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Solfeggio Healing Frequencies Eclectica Music Video Therapy Program


Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz Produces an Innovative “Solfeggio Healing Frequencies Eclectica” Album and Music Video Therapy Series


Release: No. Solfeggio Eclectica 1

Date Mailed: Nov. 27, 2018

For Immediate Release

Contact: Editor@MedicalVeritas.org

New Genre in Healthcare Combines Music-Videos with Behavioral Therapies for Entertaining Rehab

Las Vegas, NV–A multi-award-winning Harvard-trained doctor has pioneered a new genre in healthcare that combines frequencies of sound and light fundamental to nature with behavioral therapies for ‘edutaining rehab’. Audiences gain enrichment, ‘bio-energy,’ and spiritual renewal enjoying a series of music-videos.

Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz had already influenced the recording arts and sciences with his 1998 revelation of the original Solfeggio musical scale. His publications prompted scholars in musicology and mathematics to debate the sacred geometry and electro-chemistry of universal construction. Horowitz’s team of mathematicians and physicists demystified what religious scholars call “divine design.” They evidenced biochemistry and genetics sourcing from musical-mathematics. They found an especially strong force broadcasting at the heart of rainbows—namely 528nm. The doctor’s team discovered that honey bees buzz at 528Hz in their honey-comb shaped hives, consistent with Carbon-6 organic chemistry. They concluded the design of snowflakes and ‘structured’ body water energizing DNA depends on 528 frequency musical-mathematics.

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“The ‘best in nature’ relies on this ‘good vibration’ to which instruments and voices can be tuned,” Dr. Horowitz explains. “I conclude this precise energy is ‘pure tone LOVE 528.’ It is generally accepted in science, philosophy and medicine that ‘LOVE is the ‘Universal Healer.’ So we use this frequency—that “MI” note in the ancient Solfeggio scale that means ‘miracles’—to explain and produce miracles for better health and faster recoveries.”

Influenced by Horowitz in 2014, the Universal Music Group published U2’s Songs of Innocence album heralding the love Bono holds for his mother in the feature track, Iris Hold Me Close. The track was produced in Horowitz’s “LOVE frequency” of 528Hz. Several other artists followed, including “conscious hip hop” artist Jay-Z who released the “ego purging” 4:44 album in 2017 recorded entirely in C=528Hz. Then Beyoncé and Jay Z surprised the industry jointly releasing their similarly tuned 2018 album, Everything Is Love.

solfeggio 528 in 4:44 album

“Everything is Love is the refreshing final chapter in a trilogy of albums that includes Beyoncé’s unburdening 2016 odyssey Lemonade and Jay-Z’s 2017 conscience-stricken apologia 4:44,” RollingStone reported. Reconciling the “strained marriage from both sides[, t]he ultimate power couple has been finding resolution and absolution through an active artistic process that’s apparently been as therapeutic and corrective for them as it’s been enrapturing for everyone else.”

At the heart of the “therapeutic and corrective . . . enrapturing’ music making is the C-528Hz frequency obtained when instruments and voices are tuned to A=444Hz–the therapeutic substance of Jay-Z’s blockbuster 4:44 album.

“But it isn’t quite reconciliation or vindication until they come together,” RollingStone continued, concealing the miracle making 528 harmonic vibration. “We were using our art almost like a therapy session,” Jay told the New York Times. “And we started making music together.”

“In teaming up and completing this personal triptych they show mediation,” and harmonic music-making in A=444Hz/C=528Hz “can be a tonic,” RollingStone concluded.

Not to be outdone, Horowitz produced eleven tracks in his Solfeggio Eclectica album featuring nature’s most powerful frequencies assigned to different energy centers of the human body called “chakras.” Freeing and balancing these spiraling energy “vortices” he claims is required for healing myriad ailments.

In Solfeggio Eclectica, Horowitz composed and performed three additional tracks using “Perfect Circle of SoundTM” frequencies he discovered that are related to the Solfeggio sequence and intelligent design. He added the hotly-contested 432Hz frequency some musicians prefer over A=440Hz ‘standard tuning.’ Dr. Horowitz claims 432Hz is best exclusively for the “sexual chakra” regulating reproductive and urinary tract conditions.

Then the award-winning producer of books and movies paired these musical tracks with colored filters and videos reflecting the chakra colors to energize his therapeutic intent. The complete set, titled Frequency Rehab, provides instructions, positive affirmations, powerful prayers, auto-suggestions, and binaural experiences to produce “edutaining” and personally-enriching spiritual renewal. Healing occurs naturally by the frequency of heart-felt loving intent.

solfeggio eclectica“This is a low-cost investment for health practitioners, clinic directors, community organizations, long term care facilities, governmental agencies, or personal enrichment (home) theaters to provide years of unlimited service,” explains JT Kong, a fellow researcher. “Ailments of the body, mind, emotions, and spirit are most naturally treated this way. Viewers can enjoy these music-videos either in bed, sitting comfortably, or moving, exercising, or ‘ecstatic dancing’ to each of the healing segments.”

Supplementing the individual Frequency Rehab segments and guidebbok used to treat specific chakras is an hour-and-seventeen-minute Solfeggio Eclectica Music-Video Therapy Program that is reasonably priced to accommodate general audiences on a 72-hour “pay-per-view” basis. Otherwise, caregivers can license the productions for groups, patients, or clients. Activity directors serving residential communities will be delighted by their positive return on investment. Many insurance companies will pay for the cost of administering “stress management” or “physical therapy” for people in need. These therapeutic products certainly provide this and much more.

Audiences can pay as little as $9.95 to enjoy each of the 8 Frequency Rehab segments. Users are aided in their selections by several easy-to-read reference charts published at FrequencyRehab.com. The complete Solfeggio Eclectica Music-Video Therapy Program can be experienced for only $39.95 by clicking HERE. That’s about the cost of a movie ticket and refreshments.

“This extraordinary set of healthcare products shatters two concepts,” says Sherri Kane, Horowitz’s partner in 528Records.com. We prove that healthcare doesn’t need to be costly, risky, or distressing. It can be mass-mediated safely and enjoyably. We also prove that the Solfeggio frequencies are not exclusively “’New Age’ healing music.” Solfeggio Eclectica proves its value with music ranging from classical style performances and rock-and-roll to everything in between.”

Dr. Horowitz’s non-profit mission is to “green medicine,” he says. “Let’s evolve civilization beyond its reliance on drugs and vaccines into a far safer, cost-saving, natural balance for better health and wellness. The Frequency Rehab and Solfeggio [Healing Frequencies] Eclectica Music-Video Therapy Program helps do this by demystifying ‘bio-energy’ and spirituality. We celebrate the frequencies of natural medicine, and prompt healing through ‘edu-taining’.”

Solfeggio Eclectica is distributed by CD Baby.





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