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Swine Flu Scam Exposed in India



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Original Hindi Version can be downloaded here:                               https://medicalveritas.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/Swine-flue-Scam.pdf

There is a great panic in the world regarding swine-flu. It is being shown as if there has been no bigger disease than this. All the big companies of America-like drug companies, chemicals, security and media- have made a pact and captured the entire propaganda machines of the world, and they are creating such an environment of fear-  that a person feels that he can die of swine-flu at any moment. The scenario is such that the governments of all countries-especially the third world countries, have issued orders and told the district and state level administration that they should have all the medicines, injections, vaccinations and instruments connected to this disease in all the big hospitals of their areas. The objective is clear- the governments are becoming prey to the commercial interests of these rumor-mongering companies, without doing research. Unfortunately, India is one of these countries.

In order to understand this, ‘New India’ has taken the help of Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury, who is a world-renowned doctor, scientist and investigative health journalist, and who has done a lot of research on Ebola and Swine-flu virus, along with his team. This entire report has been made by Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury- on the basis of talks he had with doctors in India and abroad, scientists and his own research.

Some years ago, when the flu season was on, one drug company wanted to move ahead of others. With the help of scientists, it made some different strains of an ordinary virus and gave it the name of H1N1. They also named it swine-flu. The company was able to influence WHO and get it declared as an epidemic, so that the governments were forced to stock ‘Tamiflu’ which had been made by them, to counter this virus…and finally the company makes a profit of 18 trillion dollars or about 1100000 crore rupees.

Flu or Swine-Flu

There are innumerable living beings that surround us- which we call viruses, which cause various diseases in our bodies. At present, the swine-flu virus that is causing so much anxiety in the whole world works like this- its virus makes use of a protein to enter the body or its cells. We call this H1. This virus becomes alive after entering any- body, and keeps increasing exponentially inside a person’s body, and slowly spreads to the entire body.

After entering the cells, this virus uses the RNA (Ribonucleic Acid) of the cell’s nucleus, and makes many copies of itself. In order to spread in the entire body, it has to come outside, so that it can enter the other cells of the body and use the same process to spread in the whole body. In this it is helped by N1. The virus is given the same name, whose help it takes, so this swine-flu virus is named H1N1.

But the human body is unique. Whenever a virus enters a human body, the body immediately recognizes it and knows that it will harm the body. As soon as the virus enters the body, the body sends a message to the brain. And the brain uses its tool- the feeler. The brain increases the temperature of the body and the virus becomes inactive because of the high temperature. In other words, fever is not a disease. This is a mechanism of the body, by which it can kill the viruses in the body. And the body does it for protecting itself from all types of ‘flus’.



Doctors advise you to get tests done for recognizing the diseases. The test that is done to detect swine-flu is called PCR Test (Polymerase chain reaction). Does this test really tell you whether you have swine-flu in your body?

PCR is such a test that tells you about the genetic sequence of the virus, not about a particular virus. If genetic sequencing is to be explained in normal words, we can take the example of Bin Laden. If we were told that Bin-Laden could have been hunted down with the help of binoculars, wherever he might have been hiding, would it have been possible? Binoculars are meant to look at something from a distance. It could only have pointed to Bin Laden’s beard and indicated that it could have been Bin laden. The result would have been that all the people with beards in the world would have been called Bin Laden. If we talk of statistics, one out of 14 people would be Bin Ladens. In the same manner, if we talk of the PCR Test, then one out of every 14 persons will have swine-flu.



In 2009, there was a big revelation concerning the swine-flu scam. CDC (Centre for Disease Control), whose work was to keep count of the number of swine-flu cases, stopped counting the number of cases. Because the samples that were coming back from the labs were showing that those patients did not have swine-flu. The CDC was spreading fear among the people and forcing them to take the swine-flu vaccine.                        –Sheryl Attikson, Jounalist CBS News.

According to the results, the PCT Test is a contradictory test. PCR recognizes the qualitative facts, but is not fit for numbers. The free and contagious viruses cannot be tested through this test. This test tells about the genetic sequence of the virus, not about a particular virus.                                                                                                  –Dr. Kerry Mullis, Inventor, PCR Test . He had received the Nobel Prize for the discovery of the PCR Test in 1993.

PCR is a very unreliable test. We cannot detect this virus from small samples. The virus may or may not  be a part of the sample. The virus that causes a disease has to be active in the body in a large measure. There can be mistakes. A small viral does not prove that the person was ill, or will become ill.                                                                          –John Rappoport, Investigative Health Journalist

Everybody is scared of coming under the grip of the Swine-Flu virus, whereas the test to prove this disease is less than 50%. There are a large number of patients in India who have been found to be positive for this costly test. On 10th April, 2014, the British Medical Journal had published the results of the Tamiflu, but this report was suppressed. After this, in a company sponsored article Tamiflu’s benefits and positive effects were touted. A lot of research and data was never published, and this medicine continued to be sold and stocked without any solid basis.                                                                                   –Dr. B.M. Hegde, Scientist.


Dr. Biwaroop: these days the scare of swine-flu is back in India. Do you want to say something regarding this?

John Rapport: I want to say that one must not believe in swine-flu, until and unless you have a good reason to do so. Let those people, who are spreading the rumour of swine-flu, prove that it is actually swine-flu. Ask questions about the reliability of the PCR test. Ask whether the PCR test can actually find out about swine-flu. Don’t believe in swine-flu because everyone around you is talking about it. Don’t be a part of the herd. The 2009 swine-flu of America was a full-blown rumor. They don’t have any proper proof of this. Similarly, in India also there is no definite proof of swine-flu.


By this method, the population of the world decreases by about 15%. And when you hear about any disease or its cure from doctors, drug companies and world health organizations, then you are influenced by them and do what they want you to do. These doctors do not have so much time that they do proper research or investigation about any disease, and read the proofs of the data, or the results of research and clinical trials. These doctors work under a lot of pressure, where they have to fulfill a target, which is met in the form of patient-fees and medicines. The media also plays an important role in this.

Actually, the virus of H1N1 also is as bad as a cold or any other virus. The danger of dying from swine-flu is also that much, as that from a cold. People die of fevers and colds also, but only those people whose immunity is already very down. So, please don’t be scared of swine-flu.



Pandermix is used as a vaccine for swine-flu, but now it has been banned for people below the age of 20 years. Those patients who are suffering from brain-haemorrhage because of the use of the vaccine, are being compensated a big amount by the British Government. The lawyer of the victims, Peter Todd, has to say that there have never been cases like these. The patients of the vaccine become incurable, and they need a proper treatment. After the spread of swine-flu in 2009, about 60 lakh people had taken the vaccine, most of these being children. The patients have been affected in large numbers, out of which 80% are children. They are given anti-nacrolepsy drugs in school, whose annual cost is about 15,000 pounds. (13, 80,000 Rupees).

Among these people, is 8 years old Josh Hadfield. Josh Hadfield’s mother considers herself to be the culprit and wishes that she had not given the drug to her child.


Nacrolepsy affects the sleeping-cycle of a person, because of which a person is unable to sleep for more than 90 minutes. He falls unconscious because of lack of sleep, and the situation becomes such that they become prey to mental sickness.-                   –International Business Times, March 2, 2014.


Swine-flu is the biggest scam of the century, which has been created by the World Health Organization and big Pharma Companies.                                                                  –Dr. Wofgang Voderg.


This assertion by Wofgang Voderg can be very harmful for those Pharma Companies, whose profits have increased after WHO declaring swine-flu as an epidemic in 2009. SmithKline Glaxo alone reaped profits of 1.7 billion $ in the last quarter of 2009, by sale of the the H1N1 vaccine.                                                                                           –The Week, 11th January, 2010.


According to Finnish officials, for the people between the ages of 4 and 19, who took the Pandermix vaccine for swine-flu, the chances of narcolepsy increased by 9 times. The Global Advisory Committee of WHO had this to say about the safety of the vaccine- that they agreed with the Finnish officials that there was a strong connection between swine-flu and cases of narcolepsy.                                                                           –The Associated Press, 8th Februay, 2011.




Tamiflu is a toxic medicine, which is very harmful, and there can be serious consequences after its intake.

ScientistDr. Leonard G. Horowitz, who is working on Public Health and Emerging Diseases, and has blown the lid off many scams regarding vaccines, talked to Dr. Biswaroop- over Skype- to know about swine-flu, its tests, medicines and vaccines. Some excerpts from that conversation:

Dr. Biswaroop: How effective is the PCR test to find out whether a person has swine-flu?

Dr. Horowitz: PCR is a very weak test. Its sensitivity regarding the detection of swine-flu is very weak.

Dr. Biswaroop: Dr. Horowitz, the cause of death of one of my friends is said attributed to him being H1N1 positive. The doctor tested him for swine-flu, and before the report of the test, he gave him Tamiflu; according to me he did not die of H1N1, but because of toxicity of Tamiflu. What do you have to say about it?

(Some time ago, Yogesh Sharma of Faridabad died. He had been admitted to a well-known hospital in Faridabad, due to stomach ache, vomiting and difficulty in breathing, where he was diagnosed with pneumonia. A PCR test was also done, and without the report of the PCR test, he was given the medicine for swine-flu- Tamiflu; he died three days later, and the cause of his death was stated to be H1N1 positive.)

Dr. Horowitz: I fully agree with you, if you find out about Tamiflu, you will come to know that there is a big scam behind this also. Tamiflu is a toxic medicine, which is very harmful and there can be serious side-effects from it; as it happened in the case of your friend. A big authority on health- COCHRANE AND BMJ (British Medical Journal) have said in their joint report that according to research Tamiflu stops the production of anti-bodies in the body, which lowers the immunity of the body. This report was released on 10th April, 2014, so that people could be warned about Tamiflu.

Dr. Biswaroop: What is the reason behind all this, why is this happening in our society?

Dr. Horowitz: In scientific terms it is known as Iatrogenocide, which means ‘mass murder’.. and in simple terms it means killing people by taking the help of doctors.

Dr. Biswaroop: In India, a vaccine is being used to save people from H1N1, what do you have to say about this?

Dr. Horowitz: Big drug companies make use of doctors to enslave people. And this is done through vaccines.

Dr. Biswaroop: If the flu is actually swine-flu, what should we do? Why is it that even when a person suffering from swine-flu or Ebola is treated in other countries, even then most of them die? But, when the same person is taken to America and treated, the patient gets better within 3 days. Why is it so? What is the reason behind this?

Dr. Horowitz: The medicines that are given to a patient, to treat him on-site, are experimental drugs. But the treatment that is given in America, that is alkalizing your body. Which means taking out the toxins from your body.

Dr. Biswaroop: And how can we do it in India?

Dr. Horowitz: With the help of a diet-plan and a routine life-style. By following this diet-plan, no bacteria or virus can grow in your body. And even if it does, the immunity of your body is so high that the body is powerful enough to throw it out.



How to prevent an attack of swine-flu….

  • Refined sugar and salt: 0%
  • Non-veg, milk and eggs: 0%
  • Cooked food : 0%
  • Processed Food: 0%
  • Fruits: 35-40%
  • Raw/Boiled Vegetables- More than 50%
  • Exercise: More than 1000 steps a day.
  • Sunshine: 30 minutes everyday.

Dr. Horowitz recommends OxySilver (see http://Oxysilver.com)



This is not happening for the first time, America has done this before also- for its selfish benefit. Playing with people’s lives is just a part of business for it, nothing more.



This experiment was conducted in Guatemala between 1946-1948, which was conducted by Dr. Charles Cutler of the US Public Health Service; and the US National Institute of Health (US NIH), and Pan American had sponsored it. In this the local residents were infected with syphilis, so that the effect of the antibiotic penicillin could be studied. Many people died of the syphilis infection, and many others because of the harmful effects of antibiotics. Although, all the big and well-known people of America apologized for this inhuman research experiment in 2010!


On 1st October, ‘The Washington Post’ had published the joint statement of Secretary of State- Hillary Clinton, and Secretary of Health and Immune Services- Kathleen Sebeliers, in this manner, “ Although the incident is more than 64 years old, we condemn the research conducted at the cost of Public Health. We are sorry that this happened, that we were influenced by such a despicable research practice.”

The American President, Barack Obama, had personally apologized to the President of Guatemala, Alvero Colom. The White House Spokesperson- Robert Bigg, said that the President that it was an amazing revelation. It was sad and very, very despicable.



During the Vietnam War, the agent used by America- ‘Agent Orange’- is a powerful chemical, which was used to finish off the Vietnamese people and the jungles.




VIETNAM- The US was having problems in defeating the Vietnamese army, because the dense jungles of Vietnam were nothing less than a challenge for the American soldiers. America launched ‘Operation Ranch Hand’, to overcome this problem, which lasted from 1961-1971. Agent Orange, which is a herbicide used on plants, was made double in potency, so that the jungles could be destroyed. The US Airforce sprinkled it with the help of airplanes. 4 million people were affected by it, and its terrible consequences can still be seen. Mental diseases in children. The skin becoming orange-colored, and many congenital diseases like heart and kidney disease.

Dr. Biswaroop talked to Vietnam’s Dr. Diang Fuang Tuan about ‘Agent Orange’. Dr.Tuan’s family has been working in the Medical Field for the last 16 generations.

Agent Orange was manufactured by Monsanto, Dow Chemicals, Uniroyals, Hercules, Diamond Shemrock and Thompson Checicals and Th Agriculture. Monsanto was its main supplier. Immediately after the launch of Agent Orange, the employees started having problems of the skin, joint pains, weakness, anxiety and impotency. It has been revealed that Monsanto knew about its side-effects, but kept it a secret. 19 million litres of Agent Orange was sprinkled over 6 million acres of Vietnamese land. This was an attempt to wipe out Vietnam. According to the Vietnam Government 3 million people were affected by it, and over 8,00,000 became victims of serious diseases. Although, Monsanto still says that it is not responsible for this. But, according to one report that was published in 1990, the study that Monsanto had conducted to prove itself right, its results had been manipulated and only such results came forward that showed that there was no connection between ‘Agent Orange’ and the falling health of the people. But, America is still compensating the victims of people suffering from this reason.


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