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“FAITH vs. FEAR”: A Dialogue About “LOVE/528” in a World of Challenges by Divine Design

faith v fear“FAITH vs. FEAR”:

A Dialogue About “LOVE/528” in a World of Challenges by Divine Design

A lot of people are upset, depressed, even despondent, suffering financially, having to cope with sickness and strife in their families and communities.  This dialogue between two such people and journalists Sherri Kane and Dr. Leonard Horowitz, may be helpful.

    Together, blog “trolls” call Horowitz and Kane “The HOROKANE” to discredit their spectrum of publications covering “the world’s best news and the world’s worst news,” including films, books, articles, exposing real life criminals, corporate conspirators, child sex net-workers, drug traffickers, and vaccination de-populators.

    These political activists, peace advocates, and “528 Revolutionaries” report on a world manipulated by “global banksters” and “how we are going to get out of this mess” the world’s wealthiest one percent have created.

    This conversation began with “The HOROKANE” addressing questions about 528—believed to be the “LOVE Frequency” used to produce “medicinal music.” Their detractors tried to destroy their credibility and the “528LOVERevolution.”

Kane: The bad guys hate that we promote LOVE, they really go out of their way to try to stop us!

    It is so Grinchy Lex Lutheran. It is unbelievable how much this relates to the heroes and villains in comic books! Imagine wasting your life stopping people from promoting love?

For instance, there’s a video of a guy online that

claims he worked for the Pentagon, and he goes out of his way to attack Len and 528, claiming his frequency is better. We have an article about it here:


Anonyous 1: Guys. I cannot help myself:

“He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster. And when you gaze long into an abyss the abyss also gazes into you.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

Dr. Horowitz: Very true. This destiny we would not wish on our enemies.

Anonyous 1: I would refrain from addressing detractors, based on the principle, “Do not feed the trolls.” Negativity begets negativity. I have learned this the hard way. It can make one susceptible to

manipulation. Focus on your positive goals.

The more we think about building good, solid, secure systems that performs well, the more these considerations of maliciousness become moot.

Buddhist principles of “right thinking” apply. I have learned these lessons late in life, but better late than never. It is not an easy thing to do either, it takes mindfulness, but one must forgive oneself for failings in this respect, and strive to improve.

I recommend the Dalai Lama’s recent book: “The Universe in a Single Atom”, it summarizes many of these ideas well. Karen Armstrong (of http://charterforcompassion.org/ ) heartily endorses the text.

Something else to look at (maybe not right now, but soon): http://compassionateaction.org/partners

I very nearly fell victim to this battle you guys wage, and the forces of evil know this principle [of feeding the trolls] and exploit it to reduce the righteous to their level.

Dr. Horowitz: The righteous cannot be reduced to their level, because that is not righteous.

“Faith” is the key, and 528 is linked to faith as a heart value along with “bravery,” “joy,” and “love.”

Anonyous 1: I am a firm believer in reality is what we make it.

Dr. Horowitz: More specifically, what we “choose” to make it. I did not make the world’s pollution, but can do something about it.

Kane: The work Len and I do in the world, not only gives people the best news in the world, but we also shed light on the stuff that will wake people up, and it is not always pleasant, but it is the truth.

We all have our own paths, and we are the few journalists that present both sides of the critical survival spectrum. That is our “niche,” and what people love us for, and the devil-doers hate us for.

As journalists, it our duty to report on current events, the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, as best we can, unlike the mainstream media that spins nearly every story for their special interests.

Being controversial is part of what we are known for.  When you receive dozens of emails from supporters asking about 432 versus 528 and other

questions, we address all these issues in our articles.  It is our duty.

Anonyous 1: I have a deep enemy in the “Royal” Canadian Mounted Police and their absolute corruption and control of this nation, the depth of evil in their hearts is almost unfathomable. [yet] . . . they are but men, victims as much as anyone else.

Dr. Horowitz: Not really. More than victims, they choose to vibe at 741Hz not 528 Hertz. We just interviewed on “The HOROKANE Hour” yesterday Canada’s leading political activist combating the genocide against natives, and establishing common law community actions to help stop the mass murder. His name is Kevin Annett. You can listen to the archive by CLICKING HERE. Annett’s interview comes in the last half hour of the show.

Anonyous 1: Too long have I looked into the abyss that is the RCMP. My goal now is simply to leave this country as soon as I am able, and just leave them

behind. The country of my birth is beyond hope, it is lost. That is sad, but I must move on with my life and find happiness.

Dr. Horowitz: We feel EXACTLY the same way as US citizens. How many people in North America feel as we do? I’ll bet TONS, AND TONS, AND TONS AND TONS AND TONS AND TONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The main problem are: division, isolation, fear, diversions, and apathy. Solution: greater faith and activism.

We appreciate your candor and loving suggestions. There is a lot of wisdom in what you are saying.

There is also the position that if you lose empathy for those suffering, and turn from sounding the

alarm when you have been appointed and anointed to be a watchman, then you are in big trouble with the Boss.

Jesus whipped the hypocrites who were enslaving humanity. Butruff and Thurmond infiltrated to attack in unprovoked malice, not simply against me, or 528, but against humanity and the cause of

LOVE and peace.

Shiva serves to settle scores. My philosophy is that you cannot achieve optimal enlightenment without coming to terms with the depths of the darkness, and that requires knowledge or awareness. The Creator created evil, and uses evil to accomplish good. The good that we do is expose the darkness with the truth about the light and those who dim it.

The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth shall set us free.Anything less is a fraud (including omissions and misrepresentations).

Jesus said, “My people die of lack of applied knowledge.” Without applying knowledge based on the whole truth about 528 and 432, deadly omissions and evil is permitted to persist.

Anonyous 1: I guess what I’m saying is that I can relate, but I know when I am beaten.

Dr. Horowitz: You may think you are “beaten,” but that is an unrighteous and faithless decision dishonoring the power in your heart being suppressed by your point of view.

So long as you breathe, have the faith of heart–the Key of the house of David (528)–you have the power of the universe behind you, and miracles are routine therein. You have heard it asked, “If God is for you, then who can stand against you.”

We are ALL being attacked at the present time. Especially the “strong” and “faithful” are being tested.

It is commonly said “Only the strong survive.” That is propaganda, a misquote and misreresentation. The Truth is: “Only the strong in Faith shall survive.”

The reason for this is quite simple. It is EXCLUSIVELY Faith (that vibrates with LOVE in 528) that opens the door to Divine relationship (i.e., communion. (You cannot have a fruitful relationship with anyone or anything if you lack faith therein. This fact is the decisive matter between “believers” vs. “non-believers.”

And the Truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth SHALL set us free.  That is, no omissions or misrepresentations that makes fraud in law widespread in man’s legal system of injustice.

Consider the word “injustice” or “in-just-is” or “in-just-ice”–“ice” being frozen God/Water since water is part of the “Triune God” as discussed in Genesis and preached by Jesus.

“In-just-is” means NOT just being, or not simply vibrating in sync with the musical-mathematical matrix of creation; what the religious world calls the Kingdom of Heaven.

That place of being is purely righteous and has at its heart LOVE/528—the Universal Healer.

Anonyous 1: I am not the one to save my people.

Dr. Horowitz:“You’re either part of the problem or solution.”

Anonyous 1: I thought long and hard about trying, and nearly destroyed myself in the process.

Dr. Horowitz:I would wager that if instead of thinking “long and hard about trying” you simply let go of the harsh thinking, and turned it over in prayer to your Maker, you would not feel so demoralized.

Anonyous 1: What you say and warn me about:  “turning away from sounding the alarm when you have been appointed and anointed to be a watchman, puts you in big trouble with the Boss.” – rings far too true for me.

Dr. Horowitz: Of course. You would not be working with us if you were not “one of us.”

Anonyous 1: But I have not the strength to fight anymore.

Dr. Horowitz: Then simply retreat, take a rest, pray, and await your “marching orders” and next “battle.” That is wisdom reflected in the Bhagavad Gita and Holy Bible.

Anonyous 1: The beast is so big and so strong and the people of Canada so thoroughly brainwashed. Maybe someday I will find the strength to overcome their evil, but now is not the time. I have to find my own happiness away from this place and then if I still have time in the life left to me, attack from a position of strength.

Dr. Horowitz: Again, your greatest “position of strength” is in LOVE, in your heart, that is obviously extremely loving, worthy, and capable of producing miracles. Look what you have done in such a short time with the work you have done.

Anonyous 1: The worst part about it is that they have the rest of the world fooled. Hitler and Goebbels would drool at the level of sophistication of the fascism that is alive and well in Canada. The RCMP and Harper have learned from the mistakes of the Reich.

Dr. Horowitz: Yes. We agree. Now you have diagnosed precisely why we routinely enter “the lion’s den,” test our faith, and challenge “the beast.”

Anonyous 1: I always come back to Nikos Kazantzakis’ novel “The Last Temptation of

Christ” and Martin Scorsese’s film version of it. (and Peter Gabriel’s soundtrack for it is awesome!!!) The temptation to give in and not fight, to not do what you know is right, to not make the ultimate sacrifice, is great, and right now I cannot overcome it. (I suffer

from a significant Jesus complex). So I have adopted the Buddhist mindset as best I can.

Dr. Horowitz: Wow. This is a beautiful path you have chosen. You are a very kind and sensitive person.

But Jesus practiced Buddhism when he said, “Forgive them Father, they know not what they do.”

We do not believe your suffrage from your “Jesus complex” is the real underlying problem. The main problem is not recognizing everyone and everything is under cosmic control, and being tested now very harshly for choosing dissonance vs. order–deadly (unrighteous) lifestyles and social systems. And again, “only the strong in faith will survive.”

Take again the example of the “justice” system, that anyone who enters it without a lot of money to blow, reports how unjust it is. It’s fundamental structure is outrageously unlawful, reflecting on the difference between God’s justice system vs. man’s. In God’s cosmic law, with all justice, balance, harmony, and homeostasis, administered musically-mathematically, there is not unlawful division between “civil law” vs. “criminal law.”

Why was such a divisive, inefficient, and uneconomical system created then? Because it is a “protection racket” the mob imposed to protect itself. Instead of being able to secure justice and compensation for criminal violations and damages during civil process, the complaint must filter through a grossly dysfunctional bureaucracy that demands even stricter measures of proof.

Evidence is routinely “not admissible” “on technicality.”

So criminal actions are omitted in civil courts, and even in criminal courts evidence is omitted. All this proves the entire “judicial branch of government” is fraudulent. Especially when you consider the oath to hear the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so that God can sanctify the courtroom as a holy place to render justice—the Creator’s law that is supposed to be reflected in man’s law.

Anonyous 1: Keep fighting the good fight, for now I will remain strictly [in the background.]

Dr. Horowitz: Bro. I do not believe you even know how important your “strictly [whatever]” is to the planet.

You are “one-of-a-kind,” chosen to be AWESOME, and you are doing a GREAT JOB coming through on cue.

Anonymous 2: Thanks for sharing your hearts and great wisdom.  Your dialogue with “Anonymous 1”  is very helpful.

I feel like I’ve been to hell and back in the last few weeks.  My issue is cancer. I need to make a quick, life or death, decision on whether I am going to follow the doctors’ advice. . . . Then while faced with all of this, my computer was hacked and destroyed.

So the battle is ongoing, and great waves are bashing the “ship,” but I have now heard from the Master of the sea: “Peace be still.”

Indeed, Peace is spreading throughout my being and the demons of fear and doubt are beginning to retreat.

When I try to visualize the actual working of the Holy Spirit, I often see a dove, hovering over a beautiful pond of clear water, and there is calmness all around.

I believe that when the Holy Spirit comes to minister to our troubled hearts, evidence He is near comes with the unexplainable calmness we suddenly feel.

His message continues over and over: “Everything will be alright.  I am with you.”

Dr. Horowitz: Glad you are feeling comforted.

You know, seriously, there have been at least a half dozen times that I should have died. Truly, zero reasonable explanations as to how I could have survived.

I had a red brick go through my head. I had a certain head on collision with an eighteen wheeler suddenly inexplicably disappear. I had another high speed “accident” with my dearly-beloved first born, wherein we were hit in a mid-sized compact by not one, not two, but three eighteen wheelers doing 50-65 miles per hour. We disembarked unscathed from the totally wrecked car, demolished on three of four sides.

In each of these experiences I felt the same peace that you just described, and I learned what my grand father taught me too. We die when it is time to die, and not an instant sooner. And when we go, it is blissful and a blessing.

Imagine how much our Creator/Designer loves us, and how incredibly brilliant that Grand Composer is to have designed our system including an automatic “shut off” switch that puts you into an altered state of consciousness wherein everything get etheric, slow-motion-like, painless, and peaceful, a switch that only flips at the most horrific moments in life wherein death approaches.

My grandfather died at age 93. Exactly when he wanted to, and chose to, die. I was there when the physician who performed the autopsy returned from the morgue. They ordered an autopsy because he died so fast, everyone wanted to know the “cause of death.” The doctor told my father, “Mr. Horowitz, for the life of me I can’t understand how your father could have lived for the past 20 years. Every bone, muscle, and organ throughout his entire body was riddled with cancer.”

    My grandfather died two week after my father and uncle put his wife, my grandmother, Betty, in a nursing home, no longer to be cared for by him.

    Clearly, we live on borrowed time for the purpose of providing loving care.

    The Creator has his hand on you and me. If he wanted me to die in the accidents I would not be here to tell these true stories. If he wants you to die of cancer, or anything else, we’ll celebrate your life and know you went faithfully and peacefully, administering loving care.

    Congratulations on giving your life over to Him and his service in LOVE and FAITH. You are obviously a highly evolved initiate.