritual/religious references.

Apocalypse Defined

The term “Apocalypse” actually means: “lifting of the veil.”

As stated in the New Jerusalem Bible, from the “Introduction to The Revelations of John,” the Greek “title of this book is literally, ‘The Apocalypse of John’ or ‘The Revelation of John’. (The word ‘apocalypse’ is merely a transliteration in English of the Greek word for ‘Revelation’…..

“Any writing under the title ‘Apocalypse’ claims to include a revelation of hidden things, imparted by God and particularly a revelation of events hidden in the future. It is not easy to draw an exact dividing line between prophecy and apocalypse, and the writers of apocalyptic are in some ways the successors of the prophets…..” (Click to review a similar definition in Wikipedia.)

So the Apocalypse, or unveiling, is actually very beneficial, particularly spiritually, for those with “ears” to hear, or “eyes” to see, a Divine calling or destiny.

If “the truth shall set you free,” the greatest secreted truths hold the capacity to emancipate you completely. To be all that you can be, especially spiritually, you need to tune into the One Unifying Truth. This relates intimately to the term Apocalypse and the Ark of the Covenant. Their true meanings and functions are optimally freeing.

Ark (Arc) of the Covenant

The Ark of the Covenant generally refers to the sacred spiritual vessel containing the power and glory of God’s Word, Law, and/or Spirit. The word “Ark” comes from the Old English word, “Arc” which meant “chest;” akin to the Latin word “arcere“ that meant “to hold off” or “defend.” So, the Ark of your body’s chest wall defends your heart, that resonates most profoundly to Divine spirit.*

Before the 12th Century, the word ark or arc was central to “hark,” that meant to have and hold (“Hark” later meant to have and hold to verbal messages by listening.) Besides referring to “a boat or ship” that Noah constructed that sheltered his family and endangered species during the flood, the word ark also means “something that affords protection and safety.” Now you see why the Hebrews consider the Ark of the Covenant a sacred chest holding the protective presence of God.

(Keep in mind that at the center of your chest, as throughout the animal kingdom, is your heart; that according to human theologies resonates LOVE—a particularly affectionate resonant frequency and sustaining/restorative energy of spirit.)

The word arc derives from the Middle English use of the term ark. In the 14th Century, besides referencing the Latin word arcus (meaning a “bow,” “arch,” or “arc” in archery; and the flight patterns of arrows), the word arc was created to mean “1: the apparent path described above and below the horizon by a celestial body (as the sun) . . . 2: something arched or curved.” Later, this reference included, “3: a sustained luminous discharge of electricity across a gap in a circuit or between electrodes,” . . . and “a continuous portion of a curved line” (as in a circle or ellipse.)

(Please note the words harc and arch, both contain arc. Consider the origin of the word arc related to harc-—to have and to hold. In Greek and Roman architecture, the arch(ways) was (were) used to haveand hold structures most safely and strongly. Notice the beginning of this word harc shifted to became the ending letter of arch, referencing a safe haven, chest, or knowledge that offered protection; and that harc sounds much like the heart at center of your chest.)

Consider also that the word sin, derives from the Greek archery word meaning “off the mark.” When your arrow sinned in archery, you missed the bulls-eye. When you sin in life, the results of your actions miss the mark of Divine Law generating judgment or negative karma that is disturbing or disquieting.

Relatedly, the word arcadia means “a region or scene of simple pleasure and quiet;” “Arcadian means “ “a person who lives a simple quiet life,” or “a native or inhabitant of Arcadia.“

Apocalyptically, the word arcane meaning “known or knowable only to the initiate: SECRET . . . MYSTERIOUSLY OBSCURE;” and the word arcanum means “mysterious knowledge, language, or information accessible only by the initiate. . .” (Definitions from Merriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, Tenth Edition, 1994.)

Few people realize the interrelationship between arcs containing secret mysterious knowledge central to peaceful co-existence and the “promised land” of quiet living, as per God’s covenant, promise, or contract.

The word covenant came into existence around the same time as the word ark. Covenant is defined as: “a formal, solemn, and binding agreement: COMPACT . . . a written agreement or promise usually under seal between two or more parties esp. for the performance of some action. . . .”

So the Ark of the Covenant must provide a mathematical formula underlying the arch (or archway) supporting and protecting the faithful loving natural world; or a safe, sustaining, and peaceful coexistence between Creator and created that has remained secret or mysterious until now.

It is time for Apocalypse!  This is an unveiling!

“Music of the Light” vs. “Music of the Night”

The word Lucifer is defined as “the morning star, a fallen rebel archangel, the Devil.” In Christian theology, Lucifer is known to be God’s chosen angel charged with administering music and the light of the morning star, the Sun. What a powerful position controlling the energies or frequencies of sound and light governing the earthly plane! No wonder “Babylon has fallen!”

Clearly, the secret of Lucifer’s power lies in the creative technology of sound and light advanced by God which has remained secret prior to this Apocalypse.

Very recently, mathematician Vic Showell produced substantial evidence that the universe’s most important mathematical constants and sequences—Pi, PHI, the Golden Mean, the Fibonacci Series—and every geometric structure in nature, contains at its core only nine fundamental musical notes or frequencies of sound and light in which 528Hz is central.

This frequency, 528Hz, has been advanced by this author to be the “key to the house of David” (Isaiah 22:22; Rev. 3:7). It exclusively exists at the heart of the electromagnetic sound and light spectrums. It is the heart of the rainbow (light green in color) said to be spinning like a vortex of energy in the middle of your chest—the heart (chakra) of every person.

Following revelations by Dr. Joseph Puleo in Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse (Tetrahedron Press, 1998: 1-888-508-4787),

I advanced knowledge that Hyden’s 96th symphony, called “The Miracle,” was named honoring 528Hz, the third “MI” note of the original Solfeggio musical scale. The “MI” stands for MIracles; and following substantial study and accumulating evidence from the fields of mathematics and physics, I became convinced that this heart of the “music of the light” vibrates with LOVE—the miracle frequency of optimally Divine energy—the key to the house of David that inspired King David to transcend fear, perform healing with his harp, and celebrate exuberant joy for the Creator in Psalms.

Now Hyden’s 96th symphony“The Miracle”— like “MI” 528Hz, deciphers to the single number 6. (How so?  9 + 6 = 15; where 1 + 5 = 6.) Look carefully at this number”6”. It is an icon for the Arc of the Covenant—the miracle by which physical reality spirals down from above (heaven) to the wholeness of Earth.

Likewise, the “wholeness of Earth,” or cosmic communion, is represented in music by the whole note—a circle positioned within a staff or matrix of five lines and four spaces providing nine basic options for playing in the “key of LOVE.”

Modern propaganda alleges Hyden’s 96th classical symphony was named from “The Miracle” from the sudden, mysterious, nearly disastrous detachment of a huge crystal chandelier from the ceiling of the concert hall falling on the audience during his performance. Miraculously, the story goes, no one was harmed.

No doubt Gason Leroux borrowed this crashing chandelier idea for his novel, Phantom

of the Opera, that features the devil enchanting everyone with his “Music of the Night.”

Given the above revelations, and those in Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse,  Leroux did get the ending to Phantom of the Opera right with LOVE, 528Hz, conquering the demon who controlled Christina’s heart with his music—a metaphor for the Christian world emancipating itself from the “Music of the Night” with LOVE.

This Apocalyptic revelation and realization that the Arc of the Covenant broadcasts the “Music of the Light” is the main reason you are encouraged to participate in LIVE H2O. The “Concert for the Living Water” features loving people worldwide singing a “New Song” (Rev. 14:1) in LOVE (528Hz).


Most important revelations exists in the definitions of apocalypse, ark (or arc), and covenant; the latter meaning “contract.”

The Ark of the Covenant implies the contract between Creator and created involving the arch composite (fractal) construction of our spiraling universe. All of nature is compelled to follow, or flow with, this Law governing spinning reality from galaxies to DNA.

If you look carefully enough at nature, even pre-Egyptian and Greek architecture, this ancient secret (arcane) knowledge of universal design becomes readily apparent. The structure and function of everything in the universe operates by this agreement, this contract, this covenant. Communication and communion between physical and spiritual realms; between the Source of creation in this universal “experiment” and all experimental subjects—animals, vegetables, and minerals—is Apocalyptic and the most useful revelation in history.

This Divine Covenant explains how and why judgment or karma is administered—musically-mathematically; continuously adjudicated according to the harmonics of the harc, or heart, of Divine LOVE and protection. LOVE (like 528Hz) is fundamental to everything. The Arc is the musical-mathematical model or design that administers this experiment using the mathematical constants Pi, PHI, the Fibonacci Series and the Golden Mean. This entire experiment is fueled exclusively by what’s inside the Ark, the chest, the heart—the Holy Spirit of energetic perfection.

This Apocalypic vision, or “unveiling,” recognizes this true meaning of the Ark of the Covenant, and its fundamental musical-mathematical “contract” between Creator and created. To be most secure in this agreement, you must learn to float with faith, zero fear, on the “Creative Juice”—the Living Water—in an ark built for safe transit.

The medium upon which this voyage occurs, the medium upon which this numerological language is written, is Water. Water’s presence throughout the universe as the superconductive medium through which this Holy Covenant is administered using the mathematics of Divine design, based on sound and light signaling, was recently proven by NASA scientists. Our spiraling fractal universe (i.e., physical reality) sources fundamentally hydrosonically and mathematically, thus generating electro-magnetically energetically (i.e., spiritually) the Laws of Physics according to this Covenant.

This Apocalyptic message relays the archetype upon which creative consciousness governs. Administration of physicality and universal integrity depends fundamentally upon this “Music of the Light.” 528Hz LOVE frequency is featured in the heart of this symphony echoing eternally. Every archway supporting and protecting reality vibrates with LOVE. The treble and bass clefs in music depict these arches and archways, superimposed upon five lines and four spaces totaling nine revolving notes forming a Perfect Circle of Sound™. Galactic arrangements are written upon this musical staff.*

In conclusion, the most important and impacting Apocalyptic revelations concern the science, physics, metaphysics, and fundamental musical mathematics of cymatics, that is, the impact of sound on matter, and especially Water. These energy dynamics exclusively direct the physical world, our geometrics (including sacred geometry and natural architecture); creative hydro-sonics, and the musical electro-mechanics issuing our existence.

Multi-dimensionality is based on this Divine Covenant between matter and energy. Compelled by this musical-mathematical matrix, form follows (sound) frequencies and everything functions optimally and sustainably naturally.

Divine differentiation enables conscious perception and enlightened co-creation. Universal compliance with this Covenant is assured by the basic laws and measures of physics. “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” Although stress may be beneficial, and self destruction may serve a higher purpose, generally speaking the least stressed among us are better able to survive and thrive. Peaceful, loving, safe, and sustaining coexistence, like communion with the Source of our existence, must be actualized for civilization’s evolution from the “Music of the Night” to the “Music of the Light.”


Disclaimer: According to the Old Testament (Torah), only certain people are able to “touch” the Arc of the Covenant without getting mortally wounded. We believe this warning is appropriate considering the requirement of spiritual sensitivity and loving intent when applying the aforementioned creative revelations.

* This is interesting for many reasons including the most advanced medical treatment for cancerous tumors of the chest is called “electron arc” radiation.

** The archaic word staff means a shaft. This is a comforting and directing “rod” assuring safe travels as in Psalm 23:4; really a spiritual shaft that connects humanity through a “black hole” of energy (i.e., an energy vortex) to Divinity. This “Musical-Mathematical Matrix” known in the worlds of science and metaphysics, is the “Kingdom of Heaven” referenced throughout the religious world.

About the Author

Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz (DMD, MA, MPH, DNM, DMM) is an internationally known authority in public health, emerging diseases, and natural healing. Author of more than sixteen books, including Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse, Walk on Water, LOVE the Real da Vinci CODE,  and DNA: Pirates of the Sacred Spiral, he is globally known as the most outspoken critic of the genocide he ascribes to the “military-medical-petrochemical-pharmaceutical cartel.”

Dr. Horowitz’s presentations and publications have served as the impetus for numerous Hollywood productions. In his most recent book, LOVE the Real Da Vinci CODE, and 2-hour DVD documentary, The LOVE CODE, Dr. Horowitz presents the musical-mathematics underlying the spiritual mechanics of creation. His “Perfect Circle of Sound™” revelations have been revolutionizing the music industry as well as water science. Dr. Horowitz revealed that the 528Hz frequency of sound is the precise LOVE tone, and prophetically important “key to the House of David.” He introduced Jonathan Goldman, and recording artists worldwide, to this musical technology of Divine creativity with which instruments can be retuned to prompt miraculous healing. Dr. Horowitz seeded the concept of producing the international Concert for the Living Water, LIVE H2O, June 19-21, 2009.

Dr. Horowitz’s website is www.DrLenHorowitz.com


The author thanks Jonathan Goldman for his advice and direction in inspiring this article.  Jonathan is a writer, musician, teacher and world leading authority on sound healing, who advised the author for this essay regarding the fundamental meaning of apocalypse as revelatory. Previously , Dr. Horowitz advised Jonathan for the production of HOLY HARMONYwidely believed to be among the most powerful healing CDs in the world.

Other works by Jonathan Goldman include HEALING SOUNDS: THE POWER OF HARMONICS (Inner Traditions), SHIFTING FREQUENCIES (Light Technology) THE LOST CHORD (Spirit Music) and TANTRA OF SOUND (Hampton Road), co-authored with his wife Andi.

Jonathan is the director of the Sound Healers Association; the original organization dedicated to the education and awareness of sound and music for healing. He is also president of Spirit Music, which produces music for meditation, relaxation and self-transformation. Jonathan has created numerous cutting edge recordings including: “Dolphin Dreams“, “Sacred Gateways: Drumming and Chanting“, “Trance Tara“, and “Ultimate Om“.