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COVID-19 is a Bill Gates Scheme Music Video

COVID-19 is Bill Gates Scheme

Summary: If diagnosing, treating, and curing COVID-19 is what you want, a celebrated public health expert has uploaded the fix in an unprecedented 12-minute free music video poetically-rapped and ‘fast-tracked’ (i.e., transposed) into a higher and faster ‘frequency’ scientifically proven to double your anti-oxidant levels to boost natural immunity against the disease.


Coronavirus Predictive Programming


Release: No. 1-COVID-19 Music Video

Date Mailed: August 2, 2020

For Immediate Release

Contact: Editor—310-877-3002; Editor@MedicalVeritas.org


A COVID-19 Music Video–COVID-19 is Bill Gates’ Scheme” Injects a ‘Fast-tracked’ ‘Cure’

Las Vegas, NV (8-1-20)—If diagnosing, treating, and curing COVID-19 is what you want, a celebrated public health expert has uploaded the fix in an unprecedented 12-minute free music video poetically-rapped and ‘fast-tracked’ (i.e., transposed) into a higher and faster ‘frequency’ scientifically proven to double your anti-oxidant levels to boost natural immunity against the disease.

COVID-19 Music Video
Click to view the COVID-19 Music Video now.

The COVID-19 Music Video

Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz produced COVID-19 is a Bill Gates’s Scheme to ‘edutain’ and protect audiences damaged, distressed, and confused by officials’ responses to the virus, including imposed shutdowns, social distancing and mask-wearing. The doctor’s ‘music therapy” is now broadcasting on RevolutionTelevision.net after Google/YouTube, Vimeo.com and Facebook censored dozens of the award-winning medical maverick’s controversial works.

The musical performance is the featured track in Part 2 of the Harvard-trained media persuasion authority’s forthcoming film—COVID-19: The Coup. The trilogy covers the ‘lab virus origin’ and political corruption surrounding the pandemic suspiciously neglected by all news networks in the ‘complicit’ media.

Inspired by The Hurricane Bob Dylan’s monumental ‘Black Lives Matter’ activism that eventually freed falsely imprisoned boxer Hurricane Carter, Horowitz frames the world’s most damaging COVID-19 controversies in this lively instrumental objection to the “biocrime.”

COVID, Bill Gates Scheme

Amazon and Wikipedia credit Dr. Horowitz as the most successful author of the best-selling book in this field—Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola—Nature, Accident or Intentional? The Editor-in-Chief of MedicalVeritas.org online journal has produced dozens of popular books and films endorsed by many of the world’s most provocative figures on both sides of the political isle. Horowitz fans include Barack Obama’s minister, Rev. Jeremiah Wright; Louis Farrakhan and his Nation of Islam ‘spiritual advisor’ Jabril Muhammad; the real-life Rambo and U.S. ‘patriot community’ pioneer, Col. Bo Gritz; leading American psychiatrist, Dr. Professor Vernon Neppe; music-world superstars Jay-Z and Beyonce;’ Bono; and Hollywood celebrity Will Smith whose saga in I Am Legend was largely based on Horowitz’s book.

Recently, presidential candidate Kanye West invited Jay-Z’s VP candidacy following controversial anti-vaccination and anti-genocide statements backed and advanced by Horowitz. Jay-Z applied Horowitz’s pioneered musical ‘tune-up’ to A=444Hz/C=528Hz in his blockbuster 4:44 album as well as in Jay-Z’s duo with Beyone’ Everything is Love.

Coronavirus lies

As Bill Gates’s and Anthony Fauci’s celebrities are infamously souring, Horowitz’s riveting whistleblowing is growing along with throngs of admirers. Here the 68-year old retired oral surgeon exposes “Bill Gates’s scheme” with “Fauci on his team.” The two ‘co-conspirators’ have shared investments in the Moderna vaccine company at the forefront of advancing the new mRNA vaccines. The Gates Foundation has been at the forefront of promoting globalization and depopulation through vaccinations.

Horowitz lyrically covers the ‘lab virus origindisproportionately killing Blacks, racial rioting, peace protesting, social distancing, mask-wearing, political divisiveness, engineered public confusion, and the Deep State’s “systemic corruption.” The video addresses what is tearing nations apart, enslaving and isolating everyone in their homes like “population control rooms,” the doctor sings.

The ‘holistic cure’ he heralds includes political activism, self-responsibility, and reliance on time-tested natural remedies that include the ‘good vibration’ of “LOVE 528” broadcasting at the heart of nature.

To apply recent advances in health science and immunity-boosting, Horowitz transposed this captivating sound track into the most healing and protective remedy of all—the  “528Hz” frequency. This “wave” was scientifically shown to increase anti-oxidant levels by 100% to help fight off viral invaders and damaging free radicals.

“The frequency of 528Hz touches and opens people’s hearts while calming people’s minds and egos to support self-improvement and healthy sustainability,” reports Sherri Kane—the doctor’s partner in 528Records.com. “That’s why Jay-Z and Beyonce ‘tuned up’ to this Horowitz-revealed frequency. I think civilization is destined to be healed, spiritually-uplifted, and miraculously saved musically by applying the 528 ‘miracle frequency’ that celebrates the Creator’s miracle-making as evidenced throughout nature.”

Dr. Horowitz, a world-leading expert and pioneer in ‘energy medicine,’ boldly claims the 528 sound ‘wave’ opens hearts, balances bioenergy fields, repairs damaged DNA, awakens consciousness, and is the miraculous “Key of the House of David” predicted to be heralded in these “End Times” by Isaiah 22:22 and Rev. 3:6-8.

“528Hz is the musical equivalent to ‘pure tone LOVE’—LOVE being the “Universal Healer,” Horowitz explains. His uplifting science is backed by many of the world’s leading physicists and mathematicians.


More About the Artist

Dr. Horowitz is recognized internationally as the best-credentialed, most-prolific, and persuasively-articulate pharmaceutical industry whistle-blower, natural health products entrepreneur, and consumer advocate. Prior to becoming Editor-in-Chief of Medical Veritas online journal, this Harvard and Tufts University trained expert in public health published more than twenty books, including three American bestsellers, dozens of peer-reviewed scientific articles and six feature-length documentaries including: In Lies We Trust: the CIA, Hollywood & Bioterrorism; PharmaWhores: The Showtime Sting of Penn & Teller; and the “Best Film-2016” in London and Geneva (World International Film Festival) competitions titled UN-VAXXED: A Docu-commentary for Robert De Niro. Dr. Horowitz’s 528 Key Movie and The Book of 528: Prosperity Key of LOVE pioneered the concept of making “528 frequency ‘medicinal music’” to improve healthcare and recording artistry. His wide Internet presence and popularity has prompted a revolution in the entertainment industry, causing celebrities to “tune up” from A=440Hz standard tuning to A=444/C=528Hz in featured albums. The doctor’s works are also evident in a number of Hollywood productions, including Will Smith’s I am Legend, Oprah Winfrey’s A Wrinkle in Time and Christopher Nolan’s Inception movie featuring 528 frequency themes impacting reality and intervening in the competition between good and evil. Many of the doctor’s lectures and video productions are featured on RevolutionTelevision.net, with frequency intelligence provided on 528Revolution.com. Dr. Horowitz’s celebrity and success as a health educator and natural products entrepreneur has contributed greatly to expanding “consciousness” globally. His therapeutic inventions and 528 frequency applications show him to be a world leading innovator. With his partner, Sherri Kane, they produced 528Records.com and the 528Radio.com radio network that remasters and continuously broadcasts a dozen listener-supported genres of music in 528Hz. Dr. Horowitz’s press kit is available for a free download, and sign-ups for his Healthy World Newsletter free subscription is available at HealthyWorldNews.com. (Subscribers are given free advanced viewings of his latest films, and encouraged to take his course on “Frequency Rehab.”


Sherri Kane is an investigative journalist who defected from Fox News in Los Angeles to join Dr. Horowitz’s Healthy World organization in 2009. Sherri then acted as a publicist for “LIVE H2O”—‘The Concert for the Living Water’ produced by Horowitz and Dr. Masaru Emoto. The consummate advocate for women’s, children’s and animals’ rights, Sherri launched the “Conscious Species Channel” on RevolutionTelevision.net. She also works as the Associate Editor of Medical Veritas online journal. Sherri co-authored numerous articles and several books with Dr. Horowitz, including Space Pearl Harbor, the Las Vegas Deep State Massacre, and the Ayahuasca Death Cult.


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