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COVID-19 Genocide: Why the Disproportionate Impact on Africans

COVID-19 genocide

COVID-19 and African-American Genocide:

The Science Enabling Ethnic Cleansing


Leonard G. Horowitz,

DMD, MA, MPH. DNM (hon.), DMM (hon.)



On April 17, 2020, Tucker Carlson on FOX News promoted COVID-19 vaccine developments as required to save civilization from the “novel” germ. Curiously, in this context, Carlson raised and spuriously dismissed the unspeakable evidence of GENOCIDE disproportionately damaging people of color.

COVID-19 genocideCarlson’s segment targeted Kizzmekia Corbett, the federal government’s leading vaccinologist, to smear her reputation. Carlson berated Corbett for agreeing with critics charging the government and Anglo-American elite with genocide against Blacks.

Corbett serves as a Black woman administering the NIH’s interests in vaccines and drug company alliances subordinate to the CIA’s oversight of the Dr. Anthony Fauci-directred NIAID and the White House’s Coronavirus Task Force.

The FOX News anchor, whose father, Richard Warner Carlson, directed the U.S. Information Agency and Voice of America propaganda programming during the last six years of the Cold War, questioned Corbett’s loyalties. Carlson inferred the vaccine development program under Corbett might be compromised by Corbett’s ‘pro-Black bias,’ or incompetence and malfeasance.

Corbett, Carlson modeled, should be smeared for writing to her fellow Black American social media supporters that, “The virus is being used to murder Black Americans intentionally.”


A Reasonable Basis for Characterizing the Federal Government’s Interests and Responses to COVID-19 as Genocide Against All People, but Especially African-Americans

Before addressing the science enabling disproportionate victimization of colored people, overlook for the moment the unconscionable history of Anglo-American malice against Africans and African Americans.

Set the slave trade aside.

Also set aside the Tuskegee Syphilis Study administered by the NIH subjecting Black men to death by intentional neglect.

Did Dr. Corbett’s social media posts violate any accepted standard of integrity within the scientific community or U.S. Government? Did Corbett’s messages break administrative policies or gag orders of the NIH, as critics contend?

Or was it Corbett’s ‘public duty’ to exercise free speech, to whistleblow and protest what amounts to the genocide of COVID-19 depopulating disproportionately Blacks?

COVID-19 genocide
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The fundamental question of ‘targeted depopulation’ is answered by science known to Corbett summarized below. Clearly, there is a clear and present danger of killing millions of people with COVID-19, as HIV/AIDS disproportionately did to people of color.

The current data shows this pattern in the chart below, as reported by the Los Angeles Times.

A crisis within a crisis': Black Americans face higher rates of ...

HIV/AIDS’s disproportional damage to people of color followed the 1972-74 hepatitis B vaccine pilot studies subjecting Blacks in Central Africa and gay men in New York to their deaths by tainted injections.

Is genocide against colored people not the standard pattern and practice of the global elite?

Is the CIA that trafficked cocaine and meth to Black ghettos, or the FBI that targeted Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and killed community organizer, Malcolm X, above and beyond their history of neglecting or conducting racist genocidal mischief?

Shall we forget the U.S. Government used Zaire and the Congo for high-risk vaccination experiments, as directed by Henry Kissinger through the CIA to administer National Security Study Memorandum (NSSM) 200 depopulation policy and supportive experiments?

Was the CDC’s strain of the suspect AIDS-trigger, the hepatitis B vaccine, most poisonously tainted to deliver the most genocide punch to Blacks?

These are good questions under the COVID-19 circumstances.

It is unreasonable, and irresponsible, to neglect these urgent questions to the mounting death rate, wherein civilization’s existence hangs in the balance.

Reality check: Deep State officials, all globalists, are now condemned for contriving the Russian dossier matter for the treasonous smearing of the President of the United States, Donald Trump, intentionally disrupting and disintegration the “One Nation Under God” Republic.

What does this say about the trustworthiness of the present government controlled by the Deep State advancing chaos for the promised remedy of “The Final Solution” and the “Great Global Reset“?

Deep State officials must now be presumed by the criminal evidence and publicly known facts to be “capable of doing anything.”

This quote came from fellow whistleblower against the HIV/AIDS vaccine-linked genocide, Rev. Jeremiah Wright—Barack Obama’s distanced spiritual counsel.

Wrongful and criminal actions by the Anglo-American establishment includes generating mass scientific and political fraud. This corruption extends to the ‘Judicial Branch‘ of government legitimizing the corrupted courts, disproportionately incarcerating Black men.

Coronavirus Conspiracy

The equally-discredited Justice Department is characterized by Robert Mueller, who covered-up the source of the anthrax mailings and deceptive and deadly trade of profitable CIPRO, adequately evidencing gross criminal malfeasance, long before Mueller conspired with CIA Clinton-camp officials to impeach the President.

The intelligence community has been historically disingenuous. The CIA and NSA, along with DARPA, are the leading federal agencies outputting propaganda.  They direct the “fake news” media, as concealed by FOX News and every other network. Each are equally corrupted according to witnesses and whistleblowers vetting this endemic treason.

Tucker Carlson’s broadcast prompted reconsideration of broadcast journalist Carl Nelson’s questions whether-or-not African Americans were disproportionately dying from COVID-19 by Deep State intent.

Nelson, America’s most popular Black talk-radio host, broadcasting weekdays during ‘drive-time’ from DC, questioned the increased susceptibility of Black people to this laboratory engineered coronavirus/SARS/HIV-1/Malaria recombinant.

The COVID-19 disease especially targets or damages ‘Black lives that matter,’ but obviously don’t matter to Deep State interests and Big Biotech stockholders.

So the question of genocide is reasonable, given the facts.

The “novel” disease undoubtedly sourced from Anglo-American labs collaborating with the suspect Wuhan lab bioweapons developers. China and the Anglo-American academic community engaged in genetic tinkering mutating bat viruses for many years prior to the ‘novel’ outbreak.

So why hasn’t Deep State opponent President Trump addressed this political and economic treason to gain re-election with the help of the Black vote? Don’t you think voters of all races and religions would be grateful for stopping the genocide and criminal cult that is destroying everything great about America and the ‘Free World?’

Dr. Corbett’s leadership in the absence of such heroism by the White House, especially missing in the presumed pro-Black ‘liberal left,’ was exemplary.

News from Bloomberg was heralded by Corbett in her social media posts. She wrote knowing genetics plays a key role in coronavirus deaths. She knew that Black people were found to be disproportionately susceptible to being killed from what is called a “cytokine storm.” She knew the science explained below.


COVID-19 Science Legitimizes Genocidal Considerations and Opposition

Mounting science justifies activism, criminal investigations, and whistleblowing in opposition to the alleged COVID-19 genocide and treason.

Dr. Kári Stefánsson, head of deCODE Genetics, the Icelandic subsidiary of Amgen Inc., extensively studied COVID-19 and the genetics of those infected. Quoting Bloomberg, Stefansson’s team found that “The receptor [the virus] uses to penetrate host cells, called ACE2, can be present in varying numbers in different people based on their genetics and on environmental factors, such as what medicines they take.”

It is widely known in science that African Americans suffer a disproportionate amount of hypertension, kidney failure, and heart attacks, due to what’s called “ACE 2 deficiency.”

ACE 2 is a protein enzyme that regulates water and salt balance, thus blood pressure. Coronavirus infections result in “reduced ACE 2” levels, placing Black people at higher risk of ACE 2 depletion, higher blood pressure, and deadly cytokine storms.

In fact, the ACE 2 receptor is the key, or gateway, to COVID-19’s morbidity and mortality. Like the AIDS virus, COVID-19’s genetic engineering virtually ‘fools’ white blood cell body guards into permitting the infection, resulting in widespread immune suppression.

This mechanism, and predisposition for disease, works electro-magnetically. The virus’ ‘spike protein’ attachment structure, including four genetic segments sourcing from the AIDS virus, HIV-1, is ‘polarized.’ The tip of the spike has positive charges throughout. This polarity electro-magnetically attaches to human cells by bonding with negatively-charged electrons on the surface membrane of the host cells.

COVID-19 genocide
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Thereby, body alkalinity like anti-oxidant therapy plays a protective role in ACE 2 biochemistry.

This acid-base regulated gateway best explains the disease taking hold in some people, and leaving others alone.

This also explains why people taking drugs, including pharmaceuticals or ‘meds,’ do worse, due to acidification of body chemistry.

This also explains why people going outdoors, getting more oxygen through aerobic exercise, with sunshine spurring vitamin D production, like taking natural anti-oxidants, such as vitamins C, zinc, chlorophyll, and OxySilver, fair far better, being more resistant.*

Altering human DNA by releasing COVID-19 compromises natural, healthy, even ‘herd’ immunity. This bioweaponized virus is a virtual aerosolized AIDS-virus. Like a super-pathogen leveraging this ACE 2 gateway it increases everyone’s susceptibility to dying. The availability of ‘ACE 2 receptors’ under mutant virus attack profoundly modulates COVID-19 ‘pathogenesis.’

African Americans tend to have fewer ACE 2 receptors, and capacity to regulate salt and water poisoned by medications and chemical pollutants present in risky foods, toxic environments, and poisonous vaccines.

Corbett, above anyone else, would know that “patients of African origin have more severe and resistant hypertension, often because of genetically determined predisposition to salt and water retention, with suppressed plasma [angiotensin and] renin activity [dependent on ACE 2 enzyme viability],” as reported by J.D. Spence and B.L. Rayner in the journal, Hypertension.

Corbett would also know that reduced ACE 2 results from coronavirus infection, and makes Blacks more susceptible to the infection and dying.

And as a vaccine expert, Corbett would know the higher risk of coronavirus death occurs due to the inclusion of the HIV-1 gene sequences spliced into the lab-engineered COV/SARS/HIV-1-2019 (i.e., COVID-19) pathogen.

She would know that the result of this deadly ‘science’ is best described as genocide.

Kizzmekia Corbett - WikipediaHaving all of this intelligence, Dr. Corbett bravely and honestly alerted her friends and supporters to this genocide disproportionately killing Black people.

Dr. Corbett’s messages have helped to raise the aforementioned vital questions and concerns, and protect loved ones from becoming victims of biowarfare, vaccinology, genetic science, social engineering, and the racism of the Deep State global elite.



The aforementioned political and scientific evidence demanded Dr. Corbett’s reasonable and responsible attention.

Every government official should address the issues she has raised–the same science and political controversy many others raised previously.

The censorship and smearing of ‘Enemies of State,’ neutralizing whistleblowers of Deep State crime, is well evidenced in this virtual ‘case study’ of Dr. Corbett’s influence following her social media publications.

Deep State officials, bribed experts, and corrupted media personalities  have defrauded people through omissions and misrepresentations in her case. They have contributed substantially to the treasonous genocide threatening mass depopulation of all people, not only those of African descent.

The growing consensus that COVID-19 is a genocidal weapon of mass depopulation engineered to disproportionately damage Blacks is justified by science showing the ‘smoking gun’ fired first by a Western lab–the bioengineered fragments of HIV-1 in the coronavirus’ attachment protein.

This fact raises legitimate international concerns.

Among the most noteworthy and neglected considerations is the long ‘incubation period’ seen with AIDS. This is likely to similarly follow the initial COVID-19 infection. This must be presumed in public health given the confirmed and proven HIV-1 spike protein insertions. A positive Elyssa test, or positive antibody test, even a ‘complete recovery,’ may foreshadow a death sentence based on this concealed science and present disclosure.

The AIDS virus ‘cymeric mutagen’ may act as an aerosolized bioweapon transmitting disease following COVID-19 infection. This secreted science best explains the unprecedented censorship and concealment of the lab virus origin of COVID-19.

Equally telling, and disconcerting, in the wake of this secreted intelligence, is the questionable efficacy of testing, social distancing, and extraordinary infection control directives restricting society’s civil rights and liberties. Risk-to-benefit science is missing on these matters.

Dr. Corbett’s actions triggered widespread consideration of these issues within and beyond the scientific community. Her mistreatment extends America’s pattern and practice of persecuting real heroes.

FOX News et. al. demonstrated this most perverse counter-intelligence, showing the network’s complicity in the ongoing genocide. This treason not only affects Blacks, but everyone globally, including Whites, Asians and Hispanics, Muslims, Jews, Catholics and Protestants.

Every pure-blooded human being is expendable in the minds of biomedical investors in ‘transhumanism.’  The treason committed by COVID-19’s administrators operates under the guise of public health and infection prevention. Civilization’s takeover by extortionate bioterrorism favors globalism.

Was COVID-19 expressly engineered with the positively-charged HIV-1 ‘spike protein’ attachment needed to infect disproportionately Africans, in lieu of reports that the Wuhan lab was working with Western labs to develop a vaccine to cure AIDS that disproportionately damages Blacks?

Most likely. AIDS was similarly engineered, and similarly prejudicial.

Regardless, the genocidal impacts of both ailments, AIDS and COVID-19, are mounting, and their criminal culprits deserve investigations by ‘independent’ prosecutors.



* The anti-oxidant action of OxySilver is substantially increased by the 528Hz frequency “wave” resonating in the solution (a ‘double superconductor’ through water and silver) according to peer reviewed published science. Further explanation of the 528 frequency wave is published HERE.

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