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Hawaii Ballistic Missile Threat: Simple “Mistake” or Military Neuroscience PSYOPS?

Expert Analysis of Hawaii Ballistic Missile Threat Concludes it was Either a “Hack” or “Deep State” Nuclear PSYOPS for Studying Social Reactions and Driving Political and Commercial Agendas




Sherri Kane with

Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz


(Honolulu, HI; 1-13-18) A young mother tearfully clutches her newborn as her defenseless military officer husband hugs the two for a final prayer. Panicked drivers speed by Queens Hospital. One runs a red light nearly striking a truck. A young man, in a dazed state of remorse from the Hawaii ballistic missile threat calls his parents to declare his love and thankfulness with only minutes to live. An elderly patient with a heart condition and high blood pressure suffers angina and faints, so distressed that the Hawaii ballistic missile alert appeared on her cell phone. Students and faculty at the University of Hawaii flee for their lives. Across town as a hotel security officer calmly walks to the hot pool to ask two vacationers to vacate in lieu of the “INCOMING” nuclear bomb. They both broke down in tears before dripping back to their room.

Hawaii Ballistic Missile Threat alert that appeared on cell phones at 8:07AM on 1-13-18.

These public reactions to the “BALLISTIC MISSILE THREAT INBOUND TO HAWAII” evidence a world engulfed in cyber-warfare, “fake news,” and overall madness. It is totally unreasonable and unconscionable that society would permit two alleged mad men on two sides of the Pacific to threaten the world with nuclear Armageddon. You would need to be a total criminal psychopath to aid-and-abet in any way this crisis, or exonerate its perpetrators.

Waking-up to Your Last Minutes on Earth

The Hawaii ballistic missile threat emergency alert was broadcast at 8:07 a.m., and not corrected as a “False Alarm” until 8:46. I reported this fact on KWAI 1080AM in Honolulu at 9:10AM that morning. Dr. Horowitz and I were preparing for the studio interview at the time the so-called “mistake” happened. Enroute to the station we called authorities to no avail. Civil defense officials were clueless and swamped with calls.

Civil Defense officials in the Honolulu Police Department had no knowledge of who or what “pushed the wrong button.” They thought they had control over the state’s “early warning” system that relies on cyber-security. At least, they believed, they would be well-informed if and when the feds might need to intervene in public health and safety, or run a ‘real life’ “drill.”

Was it a hacker? Was it someone accessing the system through the CIA’s headquarters in Langley? Did Booz Allen Hamilton serving National Security in Honolulu broadcast the warning? Or was it Homeland Security messing-up a test? State and federal officials claimed ignorance long after the 39 minutes of sheer panic that continued to damage citizens in Hawaii hours later.

“Can I come out of my bunker now?” asked a cell-phone caller to the station minutes after The Source Naturals Radio Show began, at 9:10. “Yes. I do believe you are safe now,” Bob, the engineer kindly advised the distressed listener.

“There can only be one of two possible explanations,” wrote J.T. Kong to KWAI midway through the show. Kong, the scholarly co-investigator of The Las Vegas Deep State Massacre e-book, was at Honolulu International Airport at the time the Hawaii ballistic missile threat appeared on everyone’s cell phones. Kong posted: “The first explanation is hacking. The second is a social experiment called a PSYOPS, short for a psychological operation.”

Curiously, The Source Naturals Radio Show hosted by Damian and Karen Paul, and sponsored by their store in Kailua, HI (where Past-President Obama vacations), scheduled us for the broadcast month ago. Dubbed “The HOROKANE” for our controversial celebrity, we planned to discuss The Las Vegas Deep State Massacre. Fresh from our three month investigation of that terrifying tragedy on October 1, 2017, Dr. Horowitz, an award-winning author, filmmaker, and world leading independent intelligence industry analyst provided most of the unprecedented discussion on the show. Hawaii citizens were freaking out during the crisis, and distressed callers phoned in for emotional support and explanations.

Click this image or the link below to play the radio show archive.


The “Wrong Button” Excuse Arrived From China Through the UK

According to the Chinese owned Daily Mail in the UK, “the false alarm was caused by a Hawaii Emergency Management Agency employee who ‘pushed the wrong buttons’ during an internal drill timed to coincide with a shift handover at 8.07am. The all-clear phone alert was not sent until 38 minutes later.”

“Incredibly, officials said the employee who made the mistake wasn’t aware of it until mobile phones in the command center began displaying the alert.” That is, seconds after the idiot supposedly pushed the wrong button.

‘This guy feels bad, right. He’s not doing this on purpose – it was a mistake on his part and he feels terrible about it,’ said EMA Administrator Vern Miyagi in a press conference Saturday afternoon.

With all the millions of dollars spent on this emergency response system, it is unreasonable to claim this fool, or fall “guy,” could not have cancelled the alert and corrected the message faster than two-thirds of an hour later.

But that is the mass media’s claim at the time of this writing. “The Hawaii emergency management officials . . . noted the obvious need for a better way to recall accidental messages,” wrote Issie Lapowsky  for WIRED at 6:14 PM.

Outrageous! According to such reports it took 38 minutes for state and federal officials at FEMA to agree on the protocol to send out a three word message : “FALSE MISSILE ALERT.”

Common Sense Questions

The official excuse doesn’t make much sense because cell phones sounded the alert 39 minutes before this “guy” administered the correction. If he really felt so terrible, it is unconscionable for him to have permitted 39 minutes of terror to have distressed and damaged the general population of Hawaii for anything other than an unprecedented social experiment in the public’s response to a “real” nuclear threat. In fact, this most valuable intelligence was precisely required for military neuroscientists addressing a planned CDC conference scheduled for three days later. (1)

Alternatively, if that “guy” actually was an idiot, it shows the State of Hawaii hires idiots, total incompetents, to push the government’s two most important switches. It shows how dysfunctional our civil defense and governmental security systems are in the wake of a ballistic missile threat. And it shows how taxpayers have been defrauded into believing our security systems are viable. It shows how vulnerable we are to those on government payrolls administering “preparedness” and “defense strategies.” It shows the most advanced technologies and communications systems are susceptible to idiot errors. And it shows we are not protected from ego-maniacs targeting any American city with a nuclear missile. It shows that all nuclear weapons MUST be banned immediately by every nation in accordance with World Beyond War justifications and common sense.

Certainly, the single “guy” was not the only responsible party. The North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) must have known about this horrible mistake by 8:08AM. Their officials have cell phones, and they are supposed to be in steady contact with Hickam Air Force Base at Pearl Harbor. That Joint Base Pearl Harbor–Hickam organization serves the Pacific Air Forces (PACAF) that load planes with nuclear bombs that are supposed to be airborne within a few minutes of an alert coordinated with the Strategic Air Command (SAC).

On several occasions during the 1970s and 80s these groups made mistakes administering false alarms. Surely by 2018 they would have nearly instant access to false alarm correction systems linking federal and state emergency response personnel and their communications systems. Why did it take these forces nearly an hour to respond? Likewise with the Federal Emergency Management Agency, FEMA.

So the official excuse–the single “guy” at the switch–seems ridiculous, outrageous, certainly unreasonable, especially when compared with the social PSYOPS thesis and the news media’s abuse of the public for months prior to this event. As the unprecedented Star Advertiser image shown below evidences, covert interests launched this attack against peaceful enjoyment of life and property in Hawaii months ago.

The Media is the Message Making the Money

The “idiot” had less motive to flip the wrong switch than those in the corporate-controlled media reporting this ridiculous excuse that conceals the obvious PSYOPS. Investigating the Star Advertiser, for example, for clear and present motives for frightening the public so criminally, this most circulated news organization in Hawaii is owned by David Black, previously with the Hearst Corporation. In 2014-15, Black merged assets with Glacier Media Inc. Glacier’s major shareholders include the Bissett group, including Franklin Bissett Microcap A and FaithLife Cdn Small Cap Equity.

These, in turn, are controlled by J.P. Morgan Bank Canada, a branch of the J.P. Morgan Chase enterprise that is HEAVILY invested in the defense industry.

And not only is this concealed conflicting interest disgusting, this criminal enterprise openly advertises the financial benefits to their investors of destabilizing Asian-American relations and generating the “bullish” military markets that will profit stockholders, depending on global and regional disputes inflamed by their media and political puppets, as advertised HERE and in the graphic below.

Identifying the political puppets bribed to go along with this “white collar organized crime” and racketeering enterprise is also not hard. The main politicians controlling Hawaii and the citizens here feature Democratic State Senator Roselyn Baker, exposed by Dr. Horowitz and I earlier on JudicialCorruptionNews.com for her $250,000 in payoffs concealed from the Campaign Finance Committee. The Blackrock “iShares” bribe came through the state’s leading lobbyists–George A. Morris and John H Radcliff of Capitol Consultants. This matter, that the election committee whitewashed, has been stonewalled by the State’s Ethics Committee since 2015.

“How is it that we have allowed this small subset of people on this planet to control us?” Kong blogged. “What does this say about society?”

“This is the fruit of their will, and our silence, since We The People simply accept their stories, propaganda, and agendas. “If you follow them, you will surely die.” That message came loud and clear today through every cell phone in Hawaii.”

What keeps people locked, like hypnotized deer in headlights, is the “evil obedience” Dr. Vernon Neppe details. His work is introduced below.  If the masses awakened, we could save ourselves and civilization. (2)

Today, Hawaiian citizens were forced to confront their death. This was the fruit of the demons’ labor aided-and-abetted by evil obedience.  What can and must be done most urgently is a popular peaceful uprising of citizen/consumers ousting the devildoers from office, politics, and commerce. Boycotting complicit companies, such as the Star Advertiser; shunning all the local news media that neglects their public duty and First Amendment license to serve people above multinational corporate sponsors; and exposing as best we can the willfully-blind agents within the FBI and law enforcers who are aiding-and-abetting such blatant organized crime for fear of losing their jobs. These people’s jobs are not as valuable as people’s lives or the further of life on earth.

The Art of Military Neuroscience: “Drills” and PSYOPS for Crisis Capitalism

“Follow the money” if you want to discover concealed truths that can set us free. Here, as usual, the wealth flows through a maze of National Security officials and their boardrooms comprised of defense planners and preparedness entrepreneurs. You will find “crisis capitalism” and patented “military neuroscience” applications tested and perfected in this labyrinth of commercial crime.

The “public alert system” that uses, and today abused, the most advanced media persuasion technologies did not fail. Alternatively, it served brilliantly for 39 terrorizing minutes administering a “PSYOPS-like” experiment. This observation best fits the facts.

And with this Hawaii ballistic missile threat we see common links to other terrorizing events. Today’s “drill” extended a pattern of Deep State “drills”–organized criminal “exercises” compounding for years according many experts, including Dr. Horowitz.

In the recorded-live broadcast (playable by clicking HERE) Dr. Horowitz compared the Las Vegas and Hawaii frights, including the fact that both events occurred contemporaneously with federal “drills.” The Las Vegas shootings occurred during a Department of Homeland Security “exercise.” This best explained police and citizens’ reports of shootings at hotels other than the Mandalay Bay along the strip. The Hawaii ” BALLISTIC MISSILE THREAT ” happened only three (3) days before the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) planned to stage a training session on January 16, titled “Public Health Response to a Nuclear Detonation.”(1) The false alert obviously provided some “real life” data.

“The Washington Post published in 2000 that the CIA oversees the CDC’s activities in matters risking national security and public health,” Dr. Horowitz, a Harvard-trained public health expert explained. “The so called ‘Deep State’ involving government officials in the intelligence and national security communities are heavily implicated in this kind of ‘crisis capitalism’ that profitably drives legislation, security technology markets, and defense contracts enriching ‘retired’ government officials that converted their connections and intelligence into private corporations thriving by media-driven fears and ‘evil obedience.'”

The Consequences of “Evil Obedience”

The phrase evil obedience was coined by Dr. Vernon Neppe. Professor Neppe is among America’s leading forensic psychiatrists. He has built a career by classifying types of mental illness for government prosecutors, insurers, and physicians. And he has published the definitive report on good and evil in psychiatry and society. He happened to visit Honolulu two weeks ago when I interviewed him on his latest research. (3)

Dr. Neppe concluded that “evil obedience” extends throughout our culture, as evidenced by people submitting to damaging politicians and manipulative agendas.(3) He used Nazi Germany as an example since frightened people obedient to Hitler justified WWII by reason of media propaganda. The citizens obeyed the Third Reich, and thereby contributed to the Holocaust. This evil obedience is akin to widespread “willful-blindness” in society. We see but act blind to the injustices aroud us. This justifies a separate category of mental illness, according to Dr. Neppe, called “evil obedience.”

Honolulu Star Advertiser article published four months before the “Hawaii Ballistic Missile Threat” driving calls for massive defense spending.

The Hawaii ballistic missile threat gave “military neuroscientists” a perfect opportunity to study this “psychosocial pathology” of evil obedience.

In other words, agents applying military neuroscience best explain this one more in a series of Deep State PSYOPS.

We’re not blaming victims, but if you study Dr. Neppe’s reasonable conclusions you would have to conclude the vast majority of society is obedient to evil. And this mental illness is worse than simple ignorance and negligence. Evil obedience is a level of criminal insanity where people don’t even realize their ‘willful-blindness,’ fear, arrogance, and denialist state of hypnosis compounds and aids-and-abets society’s damage, distress, citizens’ premature death, and many types of diseases.(3)

“What we are warned,” reported Emily Stewart for Vox, “given the rising tensions between the United States and North Korea, the [CDC’s January 16th nuclear] event seems eerily well-timed. The “grand rounds,” as they’re called, will focus on what federal, state, and local public health programs have done to prepare for a nuclear detonation. The event is aimed at health professionals, but members of the public will be able to watch via livestream.”

The CDC has been under attack by the President, who appears to be at war with the Deep State; while the CDC’s justification for the January 16th “grand rounds” has been the “nuclear detonation” threatened by Kim and Trump. So the Hawaii ballistic missile threat appears to be a perfectly timed PSYOPS. The January 13th alert evidences a classic ‘wag-the-dog’ military neuroscience experiment not only to support the CDC by helping to justify its existence, but it also gives the conference more importance, better attendance, and the government officials something to talk about with ‘real life’ data from the ‘real world’ driving new commercial security markets. Under these circumstances it is most suspicious that the CDC cancelled this event two days before the Hawaii “mistake.” (1)

“A spokesperson for the agency said planning for the event ha[d] been underway for months — in fact, since CDC officials took part in a “radiation/nuclear incident exercise” led by the Federal Emergency Management Agency last April, Kathy Harben [of the CDC] said in an email.” Also, curiously, the “Wayback Machine” record of December 31, 2017 was struck, precluding us from identifying the FEMA speaker(s) who had booked their flights to-and-from the conference.

“Now we can view the Hawaii ballistic missile threat within a clear pattern of deadly racketeering activities facilitating political agendas,” Dr. Horowitz added. “We published this pattern of ‘crisis capitalism’ first with the Gulf War, then with the Gulf Oil Disaster, then with the Ebola Emergency of 2014, then with the Paris Attacks of 2015, then the Las Vegas Massacre in 2017, and now with the Hawaii “mistake” in 2018. In each one we evidenced financial and political motives giving ‘probable cause’ for law enforcers at the FBI and Justice Department to investigate and arrest the Deep State players making these deadly moves. But instead, all we got was ‘silence,’ diversions or ‘fake news,’ permitting the organized criminals to continue to expand their ‘crisis capitalism’ damaging, distressing, and killing people.” (4)

“I believe at this point,” it was a PSYOPS, Dr. Horowitz said during the riveting KWAI broadcast. “And although the truth about this ballistic missile threat needs to be investigated and those responsible disciplined, a lot of good may come out of this.”

Dr. Horowitz, the award-winning author and filmmaker of many controversial works; who survived a number of death threats said, “The kind of work that we do, we are forced to come to terms with our mortality, like everyone in Hawaii was forced to do today. The bottom-line message of ‘I love you,’ coupled with a sudden urge to pray to God for salvation, are the two most common reactions to immanent death. Perhaps the military neuroscientists addressing the CDC’s audience in a couple of days will make this point clear, and apply it to do some good.”

The doctor concluded, “I don’t know about you, but I enjoy sleep. And the threat of impending death makes you appreciate every moment of life so much more.”

Perhaps this wisdom, and the recorded outcomes of the Hawaii ballistic missile threat, will teach the CDC, and other government officials, this lesson, so their leaders will cease-and-desist stealing people’s precious moments of life to feed their “evil obedience.”




(1) The CDC’s nuclear response conference planned for months and scheduled for January 16, 2017 was cancelled at the “last minute” on January 11, 2017, surely inconveniencing all the scheduled speakers, including military neuroscience experts, and audience members who had purchased airfare well in advance to attend. Given these facts, it is unreasonable to accept the CDC’s official excuse for cancelling the “nuclear grand rounds” in favor of a “flu conference.”

(2) Dr. Neppe’s thesis on “good and evil” in which the psychopathology of “evil obedience” is reasoned is downloaded on a pdf file by clicking: Dr. Neppe’s publication on “Conceptualizing Good in Evil in Psychiatry and Social Groups.”

(3) View Sherri Kane’s impromptu interview of Dr. Neppe at a health conference in Hawaii by clicking HERE.

(4) See also Space Pearl Harbor e-book by Sherri Kane and Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz for the U.S. Air Force’s “connection” to the Thirty Meter Telescope (“TMT”) falsely claimed to have no connection whatsoever to the U.S. military.



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Related to this article, for instance, you may have heard of the political fracas involving certain members of Congress, a high ranking official in the Republican Party, and the mysterious disappearances and abuses of children at “Boys Town” in Nebraska, called “The Franklin Cover-up.” Thanks to Ms. Kane’s heroic investigative reporting, the matter has now been exposed as “The Franklin Double-coverup.”

You may recall the Gulf Oil Crisis, maybe even the extensive coverage Jesse Ventura and TruTV gave to the “Conspiracy Theory” implicating Halliburton, BP, and TransOcean in the intentional explosion and environmental devastation in the Gulf of Mexico. Ms Kane sourced the story and appears on the segment.

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Replies to this Article

Dear Sherri,
. . . .We watched the news for hours afterward seeing films of people removing sewer manhole covers Honolulu and lifting their children down inside to shelter them from the incoming bombs and radiation. UH students running across campus trying to get to their rooms to make one last call to their parents on the mainland to say goodbye and maybe find shelter. Many people did just that. For a little while we were living WWIII here.
You are a part of the fabric of these islands so I want you to know what it was really like. . . .

This was surreal. For about an hour we were in WWIII and faced imminent death. Life is over when you get a message like that. “Oops, sorry” doesn’t begin to wash away what happened as a result. It’s like a branding iron was used to burn this into our souls here. January 13th, 2018, will never be forgotten. We are glad it was a false alarm but I know life has changed here for most people.

In a way we were lucky, the messages didn’t come thru in real time since we are rural and reception is sketchy. So it was pretty much over before we saw them. Still, I will never forget sister coming into the house to find me after waking up to find those messages while I was preparing to go out and do yard work. She asked me to please stay together and hold each other to the end. That is what would have been if the attack were real. We would have no chance of surviving it and we know it. A simple notification of impending death. No shelters out here and we don’t think we would want to remain with everything being destroyed. It was surreal.