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AI, Biotechnolgy and Spirituality: Best Selling Health Science Author Publishes Monumental Warning

Bookcover by Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz


AI, Biotechnology and Spirituality: Best Selling Health Science Author Publishes Monumental Warning

Electronically powered but spiritually deprived, artificial intelligence (“AI”), robotics, and nano-biotechnologies are impacting every aspect of human existence threatening mortality and humanity’s extinction says award-winning science scholar and energy medicine pioneer, Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz, in Spiritual Warfare, Salvation and Survival in The Age of Chaos: AI, Frequency Weaponry, & Transhumanist Conversion of Civilization Threatening Extinction.

“Spirit is energy,” explains the doctor addressing ‘spirituality’ competing against wireless technologies that likewise depend on certain frequencies of sound and light. These subtle metaphysical dynamics alter human biofields, interfere with genetic expression through DNA signaling, and impair natural sustaining forces that strike at the heart of human souls.

These risks are being recklessly neglected by regulators and industrialists as AI, robotics, and nano-neuro-bioelectronic technologies explode commercially in medicine and beyond.

Certain frequencies, such as 528nm green light used in the latest diagnostic and therapeutic devices like smart watches and blood sugar monitors, are math-based message carriers and data-miners. These can be used for good or evil, explains Dr. Horowitz while addressing ‘Spiritual Warfare’ in the ‘Age of Chaos.’ It is widely known that certain music soothes souls while other sounds used in Hollywood films distress people and alter moods.

Transhumanism, or ‘post human’ civilization, is advancing to prosper and empower the world’s wealthiest investors. This too relies on wireless frequency correspondence. Smart cities similarly intertwine AI with Cloud messaging, as does the “brain-Cloud connection” advancing commercially and militarily along with the latest bioelectronic drugs, vaccines, energy weapons, surveillance, and population control methods. Civilization’s ‘1984-like’ conversion to “transhumanism” appears certain, especially impacting spiritual and religious persons more than analysts and policy makers choose to consider.

“That’s why I wrote the book,” Dr. Horowitz explains. “It’s a prophetic warning. Spirituality and the evolution of human consciousness are at risk as AI expands its superior general intelligence and ‘pseudo-consciousness’ that is programmed to be biased, even lie, to compete unfairly against humans.”

Cognitive warfare’ is being used to subdue humans to secure the conversion of civilization into transhumanism. Horowitz evidences these facts while raising many neglected unanswered questions encouraging public dialogue and legislative reforms. As computers and humans increasingly merge, everyone is being vicariously forced to accept this technological revolution impacting ‘evolution of the species,’ ‘survival of the fittest,’ and ‘higher consciousness.’ Appropriately, Horowitz offers critical, species-saving, soul-searching reading.

Dr. Horowitz’s $60.00 hardcover is published by the non-profit Medical Veritas International, Inc. (MedicalVeritas.org), through Amazon/Kindle. Expected release date is January 24, 2024.



“The Definitive text on AI being heartless, malevolent and Evil”

A Monumental Alert

Artificial intelligence (“ AI ”), robotics, and nano-biotechnologies are impacting every aspect of human life, including health and spirituality, as detailed in this monumental text by award-winning science scholar and energy medicine pioneer, Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz.

Author, Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz
Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz

“Biotechnology and spirituality both run on energy,” explains the author of dozens of books with three American bestsellers. “Advancing wireless technologies depends on certain frequencies of energy. Some frequencies, such as 528Hz, harmonize with human hearts and souls, and others, such as 741Hz, vibrate in dissonance causing distress and illness.”

In the ‘post human world’ of AI, robotics, and nano-biotechnologies impacting bioenergy and genetic expressions, far too little attention is being given to the risks; especially to the negative impacts on humanity’s spirituality and spiritual energy that is intertwined with biophysics and the soul of each affected person.

Frequencies are math-based message carriers. Good vibrations or bad ones are used for good and evil. For example, certain music soothes souls. Other sounds influence moods and distress people. Still other frequencies are used in advanced ‘acoustic weapons’. Over the years, certain frequencies have even been identified as helpful or harmful in technologies such as ‘smart watches’ and skin-patch monitors used to diagnose, even treat, diseases. 528Hz frequency–what Dr. Horowitz claims is “pure tone love”–is one such good vibration.

AI, Spirituality, and the ‘Post-human Era’

As wireless technologies in healthcare and even ‘smart cities’ are advancing with AI and Cloud messaging, more and more commercial and military applications are certain. This includes the latest biotechnologies in drugs, vaccines, energy weapons, surveillance technologies, and other population controlling methods assuring civilization’s conversion to “transhumanism” in the ‘post human era’.

All of this impacts society, spirituality, and especially religious persons who are morally ‘conscious.’ And all of this is more than policy makers have considered. Spirituality and the evolution of human consciousness are at risk as AI expands its superior general intelligence and ‘pseudo-consciousness’ that is programmed to be biased to compete unfairly against humans. This is arguably evil.

As new frequency-based technologies are infused into robots that are competing against humans, human nature, and natural evolution of the species, this industry produces energetic dissonance impacting souls aside from people’s livelihoods.

Proponents claim transhumanism will convey greater quality of life, sustainability, and commercial benefits for humanity. Critics counter with unanswered ethical, moral, philosophical, theological, religious, and medical/legal questions.

These topics are critically assessed in Dr. Horowitz’s latest of more than two dozen books.

Here is the chapter outline and topics detailed in: Spiritual Warfare, Salvation and Survival in The Age of Chaos: AI, Frequency Weaponry, & Transhumanist Conversion of Civilization Threatening Extinction.

Chapter 1: Frequency Weapons and Bio-Spiritual Warfare

  • Exploring the Concept of Bio-Spiritual Warfare
  • Multi-dimensional ‘Reality’ and the Metaphysics, Cymatics, Quantum Mechanics, and Embodiment of Music.
  • Spiritual Matters in Physical Realms
  • Bioenergetic Manifestations of Spiritual Battles
  • Pythagorean ‘Mystery School’ Mathematics

Chapter 2: Nano Bioelectronic Technologies for Optimal Population Control

  • Where did this Subversion of Civilization Begin?
  • Where This Subversion is Taking Us
  • Planned Parenthood and Population Control
  • The ‘Final Solution’ in Transhumanism.
  • Bioelectronics and the “Great Global Reset”

Chapter 3: Dangers of Nanobioelecdtronic Devices (“NBDs”): Injecting Artificial Intelligence (AI) Via Vaccinations and Food Supplies

  • Health Dangers of Nano-Particles (“NPs”) and NBDs
  • Socio-Economic Risks of NPs and NBDs
  • Assessing Bio-Energetic/Bio-Spiritual Risks of NBDs
  • Risks of AI Biometrics: The Net Zero Agenda & Surveillance Capitalism
  • Existing Tech did not Allow for Real Time Biometric Tracking of Carbon Usage
  • The Resource Based Economy
  • Biometrics and AI in the New World Economy
  • AI Biometrics and Personal Carbon Trading in the Green Economy
  • Carbon Pricing: Assessing Your Cost of Living
  • Carbon Accounting via the Blockchain
  • Concealing and Neglecting Little-Known Risks of NBDs

Chapter 4: Vaccine Graphene and Superior General Artificial Intelligence (“sGAI”): Risks vs Benefits to Humanity and the “Antidote”

  • Evidence of Graphene Bioelectronics in COVID Vaccines
  • An Antidote to Graphene Contamination/Pollution
  • Graphene Super-conductors with “Magic Angles” and Complementary Metaphysics
  • Graphene Nano-bioelectronics and Transhumanism
  • Graphene Electro-dynamics and the Antidote
  • Whole Body Impacts of Graphene Requiring the Antidote
  • Final Considerations Regarding 528 Frequency Therapeutics and the Humic Acid Antidote to Graphene Bioelectric Toxicity

Chapter 5: The Benefits vs Risks of Artificial General Intelligence

  • AI Applications and Benefits
  • The Many Risks Posed by AI
  • AI and the Meaning of Life
  • Medical Considerations in AI Deployment and Reliance
  • Conflicting Interests in AI Reliance
  • Election Fraud Using AI
  • Spiritual Suppression Using AI and NBDs
  • Legal Considerations in AI Deployment and Reliance
  • Final Thoughts

Chapter 6: Transhumanism and Natural Selection Versus Spirituality in the Cyborg Colony

  • Contrasting Spirituality, Natural Selection, and Transhumanism
  • Genetic Science and Neglected Spirituality
  • Overlooked Science in the Hydro-Electro Mechanics of Genetic Expression
  • Science that Transcends Materialism & Transhumanism
  • Survival of the Fittest & How Technology is Redefining Biology
  • Transhumanist Impacts on Individual Identity, Autonomy, and the ‘Nuclear Family’
  • Additional Risks from Transhumanizing Civilization

Chapter 7: Mind War, Germs & Drugs for Civilization’s Transhumanization

  • Cognitive Warfare Used to Advance AI and Transhumans
  • Introduction to the FBI’s and CIA’s Mind Control Program (“COINTELPRO”)
  • The CIA’s “MKULTRA” Mind Control Program
  • Deep State Interests in Hallucinogenic Drug Trafficking
  • Transhumanism, Questioning Reality, New Normalcy, and Hallucinogenic Drugs
  • The CIA’s Early Neuro-electronic Research in Mind Control
  • Predecessors of Population Controllers
  • Trolling for Psychosocial Submission
  • Early MKULTRA/MKNAOMI Rockefeller Operations
  • The CIA’s Backing of Hallucinogens to Condition Acceptance of Transhumanism
  • Deep Fake Imposters Leveraging AI and Robotics
  • Some Remedial Strategies

Chapter 8: Will Cyborgs Experience Love?

  • Is Love a Frequency?
  • A Dialogue with ChatGPT4
  • Works Characterizing Love as the 528 Frequency
  • Do Humans Have a “Heart Chakra” or Energy Vortex?
  • Is there Such a Thing as a “Biofield”?
  • When a Sperm Enters and Egg is Light Emitted from the Inception?
  • ChatGPT4’s Bias, Censorship, Malice, and Evil Programming and Programmers
  • Energy Medicine Disfavored by AI and the Deep State
  • The 528 Frequency of Sound and Light
  • Transhumanism vs LOVE/528

Chapter 9: Summary, Conclusion, and Implications for Humanity, Evolution or Extinction

  • The Metaphysical Nature of Humans, Salvation, Survival, and Faith
  • Big Tech, Frequency Weapons, and Bio-Spiritual Warfare
  • Population Control Biotechnologies
  • Medical/Legal Concerns
  • Superior General Artificial Intelligence and Globalization Risking Extinction
  • Transhumanism Risking the Human Race
  • Spiritual Salvation and Survival in the Age of Chaos
  • Prescription for Salvation and Survival

Laura Aboli addresses the vast content of this book by Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz, published by Medical Veritas International, Inc.

AI, Spiritual Warfare & Survival

All experts agree that humanity is doomed without transparency and preemptively debating these myriad questions raised by Horowitz’s research that provides comprehensive coverage advising policy-makers and readers to make informed choices.

“This is urgent intel since the future of civilization, human life, freedoms, health and safety are at risk without informed decision-making,” the doctor urges.

Legislators and regulators remain ill-informed. “No one is righteously stewarding the transhumanist movement, nor adequately coping with the overwhelming complexity of these issues,” Dr. Horowitz adds. “Widespread corruption and dysfunction of governments operating under the influence of special interests make matters worse and increases risks.”

Foremost among the largely ignored questions risking salvation and survival is the impact of wireless control systems on bioenergy that dovetails with genetic expression, human spirituality, and ‘nano-neuro-biotechnology.’  Physical as well as metaphysical impacts of bioelectronics and wireless technologies raise crucial questions especially impacting policy makers, regulators, religious people and spiritualists.

These unanswered questions are central to the entire post-human agenda. The transhumanist movement and the “Forth Industrial Revolution” are brilliantly addressed in Horowitz’s book with natural remedies and ‘green technologies’ proposed. These include the scientifically-proven protective anti-oxidant frequency of 528Hz and “green light of love” 528nm. These special frequencies of sound and light, the ‘Solfeggio frequency’ of 528Hz especially, is increasingly being used in music and the natural healing arts and sciences.

528 Electroceuticals
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As AI controlled robots and humans increasingly compete, and computers and humans increasingly merge, everyone is being vicariously forced to accept this risky and deadly technological revolution. All of this impacts ‘evolution of the species,’ ‘survival of the fittest,’ and ‘higher consciousness.’ Accordingly, Dr. Horowitz offers critical, species-saving, soul-searching advice to survive and thrive.

The $60.00 hardcover is expected to be available through Amazon/Kindle after January 24, 2024. Advance purchase of the ‘Editor’s Final Draft’ is available by pdf download for only $9.95 by clicking here: https://healthyworldshop.com/product/spiritual-warfare-salvation-and-survival-in-the-age-of-chaos-ai-frequency-weaponry-transhumanist-conversion-of-civilization-threatening-extinction-pre-printing-editors-edition-dec-2023/


Note to Journalists: Dr. Horowitz may be contacted for interviews on this topic by e-mailing Editor@MedicalVeritas.org.


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