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Antidote for COVID Vaccine Graphene Nano-Bioelectronic Intoxication for Prevention and Recovery


Antidote for COVID Vaccine Graphene Nano-Bioelectronic Intoxication




Reports of increased morbidity and mortality in COVID vaccine recipients, including increased cardiovascular risks, are disconcerting. Substantial evidence of vaccine injury data censorship has emerged, compounding concerns that graphene hydrogel nano-bioelectronic self-replicating devices in the injections is causing intoxication reactions and immunological suppression tied to myriad adverse reactions, diseases, and deaths. Preventatives and cures for the deleterious effects of injected graphene in vaccine recipients are strongly indicated; yet reportedly non-existent. This article offers a scientifically proven ‘antidote’ to the damaging impacts of graphene used in vaccines as a nano-bioelectronic transducer of energy, including wave frequencies used in bio-assays, data-mining, genetic regulation, and immune system stimulation. A combination of zeolite, humic acid, structured water, and the 528 frequency proven anti-oxidant biowave, is indicated as a reasonable ‘remedy.’


During the past decade, substantial research and developments in the multidisciplinary fields of vaccinology, biophysics, molecular biology, electro-genetics, and nano-bioelectronics has been emerging globally, particularly from research groups in the United States and China. Charles Lieber and Robert Langer, respectively at Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), collaborated and largely pioneered vaccine graphene hydrogel nano-bioelectronic self-replicating devices suitable for merging biology and computer science. They evolved graphene as a bioelectic transducer of wave frequency energy. In 2016, Lieber and Zhang (also associated with the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing), published the quintessential review of this science in an article titled “Nano-Bioelectronics.” (Chem. Rev. 2016, 116, 215−257)

Years earlier, Lieber and Langer et. al. co-authored “Macroporous nanowire nanoelectronic scaffolds for synthetic tissues” (Nat Mater. 2012 Nov; 11(11):986-94) heralding the “development of three-dimensional (3D) synthetic biomaterials as structural and bioactive scaffolds” “central” to cellular biophysics and regenerative medicine exhibiting “robust electronic properties.”

Earlier, Lieber led Chinese researchers (T. Cohen-Karni, Q. Qing, Q. Li, Y. and Fang) in the use of “Graphene and nanowire transistors for cellular interfaces and electrical recording,” (Nano Lett. 10, 1098-1102; 2010); and in 2016, Lieber and Gao, Zhou et. al. published “Specific detection of biomolecules in physiological solutions using graphene transistor biosensors.” (Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 2016; 113, 14633-14638.)

This work was largely financed by grants provided by the National Institutes of Health, U.S. military agencies including DARPA; the Office of Naval Research; the Air Force Office of Scientific Research; and private investors heavily financing Big Tech and Big Biotech developments and corporations, including Moderna.

At the same time, similar financing enabled Moderna’s principal, Robert Langer, and the Langer Lab at MIT to advance related graphene bioelectronic vaccine hydrogel technology fundamental to the new mRNA vaccines produced by Moderna and Pfizer.

Curiously, giving ‘probable cause’ to investigate a suspected ‘take down’ of Lieber for commercial conflicts in interest, in 2020 and 2021, Lieber was indicted and convicted, respectively, for making “materially false, fictitious and fraudulent statement[s] to federal investigators. This action advanced charges of espionage in Lieber’s dealings with Chinese military and science officials.

Particularly disconcerting, according to the FBI’s indicting affidavit, no mention whatsoever was made of the obvious and presumed transfer of nano-bioelectronic graphene vaccine hydrogel technology. Nor did prosecutors and the media challenge Lieber’s and Langer’s intertwined private for-profit corporate conflicting interests pursuant to the transfer of this proprietary intelligence to the People’s Republic of China. (Dept. of Justice. Affidavit in Support of Application for Criminal Complaint [Against Charles Lieber]. https://www.justice.gov/opa/press-release/file/1239796/download)

Compounding this astonishing and unconscionable censorship was the FBI’s frank fraud in alleging Lieber’s espionage activities and felony involved “car battery” intelligence exclusively–technology Lieber never advanced according to his lab associates.

In 2021, this author sued Moderna and Pfizer–companies using the Lieber/Langer intellectual properties–for deceptive trade and unfair competition damaging this author’s conflicting interest in “OxySilverTM with 528 frequency”. OxySilverTM is claimed by this author to make all vaccines and antibiotics “obsolete.” That lawsuit was dismissed without prejudice pending amendment of the complaint for good causes shown.

charles lieber


Pursuant to the damaging impacts of graphene toxicity on humans and other species, a literature review was provided by Lalwani et. all titled, Toxicology of Graphene-Based Nanomaterials. (Adv Drug Deliv Rev. 2016 Oct 1; 105(Pt B): 109–144. ).

According to many conscientous objectors disparaged by the corporate-controlled media, the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) data has substantially under-reported the scope of morbidity and mortality caused by the COVID vaccines. In a published science study, citizens felt less inclined to get vaccinated after even hearing presumably accurate representations of the VAERS data.

Troublesome, VAERS tracking accompanied Big Pharma’s litigation exemption. This is politically disconcerting. Proponents of the VAERS data mainly argue that “anyone can report possible adverse reactions to vaccines for any reason, making it a rich source of information about possible vaccine harms.” (University of Missouri-Columbia. Nevertheless, scientists conclude, “Reported data on vaccines may not build public trust or adherence” ScienceDaily.com, June 1, 2016)

However, it is unreasonable (even ludicrous) to believe a substantial number of healthy consumers would perjure themselves–commit the misdemeanor of falsifying a government record–to gain compensation through a system established to protect vaccine makers from liability. Especially knowing only a tiny percentage of claims are ever granted.

Summarily, consumer confidence in VAERS, and government-promoted politically-tainted vaccines in general, is far lower than officials desire. “VAERS is a deceptive reporting system” according to “three separate studies [that] found massive under-reporting of complications . . .  (99% of complications [i.e., vaccine-induced injuries] are never reported],” according to leading critics. (Blaylock R. Opinion: COVID vaccine not safe. Northside Sun, July 26, 2021, online at https://www.northsidesun.com/columns-local-news-opinion/opinion-covid-vaccine-not-safe)

A 2022 Israeli study raised additional concerns “regarding vaccine-induced undetected severe cardiovascular side-effects and underscore the already established causal relationship between vaccines and myocarditis, a frequent cause of unexpected cardiac arrest in young individuals.” (Sun CL, Jaffe E and Levi R. Increased emergency cardiovascular events among under-40 population in Israel during vaccine rollout and third COVID-19 wave. Nature Sci Rep 12, 6978 (2022). https://doi.org/10.1038/s41598-022-10928-z)

Evidence is gathering that the graphene device within the COVID vaccine hydrogels may be the ‘probable cause’ of much of the reported iatrogenic pathology.

Evidence of Graphene Bioelectronics in COVID Vaccines

In a 2021 study available through Research Gate, author Pablo Campra of the Food Technology Division of the Department of Agronomy, University de Almeria (Spain), found that COVID-19 mRNA vaccines contain what appeared to be the practical application of the Lieber and Langer labs research and developments in the nano bioelectronic field using graphene and precious metals. Sharp metal particles displaying geometrical arrays appeared under low magnification when fresh COVID vaccine liquids manufactured by Pfizer and Moderna were dried and then viewed under light as well as dark field techniques. Campra concluded that some of these objects may be elements of biotechnology forming a network of “wireless nanosensors.”

Quoting at length a subsequent article considering Campra’s report by Kira Smith (MD, MSc), a “Security Specialist for Special Operations in Unconventional Warfare and Military Intelligence” with the Division of Experimental Medicine at the MilMed Corporation (available at: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/358833772_CoVid_Vaccines_Based_on_Graphene_Nanonetwork_and_Internet_of_NanoThings_IoNT), Smith (not a figure of anti-vaccination heresy easily dismissed) wrote:

It is now practically established that the element graphene, a derivative of graphite and based on carbon, forming nanotubes (CNT) is present in sera, in addition to the presence of other materials derived from it, such as graphene oxide (GO). Graphene is a nanomaterial that possesses exceptional physical, thermodynamic, electronic, mechanical and magnetic properties; it can be used as a superconductor, transducer, absorber of electromagnetic waves, emitter and receiver of signals. It has also been observed that by taking a vial of Pfizer vaccine and allowing the hydrogel to dry, after 3-4 days the presence of nanocircuits can be seen under the microscope: it is the graphene that reacts to electromagnetic fields and electromagnetic microwaves, self-assembles, according to DNA-based nanopatterns to mark the order of construction and electrophoresis/teslaphoresis to trigger the process in the solution materials (hydrogel) into electronic nanocircuits, with real nanoscale components, such as nanorouter, nanoantenna, etc. , formed of graphene, which acts as a signal repeater, since it is radio modulable, i.e. able to absorb electromagnetic waves and multiply their radiation; these electronic components are organized in Graphene Quantum Dots (GQDs) and Quantum Cellular Automata (QCA), particles that enjoy the above properties of graphene, exponentially greater, thanks to the Quantum Hall effect, especially in environments such as the human body. It will thus create an intracorporal network or nanonetwork, which will detect every vital parameter, but also every slightest variation inside the body, thanks to the advanced and compressed electronics, superimposed on 3D. The collected signals would then be sent, through a gateway connected to the 5G network, on the Internet, to be stored in a huge cloud database and processed by software based on Machine Learning, exploiting the computing power of quantum computers. The ultimate goal could be to store and eventually reproduce what we call “consciousness”, in perpetuity.

After Smith and Campra’s publications circulated, public outrage over vaccine hydrogels containing graphene increased. Callers to The John Moore Show on Republic Broadcasting Network (RBN), for instance, repeatedly reported that friends and family members became seriously ill after receiving these vaccines that had alleged bio-electronic graphene impacts. Several callers had previously claimed their “spirituality” and “consciousness” diminished, along with their “connection to God” following COVID vaccinations.

Consumers were ill-informed and exploited according to critics leery of graphene contamination and intoxication from the “spike protein antigen.” Recipients shed their spike proteins and conceivably their graphene nano-bioelectronic circuitry. Many critics raised opposition to this apparent “transhumanistic experiment” prompting auto-immune diseases and risking humanity’s sustainability.

This wireless biotechnology, presumably tied to the “neurolink” (i.e., enabling the “brain-cloud connection” financed largely by Elon Musk), was a leading discussion on RBN, as has been the frequency 528.

The advanced nano-neuro-bio-electronic technology relies on frequency signaling reported to challenge cognitive and behavioral outcomes. This dilemma encourages the field of “Frequency Therapeutics”–a phrase and corporate identity coined by Pfizer officials.

RBN’s audience expressed remorse that “no viable solutions” exist for this “crisis.”

Antidote to Graphene Contamination/Pollution

According to a 2014 study by Hu, Mu, Kang, Zhou, et. al., and subsequent confirmations publisheded by this leading Chinese research team, “Humic Acid Acts as a Natural Antidote of Graphene by Regulating Nanomaterial Translocation and Metabolic Fluxes in Vivo.”  (Environ. Sci. Technol. 2014, 48, 12, 6919–6927) From the Key Laboratory of Pollution Processes and Environmental Criteria (Ministry of Education), Hu, et. al., published a series of helpful articles in this multidisciplinary field. His teams shed light on the humic acid antidote to nano-level graphene contamination. Many of these environmental bio-pollution reports corroborate this author’s use of humic acid formulations in combination with “structured water” manufactured to resonate with the memory of 528Hz/nm frequency.

This 528Hz ‘pure tone’ alone has been proven to be a powerful anti-oxidant (by Babayi and Riazi in the Journal of Addiction Research and Therapy. See reprint: The Effects of 528Hz Sound Waves to Reduce Cell Death in Human Astrocyte Primary Cell Cultures Treated with Ethanol, Vol 84, 2017) This 528 fact compounds the graphene antidote impact of humic acid, because both 528 and humus operate as electron donating antioxidants according to the aforementioned studies.

Moreover, the structuring of water enables greater micro-nutrient absorption, as well as humic antioxidant and mineral absorption. Studies reviewed by Michael Lindinger in the Journal of Animal Science (See: “Structured water: Effects on animals, Volume 99, Issue 5, May 2021, skab063, https://doi.org/10.1093/jas/skab063), show structured water manufactured using magnetic fields, sound and light (such as 528Hz/nm) “increased rate of growth, reduced markers of oxidative stress, and improved glycemic and insulinemic responses in diabetics.” This  anti-diabetic impact has also been found with humic acid in experiments and clinical practice. (Winkler J and Shosh S. Therapeutic Potential of Fulvic Acid in Chronic Inflammatory Diseases and Diabetes. 2018; 2018: 5391014. Published online 2018 Sep 10. doi: 10.1155/2018/5391014)

In addition, structured water has been shown to improve blood lipid profiles, improve semen and spermatozoa quality, and increase tissue conductivity as measured using bioelectrical impedance analysis. (Ibid.)

Similarly, 528Hz has been shown to increase testosterone levels significantly in the brain, (See: Daylari TB, Riazi GH, et. al., Influence of various intensities of 528Hz sound-wave in production of testosterone in rat’s brain and analysis of behavioral changes. Genes & Genomics volume 41, pages 201–211 (2019)). Other studies show 528 frequency protection of brain cells against death by alcohol poisoning. (Op. cit., Babayi and Riazi,)

In addition, ZeoLOVE contains zeolite in OxySilverTM solution. In a scientific literature review titled “Critical Review on Zeolite Clinoptilolite Safety and Medical Applications in vivopublished in Frontiers in Pharmacology by S. Pavilec, J. Medica et. al.,  (2018; 9: 1350), Zeolite positively impacted health “enormously”, including detoxification processes.

The manufacturing of these various remedial ingredients in structured water, as this author has done with his conflicting financial interest in ZeoLOVETM, based on Hu, Zhou et. al.’s many corroborations, ZeoLOVETM provides a ‘state-of-the-art’ practical “antidote” for vaccine recipients concerned about their exposure to graphene, graphene-oxide, and other graphene-mediated bioelectronic risks. (HealthyWorldStore.com)

Graphene Super-conductors with “Magic Angles” and Complementary Metaphysics

“Graphene is a one-atom-thick layer of carbon atoms arranged in a hexagonal lattice. It is the building-block of Graphite (which is used, among others things, in pencil tips).”

Graphene is considered a “wonder material” because of its astonishing properties, explains industry sources. The one atom thick material is “about 200 times stronger than steel. . . an excellent conductor of heat and electricity [with] interesting light absorption abilities. It is truly a material that could change the world, with unlimited potential for integration in almost any industry.” ((https://www.graphene-info.com/graphene-introduction)

Curiously, structured water (“SW”) is also a superconductor of sound and light energy; and with 528Hz/nm frequency in memory, this too has “unlimited potential” to “change the world.” Precisely like the structure of graphene, 528 frequency produces hexagonal geometry, including the water molecule that couples with another H2O to form the metaphysically-endowed “Star of David.” SW appears primarily in hexagonal-shaped water crystals, as seen with snowflakes. This has healing properties as demonstrated by the water from the ‘healing wells’ of the world, according to works by Dr. Lee Lorenzen and his student, Dr. Masaru Emoto.  (U. Dowbenko. Restoring health with clustered water. Alive Magazine, April 24, 2015; https://www.alive.com/family/restoring-health-with-clustered-water/)

Lorenzen first commercialized structured water, and Emoto gained fame internationally for his series of published “Messages from Water.” Each of these scholars heralded this author’s Solfeggio frequency revelations that feature 528Hz as the “MI” note in the famous (most spiritually-uplifting) Hymn to St. John the Baptist.

Subsequently, 528Hz was claimed by this author to be “pure tone love,” and the “key of the house of David” (Isaiah 22:22; Rev. 3:6-8). This musical instrument tuning and spiritual energy was presumably used to by King David, with his soul-soothing magical healing harp. This “key” “opens doors” to parallel dimensions, spiritual portals, or metaphysical levels of energy such as quantum fields, scalar forces, and higher levels of consciousness as described by Dr. Vernon Neppe and his co-investigator, Edward Close. These two metaphysical mathematicians have proven the soul continuance after death, as well as the existence of God. See: Reality Begins with Consciousness: A Paradigm Shift that Works, e-book heralded by PR Newswire.

I alluded to the fact that the frequency 528 in sound and light deciphers to the hexagonal sacred geometry of a six (6), whereas 5+2+8=15=1+5=6. This reflects ancient mystery-school Pythagorean mathematics. This wisdom underlies the sacred geometrics heralded by nature in all of its forms, including ‘carbon-6′ humans as well as the graphene hexagonal matrix.

Recall that Solomon’s seal (i.e., the “star of David”) was used on the Israelites’ protective shields. This fact depicts this sacred secreted intelligence fundamental to metaphysics, spiritual energy dynamics, and the graphene “antidote.”

Accordingly, the “magic angle” in graphene’s astonishing nano-electronic properties operates in accordance with these same laws that govern creation. Graphene relies on, and relays, frequency dynamics that is also based on ‘musical-mathematics.”

These associations are presumed from gaphene’s published science. It is reported that the “magic angle” in graphene’s layered matrix is approximately 1.1 degrees. (Sun Z and Hu H. How magical is magic-angle graphene. Matter. Volume 2, Issue 5, 6 May 2020, Pages 1106-1114. See also: Hau Z, Zimmerman A.M. et. al., Electric field–tunable superconductivity in alternating-twist magic-angle trilayer graphene. Science 4 Feb 2021, Vol 371, Issue 6534, pp. 1133-1138.) That means that each graphene atom layered upon a similar atom shifts by 1.1 degree. This close proximity to coherence produces slight dissonance in the electron orbitals that generates resonance energy that transmits and receives frequency waves.

This author also considers special graphene metaphysics and sacred geometics of the carbon 6 rings consistent with “matrix math” as apparent in the original Solfeggio musical scale wherein successive notes in the Hymn to St. John (the water baptist) are each separated by precisely 111 “degrees” with the digital display “11:11″ frequently reported by people affirming their spiritual connection”, coherence of spirituality, and ‘God consciousness’ in accordance with Neppe and Close’s discoveries.

Graphene Nano-bioelectronics and Transhumanism

The earliest work using graphene to develop “novel biosensors” was done by Charles Lieber’s group at Harvard. Graphene transistors were shown to be excellent devices for analyzing blood and body fluids in real time within high-ionic solutions. They were suitable for analyzing proteins, nucleic acids, and other biomolecules. Magic-angle graphene mono, di and tri layers made fluorescent labeling largely obsolete, much like OxySilverTM with 528 structured water makes all vaccinations and antibiotics obsolete. Nanotech web reported that graphene transistors might be “exploited in implantable electronic probes such as those that detect critical neurotransmitter signals within the brain.”

The graphene “nanoscale field-effect transistor (FET) sensors” were ideal for label-free real-time detection of biomolecules when coated with the common vaccination allergin poly-ethylene glycol (PEG). “We showed that PEG-coated graphene FETs in physiological concentrations (100 mM buffersolution) can reversibly detect a molecule known as prostate specific antigen (PSA) at concentrations from 1 to 1000 nM,” Lieber (now presumably in jail and dying of leukemia) told nanotechweb.org in 2016.

“We could even apply this unique physiologically compatible non-destructive detection capability to make implantable electronics,” Lieber added. “Graphene transistors could make electronic bioprobes – such as our recently reported syringe-injectable electronics.” That permitted electrical signal detection, including “ones from critical neurotransmitters within the brain in real time.”

The researchers later incorporated their graphene nanoscale FET biosensors into “free-standing nanoelectronic scaffolds to enable long-term monitoring in biological and electrical signals in engineered tissues.” (Ibid.) “We believe this could dramatically transform tissue implants in regenerative medicine,” Lieber predicted.

This graphene research and development was accomplished by Lieber’s group in collaboration with the Langer Lab at MIT as early as 2012. Quoting the Lieber/Langer group (in Nature Materials. Tian B, Liu J, Dvir T, Jin L, Tsui JH, Qing Q, Suo Z, Langer R, Kohane DS, Lieber CM. Macroporous nanowire nanoelectronic scaffolds for synthetic tissues. Nat Mater. 2012 Nov;11(11):986-94. doi: 10.1038/nmat3404. Epub 2012 Aug 26. PMID: 22922448; PMCID: PMC3623694):

“3D macroporous [flexible and free standing nanoelectronic scaffolds] (nanoES) mimic the structure of natural tissue scaffolds, and they were formed by self-organization of coplanar reticular networks with built-in strain and by manipulation of 2D mesh matrices,” Lieber continued. Presumably, the “build-in strain” is caused by the aforementioned 1.1 degree shift in electronic structure dissonance resulting in electronic field generation. This best explains the graphene matrix’s ability to send and receive biodata.

“NanoES exhibited robust electronic properties and have been used alone or combined with other biomaterials as biocompatible extracellular scaffolds for 3D culture of neurons, cardiomyocytes and smooth muscle cells,” Lieber explained. “Furthermore, we show the integrated sensory capability of the nanoES by real-time monitoring of the local electrical activity within 3D nanoES/cardiomyocyte constructs, the response of 3D-nanoES-based neural and cardiac tissue models to drugs, and distinct pH changes inside and outside tubular vascular smooth muscle constructs.”

Given these bio-electronic impacts on the “neural and cardiac tissue,” with concommitant “pH changes” acidifying “inside and outside” blood vessels, it is most reasonable to consider reported increases in “cardiovascular and haematological complications following COVID‐19 vaccination” damaging “at least 2567 cases” reviewed by Al-Ali, et. al., in 2022 Feb; 26(3): 636–653. (See: Cardiovascular and haematological events post COVID‐19 vaccination: A systematic review.)

Applicable to the “transhumanist” field of research and developments, Lieber’s group concluded: “These results open up a new field of research, wherein nanoelectronics are merged with biological systems in 3D thereby providing broad opportunities, ranging from a nanoelectronic/tissue platform for real-time pharmacological screening in 3D to implantable ‘cyborg’ tissues enabling closed-loop monitoring and treatment of diseases. Furthermore, the capability of high density scale-up of the above extra- and intracellular nanoscopic probes for action potential recording provide important tools for large-scale high spatio-temporal resolution electrical neural activity mapping in both 2D and 3D, which promises to have a profound impact on many research areas, including the mapping of activity within the brain.

Graphene Electro-dynamics and the Antidote

As corroborated by Hu, Zhou et. al., water acts like a super-conductor of sound and light energy, and can be used to drive changes in graphene morphology and chemistry, restoring biological function for normal cell, tissue, and whole organism growth and development. (See: Hu X, Zhou M and Zhou Q.  Ambient Water and Visible-Light Irradiation Drive Changes in Graphene Morphology, Structure, Surface Chemistry, Aggregation, and Toxicity Environmental Science & Technology2015496, 3410-3418.)

In that study, “the fundamental effects of ambient water and visible-light irradiation on the properties and toxicity of graphene were established. Summarily, “this work revealed that hydration and irradiation result[s] in the transformation of [high electro-dynamic] large-sheet graphene to [low electro-conductive] long-ribbon graphene.” Thereby, the capacity of the electronic circuitry to operate is reduced and eventually extinguished, enabling a return to normalcy–natural growth and development of cells and tissues.

Hu et. al. studied algae containing chlorophyll–the 528nm resonating pigment outputting oxygen from plants. Here and elsewhere, algae was shown to grow faster and far better than controls when the humic antidote to graphene nanolayers was applied. The graphene 2D and 3D layers developed holes, degraded, and formed dysfunctional ribbons following exposure to peroxidase enzyme in humus. This antidote reduced the electronic reception and transmission of biodata through graphene. (Ibid.)

After the humus and perosidase enzymes reduced graphene matrix stability, Li X and Hu X, et. al. found that humic acid also alleviated the toxicity of electron-reduced graphene oxide in microalgae; in chlorophyll a and b; and in wheat shoots. (See: Li X, Yan Y and Hu X, et. al. Humic acids alleviate the toxicity of reduced graphene oxide modified by nanosized palladium in microalgae. Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety 2022, 241 , 113794. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ecoenv.2022.113794)

In the above graphics, the additional antidote impact of higher (more alkaline) pH is substantial. Other studies confirm that anti-oxidant peroxidase enzyme activity contained in humus substantially degraded and eliminated the ribbon toxicity. The anti-oxidant piezo-electronics of the treatment of water, light, and high pH on oxidated graphine formed graphine oxide that reduced toxicity in the algae and other organisms.

Oxides were formed through the generation of singlet oxygen and its impact on the graphene layers. “The thickness of the treated graphene decreased . . . In addition, hydration and irradiation resulted in greater disorder in the graphene structure and in the expansion of the d-spacing of the structure due to the introduction of water molecules and modifications of the functional groups.” (Ibid.)

These results strongly encourage the therapeutic use of water, 528 wave-frequency irradiation, and mild biosonic stimulation. Each of these elements contributed to the increased anti-oxidant activity observed, and general immunity. The alkalinity concentrated oxidative (negatively-charged) electrons undoing the graphene layering and tubular matrix structuring.

“Oxidative modifications with two-stage (fast and low) kinetics enhanced the number of negative surface charges on the graphene” and enhanced graphene aggregation–that accompanied destabilization and reduction of graphene electro-kinetics. (Ibid.)

“The above property alterations reduced the nanotoxicity of graphene to algal cells by reducing the generation of reactive oxygen species, diminishing protein carbonylation and decreasing tail DNA.”

Genetic damage and antigenic protein synthesis prompting allergic reactions and auto-immune diseases would be expected to decline as a result of the this antidote, that includes good hydration, light and sound ‘good vibrations,’ and alkalization opposing graphene intoxication.

It has also been established that the humic soil peroxidase enzyme supplies rich amounts of electrons. Quoting from Chapter 7 of Humic Substances in Terrestrial Ecosystems by Nannipieri, Sequi and Fusi (1996, Pages 293-328). As explained by Nanipieri, et. al.:

A level of extracellular enzyme activity exists in soil. Enzymes secreted by living cells during normal cell activity, leaked from extant cells, or released from lysed cells, are . . . adsorbed by soil colloids or inglobated by humic molecules. . . . The extraction of humus–enzyme complexes from soil in good yields is obtained with solutions employed in extracting humic substances. The intrinsically high electron density of inorganic colloids masks the enzyme reaction product, while the humus material nonspecifically adsorbs the trapping agent becoming electron-dense.”

Accordingly, the “electron-dense” humus serves to neutralize the acidic graphene bioelectronics. And once the degraded layers of the graphene implant (and resulting less-toxic ribbons) are bio-energetically deactivated, zeolite can be used to chelate and purge the toxic graphene metabolites. Zeolite can then be helpful in restoring normalcy.

Zeolite has been shown to electrostatically combine with graphene oxide to varying degrees based on pH. The higher the pH, the better the attraction, resulting in better detoxification and elimination. (See: Silva MR, Lecus A and Garman D, et. al. Graphene-oxide loading on natural zeolite particles for enhancement of adsorption properties. RSC Adv., 2020, 10, 4589.)

Whole Body Impacts of Graphene Requiring the ‘Antidote’

In 2017, Zhou Q and Hu X published extensive evidence of rice roots’ responses to “systemic stress” produced by graphene oxide at different pH measures. As pH rose, with more alkalizing electrons available in the environment, the “zeta potential” energy transmissions from the graphene oxide diminished. That means the capacity of graphene oxide to damage the root cells subsided.

These investigators measured every major metabolic pathway and electrogenic outcome of graphene poisoning on the rice roots. This included the hydrodynamic impact of the potentially toxic exposure to graphene on cell membrane hydroporons–the water gateways regulating good hydration.

These processes and damaging impacts are critical in the assessment and viability of using graphene in the hydrogel matrix of vaccines. Add to this the risk to civilization of infusing graphene bioelectronic devices in ‘transhumans.’ (Zho Q and Hu X. Systemic Stress and Recovery Patterns of Rice Roots in Response to Graphene Oxide Nanosheets. Environmental Science & Technology 2017514, 2022-2030).

Compounding these findings, Hu X, Ouyang S and Zhou Q, et. al. found that nanotoxicity measued by inhibition of cell divisions of Chlorella vulgaris increased up to 15% after 96 hours of measuring. (See: Effects of Graphene Oxide and Oxidized Carbon Nanotubes on the Cellular Division, Microstructure, Uptake, Oxidative Stress, and Metabolic Profiles. Environmental Science & Technology  20154918, 10825-10833. Publication Date (Web):August 21, 2015DOI: 10.1021/acs.est.5b0210)

Mu. L, Gao U and Hu X. Characterization of Biological Secretions Binding to Graphene Oxide in Water and the Specific Toxicological Mechanisms. Environmental Science & Technology20165016, 8530-8537 (Article) Publication Date (Web):July 15, 2016DOI: 10.1021/acs.est.6b02494) studied changes in apparent toxicity registered by small organic molecules, proteins, nucleotides and mucopolysaccharides from secretions in zebrafish culture water bound to graphene oxide nanosheets (GONS). They compared this date with similar bioelectronic devices coated with natural cellular secretions (GOBS). They found that biological secretions adjacent graphene oxide nanosheets (GONS) produced substantially more toxicity.

GOBS with smaller lateral sizes exhibited more negative surface charges indicating the loss of electron energy and local acidification. (Ibid.)

Quoting these researchers, “GOBS triggered higher toxicity than GONS, such as death, malformation, upregulation of β-galactosidase and loss in mitochondrial membrane potential of zebrafish embryos.” The “specific mechanisms of the adverse effects” (in the GOBS covered embryos) included lowered oxygen and ion exchange. (Ibid.)

Final Considerations Regarding 528 Frequency Therapeutics and the Humic Acid Antidote to Graphene Bioelectric Toxicity

As mentioned, humic substances are produced by microorganisms in soil and include isolates like peat, coal, and water. One recognized natural health humic by-product is fulvic acid prescribed for diabetes and chronic inflammatory diseases. (Winkler J and Shosh S. Therapeutic Potential of Fulvic Acid in Chronic Inflammatory Diseases and Diabetes. 2018; 2018: 5391014. Published online 2018 Sep 10. doi: 10.1155/2018/5391014) As the diagram below indicates, variable pH of the water used to dissolve humic and fulvic acid in natural health products (“NHPs”) greatly impacts solubility and capacity of the water to carry micronutrients into cells. Like graphene size and thickness impacts electrodynamics and anti-oxidant activity, so does water, especially “structured water” manufactured to resonate the 528 (anti-oxidant) frequency. (Op. cit., Babayi and Riaz, Journal of Addiction Research and Therapy: The Effects of 528Hz Sound Waves to Reduce Cell Death in Human Astrocyte Primary Cell Cultures Treated with Ethanol, Vol 84, 2017

As depicted in the charts and photos below, humic acid from humus combines with graphene to significantly protect the growth and development of wheat roots, chlorophyll, and algae. These test subjects are each rich in 528 frequency resonating light, color and bioacoustic vibrations. This is apparent in these test subjects’ greenish-yellow ‘heart-of-the-rainbow’ color. This data shows that the graphene toxin stunts the growth and development of these natural photosynthetic biomolecules. Compared to the control group of wheat roots, humic acid reversed the stunting of growth caused by graphene that especially damages chlorophyll at greater concentrations such as 200mg/L. (Op. cit. Hu, Mu and Zhou. 2014)

Figure S4. Phytotoxicity of graphene, graphene-humic acid ( (HA), humic acid, and active carbon. (a) Graphene influences the growth and development of wheat. (b) Graphene alters chlorophyll synthesis and antioxidase activity. The number after the letter is the concentration (mg/L); thus, G2 and HA 100 represents graphene 2 mg/L and humic acid 100 mg/L. Black and pink “*” synbols indicate that the differences are significant compared to the control and graphene 200 mg/L samples, respectively. Significant level, P<0.05. Units of biochemical parameters: germination rate, 0-1 representing 0-100%; fresh weight of wheat, g: C21 mg/g; germinal average length, cm; root average length, cm: MDA, mg/g; SOD, U/mg/protein; CAT, U/g/protein; POD, U/mg/protein. HA, humic acid; AC, active carbon; MDA, malondialdehyde; SOD, superoxide dismutase,; POD peroxidase.
Figure S5. Images of wheat exposed to water (control), active carbon (AC) graphene and graphene-HA. The contents of HA and graphene are 100mg/L and 200mg/L in HA-Graphene groups, respectively. HA, humic acid.


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