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Top Ten Most Damaging Coronavirus Lies

Coronavirus lies

The Top Ten Most Damaging Coronavirus Lies


Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz


“Ye shall know them by their fruit.”

Matthew 7:15–20 (KJV)


                  Protocols of the Elders of Sion (Protocol 10, paragraph 19, leaked, altered/forged, most anti-Semitic publication in history largely responsible for the Russian and German pogroms and global neo-Nazi movements.)


Introduction and Background

Everything that is happening pursuant to the coronavirus, and human response to it, can be viewed as the “fruit” of a ‘magical deception’ advancing the “inoculation of diseases” as warned in the Book of Revelation 18:23-24, and the Protocols of the Elders of Sion 10:19, respectively.

Coronavirus lies“And the light of a candle shall shine no more at all in thee; and the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more at all in thee: for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived. And in her was found the blood of prophets, and of saints, and of all that were slain upon the earth.” Revelation 18:23-24

This is ‘Mind War’* for the Soul of Humanity. Civilization has been hypnotized and entranced by the multi-national corporate-controlled media broadcasting the voices of experts and government officials who lied to us.

Coronavirus ConspiracyFirst and foremost, they lied to us about the origin of the disease from purportedly eating bat meat at the Wuhan market. Then they lied about the pathogenesis of the disease, that is, how the virus causes disease, omitting the most important positive charge on the ‘spike protein’ attachment mechanism. Then they lied about the deaths falsely attributed to “coronavirus disease” (“COVD) more honestly caused by multiple immune assaults from drug and vaccine intoxications along with medical complications and lifestyle risks. Then they lied about ‘proper medical treatment’ of victims placed wrongly on ventilators that did more harm than good. Their lung muscles worked fine, the disease reflected oxygen deprivation, hemoglobin deficiency, and neurological damage. This was no ‘atypical pneumonia’ or falsely presumed damaged lung physiology. This was oxygen deprivation from red blood cell dyscrasia.


“This is ‘Mind War’* for the Soul of Humanity. Civilization has been hypnotized and entranced by the multi-national corporate-controlled media broadcasting the voices of experts and government officials who lied to us. “


Medical malpractice, negligence, and scientific fraud by omissions and misrepresentations are civil torts. In this case they compound a ‘biocrime,’ because people have died by the tens of thousands of what amounts to bioterrorism with all of its legal elements satisfied. Bad intelligence and false instructions were given to everyone frightened and responding.

Scientific evidence tampering and fraud was first evidenced by the suppression of the science published, and later “withdrawn” (i.e., censored/concealed) by Pradhan et. al. That censorship in this case, were lives are at stake, is a felony. It is also treasonous under the circumstances of international bioweapons treaty violations.

Lancet CoronavirusPradhan et. al.’s group of nine scientists are affiliated with IBM and multiple academic institutions in India and Asia. They noted the extremely positively-charged “novel” attachment HIV-1 apparatus enabling the 2019 coronavirus to jump species to humans from presumably a bat cell culture. This culture had been incubated in a yet to be identified pharmaceutical/bioweapons lab. These scholars concluded:

     “The finding of 4 unique inserts in the 2019-nCoV, all of which have identity/similarity to amino acid residues in key structural proteins of HIV-1 is unlikely to be fortuitous in nature.”

In other words, the novel 2019 CoV/SARS/HIV-1 was undoubtedly a lab virus, and the mainstream media’s and governments’ concealment of this fact was a crime against humanity.

Subsequently, Pradhan et. al.’s honorable and heroic revelations were corroborated by a team of Chinese scientists, Wang et. al. These investigators published on April 7, 2020, in the Journal of Cellular and Molecular Immunology, that “SARS-CoV-2 infects T lymphocytes through its spike protein-mediated membrane fusion” precisely as Pradhan’s group detailed. This “bad news” was heralded by Matt Steib in New York Magazine. In Steib’s words, “The study found that COVID-19’s damage to the T lymphocytes resembled that caused by HIV[-1/AIDS].”

This corroboration verifies the alarm sounded by this author/whistleblower in submissions to government officials and legislative bodies during the past quarter century: “Dual purpose” lab viruses bioengineered to jump species and destroy human immunity, justified as ‘cancer research’ or ‘vaccination immunology,’ should be outlawed as violations of international bioweapons treaties.

Those who produced and released the mutating coronavirus have concealed the ‘mutagenic risk’ of the highly unstable man-made virus recombining with other far more deadly viruses. These matters could now trigger a biological apocalypse, the Armageddon.

Nonetheless, the chosen ‘psychological operation’ (i.e., PSYOPS) and “pandemic response” we are witnessing has perfectly devastated civilization and the global economy in favor of the descendants of those who wrote the aforementioned Protocols.

The result fits too perfectly with Bible prophecy too to be dismissed or ignored.

We suffer from what the Book of Revelation refers to as “sorcery.” Advanced by “magic spells,” the magicians deceived all the wealthiest merchants on earth. They stole and poisoned people’s blood globally. They, thereby, extinguished the soul or spirit of divine communion in God’s people–“The Bride.” That endowment and sustaining force generating health and healing was terminated in those deceived.

The aforementioned facts about the suppressed AIDS virus envelop gene sequences in the coronavirus’s spike protein, published and confirmed by reputable scientists, implore this presumption: That COVID-19 is a highly unstable mutagen of lab virus origin loosed for bioterrorism. And it is unlikely to simply disappear soon.

This imposition is likely to continue to justify unconscionable acts of global genocide to consummate global fascism. In the name of ‘pubic health’ and ‘society’s safety,’ Babylon has been captured, is failing, and is falling.

No other reasonable presumption can be made, nor conclusion reached, given the evidence in hand. And this ‘differential diagnosis’, based on the facts in evidence, features members of the Deep State, Big Pharma, and globalist conspiracy that wield the corporate-controlled media like sorcerers, as many of us have already discovered, reported and actively opposed.

Without diagnosing these pharmaceutical, psychosocial, geopolitical, and economic roots of this coronavirus disorder, advancing medical solutions are futile. This clear-and-present failure extends to the treatments used to save lives. For instance, without diagnosing the AIDS virus envelop gene sequences in the spike protein attachment apparatus, doctors recklessly neglect the extreme positive charge of this gateway to infection. They overlook the key ‘bioenergetics’ needed for transmission of the coronavirus RNA to infect the attacked cells.

Without diagnosing these facts, the ‘first responders’ put people on ventilators. Thus treating the wrong disease, patients are further damaged and often die.

And without diagnosing these foundational truths, civilization is irreparably harmed, overtaken, along with the world’s economy, by the drug and vaccine industrialists who have loosed this bioweapon, and conned everyone into believing it evolved naturally from bats eaten at a Wuhan seafood market.

Given this introduction and background, the following “Top Ten Most Damaging Coronavirus Lies” are considered:


CLAIM #1: CoV-19 is not a ‘lab virus,’ but a germ that evolved naturally in bats.

coronavirus conspiracy
Click to awaken to the real ‘Coronavirus Conspiracy’.

The “natural evolution” of this plague is the first and most impactful false claim. It is most damaging, because it buries the actual ‘bioterrorism,’ and hides the criminal psychopaths administering the ‘biocrime.’

The fraudulent concealment of the four AIDS virus gene sequences in the n-CoV/SARS bioweapon proves bats, or exposure to contaminated meat at the Wuhan market, did not source the outbreak.

This determination is a ‘smoking gun’ proving the biocrime. The fraudulent concealment of this discovery is akin to scientific evidence tampering that is a felony under these deadly circumstances. The censorship proves an organized criminal conspiracy to commit genocide.

The deadly outcome of this imposition and biocrime is compounded by officials’ extortion, social isolation called ‘distancing,’ mass quarantining generating mass psychogenic distress and massive mental illness. Stress-related physical ailments are being generated along with cultural degeneration. We witness commercial monopolistic sabotage causing economic shut downs. We see spiritual and religious assaults, and the promise of salvation exclusively available through blood and DNA ‘testing’ and “vaccination’.

As you can see, the Greatest and Most Damaging Coronavirus Lie is that the bioweapon used to justify all of this misery evolved, and infected humanity, “naturally.”



“This imposition is likely to continue to justify unconscionable acts of global genocide to consummate global fascism. In the name of ‘pubic health’ and ‘society’s safety,’ Babylon has been captured, is failing, and is falling.”



CLAIM #2: Mass antibody testing is required to assess seroconversion of, ideally, the entire population resulting in ‘herd immunity.’

Coronavirus Lies
Click to awaken to “Vaccination Hesitancy” as a ‘Red Herring Diversion.’

It is said that the best coronavirus defense and cure is complete ‘herd immunity’ acquired by mass infections or vaccinations.

It is also said that testing is most useful in projecting and treating future CoV19 outbreaks.

These are intertwined ‘red herring’ arguments. They neglect (or fraudulently conceal) the Deep State’s primary interest in the bioweapon and ‘coronavirus testing’—social conditioning for DNA data mining, genetic engineering and genetic profiling required to influence, or completely control, individuals electro-genetically, psychotronically, using the most advanced military advancements in ‘neuroscience.’

This is actually called the “6th domain of warfare” also called ‘Mind War.’

A recent review of this little-known operation administered by ‘shadow governors’ to transform civilization for transhumanism and a monopoly over world culture, commerce, religions, and war has been published by State of the Nation and expanded in Ayahuasca Death Cult: The Psycho-Spiritual Delusion.

Click to read a chapter-by-chapter summary.

The facts evidence coronavirus co-conspirators’ complicity in this Mind War industry. The leading suspects include Johns Hopkins University, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and The Pirbright Institute in Surrey, England, “dedicated to the study of infectious diseases of farm animals.” This enterprise is controlled by the British Ministry of Defense (MOD). . . .”

The Pirbright Institute has close affiliations with vaccine and drug makers, including British Merial (originally a joint venture between the drug companies Merck and Sanofi-Aventis), Germany’s Boehringer-Ingelheim, Britiain’s Wellcome Trust, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The Wellcome Trust and the Gates Foundation are among the largest investors in ‘pharma research.’ They heavily fund The Pirbright Institute. . . .

“On the same property as The Pirbright Institute is Cobbett Hill Earth Station—a satellite teleport that boasts ‘more than 25 antennas with active operations on 13 satellites’ using C and KU-band antennas that are powerful enough for directed energy weaponry.”

According to the FDA, Abbott Labs, the maker of the heavily touted coronavirus testing technology, maintains a commercial alliance, virtual partnership, with Boehringer-Ingelheim.

The Wellcome Trust controls London’s Biocentre, the UK’s largest non-governmental source of funds for biomedical research. It heavily funds research into alleged ‘mysterious’ neurodegenerative diseases linked by censored science to thimerosal mercury in vaccines. The study of neurodegenerative diseases by drug industrialists, as conducted at Johns Hopkins University advancing both genetic engineering and hallucinogenic drug studies impacting brain neurology and ‘expanded brain circuitry,’ conceals the Deep State’s advancement of Mind War research and developments.

Coronavirus liesLegislators are bribed to aid-and-abet this cartel and its agendas.

I previously reported, “Abbott’s press officials over the years distanced the company from its cartel agreements with the Rockefeller-IBM-partnered IG Farben conglomerate that administered Auschwitz and financed the death camps of WWII.

“Decartelization following Nuremberg Trials gave rise to Bayar AG, Hoechst and BASF, the latter acquired by Abbott in late 2000 for $6.9B (US) in cash. Since that time, Abbott has been a leading funder of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) legislative ‘bill mill’ pushing mandatory vaccines through campaign financing of candidates in both parties. The company, that manufactures the AIDS virus spike protein attachment ‘protease inhibitor’ Norvir, has a history of bribing medical doctors and public officials, resulting in its 2006 rebuke by the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI).”

Meanwhile, the Gates Foundation has been royally exposed for continuing genocidal ‘eugenic’ operations begun for “Master Race” white supremacy and ruling elite protectionism. Bill Gates personifies ‘babylon the great, the mother of prostitutes and of the abominations of the earth.” Together with allies such as Peter Theil, and alleged competitor Elon Musk, Gates backs population control technologies such as 5G, ‘Promis’ software, AI, the Cloud, transhumanism, psychotronic warfare, and GMO infected mosquitoes that can transmit their viral weapons. This public and private enterprise is intertwined with ‘census taking,’ genealogy tracking, and now coronavirus testing.

Forced antibody testing invites unprecedented violations of civil liberties and human rights. Few people are talking about this electro-genetically-controlled Brave New World, or its “conspiracy theory.”

From this vantage point, forced genetic or antibody testing extortionately leverages the coronavirus pandemic consistent with a Deep State/Big Pharma/Bill Gates and Peter Theil ploy.


CLAIM 3: China is to blame for CoV19.

Coronavirus LiesThis is how “magic” is administered. Everyone is directed to look at the hand that isn’t administering the illusion. Here, everyone is looking at Chinese v. U.S. military bioweapons labs. That tells us it was more likely a British Deep State pharmaceutical lab that loosed it.

Most suspect, as mentioned above, is The Pirbright Institute that patented on Nov. 20, 2018, U.S. Pat. No. 10,130,701. This attenuated coronavirus patent may or may not be the source of the circulating bioweapon, but its claim for use as a vaccine certainly raises reasonable suspicions under the criminal circumstances.

This allegation is also justified by China overtaking Big Pharma by law on Dec. 1, 2019. This was days before the first outbreak in Wuhan. In effect, the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) committed a hostile takeover of the pharmaceutical industry’s operations in China. No one is talking about this justification for retaliation against China by Big Pharma other than this author. Why?

The magical disappearing act.

coronavirus lies
Click to awaken to the White House probe.

Read between the lines of the current TV propaganda. It’s all about US over-reliance on China for drugs and presumably vaccines.

Similarly, look at President Trumps TV ads. ‘Big Pharma is charging too much for drugs.’

Was China, not Big Pharma, actually sourcing the drugs? No. But that is the illusion spun by the media and politicians.


Deep State is Big PharmaDid China create HIV-1? No. Did China create the hepatitis B vaccines first outbreaking AIDS? No. Big Pharma (Merck/NCI/SVCP) did.

Did China conceal the AIDS-virus genes spliced into the spike protein attachment apparatus of the CoV-19? Yes. Why?

Most likely, China depends on Big Pharma and its global stockholders for money. So Chinese officials, like Western officials, have kept quiet about Big Pharma’s bioweapons programs and depopulation investments financing black ops.

Indeed, China cannot be trusted, but anti-Chinese arguments blaming China on the Wuhan outbreak are unconvincing.

The propagandists and legislators now urge China to, “close down your meat markets.”

Did a bat, or dog meat, splice HIV-1 gene segments into the deadly CoV-19? No.

But those contriving this diversion are complicit. Those recklessly neglecting this science have been aiding-and-abetting the global biocrime.

The heavy favorite among CoV-19 bioterror suspects is the Deep State/Big Pharma, and increasingly the ‘Octopus’ controlling The Pirbright Institute; not China nor even the American government under Trump’s administration.

CLAIM 4: There are no other treatments for CoV-19 disease except for hydrochloroquine and forthcoming ‘fast-tracked’ vaccines.

This lie compounds the indictment of the aforementioned Deep State/Big Pharma suspects, because what is obvious to anyone knowledgeable about health and science is the central importance of natural anti-oxidants.

These electron-donating molecules are powerfully effective against all positively charged pathogens, albeit fraudulently concealed in the international coronavirus response. Anti-oxidants are the best preventatives and cures for this “novel” coronavirus disease. This claim is based on Pradhan et. al.’s censored study.

For example, hydrochloroquine’s functional group operates like an anti-oxidant, but unfortunately it can cause damaging side effects.

The active ingredient in the ‘natural cures’ is the ‘hydroxy radical.’ This chemistry delivers naturally effective anti-oxidants. Vitamins C and D, zinc, chlorophyll, even certain natural frequencies such as 528Hz (resonating in the broad spectrum anti-microbial OxySilver) provide powerful anti-oxidant properties.

These all oppose the ‘positively charged’ CoV-19 spike protein attachment apparatus. In the presence of these anti-oxidants the virus cannot attach to negatively-charged human cells to cause the disease.

Accordingly, it is a total lie that “there are no effective treatments for coronavirus disease other than developing drugs and vaccines.”


CLAIM 5: Johns Hopkins is accurately tracking and reporting the number of new coronavirus cases and deaths nationwide and worldwide.

This claim falsely presumes that coronavirus testing methods administered worldwide are accurate. This also erroneously presumes Johns Hopkins Univ. is honest, unbiased, and has no conflicting interests. Just the opposite is true.

This claim also falsely represents that people who died of supposedly “coronavirus disease” did not die of multiple other known causes of death, including preexisting medical conditions, immune suppression caused by lifestyle risks and previous vaccinations, nosocomial infections acquired in healthcare facilities, and iatrogenic causes of death from medical malpractices. This latter risk includes the improper diagnosis preceding the shredding of the lungs from unwarranted use of ventilators to treat the underlying unrecognized hemoglobin malfunction and oxygen deprivation syndrome.

There are two different types of tests administered to confirm a “case”:

(1) the ‘slow’ antibody test that is an “enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) that is not a test for [ongoing] infections. Alternatively, the most popular testing technology is produced by Abbott Labs. It is called the Abbott RealTime SARS-CoV-2 assay. This is a “real-time reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (rRT-PCR) test administered on the Abbott m2000 System.

Here, a SARS-CoV-2 primer and probe set is used to detect RNA from SARS-CoV-2 in nasopharyngeal and oropharyngeal swabs from patients with signs and symptoms of infection (i.e., those suspected of COVID-19 infection);

(2) The second type if test is a viral DNA test. The fastest one to date is called ID NOW. It too is manufactured by the infamous Abbott Labs.

As briefly mentioned above, Abbott Labs bought out the Nazi-successor-in-interest BASF, and virtually-partnered with the infamous Boehringer-IG Farben syndicate, also responsible for illegalities in the marketing of Humira and Depakote.

Abbott’s ELISA antibody test preceded its quick test, and supposedly identified coronavirus genes using the “reverse transcriptase enzyme” popularized in 1970 by the claimed “simultaneous discovery” of this “novel” enzyme in RNA tumor viruses by David Baltimore and Howard Temin.

Coronavirus lies
Click to awaken to the actual contracts.

Baltimore’s commercial isolation of the “AIDS-enzyme” at MIT occurred at the same time the AIDS virus began to be injected into gay men in New York City, Blacks in Central Africa, and Willowbrook State School mentally-retarded children according to scientific and government records censored by the U.N. and World Health Organization. Both are currently under fire for politicizing the coronavirus pandemic and siding with China against the United States in a blame game that includes accusations that the bioweaponized lab virus sourced from covert military programs in violation of international treaties.

David Baltimore’s commercializing-isolation of the AIDS-virus enzyme, reverse transcriptase, enabled the study of the never-before-seen leukemia/lymphoma/sarcoma cancer complex developed during the Special Virus Cancer Program. This enzyme isolation “revolutionized molecular biology and laid the foundations for retrovirology and cancer biology,” according to a leading review article.

Serious flaws in coronavirus testing methodology and accuracy have been critically examined by David Crow in his April 10, 2020 publication of “Flaws in Coronavirus Pandemic Theory.”

For instance, evidencing the arbitrary nature of the reverse transcriptase (RT) PCR test for viral DNA, Crow analyzed several studies. In one example, “[a] group of doctors in Marseille, France, working in a very experienced lab that regularly does testing for respiratory viruses, reported testing 4,084 samples for COVID-19 using several systems approved for use in Europe, without a single positive. This included 337 people returning from China who were tested twice, and 32 people referred because of suspected infection.

Crow concluded: “It is statistically improbable that this lab was just lucky to not get any COVID-19 cases. It is more likely that they used more stringent criteria, illustrating that the performance of not just test kits, but labs, with this new test, is completely [arbitrary and] unknown. Yet, a positive test remains unquestioned in every ‘case’ [tallied by Johns Hopkins University].”

Johns Hopkins, mind you, operates at “the heart of the beast”—the ‘Plague Syndicate’—as evidenced by the institution’s co-sponsorship of the “Event 201”/”Agenda 21” coronavirus predictive programming conference held on October 18, 2019, co-financed by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the World Economic Forum.

Click to freely view

Consequently, imagine a drug and vaccine syndicate overriding the worlds of science, medicine, and the media, that persuades governments and world commerce to shut down; and justifies the hostile takeover of civilization based on totally questionable reporting of test results. These test results, promoted by the troublemakers, erroneously presume to identify the presence of coronavirus. But the tests, even if they were accurate and reliable, don’t actually test for the presence of the virus, or its disease (as Crow exhaustively evidences).

That summarizes the absurdity and criminal complicity of what is ongoing in the name of “coronavirus testing.”


CLAIM 6: President Trump’s appointed director of his coronavirus response team, Dr. Anthony Fauci, is among the world’s best informed and most trustworthy infectious disease experts.

Coronavirus lies
Click to awaken to vaccination genocide.

In this video you can view Dr. Fauci testifying before Congress like a lying idiot, claiming ignorance about the brain damage many measles vaccine-injured victims suffer–pathology openly acknowledged by the vaccine maker in every package insert.

In this second video, you can view FOX News’ Tucker Carlson ‘spin’ Anthony Fauci’s wrongdoing into praise for the CIA’s leading infectious disease propagandist. According to the Washington Post, as corroborated by the CIA,  U.S. National Security demands oversight of Fauci and his National Institute for Allergies and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) by the CIA and Department of Homeland Security.

This enterprise’s foundational deception is the label “Life Sciences” put on death and disease biotechnologies, bioterrorism, and biocrimes. Evidence for this criminal indictment and syndicate is found in many publications, including THIS ONE from Fauci’s own NIAID heralding their funding of studies in 2018 in collaboration with the Chinese Government’s dual purpose pharmaceutical/bioweapons lab—the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Summarily, Anthony Fauci is a veteran Deep State ‘Death Sciences’ agent operating at the forefront of fraudulent concealments, scientific evidence tampering, and issuing propaganda for the global racket exploiting emerging biotechnology, resulting diseases, and genocidal pandemics.

Unconscionable evidence of ‘bad faith’ is compounded here, listing a dozen Big Pharma patents held by Anthony Fauci et. al. This evidence best explains this front-man’s financial motives and conflicting interests tainting his ‘coronavirus response’ leadership.

The patents justify Fauci’s fraudulent concealment of Pradhan et. al.’s determinations of the AIDS virus gene sequences spliced into the n-CoV/SARS/HIV-1 bioweapon. Additional Fauci patents show the NIAID “AIDS Czar” has capitalized on every aspect of the industry’s commercialization of diagnostic and therapeutic products and services, from antibody testing and vaccines additives (such as “intermittent interleukin 2” to anti-retroviral drug therapies.

These links provide substantial ‘probable cause’ to indict Fauci and his partners on charges of treason and war crimes.

Click to awaken to the ‘Elements of Vaccination Genocide”.


CLAIM 7: ‘Social Distancing’ will defeat the coronavirus, masks reduce transmissions, and ventilators are required to treat coronavirus sufferers most urgently.

On Fox News, on April 13, 20202, Tucker Carlson declared “We were wrong.” Officials and the media had over-estimated the numbers of coronavirus cases and deaths that would “overwhelm healthcare.” The initial objective of governmental response was to prevent this.

The decisional data was mainly administered by Johns Hopkins University. This criminally-complicit enterprise co-sponsored the “Coronavirus Predictive Programming Conference” that Carlson and the rest of the news media recklessly neglected. The specious “mathematical models,” predictive data, and traitorous negligence, was abused to commit and justify a “bait-and-switch” consumer fraud, Carlson surprisingly admitted.

The liars bated citizens with the infamous “Flatten the Curve” argument. This reasonably justified shutting down American commerce and social contacts. This, they recklessly and erroneously predicted, would prevent overwhelming healthcare and hospital supplies by slowing the spread of the virus.

Then, while the devil-doers fanned irrational fears to defraud the public, officials and the complicit media suddenly switched the message. “Crush the curve” by defeating the coronavirus altogether by all means, especially by “testing” and developing vaccines, as ‘predictively programmed.’


“Summarily, Anthony Fauci is a veteran Deep State ‘Death Sciences’ agent operating at the forefront of fraudulent concealments, scientific evidence tampering, and issuing propaganda for the global racket exploiting emerging biotechnology, resulting diseases, and genocidal pandemics.”


We must presume that Anthony Fauci et. al., completely conned a subdued and Deep State-embattled Trump.

Fauci argued to alter civilization indefinitely, possibly for all time, extorting the administration with the threat of mass morbidity and mortality. He even advocated terminating hand-shaking forever, with no possibility of returning to traditional ‘normalcy.’ He endorsed vaccination certification for travel and commerce.

Such “leadership,” attitudes, states of mind, and points of view, exclusively favored the Deep State’s ‘Pharma Cult.’

This enterprise and its bioterrorism enabled the hostile takeover of other governments as well, the global economy, and civilization.

Officials and first responders blindly accepted the media-conditioned messages delivered by Fauci and allied “experts.”  Blindly biased infectious disease officials led the way to profit industry investors and political insiders. Bribed legislators were complicit, albeit neglected.

Accordingly, Carlson concluded his FOX segment opining, “We are no longer capable of rational decision-making.”

That precise outcome exclusively favored the ‘Brave New World’ Deep State dictatorship called ‘globalism.’

The treacherous scheme enabled the treasonous takeover of governments, economies, and societies worldwide by elite transhumanism-favoring industrialists more interested in artificial intelligence (AI) and population control than flesh and blood ethics.

Personal Protective Behaviors Engineered by the Devil-doers

Equally irrational and irresponsible, you may have noticed the conflicting opinions and confusion generated by ‘experts’ concerning the use of personal protective equipment (“PPE”), especially masks. Do masks actually prevent coronavirus transmissions, as well as the eventual spread of the bioweapon across society?

The latter is unrealistic.

Handwashing too has its drawbacks, especially against airborne and allegedly ‘meat-borne’ viral transmissions. Especially when animals and pets don’t wash their hands and are reportedly also susceptible to this “novel” disease.

Likewise, a predicted shortage of ventilators, supposedly central to competent medical care, was false on both counts. The ventilator shortage never really happened because the ‘models’ were false. And the use of ventilators to ‘save lives’ actually compounded damage from coronavirus disease and deaths as explained below by New York physician, Dr. Kyle-Sidell.

The Questionable Utility of Masks

Returning to the supposed benefit of wearing masks to prevent the spread of coronavirus disease, officials have been ‘all over the board’ on this issue.

First of all, masks do nothing to increase your main defense against the disease, that is, natural immunity. “The germ is nothing, the terrain is everything,” confessed Louis Pasteur from his death bed. So if masks actually worked, they deprive healthy people of natural airborne exposures best enabling natural immunity against coronavirus disease.

Besides this, masks obviously make breathing more difficult. Masks, thereby, reduce oxygen intake and increase risks.

How so?

Lowering oxygen intake depletes natural anti-oxidants in the blood and lowers disease resistance, especially against coronavirus disease. In this case, masks compound the very hypoxia that Dr. Kyle-Sidell diagnosed and heralded worldwide.

Moreover, masks are uncomfortable and ‘hot.’ They increase sweating in warm places. Perspiration is a ‘detoxification reaction’. This body fluid may release, and even spread, more viruses. Suppose your arm sweats from the heat and wearing a mask, and you ‘elbow shake’ with someone?

Besides ‘shedding’ viruses through sweat, ‘dirty’ used masks can actually spread disease. Officials require proper ‘bio-hazard’ containment and disposal of potentially infected materials. Are people disposing of soiled masks properly, according to OSHA standards. No.

Masks worn publicly are also visible reminders of distressing messaging and social conditioning. Viewing people wearing masks breeds worry, not safety or security. Are these faceless people you see wearing masks ‘Zombies’? Are they infected? Or are they simply forced by officials and induced by worry to wear this ‘PPE’? What impact does this have on mental health and quality of life?

“Social distancing” devastating the economy is delaying and inviting much more tragedy

Similar drawbacks accompany “social distancing” impositions, including “elbow shaking.” The utility (or benefit) of these actions is complete conjecture. Where is the science on these behaviors? Non-existent.

Consider this question: What if one year from now science proves that social distancing and mask wearing delayed ‘herd immunity,’ which fueled a resurgence of the coronavirus pandemic? Then what?

Even worse, what if the delayed herd immunity gave time for a further mutation of the coronavirus—a recombination with a far more deadly virus—that results in far greater morbidity and mortality? In that case, social distancing would be contributing to a ‘biological apocalypse.’

Meanwhile, while neglecting these most important questions and concerns, the media focuses on less weighty issues. In this context, the hotly-contested questions, to mask or not, or stay “6 ft. away” from people in public, serve as ‘red herrings’.

These secondary issues brilliantly divert people from most protective and preventive self-care strategies. Likewise, these diversions occupy attention spans, keeping people from awakening to the fraudulently concealed science evidencing the lab creation of this bioterrorizing coronavirus bioweapon and criminal liability.

These ‘red herrings’ prevent the investigation, prosecution, and conviction of the devil-doers that have criminally-imposed such restrictions on humanity in violation of bioweapons treaties. The suspects produced and released this strain, and then imposed unreasonable, irresponsible, and uncivilized restrictions on society and human behavior.

Consequently, the ‘social conditioning’ for ‘social distancing’ administered by such media messaging, and public engineering to isolate people, clearly serves Deep State objective #1—to condition ‘dehumanization’ of civilization for the emergence of transhumanism and its commercial and global governmental goals.

This scheme damaging civilization benefits mainly the pharmaceutical industrialists advancing artificial intelligence (AI) as reported elsewhere. These facts heavily incriminate Johns Hopkins, Bill Gates, front-men like Anthony Fauci, and Silicon Valley devil-doers such as Peter Theil—Deep State agents who have served military Mind War operations financed through black ops such as those at MIT’s Media Labs advanced by Gates, Jeffrey Epstein, and fellow traitors now pushing ‘testing’ and ‘vaccinations’ for ‘salvation.’


“The treacherous scheme enabled the treasonous takeover of governments, economies, and societies worldwide by elite transhumanism-favoring industrialists more interested in artificial intelligence (AI) and population control than flesh and blood ethics.”


CLAIM 8: Frequent hand-washing is the best thing you can do to prevent coronavirus disease and death.

Science claims handwashing with water and plain soap (not anti-microbial soaps) can significantly reduce the number of pathogens found on your hands. But it is pure speculation that this actually translates into less death or disease.

Apparently, touching the coronavirus didn’t kill the first million people reported to have been infected. They overcame the plague. That’s great news. The infection and natural immunity made them stronger, not weaker. According to the experts, they generated protective antibodies.

Typically, when natural immunity defeats an infection, and leaves behind antibodies for future protection, that is good. So why would anyone choose the defeat this natural process in favor of enriching Deep State criminals?

Even if science were to prove such hand-washing reduced diseases, that science would be questionable due to a number of “confounding factors.” These include lifestyle risks impacting natural immunity. People’s immunity varies dramatically. But this vitally important fact of self protection through lifestyle moderation is recklessly neglected by officials. Instead of properly educating people, officials promote vaccines—a ‘one size fits all’ remedy. And to sell this stupidity, they employ the red herrings (i.e., diversionary arguments) as previously explained.

Sure it makes sense to practice good hygiene, including timely hand washing with plain soap and water after touching potentially contaminated surfaces. It makes sense to stop coughing or sneezing in public. If you are sick, it makes sense to stay at home, rest and recuperate. But frightening and restrictive official recommendations breed obsessive and compulsive disorders wherein people wash hands repeatedly neurotically, fearing otherwise they will die.

Accordingly, official messaging generally targets a ‘dumbed-down’ neurotically-inclined population, consistent with Mind War operations and profiting from unreasonable and unethical behavior modification and social conditioning.

Is this ‘good advice’ given to frightened people to secure their mental health? No, but it certainly profits the devil-doers.

The Deep State works to control the herd—the ‘mass market’—with lies, misrepresentations, and omissions. They don’t want the flock researching and actively opposing this health science fraud and herd-immunity deprivation.

Is any physical damage done by frequent hand washing?


How many people use anti-microbial soaps that dry and chap the skin? These chemical intoxication reactions break the protective layer of skin. Cracks in the skin increase the risk of viral transmissions.

How many consumers have allergies and multiple chemical sensitivities to anti-microbial soaps and/or disinfecting sprays? Tens of millions according to science.

Plain tap water is commonly heavily chlorinated. It too dries out and cracks the skin.

Furthermore, these chemicals have damaging impacts on the environment, and ground water quality.

Given these facts, including circumstances characterizing coronavirus bioterrorism and Deep State biocrime, public appeals for hand-washing, like mask-wearing, are diversionary red herrings. They may be doing more harm than good.

Shouldn’t we be putting the devil-doers who condition society to accept these risks under indictments, in jail, or electrocuting them for treason in violation of federal laws and international bioweapons treaties?

Instead, most people ignore these risks, and ‘wash their hands’ of these injustices.

coronavirus lies
Click to view New York doctor, Cameron Kyle-Sidell, characterize the Coronavirus bioweapon as causing oxygen deprivation syndrome neglected by experts.

The Ventilators damaging misdiagnosed coronavirus patients

“I have seen things I’ve never seen before,” complained New York Doctor, Cameron Kyle-Sidell, who characterized the coronavirus bioweapon oxygen deprivation syndrome neglected by Fauci, most health science experts, and the media pundits.

“In treating these patients I’ve witnessed medical phenomenon that just don’t make sense in the context of treating a disease that is supposed to be a ‘viral pneumonia’,” Dr. Kyle-Sidell objected. “‘Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome’ (ARDS) is the paradigm every hospital in the country is working under. . . that is untrue. In short, I believe that we are treating the wrong disease. And I fear that this misguided treatment will lead to a tremendous amount of harm to a great number of people in a very short time. . . .”

This New York City critical care physician helped diagnose the actual cause of death in coronavirus patients. He diagnosed the condition of oxygen starvation as the leading cause of death in these victims of medical malpractice.

“It appears that some kind of viral-induced disease most resembling ‘high altitude sickness’ [is being overlooked and neglected],” Kyle-Sidell explained. These patients are slowly being deprived of oxygen. I have seen patients depending on oxygen take off their oxygen [masks] and quickly progress into a state of anxiety and emotional distress, and eventually get blue in the face. And while they look like patients absolutely on the brink of death, they do not look like patients dying of pneumonia. . . .”

Whistleblowing on the system-wide negligent manslaughter committed under the guise of standard “coronavirus intensive care,” the heroic Dr. Kyle-Sidell added:

“I fear that if we are using a ‘false paradigm’ to treat a new disease; that the method that we program the ventilator—one based on the notion of ‘respiratory failure’ rather than ‘oxygen failure’ . . . is actually doing more harm than good. . . . [This] challenges long-held dogmantic beliefs within the medical community and lung specialists which will not be easy to overcome. But I really believe they must be overcome [to prevent unnecessary morbidity and mortality].”


“These ‘red herrings’ prevent the investigation, prosecution, and conviction of the devil-doers that have criminally-imposed such restrictions on humanity in violation of bioweapons treaties. The suspects produced and released this strain, and then imposed unreasonable, irresponsible, and uncivilized restrictions on society and human behavior.”



9) “We are all in this together.”

Coronavirus lies
Anthony Fauci, NIAID Director, shakes hands with ‘partner’ Bill Gates, as NIH Director, Francis Sellers Collins, appears enamoured by Gates.

Are we all together with Bill Gates, or Anthony Fauci?

Or is this simply a stupefying slogan to gain mass submission to the devil-doers’ criminal impositions?

This slogan–“We are all in this together.”–is reminiscent of the affirmation adorning Auschwitz’s entryway—“Arbeit macht frei,” meaning “work sets you free”.

Click to enlarge

Overlooking the aforementioned direct ties between Abbott Labs, BASF, Boehringer, the Nazis, Bill Gates and Mind War, operating at the heart of this coronavirus enterprise commercializing the “pandemic response” (allegedly in the interest of public health and safety) is the Cambridge, Massachusetts biotech company called Moderna Inc. That company developed the leading candidate vaccine against the Wuhan novel strain. Moderna’s direct partners include Bill Gates, as well as the NIAID that is headed by Anthony Fauci. That is the same NIAID that financed the coronavirus/SARS novel virus research in 2018 at the most suspect Chinese lab near the Wuhan meat market—the Wuhan Institute of Virology. That is the same NIAID that has covered-up the hepatitis B vaccine triggering of HIV/AIDS between 1972 and 1974.

Notable about the Fauci-Gates Moderna coronavirus vaccine enterprise is mRNA-1273, explained Princeton Univ. trained political and economic investigator, F. William Engdahl. This anticipated ‘remedy’ for coronavirus ‘insanity’ has beenrolled out in a matter of weeks, not years, and on February 24 went directly to Fauci’s NIH [NIAID] for tests on human guinea pigs, not on mice as normal.”

Those who approve of this conversion of ‘safe science’ are “all in this together.”

In contrast, law abiding well-informed citizens oppose this ‘togetherness,’ coronavirus bioterrorism, biological warfare, and biocrime. We reject these impositions by the aforementioned suspects and their racketeering enterprise.

Dr. Fauci deserves more than superficial criticism by the media for “miscalculating the spread of coronavirus.”  By: (1) secreting the lab origin and Deep State imposition of this plague; (2) misinforming the President and the public, as Bill Gates has, regarding risky vaccines; (3) promoting the specious benefits of testing; while (4) fraudulently concealing natural remedies, Fauci and Gates have provided good cause for grand jury indictments for treason, bioterrorism, and biocrimes.

Accordingly, President Trump and Attorney General William Barr are hereby called to act dutifully in investigating, indicting, prosecuting, and convicting Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci under 18 U.S. Code § 1002 and other laws of the United States, encouraging imprisonment by statute for “not more than 20 years.”

In addition, treason law 18 U.S. Code § 2381 states: “Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.”


“[T]he ‘social conditioning’ for ‘social distancing’ administered by such media messaging, and public engineering to isolate people, clearly serves Deep State objective #1—to condition ‘dehumanization’ of civilization for the emergence of transhumanism and its commercial and global governmental goals.”


10) A coronavirus vaccine will save us from this terrible plague.

Finally, and most importantly, Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, et. al., have conned people worldwide into believing only two remedies will save civilization and restore the global economy: (1) testing and (2) vaccines. As explained above, testing is so unreliable that obsessed officials imposing this technology are subject to fraud and treason charges. The same must be said about coronavirus vaccines.

Civilization is, in effect, being held hostage by the false promise that a forthcoming “fast-tracked” vaccine will prove “safe and effective” when that is impossible to predict, achieve, or even claim, other than by scientific fraud and media deception. At best, a vaccine might deliver 60% population protection. The other 40% are left to die and spread the disease.

As aforementioned, it is generally accepted that vaccines become less effective when the target germ mutates, and also when vaccinations are delayed.

Scientific support for these facts, resulting in abysmal vaccine failure, is found in the history of the H1N1 2009 “Swine Flu” that outbroke in Mexico during a reported vaccine trial. This pandemic was falsely blamed on China.  These matters were thoroughly investigated and reported in Clinical Microbiology Reviews by authors Cheng et. al.

Exemplifying, for instance, the problems arising from imposing “social distancing” while awaiting mandatory coronavirus vaccinations, these mainstream science scholars (Cheng et. al.) noted that, “despite the technological advances in using cell-based inactivated whole-virus vaccines and improved adjuvants, vaccine production failed to prevent the first peak [in certain regions] . . . Social distancing methods, such as canceling entertainment and sporting events, closing stores, office buildings, and public transportation systems, border screening, the isolation and quarantine of febrile patients and contacts, school closures, and hospital infection control measures may achieve only a few more weeks of preparedness by slowing down the introduction and spread of the virus if instituted early enough.”

However, delayed vaccination after the virus has had an opportunity to “peak,” and also mutate into less cross-reactive forms, tips the risk-to-benefit scale dramatically.

Coronavirus mutations make vaccinations riskier

Most important, the chosen coronavirus strains may have mutated so much by the time the developing vaccines are manufactured that their impact will be worse than ineffective. Delayed vaccines may increase diseases and death by burdening the immune system for no benefit with the wrong strains. In other words, the “risk-to-benefit ratio” increases causing much more harm than good.

This problem with vaccines is not new. It has plagued efforts to cure or prevent, for example, AIDS. When HIV-1 jumps from one person to another, it mutates as much as 8%. This fact has stymied AIDS vaccine developments during the past four decades.

Coronavirus Conspiracy
Click to awaken to unconscionable fraud in science.

Quoting Fox News on April 6, 2020, “As it stands, the [circulating corona]virus is mutating among humans. And the more it rages on, the more it changes. At least eight strains of the pathogen have been identified, indicating that it has amended itself several times since ‘patient zero’ was presumably infected at a wet market in Wuhan, China, late last year.”

More Science cautions against untoward side effects of “immunization with SARS Coronavirus Vaccines.” The injection/intoxication may lead to production of antibodies, and presumed immunity, but is likely to cause “Pulmonary Immunopathology” and more deaths, much like clinicians have witnessed in intensive care units.

Even reviewing pro-vaccine sources, we predict a major problem arising from the future coronavirus vaccinations for millions of people infected early in 2020, and society at large months after the pandemic reportedly “peaked” by early Spring.  Detailing this concern, typically, the efficacy of timely vaccines ranges from 20% in a “bad year” to 60% in a really “good year” when the vaccine is injected well before the “peak” and contains the precise antigens matching the virus doing the damage. This knowledge bodes ominous for the forthcoming coronavirus vaccines.

According to U.S. Pharmacists, “[I[f there were an early influenza peak [as in the early Spring peaking of coronavirus infections in NYC], then a late vaccine schedule would result in more cases as well. Similar results were shown when flu vaccines were given early in the season during a late influenza peak. Recommending an optimal time for influenza vaccination is difficult; influenza seasons are unpredictable, . . . [T]he CDC does recognize that getting vaccinated too early, such as in July or August, may be associated with reduced protection later in the influenza season, especially in older adults.”



These facts contraindicate the entire 2019-20 coronavirus “pandemic response”. This ill-advised and risky response has delayed, even possibly worsened, the expected overall morbidity and mortality.

The focus of the response from its inception was based on skewed data and wrong models generated by individuals and institutions with conflicting interests. The primary objective was to delay the peak of the infections to secure health services, and stall long enough for vaccines or drugs to be safely and effectively developed, tested, and administered. Antibody and DNA testing was falsely alleged to save lives by identifying infected persons requiring quarantine, treatments, and/or the vaccine. Other most reasonable natural alternatives, self-care activities, and preventive strategies were recklessly neglected resulting in unnecessary deaths and severe damage to the global economy.

According to science, it is unreasonable, illogical, recklessly irresponsible, dangerous, damaging, and deadly to expect future vaccines (and coronavirus antigen, DNA, or antibody testing) to lower risks or increase prevention or healing benefits.

The defrauding of society using the media, overseen by intelligence agencies, has enabled bioterrorism and the alleged biocrime. In effect, unscrupulous officials have effectively twisted science to defraud and hijack civilization in favor of generally-concealed pharmaceutical interests and technological objectives.

There is sufficient probable cause to henceforth disregard, investigate, indict, prosecute, and convict those persons who have aided-and-abetted the aforementioned coronavirus biocrime(s), including Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci. They have, with complicit parties, committed treason in violation of international treaties precluding biological warfare, bioterrorism, and bioweapons development and deployment.

Opening the economy completely and immediately is the most reasonable action officials can take at the time of this writing.



Notes & References

Coronavirus lies
Click to awaken to major ‘dark side’ mind manipulators.

* Overview of ‘Mind War’. Here are a few sources for research into the 6th domain of warfare. There is really nothing that will be unfamiliar to seasoned investigators. It’s just pouring old wine into new bottles through the militaries and corporate shell game. The advantage of this info is to provide more familiarity with the vocabulary the military uses to identify these basic principals…

IT’S BEEN FASHIONABLE in military circles to talk about cyberspace as a “fifth domain” for warfare, along with land, space, air and sea. But there’s a sixth and arguably more important warfighting domain emerging: the human brain.

This new battlespace is not just about influencing the hearts and minds of people seeking information (e.g., standard ‘propaganda’). It’s about involuntarily penetrating, shaping, and coercing the mind in the ultimate realization of Clausewitz’s definition of war: compelling an adversary to submit to one’s will. And the most powerful tool in this war is brain-computer interface (BCI) technologies, which connect the human brain to devices.

Here we enter the realm of ‘Transhumanism.’

coronavirus lies
Click to awaken to transhumanism: Chapter by chapter summary.

Given that military research arms such as the United States’ DARPA advancing in places such as the Bill Gates and Jeffrey Epstein financed Media Labs at MIT, and Johns Hopkins University where hallucinogenic drugs (such as DMT/ayahuasca) and viral DNA are both being advanced to ‘cure’ illnesses such as PTSD and genetic diseases, elites are investing in understanding complex neural processes and enhanced threat detection through BCI scan for P300 responses. We see with the coronavirus bioweapon, for example, the RNA virus spliced with HIV-1/AIDS causes nerve cell pathology along with blood dyscrasias to deprive victims of oxygen and life. It seems the marriage between neuroscience, genetic science, virology, and military systems is fundamentally altering not only the future of conflict. It is altering the nature of civilization.

Overview of Cognitive Domain Operations

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been developed and implemented to enable “intelligent public opinion guidance”. (网络舆情智能引导, wangluoyuqing zhinengyindao) software has the ability to automatically and adaptively generate content and select the optimal time and method for coordinated posts.

Broadly speaking, cognitive domain operations fall under the rubric of psychological warfare, which is itself a part of the PLA’s concept of information operations.

Cognitive interference technology” (认知干扰技术, renzhi ganrao jishu) is used to conduct attacks against the adversary’s psychological well-being through lethal and non-lethal means. Light waves, electromagnetic waves, and microwaves, can “cause psychological damage, confusion, and even hallucinations, changing the other’s cognition, and ultimately causing the enemy to act in violation of their own interests.

Disinformation (虚假信息, xujia xinxi) has always been a component of the superpowers’ agendas. In China, the People’s Liberation Army’s (PLA’s) information warfare strategy for instance is key. It features of cognitive domain operations. Drawing from Nathan Beauchamp-Mustafaga’s publication by The Jamestown Foundation Global Research & Analysis, a growing part of war tactics includes “information operations and psychological warfare methods such as ‘creating information chaos… implanting disinformation and erroneous information into the enemy’s information system, and causing the enemy’s command to make the wrong decisions and commands’ in peacetime and wartime.

“Cognitive domain operations appear to be the key operational concept behind China’s embrace of social media disinformation.

“According to a 2017 PLA Daily article by Zeng Huafeng of the National University of Defense Technology (NUDT), ‘cognitive space’ is defined as ‘the area in which feelings, perception, understanding, beliefs, and values exist, and is the field of decision-making through reasoning.’

“This mind war arena includes ‘leadership, morale, cohesion; training level and experience; situational awareness and public opinion.’

“Drawing from U.S. subversive psychological operations targeted against the Soviet Union during the Cold War, adversaries envision using ‘information and popular spiritual and cultural products as weapons to influence people’s psychology, will, attitude, behavior and even change the ideology, values, cultural traditions and social systems,’ and ‘ target[ing] individuals, groups, countries, and even people around the world.’”

A good example of this in recent years is drug advertising that reshapes society to normalize deadly and damaging drug side effects, or vaccine injuries such as autism. Opposition is denied as ‘unfounded’ “conspiracy theory”, and the damage is hashed as beneficial in expanding savant genius.

Zeng identified four tactics to win “mind superiority” in the cognitive space: 1) “perception manipulation” through propaganda narratives; 2) “cutting off historical memory” so that targets will be open to new values; 3) “changing the paradigm of thinking” by targeting elites to change their ideology; and 4) “deconstructing symbols” to challenge national identity. [6] For Zeng, cognitive warfare is the ultimate form of winning without fighting.

What’s Not to Like? Social Media as Information Operations Force Multiplier

According to the experts in Mind War, five social media functions are necessary for “full-spectrum social media campaigns: reconnaissance, hosting, placement, propagation, and saturation.”

Measures such as the Code of Practice on Disinformation, GDPR, and Social Media Privacy Protection and Consumer Rights Act” are being debated, but generally neglected by legislators. “In the Cognitive War – The Weapon is You!”


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Coronavirus Conspiracy


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