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White House Coronavirus Origin Probe Gains Advice From Top Emerging Diseases Tracker


White House Coronavirus Origin Probe Gains Lab Virus Bioterrorism Evidence From Top Emerging Diseases Tracker

Coronavirus Predictive Programming


Release: No. Corona[Lab]Virus-2

Date Mailed: Feb. 10, 2020

For Immediate Release

Contact: Editor@MedicalVeritas.org

White House Coronavirus Origin Probe Gains Lab Virus Bioterrorism Advisement from Top Emerging Diseases Expert

Honolulu, HI—President Trump’s Director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy, Kelvin K. Droegemeier, wrote to the National Academy of Sciences President, Dr. Marcia McNutt, on February 3, 2020, to probe the origin of the 2019 coronavirus. The official request prompted public health emerging diseases expert, Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz, to file an intelligence memorandum evidencing the laboratory creation of the pandemic, and accusing the media and commercial partners of criminal complicity in bioterrorism.

Neglected by the “fake news” media, Dir. Droegemeier requested the National Academy of Science (NAS) scientists provide a “Rapid Response Assessment . . . that would help determine the origins of 2019 2019-nCoV, specifically from an evolutionary/structural biology standpoint.” This, coupled with Department of Homeland Security Acting Secretary Chad Wolf’s interview on FOX News discussing the Trump administration’s coronavirus defense plans, prompted Dr. Horowitz advisement.

“Unfortunately, without addressing the liabilities,” Horowitz wrote, “your administration may be hoodwinked, undermined, and diverted from the true origin of this lab virus and appropriate preventative actions, unnecessarily increasing morbidity, mortality, and public anxiety.”

Liabilities Listed by Expert

origin of coronavirus
Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz

Dr. Horowitz detailed five federal government liabilities beginning with evidence that the “novel” 2019 coronavirus (2019 nCoV) was mutated in a BSL3/4 lab, and engineered to include the AIDS-virus envelop gene, and the SARS virus “middle fragment,” verifying its unnatural origin.

Accordingly, Horowitz recommended re-naming the virus, “2019 nCoV/HIV/SARS,” and warned that neglecting this scientific evidence “invites additional releases; may hamper efforts to develop cures; and cause more diseases and deaths.”

Horowitz advised federal officials “as a Harvard-trained expert in emerging diseases and media communications who has been heavily persecuted, defamed, and censored” for his efforts in advancing origin of AIDS science and more. Registered with the U.S. District Court of Hawaii, under Criminal Justice Act (CJA) provisions, as an expert witness paid to testify on matters of medical research, biological weaponry and bioterrorism, vaccinology, and public corruption, the 67-year old award-winning author and filmmaker testified before legislative bodies on the politically-incorrect matter of vaccination risks, viral recombinants risking genetic damage, pandemics, and cancers, including the HIV/AIDS cancer complex, HPV/cervical cancers, ZIKA-induced microcephaly, Ebola’s origin and immune suppression, SARS, H1N1 Swine Flu, and more.

Four more liabilities that Trump Administration officials must face, according to Dr. Horowitz, include:

(1) distrust of government from media censorship of accurate intelligence addressing the public’s reasonable concerns;

(2) more disease, damage, and deaths from “erroneous and terrorizing information being broadcast instead of helpful preventative strategies beyond handwashing and the use of face masks”;

(3) severe risks to U.S. National Security and international trade relations caused by neglecting “the geopolitical and economic correlates and antecedents of the Wuhan outbreak;” and

(4) Hawaii’s immigration policies risking mainland transmission.

Coronavirus Censorship Conceals Accurate Intelligence Hampering Public Health, Safety, and Criminal Investigations


According to the Horowitz memorandum, “substantial discovery and diagnosis can be made by evaluating media coverage, diversions, fraudulent concealments, or censorship favoring special interests.”

“It must be presumed,” the expert continued, “given the aforementioned facts, and neglect of them by the corporate controlled media, that widespread censorship and diversionary misinformation surrounding the coronavirus pandemic provides ‘cover’ for criminal operations.”

Precedent for media-wide censorship exists, and evidences a “pattern and practice of censoring politically-incorrect information,” the doctor explained and gave examples.

“For instance, with publications critical of vaccinations. Like coronavirus ties to bioweapons labs, this intelligence has been recklessly dismissed, disparaged, or censored. This censorship is administered by special interests through public corruption or financial influence, as seen with Rep. Adam Schiff’s written notices to social media companies Facebook and Google/YouTube to block consumers’ comments opposing vaccination injuries.”

orign of coronavirusLikewise, the corporate-controlled media similarly censored the Pradham group’s important determinations, just as media controllers consistently censored Horowitz’s publications in favor of Big Pharma and covert intelligence agency operations.

The memo also raises concerns over similar censorship ongoing in China, where Dr. Li Wenliang was wrongfully arrested for alerting colleagues about  “7 SARS cases” at the Wuhan market.

“In a city of 11 million people,” Dr. Horowitz wrote, “with the seafood market 20 miles away from the BSL 4 lab, it is unreasonable to presume:

a) other doctors closer to the lab were not seeing similar cases if the outbreak occurred from the Wuhan lab; and

b) even if other doctors closer to the lab were censored, or feared reporting the novel respiratory illness, this would not account for the cluster of 7 cases reported in or around the market, especially given the 2 week incubation period of the infection spreading from one person to another (had the virus emerged from the Wuhan lab as suspected at the beginning of December 2019).

“In other words,” Horowitz concluded, “the reported facts and media censorship conceal(s) a most likely release of the bioweapon at the market, with the Western media correctly blaming Chinese officials for wrongdoing, while neglecting the common sense conclusion that the bioweapon was loosed at the market, but not by the Chinese government to its own disadvantage.”

The common international media censorship implicates what President Trump refers to as the “fake news” representing the “Deep State” multi-national corporate interests at war with the President and all sovereign nations.

That is, “the suppression of coronavirus science, as with vaccination risks, is part of the pattern and practice of similarly disregarding the public’s health and safety for commercial and political gains,” Horowitz warned. “This motive and means to commit bioterrorism is clearly apparent in those who have been undermining” the Trump presidency.

Preventative Strategies Beyond Handwashing and the Use of Face Masks.

Dr. Horowitz called for “prudent health education and self-care motivation” information by the media to help families and schools that have been “recklessly neglected.”

In addition, he recommended “natural remedies such as good hydration,” and the use of alternative healthcare products and services that “have been disparaged in favor of Big Pharma.”

He encouraged the government to develop a product similar to OxysilverTM–the doctor’s advancement over “the NASA science-developed silver hydrosols that have proven safe, effective, and economical for augmenting human immunity against a broad spectrum of infectious diseases.”

Instead of suppressing these helpful products, the government should be mass producing and distributing these remedial technologies “especially at this time of urgency where no drugs or vaccines are available to fight the 2019 nCoV/HIV/SARS bioweapon.”

And as far as vaccines and anti-viral investments are concerned, Horowitz opposed such efforts stating, ” ‘fast tracking’ costly and risky coronavirus vaccines is imprudent given the fact the 2019 nCoV/HIV/SARS bioweapon is highly unstable, . . . This is largely why AIDS vaccines have failed.

“Similarly, ‘fast tracking’ anti-viral drugs to combat this bioweapon is unlikely to produce a risk/benefit ratio favorable to public health and safety.”

Instead, the doctor recommended public instructions to improve nutrition, “including Vitamin C that provides anti-viral potency in mega-doses, aerobic exercising, and bio-energetic technologies, . . . to help reduce morbidity, mortality, and the menacing fear the media is spreading that disables people from exercising their own defenses and ‘self-efficacy’ in resisting colds, flus and the coronavirus disease.

A copy of the advisement is available here.



origin of coronavirus

Readers’ Replies


I write with reference to your letter dated February 10 2020 addressed to Kelvin K. Droegemeier & Chad Wolf, in particular : –

“The evidence in hand confirms this 2019 nCoV/HIV/SARS recombinant may not have been produced in Wuhan’s BSL 4 lab, but alternatively at one of several ‘Deep State’ suspect labs, such as at Johns Hopkins, Harvard, NYU, the CDC, the Pasteur Institute, or by coronavirus vaccine makers.”

In that respect I draw your attention to the following paper in which it can be seen that the virus in question was manufactured in the P4 Australian Animal Health Laboratory between 2005 – and 2010. You will note the Wuhan facility did not receive it’s P4 status until 2018.

I understand that such viruses are transported by D.G AIR FREIGHT under UN2814.


I also draw your attention to :

This work was jointly funded by the State Key Program for Basic Research Grants (2005CB523004, 2010CB530100) from the Chinese Ministry of Science, Technology and the Knowledge Innovation Program Key Project administered by the Chinese Academy of Sciences (KSCX1-YW-R-07) to Z.S. and the CSIRO CEO Science Leader Award to L.-F.W. We thank Gary Crameri and Jennifer Barr for help with live virus infection studies.

Author information

State Key Laboratory of Virology, Wuhan Institute of Virology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), Wuhan, 430071, Hubei, China; Yuxuan Hou, Cheng Peng, Yan Li, Zhenggang Han & Zhengli Shi

Australian Animal Health Laboratory, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization Livestock Industries, PO Bag 24, Geelong, VIC, 3220, Australia; Meng Yu & Lin-Fa Wang

Department of Pharmacology, University of Minnesota Medical School, Minneapolis, MN, 55455, USA
Fang Li

I had previously raised the issues you [Dr. Horowitz] raise here with Professor Francis Boyle who was in agreement with the findings.



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Dr. Alan Cantwell (author of AIDS & The Doctors of Death) wrote:

This is a brilliant, complex, mind-blowing letter.

I don’t know how you keep all this knowledge and research in your head to allow you to compose such a letter — or should I say “document.”

You have so much “hidden” knowledge of the dark side of the political/scientific establishment that I do hope you will continue to stay safe.

I note the virus paper out of New Delhi has been “withdrawn” — is that true? Also why can’t “expert” virologists agree or disagree as to the assertions (and viral insertions) claimed in the report? It seems to me that if there is no ability of virologists to AGREE — then the science of virology is a sham — or totally biased for political reasons.


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