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Behavioral Science Best Explains ‘COVID-19 Riots’

COVID-19 Riots

The ‘COVID-19 Riots’ are Best Explained by Behavioral Science


Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz

(June 5, 2020)


“Be not deceived: evil communications corrupt good manners. . . . For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace . . .”

1 Corinthians 14 and 15:33


“No pandemic in earth’s history ever evolved unaccompanied by major socio-economic and political upheaval.” I have been preaching this fact for a quarter century.

COVID-19 is no exception. The mass protests and rioting that followed media-promoted ‘social distancing,’ ‘masking,’ and George Floyd’s brutal murder, is best explained by behavioral science in the context of the psychosocial distress caused by governmental impositions.

The main contribution this article makes is the proper diagnosis enabling effective treatment of the systemic pathology that is rooted in the behavior of multi-national corporate board members securing their investments. Under their evil influence, implicated officials manufactured the mounting chaos through secret society controlled pseudoscience, monopolized medicine, corrupted politicians and law enforcers, and the divisive media.

Therefore, it was not ‘systemic racism’ that ’caused’ the crises unfolding at the time of this writing. The media and masses contentions are mistaken. The allegation or presumption of guilt indicting endemic racisim in America is controverted by too many discrediting facts, including Blacks killing Blacks and rioters destroying Black communities.

“Systemic racism” and white supremacy in America is certainly a scourge underlying and sabotaging public health programs. But that ‘misdiagnosis’ neglects the true cause of COVID-19, police brutality, mounting protests, and damaging riots subject to this scrutiny and correction.

The ‘true cause’ and diagnosis of all of this is white collar corruption and racketeering in organized crime that has poisoned every part of civilization.

The concealed instigators of this systemic psychosocial pathology have degenerated human behavior and the criminal justice systems in virtually every nation. All of this advances under the influence of a globalizing criminal cartel pulling their social, behavioral, political, and media strings from the shadows.

Whistleblowers and conscientious objectors are discredited as part of the cartel’s “protection racket.” Complicit agents use the “art of deception,” behavioral science, social conditioning, and media propaganda, to inflict continuous damage.

Coronavirus Lies

‘Conspiracy theorists,’ or otherwise scientifically ‘ill-informed’ people, are ‘neutralized’ by covert operations (i.e., “Black ops), as vetted by persecuted author Glenn Greenwald. This concealed administration neutralizes and controls opposition enabling totalitarian fascism to expand under the guises of “public health” and “law enforcement.”

This true un-diagnosed plague of institutionalized systemic behavioral pathology is secured by ignorance at best, or willful-blindness at worst.

Willful blindness, arrogance, and evil obedience sews the seeds of social discord. Psychopaths aided-and-abetted the unfolding atrocities and social unrest that has frightened and confused people worldwide.

This systemic pathology has turned health workers and law-enforcers into death administrators, and governments into bankrupted debtors enslaved to board-roomers and globalist ‘banksters.’

In this context of behavioral science and controlling ‘intelligence,’ public outrage and ‘civil disobedience’ was predictable and predicted by only a few awakened analysts. Retired U.S. military intelligence officer, now radio talk show host, John Moore, is one such honorable example addressing the ‘political right.’ Carl Nelson, America’s leading Black community educator and radio personality is another great example largely enlightening the ‘liberal left.’

COVID-19 Riots
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Otherwise, as the ‘blind-led-the blind,’ and ignorance ruled over healthcare policies and practices, evil obedient ‘experts’ directed the social, economic, and political behaviors and responses to COVID-19 that became genocidal.

Social damages from unreasonable, unscientific, even unconscionable impositions were recklessly neglected by the experts, especially Dr. Anthony Fauci leading the ‘Deep State’s’ response.

In retrospect, little-to-no competent good-faith planning preceded the ‘shut down’ of governments and all commerce.

Accordingly, behavioral science best explains the distressing and damaging outcomes. This available science was grossly neglected by so-called ‘leaders.’ This led to unnecessary deaths and this article charging reckless manslaughter.

To argue otherwise one would have to ask, How could these deadly arguably demonic social conditions, and the media’s lethal diversions, escape the diagnosis of public health officials and expert policy-makers?

This article explains why such reckless negligence and official malfeasance  acted willfully, knowingly, and intentionally to cause fearful, phobic, and criminal minds to turn violent and be victimized by media programming and ‘herd mentality.’


According to more than 350 behavioral science studies conducted by Albert Bandura and colleagues decades ago, television, film, and video gaming, is much more powerful in shaping human behavior than parents, teachers, and even peers.

This scientific fact has been recklessly neglected by more than media moguls and censors. The public health community, and social engineers within the ‘population management’ sectors of government and industry, have compounded this degenerative and destructive negligence. They have intentionally permitted ‘programming’ that has been conditioning the current climate characterized by profitable politically-persuasive violence and sickness. The overriding doctrine of ‘stimulus/response’ behavior has been unreasonably, unjustifiably, and unconscionably neglected.

These circumstances, scientific facts, and social outcomes are surmised in the opening quote from 1st Corinthians. The “fake news” media has especially corrupted “good manners.” “Evil communications” have accompanied governmental ‘shutdowns,’ economic damages, medical mischief, social impositions including mass quarantines, inhuman punishment-like isolation, interpersonal distancing, mask-wearing, racial divisions and disparities, and assorted political problems.

Coronavirus liesThese conditions have ‘naturally’ resulted in angry citizens, depressed people, suicidal youth, volatile mobs, widespread protests, and ‘Babylonian’ degeneration. All of this perfectly fulfills Bible prophecy and globalists’ agendas.

Meanwhile, most people remain clueless about the hidden powers and system dynamics underlying these troubling circumstances. “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” (Ephesians 6:12)


“The public health community, and social engineers within the ‘population management’ sectors of government and industry, have compounded this degenerative and destructive negligence, intentionally permitting ‘programming’ that has been conditioning the current climate characterized by profitable politically-persuasive violence and sickness.”


Evil forces, including television executives, media programmers, press leaders, social media regulators, 5G industrialists, Big Pharma executives, Big Banking profiteers, and angry anarchists enraging youth in groups such as ANTIFA, have used threats and violence terroristically to leverage support and induce ‘change.’

The rich and infamous have all contributed to fascist policies and social impositions. All have disgraced justice, disregarded Divine righteousness, and neglected behavioral science.

Accordingly, this systemic pathology is best analyzed by systems dynamics intertwining with behavioral science. In these proceedings, like the motivations of the instigators committing atrocities that remain largely concealed even as God’s intentions are being revealed, the devil-doers have been hiding behind the veils of ‘public health,’ ‘law-enforcement,’ and ‘social progress.’

Divine prophesy and deliverance supersedes this earthly chaos–matters addressed in a separate related essay.

COVID-19 Imposed Chaos

For months preceding the ‘COVID-19 riots,’ news coverage conditioned the public to accept governmental impositions such as ‘social distancing’ that were severely distressing.  Ethnic and racial disparities accompanied these impositions. These too were predictable, predicted, and even scientifically determined.

COVID-19 genocide

Major inequities with Blacks suffering a disproportionate amount of disease and deaths were even opposed by the federal government’s leading COVID-19 vaccine official, Kizzmekia Corbett, to no avail. The official was severely smeared for comparing the imbalance to “genocide.”

COVID-19 riots

Considering the seriousness of genocide, is unreasonable to presume these matters had nothing to do with the civil disobedience that followed George Floyd’s televised murder. Like a ‘cause-and-effect’ and ‘stimulus response’ reaction, COVID-19 riots followed a set of ‘correlates and antecedents’ foreshadowing the widespread carnage. Most important among these were the fears and deadly phobias underlying the uprisings.

The American Psychological Association (APA), in covering the “psychological impact of COVID-19,” highlighted rises in anxiety and depressive disorders, panic attacks, and suicides. In their wake, most people remained divided, confused, troubled, stressed, immune-suppressed, and more susceptible to diseases.

One example was reported on May 29, 2020, by Tucker Carlson on FOX News. He interviewed Brad Hunstable, the father of a suicide victim. They discussed alarming death rates among children and young adults forced into quarantine or social isolation.

‘Public health’ advertisements, like totalitarian edicts unproven by science, caused far more damage to society than experts expected. Much of this was foreseeable and avoidable because behavioral science historically identified such risks, and repeatedly reported such damaging outcomes.

Social distancing, after all, undermined the main objective of gaining ‘herd immunity.’ Like cigarette smoking risking cancers and sexual promiscuity risking AIDS, COVID-19 testing generated too many false positives to be reliable. Nonetheless, the public health prescriptions compounded anticipated burdens to healthcare, the economy, and society.

These facts and circumstances challenged the intelligence and integrity of law enforcers and policy makers alike. They neglected what was obvious–‘human nature,’ psychology, sociology, medical history, and behavioral science.

This could not have occurred by ‘accident’ or excusable negligence. These outcome were foreseeable and foreseen by world leading experts who imposed their will on the masses. Fear was used to gain compliance. This was a formerly contemplated and well-planned ‘exercise’ best characterized as the “COVID-19 Coup.”

COVID-19 riots
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Engineering Incivility and Inhuman Behaviors

It is widely known that fear of the unknown is most distressing. Victims can’t taste, feel, see, or smell this virus or its sociopolitical and economic underpinnings.

People can see, however, news reports repeatedly threatening citizens health and safety, including police brutality.

Future relief was speculative on all fronts. Officials claimed the germ was multiplying, mutating, and returning. “It may be killing or debilitating millions in the future,” they warned.

The virus threatened to return after the ‘herd’ stopped social distancing.

Extortionate testing and unproven vaccinations provided our only hope, officials asserted after repeatedly falsifying data and ill-advising all branches of governments worldwide.

Resulting phobias as well as rational fears mounted.

Among these, derelict and malicious officials claimed ‘vaccination hesitancy’ was the greatest risk to humanity. Thus, vaccination opponents were smeared and ‘targeted’ like an enemies of state. Leaders within this cohort were subject to political assassination, ‘neutralization’ or extermination.

Irrefutably, mixing messages and confusing science coupled with threats and fears impacted and directed ‘herd mentality,’ not simply herd immunity. This mass ‘mind-control‘ was far more debilitating, and much deadlier, than even the lab-engineered coronavirus blamed for the complex fraud and genocide.

Fears, Phobias and the COVID-19 Riots

It was not serendipitous that a plague of rioting accompanied society’s ‘response’ to the ‘virus’.

Democrat-controlled cities were most heavily damaged following George Floyd’s televised murder. Arson and assaults paralleled the disease disparities between the races and classes. The ill-advised ‘lockdowns’ supplemented news that the African-American community suffered disproportionately from COVID-19 morbidity and mortality.

In classical psychology and psychiatry, fear and self-defense is a ‘normal’ reaction to real or imagined threats to survival. This is very simply explained:

The human ‘ego’ mechanically responds defensively against perceived threats by deciding to fight, flee, or use whatever other coping actions that are available.

This choice-making ‘internal dialogue’ generally occurs impulsively—very quickly—sometimes beyond conscious awareness. Life changing and damaging decisions are made regardless of the underlying (often hidden) circumstances and resulting (often damaging) outcomes.

Media modeling simulates real-life sensitization prompting such decisions. Core beliefs result and generally impact people for lifetimes.

Regardless, irresponsible officials and the complicit media exploited the herd’s fears. Officials, including those in intelligence agencies directing the media’s messaging, extended power and control over the ignorant and susceptible herd and social behavior.

Most damaging, phobias arose. These are classically defined as severe anxiety disorders or fear-related mental illnesses. Sufferers’ attitudes or emotions exceed ‘normalcy,’ even simple ‘neuroses.’

’Phobic psychopaths’ reacted irrationally and damagingly to the real life mass-mediated ‘cues,’ messages, or ‘stimuli.’ Their stimulus-response reactions (i.e., behaviors) and concerns were disproportionate to the actual size of the threats.

Phobic reactions are classically considered self and socially destructive. Anxiety in these individuals is elevated to the point where ‘coping behavior’ becomes ‘maladaptive,’ dangerous, even deadly.

Nonetheless, even these damaging or deadly psychopathic reactions were justified in the minds of officials and those affected.

Justifying Social Degeneration

All of the above has been well-studied and proven in the behavioral and social sciences. Yet here, this science was recklessly neglected or maliciously disregarded by officials whose overriding agendas promoted mass testing and salvation by vaccination.

The ‘generalized conditions’ of fear or phobias were conditioned and expressed in a spectrum of anti-social and self-defeating human behaviors underlying and rationalizing terrorism, chaos, tyranny, even mob rule as seen in the context of the “protests.”

At odds were two psychopathic factions—the ‘haves and have-nots.’ Both groups feared losing life, property, power and personal control. Threatened survival triggered criminality in each group.

Yet, even the APA neglected these causes and effects of the observed deadly and damaging reactions to widespread fears or phobias.

In this case of COVID-19 psychopathology sewing social discord, the ‘Pharma-media’ and health establishment continued to neglect the most obvious causes and liable parties.

This scourge of gross negligence enabling the evil disruption was best attributed to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the National Institute for Allergies and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), and the World Health Organization’s leadership. These terrorizing institutions included mental health ‘experts’ who directed civilization’s lethal reactions to this “novel” coronavirus ‘recombinant’. Responsibility for associated diseases* fell squarely on the advisements to policy-makers and administrators.


“The ‘generalized conditions’ of fear or phobias were conditioned and expressed in a spectrum of anti-social and self-defeating human behaviors underlying and rationalizing terrorism, chaos, tyranny, even mob rule as seen in the context of the ‘protests.’”


Given this background and understanding, government health officials must be indicted for having provoked, and irreparably harmed, the American people, and others worldwide, in the wake of COVID-19.

By their compelling directives, impositions were made such as ‘social distancing’ and ‘sheltering in place’ under the influence of televised programming or social conditioning. These messengers damaged and killed people by denying them free will to choose. Civil rights and liberties, social interactions, sustaining employment, and family and community love and belonging, where violated by imposed choice.

The alleged objective justifying these lethal impositions was ‘herd protection,’ including protecting health resources from erroneously projected shortages.

Stressed and distressed by these reckless and ill-advised impositions, victims suffered increased amounts of fear, even phobias about dying from the virus, or being killed by neighbors, masked or unmasked.

Thereby, anxious and aggressive reactions, even psychopathic disorders, certainly contributed to COVID-19 morbidity and mortality, as well as to the riots that occurred contemporaneously with governmental or Deep State deprivations.

More Contributing Factors to Social Unrest

The aforementioned known risks of a social backlash, beyond the reckless official “shutdown” and falsified data analyses repeatedly televised, was compounded by the finding that this virus targeted “ACE2” immune-cell receptors making Black people much more susceptible to COVID-19 deaths.

Most hospital and nursing home deaths were suffered by Blacks. This group already suffered higher risks for heart disease and blood oxygen deprivation. Death by asphyxiation—hypoxia—virtual strangulation, caused brain damage and death in COVID-19 victims.

Curiously compounding these fears, risks, and racial disparities, this global problem metaphorically manifested in the televised chocking of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

Floyd’s apparent murder by suffocation was repeatedly used to sensitize the masses. This recklessly incited more fear, anger, depression, and rage, especially in the Black community.

These events were further exploited by anarchists and agent-provocateurs to generate riots, looting, and urban destruction. Looters justified their well organized thievery and arson as compensation for institutionalized discrimination and ongoing genocide.

Again, all leaders in government recklessly neglected these known correlates and antecedents of the civil unrest. The COVID-19 impositions were expected to cause this kind of social chaos.

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Psychosomatic Conversions and Nocebos

Compound officials’ reckless disregard for the aforementioned anticipated chaos with neglecting the predictable personal and social damage caused by ‘psychosomatic conversions.’ These and ‘nocebos’ caused more damage and deaths.

What are ‘psychosomatic conversions’ and ‘nocebos’?

You’ve heard the phrases “mind-over-matter” and “think and grow rich.” You can also think and grow dead.

In psychosomatic conversion syndromes physical illnesses manifest from unrecognized mental illnesses, or psychological and emotional distress. These mental illnesses can build up and suddenly express as a disease or set of symptoms.

Nocebos are different, equally troubling, grossly neglected, and may be deadly in certain cases. The word nocebo means in Latin, “I will harm,” as opposed to the word placebo that means “I will please.”

Most people, including health professionals, overlooked the power of expectations–the ‘nocebo effect.’

Nocebos are like the ‘shaking the bones’ in witchcraft. Nocebos can be especially lethal for frightened and phobic people. Medical patients pronounced “terminally ill” for instance may die needlessly due to the erroneous diagnosis and awful prognosis.

Repeatedly threatening, terrorizing, and conditioning people with the threat that COVID-19 might kill them from the distress and expectation they may get the disease.

Moreover, locking people up by “self-isolation” knowing the virus is lurking and will be returning, repeating this anticipated and increasing threat on television, certainly encouraged deadly nocebo effects.

Seeing frightened masked masses of people poorly adapting, certainly imposed distress and immune-suppression favoring diseases.

These effects too were foreseeable. But no mention of these scientifically-determined risks was ever made by media pundits or health officials.

This ‘silence’ was worse than ‘deafening.’ It was deadly and criminal.

‘Negligent manslaughter’ can be charged given these facts because people died due to the reckless neglect of this science.

Officials neglected public education campaigns to allay irrational fears, phobias, and prevent or cure anticipated behavioral disorders such as conversion syndromes and nocebos. Instead of educating the public to promote preventative behaviors ‘health advisers’ initially minimized the risks; then did the opposite. They fanned fears of impending doom—warnings that fueled pathological reactions and deadly consequences.

This reckless disregard of behavioral science, raised more reasonable unanswered questions. For instance, How many people developed psychosomatic symptoms, and then tested falsely-positive not from coronavirus per se, but from the psychosomatic conversions induced by media-administered nocebos?

Terrorizing media messaging repeatedly broadcast for months. The networks modeled behaviors they knew would incite distress and distrust. Mixed or contradictory messaging confused the masses. Viewers were conditioned to expect, accept, and adopt negative consequences and anti-social behaviors; such as distrusting mask wearers:

Are these people in the grocery store sick or not?

Why are officials endorsing and imposing “social distancing” if ‘herd immunity’ is the desired end result?

What are officials hiding?

Vested Interests in Genocide

The networks, health maintenance organizations, and hospitals, are generally owned by leading investors in drug and vaccine companies. This creates more than ‘disease control commerce’ from deadly side effects. It creates a virtual monopoly over healthcare and financial incentives to commit such a COVID-19 fraud and genocide.

These motives and concealed conflicting interests best explain the evidence, and abuse of ‘shortages’ to drive markets. Fear of shortages was driven into the hearts of victims using images of COVID-19 patients overrunning hospitals.

‘Front line health workers’ and ‘first responders’ were threatened by shortages of ‘personal protective equipment’ including masks, and also a shortage ventilators. They too were abused as puppets, manipulated by the media and their paymasters. They were not to blame for being deceived.

Masked people where shown being persecuted or prosecuted by police, dragged from their homes in China and quarantined ships in the U.S. and Japan. These images accompanied death statistics prepared by Johns Hopkins University faculty members that had sponsored the COVID-19 preparedness (predictive programming) conference six weeks before this precise virus outbroke in Wuhan.

What social and behavioral outcomes would a reasonable person expect as a result of these negative, disturbing, distressing, abusive, and ongoing manipulations?

A revolution in the streets?

The ‘Bigger Picture’ and Deep State’s Interests

Deep State is Big PharmaMore deadly than the COVID-19 infection alone was the sum total of subliminal, psychosocial, interpersonal, metaphysical, spiritual, demonically-imposed official policies on confused, frightened, and phobically-conditioned victims.

Officials disregarded and diverted from such a ‘holistic’ view of the crisis, and the fact that this saga extends to the present day from the Rockefeller/Rothschild/IG Farben syndicate that secretly partnered during World War II with the Nazis. This infamous petrochemical cartel politically-financed the Nazi Party for the rise of the Third Reich. This cartel’s successors-in-interest currently administer the world’s most profitable companies producing products and services that, in effect, embodies “globalism.” That is, the rise of the Fourth Reich–what Hitler called the “Neuordnung” and George H.W. Bush called the “New World Order.”


“Gross incompetence or malicious intent can only explain their official proclamations and governmental shut down. A commercial and financial crisis was imposed to presumably prevent a health crisis that never factually occurred.”


In this context of ‘End Game’ globalization, the apparent release of the virus for political and financial gain, bioterrorism and biocrime, for extortion of civilization by public health officials globally imposing virtual enslavement, can only be understood and reconciled in this context. By carefully examining the corporate and financial links between the implicated Deep State agents and agencies, their behavioral and motivational biases, substantial evidence of genocide is discovered.

Accordingly, the preponderance of incontrovertible evidence proves the Anglo-American-Asian lab virus did not emerge by ‘accident.’ The bigger picture’ and clear and convincing intelligence competently analyzed incriminates the ruling elite. This oligarchy is personified by vaccination and COVID-19 testing champions Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci.

They set the fires beneath the media’s smoke.

Unconscionable Hypocrisy Concealed and Diverted from Criminality

Aside from Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci sharing the same conflicting interests in Moderna Inc. that is contracted to supply the most favored COVID-19 vaccine, the scientific community’s inattention to the aforementioned matters, and the media’s ‘silence’ on the aforementioned obvious conflicting interests, is “evidence most persuasive.”

This quote sources from Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis’s ruling in a criminal case regarding ‘pleading the Fifth Amendment’ in order to conceal self-incriminating testimony. United States ex rel. Bilokumsky v. Tod, 263 US 149, 154 – Supreme Court 1923. “Conduct which forms a basis for inference is evidence. Silence is often evidence of the most persuasive character.”

This persuasive silence over the quintessential behavioral and social science doctrines was so deafening that its neglect or concealment was “evidence of the most persuasive character.”

How obvious was the criminal influence in the ‘COVID-19 imposition’ and associated “racial” rioting?

Most obvious!

Only idiots or complicit criminals who aided-and-abetted the genocide by turning willfully-blind to the crimes against humanity couldn’t see what appeared before them.

On June 5, 2020, for instance, Johns Hopkins epidemiologist, Jennifer Nuzzo, annulling her organization’s social distancing decrees in favor of mass gatherings to protest racism tweeted, “We should always evaluate the risks and benefits of efforts to control the virus.” But “[i]n this moment the public health risks of not protesting to demand an end to systemic racism greatly exceed the harms of the virus.”

Even assuming Nuzzo’s rationale was reasonable, her hypocrisy was glaring.

Nuzzo co-signed an open letter with more than “1,200 infectious disease experts, public health professionals and community stakeholders.” They wrote in bold, “White supremacy is a lethal public health issue that predates and contributes to COVID-19.”

COVID-19 riots

In other words, it is okay for America’s public health leadership to neglect:

But it’s not okay to continue social distancing to prevent the spread of COVID-19 because “systemic white supremacy” takes precedence.

Will the public health community, controlled by U.S. Navy intelligence officers, address the above list of neglected facts to secure society?


The signatories’ endorsement thereby is hypocrisy.

Recklessly Neglecting Human Needs Evidences Mal-intent

Officials dealing with COVID-19 and the riots completely neglected the foundation of humanistic psychology pioneered by Abraham Maslow and his “hierarchy of human needs.” This had a most profound impact on citizens, protestors, and the key objective of protests–to end systemic racism.

Reckless neglect of basic human needs was imposed by U.S. Navy commissioned officials and ‘intelligence’ officers overseeing the ‘public health’ community. According to President Trump, “they ordered [the country] to be shut down.”

As explained in this section, this malfeasance was unconscionable and deadly, yet adopted by the ‘evil obedient‘ public health and medical communities.

Gross incompetence or malicious intent can only explain their official proclamations and governmental shut down. A commercial and financial crisis was imposed to presumably prevent a health crisis that never factually occurred.

Officials myopically neglected life necessities. To the time of this writing, lost financial activity not only delays recovery, but is projected to terminate the world’s currency standard altogether.

It is widely known that basic human needs are gained through labor and commerce. Trading affordable and sustainable goods and services cannot be deprived, neglected, or rejected without causing substantial distress risking lives; or alternatively administering depopulation. This mental, emotional, and commercial pathology predicted to deprive people of their right to live prosperously causes immune-suppression, diseases, and imposed deaths among members of the ‘herd.’ That satisfies the elements of genocide.

Beyond this expected damage caused by irresponsibly-imposed governmental decrees such as closing businesses, ‘social distancing,’ and ‘mask-wearing’ precludes Maslow’s human needs altogether, especially the need for “love and belonging.”

Keeping friends and families apart, then masking threatening faces, is torturous and arguably demonic. These impositions caused depression and anxiety disorders as mentioned. All of this challenges people’s “self-esteem,” and impedes “self-actualization” encouraged by Maslow, spiritualists, and religious persons worldwide.


Studies show that people deprived of physical contact for long periods of time suffer elevated levels of disease and death.

Moreover, because more than 60% of interpersonal communications are ‘non-verbal,’ involving body language, facial expressions are most important. Facial ‘cues’  help social interaction. Consequently, interpersonal communications and rapport-building is severely undermined by mask-wearing. Masking faces induced more fears, phobias, and anti-social behavior. It also aided-and-abetted crime as demonstrated by rioters.

Conditioning ‘faceless people’ especially damages trust in new business and relationships vital for economic recovery. Economic growth and development is considered necessary to establish the new, post COVID-19, “normalcy.” It is unreasonable, illogical, and sadly unconscionable, to institutionalize and ‘normalize’ faceless commerce.

Are U.S. Navy intelligence officers so dim that they could not grasp this? Or were they put up to the task of destroying America and the world economy?

Mask-Wearing is Also Foolish and Contraindicated

Maslow’s hierarchy addresses several more basic needs beginning with food, water, and air, each challenged by COVID-19 and related socioeconomic turmoil.

Food and water shelves went bare when COVID-19 commenced.

Today, a liter of water can cost as much as a gallon of gasoline. Basic physiological needs for food, water, and oxygen are depleted or completely deprived while wearing face masks. This ‘protective’ hypocrisy prompted comedians to mock officials and this uncomfortable, lame, even dangerous practice.

Stanford Univ. researchers confirmed what is obvious to anyone who wears a face mask. This ‘protection’ makes it harder to breathe. The standard ‘personal protective mask’ is “estimated to reduce oxygen intake by anywhere from 5 to 20 percent. That’s significant. Even healthy people suffer dizziness and light-headedness from extended use of face masks. If you wear a mask long enough, it can damage your lungs. For patients with respiratory disorders, it can cause distress and be life threatening.

Air pollution has already lowered oxygen availability for health and longevity. Atmospheric oxygen dropped from 38.2% in prehistoric times to 23.9% prior to World War II. Since then, it dropped to less than 21%.

In other words, humans are being slowly suffocated, and this was recklessly neglected by officials imposing mask mandates.

Furthermore, anxiety fuels shallow breathing. Oxygen deprivation and immune dysfunction is the main causes of COVID-19 morbidity and mortality.

The anxiety generated by the “shelter in place” requirement, and laws opposing group outdoor activities, raised risks of diseases and deaths. All of this was neglected by the corporate-controlled media, evil-obedient policy-makers, healthcare administrators, and their U.S. Navy intelligence advisors.

Next, rethink, how ‘safe’ is the indoor “shelter in place” imposition?

‘Sheltering in Place’ Subverted ‘Herd Immunity’

Adding insult to injury, Maslow’s “safety and shelter” needs were subverted by official impositions and proclamations to “shelter in place.”

This physical isolation and restriction was a perversion that was grossly un-safe. Beyond the risks and damages cited above, this behavior undermined ‘Herd immunity’.

Officials claimed they prevented a deadly overburdening of hospitals by commanding social distancing. But even if that were true, and it is highly contested, the overriding objective was to ‘immunize’ civilization or gain herd immunity. This was proposed to secure civilization’s health and safety.

But this hypothetical notion was totally neglected by precluding interpersonal contacts and the ‘natural’ spread of this unnatural infection. If the virus “evolved naturally” as Dr. Fauci falsely broadcast, than it would have been most prudent to permit ‘nature’ to run its course. This was especially encouraged by the vast majority of COVID-19 cases fully recovered.

The New York Times, in a front-page feature on May 29, 2020, heralded this objective graphically:

COVID-19 riots

This raises a number of vitally important questions:

Shall we disregard all of the above evidence of criminality engaging the public health community by defending the complete disregard of science, ethics, and common sense as excusable because of ‘extraordinary circumstances?’

Shall we excuse the crimes against humanity because of the scientifically-proven and politically-concealed fact that this “novel” germ is a ‘hyper-weaponized’ lab virus engineered to infect large human populations using four segments of the AIDS virus, HIV-1, spliced into the mutagen’s ‘spike protein’?


“Mentally-ill people might generalize these threats to every mask-wearer, every school and workplace, and every healthcare facility. According to phobic imaginations, every drugstore and food market may be teaming with deadly pestilence.”


Does this mean there is a good possibly that a long incubation period will follow infection as is true for AIDS patients?

Is this why U.S. Navy intelligence directed the “shut down” and fraudulent concealment endangering civilization?

Does this neglected condition cause latent immune suppression?

Will this cause millions of coronavirus acutely-recovered people to develop new diseases and die years from now? That is, after all, seen with AIDS and HIV-1 given the 3-to-7 year ‘incubation period’?

Accordingly, given these circumstances, facts and questions, sheltering in place not only subverts herd immunity, but may do nothing to prevent widespread morbidity and mortality from this bioweapon years in the future.

For these reasons, sheltering in place fails miserably as a “public health” policy since the social, economic, and health damages far outweigh the ill-conceived prospective benefits.

More Censored Risks

The Coronavirus/ SARS/HIV-1/Malaria mutagen may also ‘naturally’ recombine with more deadly viruses in the future. Additional outbreaks and ‘spiking’ pandemics are predicted by experts.

‘Pandora’s box’ has been opened raising risks of nightmarish recombinants—mutants of coronaviruses springing from other more deadly pathogens such as H5N1 or even Ebola.

These frightening unknowns, stealth possibilities and probabilities, may have been thoughtfully concealed because of the risk of spiking anxiety and fueling phobias.

Mentally-ill people might generalize these threats to every mask-wearer, every school and workplace, and every healthcare facility. According to phobic imaginations, every drugstore and food market may be teaming with deadly pestilence.

If the U.S. mail can deliver anthrax, why not coronavirus? Can this menace that affects cats and dogs also pass from mail senders to mail carriers and those quarantined? Shall we shut down all postal services?

What are the risk-to-benefit ratios for these policy decisions?


Summary and Conclusion

The importance of the behavioral and social sciences pursuant to COVID-19 has been recklessly, even criminally, neglected to serve concealed special interests and their covert agendas. No other reasonable conclusion better explains the pattern and practice of frightening, confusing, and diverting the ‘herd’ into a state of chronic chaos, depriving people’s rights, and inciding criminal behavior.

Fears, phobias and global chaos has been imposed, most effectively by public health intelligence officials who appear to be acting as commercial agents for the drug and vaccine syndicate. Their impositions have best served shadow-governors and the wealthiest special interests on earth.

Concealed interests also control the complicit corporate-controlled media. All combined, their social conditioning and behavioral impact has been far more distressing and deadlier than the coronavirus was predicted to be.

All of this appears to have been premeditated based on the mass of compounding evidence. All of this was encouraged by the “free press” and officials who acted willfully-blind to the scientifically proven risks and expected damage from the social and economic shutdown.

Behavioral factors were grossly, recklessly, and damagingly neglected presumably by intent based on the aforementioned incriminating facts. Only the concealed special interests that were partnered with globalist bankers bent on destroying the Trump Administration and global economy for a “New World Order” capitalized on this genocidal chaos and anarchy.

It appears that the only immunization against these unconscionable impositions lies in redirecting faith and trust beyond covert U.S. Navy intelligence officers that oversee public health officials. In this context of redirecting faith and trust from medical controllers to higher authorities, the spiritual and natural healing domains offer the greatest hope as detailed elsewhere by this author.

Underlying the public health culture’ and ‘systemic racism’ poisoning law enforcement and America’s leadership is the elitist cult destroying everything good about the human race. Hidden security agendas such as depopulation, and secreted commercial agendas such as transhumanism, and neuroscience regulating behavior by connecting human consciousness to The Cloud and ‘Dark Web’ are real and present technologies and dangers that must be included in the national debate. Neglecting and diverting from these forces undermines competent in-depth diagnosis, and condemns proposed remedies for damaging human behavior.



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