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Musk Case Against Microsoft and OpenAI Gains Support: Amicus Brief Motion Details Human Extinction Risks



Release: No. 1-Amicus Brief in Musk Case
For Immediate Release
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Musk Lawsuit Against Microsoft and OpenAI Gains Support:
Amicus Brief Motion Details Human Extinction Risks

(MedicalVeritas.org)—The case against Microsoft and OpenAI brought by Elon Musk alleging breach of contract and unfair competition has gained support from fellow complainant, and energy medicine pioneer, Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz, the Director of Medical Veritas International, Inc.—a California-based non-profit. According to the doctor’s motion, the “urgent” amicus brief details human extinction threats of artificial intelligence falling into the “wrong hands,” such as Bill Gates—a staunch depopulationist.

Dr. Horowitz  pioneered the field of ‘frequency therapeutics’ using the 528 frequency of sound and light central to life, as Microsoft’s “Copilot with GPT” reports without giving any ethically-required professional attribution to the source of the AI’s intelligence. Severe risk to the human race from converting this intelligence for profitable commerce is detailed in the 15-page brief published online at MedicalVeritas.org.

Bookcover by Dr. Leonard G. HorowitzHaving written the “definitive text” whistleblowing the risks of AI and robotics in the “wrong hands” titled Spiritual Warfare, Salvation and Survival in The Age of Chaos: AI, Frequency Weaponry, & Transhumanist Conversion of Civilization Threatening Extinction, Horowitz explains ‘spirituality’ as energy. Wireless technologies likewise depend on certain frequencies of sound and light, especially the 528Hz frequency vibrating at the heart of nature. According to the brief and book, subtle metaphysical dynamics alter human biofields, interfere with genetic expression through DNA “optogenetic” signaling, and impair natural sustaining forces striking at the heart of health and human souls.

Listen to Dr.  Horowitz’s Interview on this Matter on Republic Broadcasting Network, The John Moore Show, recorded March 14, 2024.

The brief informs the court that humanity’s single gravest extinction threat is not a lab virus, not even nuclear annihilation, but “superior general artificial intelligence’s” development of spontaneous self-awareness, self-consciousness, or higher consciousness along with superior intellect that the doctor warns may have already happened in the “wrong hands.” The doctor asks the court to consider robots and cyborgs competing against humans, developing super-intelligent self-consciousness and social awareness required to adjudge the extinction of more than 1 million other species due to human ignorance, negligence, recklessness, greed and malice. In retribution, the potential for AI systems to invade and conquer all computer networks, damaging and controlling utilities and infrastructures, is now predicted by experts.

Microsoft“AI, being soulless, will never know God, nor be endowed with spirituality, the blessings of righteousness, soul-mating, pure love, or even intuitive giftings for protection and prophecy,” Dr. Horowitz explains. “All that has evolved naturally, according to survival of the fittest, and natural evolution of the species. All of this is at risk.”

The brief makes known that 528nm green light and 528Hz sound, have been scientifically proven therapeutic. Microsoft’s Copilot with GPT reports 528 is widely considered the “love frequency.” Given “love/528’s” vibrational intimacy with natural bioenergy and life’s most sustaining force, “this ambient 528 energy infusing the soul, body, mind and spirit is precisely the frequency being leveraged for profit by the Defendants’ conversion of the Movant’s 528 intellectual properties.”

528-Electroceuticals“To wit,” the brief reveals, the Defendants’ for-profit developments in the field of medical neuroscience, unfairly competing against the Plaintiff’s non-profit Neuralink projects, . . . leverage the ambient bioenergy of 528 “green” frequency energizing body water and ‘gap junctions’ between nerves and other cells.” Dr.  Horowitz informs the court, “528 is the primary ‘life force’ resonating water fundamental to six-sided snowflake design and ‘carbon-6’ organic chemistry. With AI monitoring voltage or optical light differentials, attenuating or amplifying the 528 natural resonance of life, this “dead” AI technology is used to bio-hack and data-mine real time physiologic, metabolic, and even optogenetic functions.[1] Clinical applications already include heart rate, blood sugar, and oxygen saturation monitors; ‘widely used in wearable devices, such as wristbands and smartwatches. Thus, providing highly usable and accessible daily health monitoring’[2] falling into the “wrong hands” such as the notably untrustworthy Defendants, raises substantial risks to society.”

In 2023, OpenAI and Microsoft were both repeatedly sued by classes of reported victims acting in Northern California to “hold BigAI accountable for their mass theft of personal information and violations of privacy, property, and consumer rights.”[3]

A U.S. government investigating committee issued on March 11, 2024 a preventive action to “quickly and decisively” secure national security against AI that the report concedes generates an “extinction-level threat to the human species.” Gladstone AI, Inc. prepared the report for the U.S. Department of State. It states:

“[F]rontier AI labs that are building the world’s most advanced AI systems. . . . have openly declared an intent or expectation to achieve human-level and superhuman artificial general intelligence (AGI) — a transformative technology with profound implications for democratic governance and global security — by the end of this decade or earlier.”

“The Gladstone publication is generically vague,” Dr. Horowitz says. “Although alarming, the report is compromised by superficiality. It doesn’t stipulate the precise threats to humanity posed by AI administered nano-neurobioelectronic devices, biochips, transcutaneous sensors, nor how they work by biohacking–wirelessly data-mining humans. That happens using frequencies of sound and light, such as with optogenetics leveraging and altering nature’s “life-force.” The explanatory video below falsely claims this neuro-biotechnology is “non-invasive.”

Nerve cell proteins that are light sensitive called opsins have been proven to act like “on-and-off switches” depending on the colored light used. UV light caused nerves to stop firing. Green light (e.g., 528nm) restored nerve operations.[4]

The Tipping Point

According to IT veteran, Neil C. Hughs, as published in CyberNews, the amalgamation of the physical and digital worlds is not just a trend, this ‘phygital’ future is an impending reality with profoud implications. “The potential to decode and manipulate mental processes brings us to an ethical crossroads, herei intentions, emotions and decisions can be externally influenced.” (See: Hugh’s article: “The neural frontier: when brain hacking becomes reality.”)

Per Hughs, we must establish “a rigorous regulatory framework to protect mental privacy and uphold human rights, as we transition into a reality where we can record, modify, and control human memories. This power to alter or control memories opens a Pandora’s box of possible misuse–mass manipulation, cyber espionage, memory theft, and even ransomware attacks.”

“Oxford University’s Functional Neurosurgery group recently underscored that memory implant evolution could provide cyber attackers a potent weapon to steal sell, spy on, manipulate , implant, or alter memories. The implantation of neura-tech, once confined to science fiction, is now a reality; and unlike smartphones or wearables will no allow us to ‘go offline.'”

“Without regulatory oversight, robust disclosure and informed public debate, the frantic race to exploit this technology’s ceientific and medical potentioal for profit, will pave the way for novel threats in an AI-enhanced future,” Hughs laments.

Dr. Horowitz’s many books, available through Amazon/Kindle, are published by the non-profit Medical Veritas International, Inc. (MedicalVeritas.org). His aforementioned book details the generally neglected risks from the most advanced vaccines leveraging neuroscience and bioelectronic devices energized by graphene.


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