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“If viruses don’t exist what are these people doing in the ‘gain-of-function’ field?”

The video recording linked above is not found on YouTube. It was recorded by the legal team investigating COVID to obtain facts and discern fiction. It is well worth viewing. It sets the stage for the well written brief article published below written by a leading ‘virus denier’ and activist, Mike Singer, who has given us reprint permission.

This debate is crucial to more than the legitimacy of medicine and therapeutic science, but also to civilization’s sustainability. Whether pathogenic viruses actually exist as the cause of the diseases heralded by the medical world and scientific establishment is the focus of this debate. This scholarly video segment and discussion features Dr. Andrew Kaufman, Dr. Stephan Lanka, Dr. Riener Fuellmich, and members of the official investigating legal team that is challenging governments and their health officials in opposing the fraud surrounding the “COVID genocide”.

Mike Singer dutifully asks whether or not deadly media deceptions complicit with officials’ fraud and crimes against humanity are the root cause of civilization’s suffering from COVID, AIDS and other diseases proclaimed to arise from viral pathogenesis. He draws on substantial research and evidence, best presented by Dr. Kaiufman (as summarized in the linked video), arguing that the SARS-COVID “virus” has never been earnestly isolated nor tested in accordance with Koch’s postulates and legitimate science.

Beyond this scientific challenge to the existence of pathogenic viruses lies the dilemma of causation. What, if not viruses, is causing all the illnesses alleged to be transmitted by viruses? The linked video touches upon multiple (multidisciplinary) risk factors that undoubtedly contribute to “communicable diseases.” These include psychogenic contributors; stress and distress; drug side effects; and more.

I raise the specter of “consciousness” as one such co-factor risking civilization’s existence. Dr. Lanka posits that psycho-social triggers, and even metaphysical/spiritual/bioelectric factors, have been determined to play significant roles in transmitting communicable diseases. Without properly diagnosing the root causes of such illnesses that bring pain and suffering, safe and effective treatments are precluded.

What follows is author Singer’s honorable challenge to politicians and members of the press.


Dr. Leonard Horowitz has demonstrated… PROVEN… that the most notorious diseases known to humanity, which are predicated upon the existence of “viruses,” were created in laboratories. His work and conclusions are validated by Department of Defense documents, pharmaceutical contracts, a 500 page book by Military Intelligence Officer, William Cooper, titled: Behold A Pale Horse, and Dr. David Martin’s 200 page “Anthony Fauci Dossier.”

The aforementioned individuals and resources PROVE that AIDS, Ebola, hepatitis, influenza,, COVID, monkey pox, etc. are lab-manufactured diseases that were created to depopulate the Earth, while simultaneously generating billions of dollars in government funding and profits for the mad men who seek to sustain and perpetuate this murderous profiteering Industry. Investigative journalists, like Amazing Polly, Jon Rappaport, James Roguski, and Dr. David Martin, have uncovered and revealed that much of the government funding and profits is unaccounted for and untraceable. Laws have been put into place by politicians disallowing the auditing of financial records. Aside from facilitating depopulation and profits, these manufactured diseases, i.e., bio weapons, enable politicians to stage “pandemics” that open the door for governments to deprive Men and Women of their God-given Inalienable Rights based upon bogus assertions that public health and safety is at risk.

The Big Virus Hoax

Dr. Leonard Horowitz, along with the names and resources above, has done a spectacular job of proving that diseases, i.e., bio weapons, are created in laboratories. But this conclusion is based upon the mainstream premise and narrative that alleged and so-called “viruses” are used to facilitate the manufacture of said diseases. This presents a unique conundrum. No alleged and so-called “virus” as an “invasive, infectious, contagious, microbial creature” has ever been scientifically proven to exist. No such “creature” has EVER been isolated, purified, set aside, and presented as a specimen. The absence of such a specimen also negates, nullifies, and discredits any claim of “invasive and contagious” properties, which could only be proven by administering such an isolated and purified “specimen,” “creature” or “particle” into a healthy animal or person. Dr. Horowitz acknowledges that none of these diseases that are based upon alleged and so-called “viruses” existed prior to the 1970s. He concurs they did not exist prior to government funding and laboratory efforts to create them. He asserts these diseases were created by utilizing “viruses” despite steadfast assertions and conclusions made by a great many scientists, doctors, virologists, and health practitioners that there are no such things as “viruses.” A partial and growing list of such individuals includes: Dr. T.C. Fry, Dr. Tom Cowan, Dr. Andrew Kaufman, Dr. Jennifer Daniels, Dr. Nancy Turner Banks, Dr. Stefan Lanka, Dr. Amandha Vollmer, Tom Barnett, Steve Falconer, Steve Stone, Alec Zeck, Mike Donio, Dawn Lester & David Parker, and MANY others. This is problematic.

In no way does this problem negate, nullify, or discredit the work that has been done by Dr. Leonard Horowitz, or any of the other names and sources referenced above. It simply means a better explanation must be provided for precisely what they are doing in these laboratories. How, specifically, are they going about creating their bio weapons? The most significant statement Dr. Horowitz has made is that none of these diseases or ” viruses” existed prior to the 1970s. Given the FACTS that they were creating diseases in laboratories and no alleged and so-called “virus” has EVER been proven to exist, the clear suggestion and obvious conclusion is that there are no “viruses”… there only exists what they are manufacturing in laboratories. We know what they are manufacturing: diseases, i.e., bio weapons. How are they manufacturing them? What are they using to manufacture them? What elements are used? What processes are involved? These are important questions if “viruses’ DO NOT EXIST.

Even if “Synthetic Biological Agents” have been created in laboratories, that does not mean that “viruses” exist. It MUST be clarified and made known just EXACTLY what a “Synthetic Biological Agent” is, IF SUCH A THING DOES EXIST. We know that biology represents life and man CANNOT create life. Only The Creator Lord God Almighty can do that. The whole point is that they are using the CONCEPT of “viruses” to make people think some “invasive, infectious, contagious, microbial creature” exists in nature so they can go about endeavoring to reduce the Earth’s population with their manmade disease-causing bio weapons. What are they? How are they made? What elements are used? What processes are involved? These are the most important questions of our time if natural “viruses” do NOT exist? Senator Rand Paul even stated in his dialogue with Anthony Fauci, which was most likely scripted: “You are creating viruses not found in nature.” WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT MEAN? “Viruses” not found in nature? Clearly, they are creating something that does not exist in nature in order to put on PLANNED “pandemics” (plandemics). Such lab-manufactured disease-causing bio weapons are either being dispersed in our atmosphere via the obvious aerosol injections millions of people are aware of called “chemtrails,” as well as placed into our food and water supplies. Or, they are simply using the media-driven CONCEPT of “viruses” and “pandemics” to coerce people into receiving vaccines whereby they may be injected with their disease, illness, and death causing bio weapons. This MUST be gotten to the bottom of!

If the narrative for the manufacturing of diseases, i.e., bio weapons, is based upon the existence and utilization of alleged and so-called “viruses,” but numerous scientists, doctors, virologists, and well-informed health practitioners concur there are no such things as “viruses”… then several questions arise for both sides. Both sides MUST be scrutinized to arrive at the Truth. We MUST arrive at the Truth because there are people on both sides of the argument who concur they are creating diseases, i.e., bio weapons, in laboratories as a means of depopulating the Earth… murdering people… while simultaneously profiteering.

I have a recently acquired friend who is a staunch proponent of Dr. Horowitz. He is a man who was diagnosed as having AIDS 20 years ago and believes everything Dr. Horowitz has written in his book: Emerging Viruses. He claims that people like Dr. Andrew Kaufman, Dr. Tom Cowan, Dr. Stefan Lanka and the many others referenced above who herald “viruses do not exist” are LIARS and disinformation agents working for the CIA. That is understandable given his condition and the grief he has had to endure over the past 20 years as an AIDS patient. I pointed out to him: “The pharmaceutical industry has a multi-billion-dollar motivation and incentive to promote the CONCEPT of ‘viruses.’ It is the basis for trillions of dollars in industry across the education, medical, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries.” I asked him: “What incentive or advantage is there for anyone to herald the FACT and reality that there are no such things as ‘viruses’?” He acknowledged that the industries I referenced all have financial motivations and incentives to promote the CONCEPT of “viruses.” Then he surmised: “To confuse people with misinformation.” I asked him: “What if the CONCEPT of ‘viruses’ is ‘misinformation’?”

Pfizer COVID Vaccine

After pondering our conversation for a couple of days it dawned on me that one possible benefit to heralding misinformation and creating confusion for people by promoting the idea that “viruses” do NOT exist IF THEY DO would be to keep people’s eyes and minds off the fact that they are creating diseases and bio weapons in laboratories for purposes of depopulating the Earth while simultaneously profiting in the billions of dollars. This would keep people focused on the debate of “viruses” vs “no viruses” rather than looking into and exposing the crime of creating diseases and bio weapons for use upon humanity at large. There does seem to be a bit of neglect on the part of those who herald “viruses do not exist” from looking into the manufacturing of diseases and bio weapons. They essentially assert there is no need to look into that since “viruses” do not exist. They assert there is no such thing as a natural disease since there is no natural biological source for any known disease. They focus on how it is all about what you consume, what you eat, what you drink, and how you treat your body that causes illness. That is definitely a recipe for not looking into the manufacturing of diseases and bio weapons in laboratories, despite the overwhelming abundance of evidence that PROVES such is taking place. Having said that, there are people in the “there are no ‘viruses'” camp who concur that harmful disease-causing bio weapons are being created in laboratories. They just assert that they are strictly chemical in nature. I concur. But this needs to be PROVEN. Again, the Truth about what they are creating in laboratories and how they are going about it MUST be made known.

Ultimately, the assertion, statement, or position taken by people who claim “viruses” do not exist can be interpreted one of two ways: 1.) They simply do not exist at all. PERIOD. There is no such thing as a “virus.” END OF DISCUSSION. 2.) They exist as benign and harmless particles in the body that defy any assertion that a new “pandemic” has arisen as a result of some new or mutated “virus.” The only things causing any “pandemic” are diseases, i.e., bio weapons, that are created in laboratories and introduced into humans through vaccines, if not also through respiratory inhalation of aerosol injections in the atmosphere and our food and water supplies.

While the work of the many scientists, doctors, virologists, and health practitioners who herald “viruses do not exist” or “viruses do not cause disease” is sensible, reasonable, logical, scientifically sound, and should be applauded, the work and efforts of people like Dr. Leonard Horowitz and Dr. David Martin who have exposed the FACT and reality that diseases and bio weapons are being created in laboratories for the express purpose of depopulating the Earth while simultaneously profiteering with that venture trumps all discussion.

This article was authored by Mike Singer from TheBigVirusHoax.com


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