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British Medical Journal Editor Discovers mRNA Vaccine Testing Fraud: Calls for “More Details and the Raw Data”

vaccine testing fraud


Pfizer mRNA Vaccine Testing Fraud: British Medical Journal Editor and Expert Analyst Dr. Peter Doshi’s Call for “More Details and the Raw Data”


Leonard G. Horowitz, DMD, MA, MPH, DNM (hon.), DMM (hon.)

(February 19, 2021)

On January 4, 2021, the honorable editor of the British Medical Journal (“BMJ”), Peter Doshi, presented multiple concerns regarding the Pfizer and Moderna companies’ COVID-19 vaccine testing protocol for determining efficacy. He concluded most assuredly that the public requires “more details and the raw data.” (1)

Dr. Doshi disclaimed his personal interest in “pursuing the public release of vaccine trial protocols,” and his “co-signed open letters calling for independence and transparency in covid-19 vaccine related decision making.” He reiterated this in his February 5, 2021 follow-up “Clarification” replying to skeptics and critics. (2)

vaccine testing fraud

As the Editor-in-Chief of Medical Veritas International, Inc.’s online journal, I have repeatedly done likewise. (3)

In this instant analysis and commentary, I supplement medical-legal concerns that I raised as the only ‘similarly situated’ plaintiff suing Pfizer and Moderna companies for such alleged ‘fraudulent concealment’ and urgently needed disclosures. I am proceeding in the U.S. Middle District Court of Florida in Horowitz v. Pfizer et. al., (2:20cv00955). Therein, I too plead for “transparency in covid-19 vaccine related decision making” pursuant to the absence of the Pfizer vaccine genetic-safety-testing-protocol.

Written on page 72, the Pfizer protocol stated: “Genetics (specified analyses) are not evaluated in this study.” (4)  Moderna’s protocol similarly omits genetic safety testing.

Arguably, these exclusions may be most reasonably construed as reckless, negligent, even malignant. Few, if any, officials listened when I anticipated, accurately predicted, and widely forewarned the emergence of new strains of the subject virus presumably resulting from these companies’ actions. The first hyper-transmissible “variant” emerged in England a few weeks after Pfizer-vaccine administration began in the UK. This tragedy is now multiplying internationally. Recklessly negligent officials now defend by claiming that these new “reassortments” occur naturally, willfully-blind to risks posed by mRNA vaccine (S-protein) “antigen” distribution. These emerging viruses are more transmissible, pathogenic, and threatening to humanity headline news boldly proclaims. All of this unfolding under the influence of Big Pharma, its censorship (i.e., “cancel CULTure”), social conditioning, and civilization’s desensitization.

Disregarding these concerns, Defendants Pfizer and Moderna manufacture, advertise, and distribute their genetically-engineered products capriciously claiming they are “safe.” These acts, in effect turning humans into ‘GMOs’, were authorized by certain actors yet to be discovered.

As Dr. Doshi’s urges, lacking “independence and transparency in covid-19 vaccine related decision making” threatens everyone.

Contesting Efficacy and Misrepresentations

Dr. Doshi’s skeptics and critics dismissed his analysis along with the damage done by lacking corporate transparency and concealed data discovery. The BMJ editor’s vaccine efficacy calculation of “19 and 29%” paled by comparison to the more than 90% efficacy hyped by these companies and their “PharmaMedia.” (2)

Critics contested observations that false-positive tests were unreliable and confounded efficacy analysts and advertisements. Testing of the Pfizer study population skewed results in favor of false efficacy proclamations. (2)

Pfizer COVID Vaccine

Dr. Doshi’s analysis also disfavored the FDA’s Emergency Use Authorization (“EUA”) of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, since he wrote that “[a rough estimate of vaccine efficacy against developing covid-19 symptoms, with or without a positive PCR test result, would be a relative risk reduction of . . . . 19% and 29%. . . far below the 50% effectiveness threshold for authorization set by regulators.” (2) The efficacy of placebos generally surpass 30%, and sugar pills don’t mutate human RNA and corrupt DNA.

“Another reason we need more data is to analyze an unexplained detail found in a table of FDA’s review of Pfizer’s vaccine,” Dr. Doshi identified. “371 individuals [were excluded from the efficacy analysis for ‘important protocol deviations on or prior to 7 days after Dose 2.’  What is concerning is the imbalance between randomized groups in the number of these excluded individuals: 311 from the vaccine group vs 60 on placebo. (In contrast, in Moderna’s trial, there were just 36 participants excluded from the efficacy analysis for “major protocol deviation”—12 vaccine group vs 24 placebo group.) (1)

“What were these protocol deviations in Pfizer’s study, and why were there five times more participants excluded in the vaccine group?  The FDA report doesn’t say, and these exclusions are difficult to even spot in Pfizer’s report and journal publication. . . .

“There is a clear need for data to answer these questions, but Pfizer’s 92-page report didn’t mention the 3410 ‘suspected covid-19’ cases. Nor did its publication in the New England Journal of Medicine. Nor did any of the reports on Moderna’s vaccine. The only source that appears to have reported it is FDA’s review of Pfizer’s vaccine. . . .

“With 20 times more suspected covid-19 than confirmed covid-19, and trials not designed to assess whether the vaccines can interrupt viral transmission, an analysis of severe disease . . . seems warranted, and is the only way to assess the vaccines’ real ability to take the edge off the pandemic.” (1) (Emphasis added.)

In other words, disregarded viral transmissions through vaccine-induced genetic mutations may be catastrophic to civilization, albeit a great scapegoat from blame and liability as a depopulation ploy.

Coronavirus lies

Contesting Safety and Corporate Misrepresentations

The emboldened observation by Dr. Doshi cuts to the heart of this author’s lawsuit against Pfizer and Moderna, et. al. To reiterate, page 72 of the Pfizer safety-testing-protocol states: “Genetics (specified analyses) are not evaluated in this study.”

So whether or not these vaccines alter viral transmission for better or worse due to genetic or physical alterations in the subject pathogen, other circulating viruses, or even human cells, is unknown but nevertheless alarming. Billions of dollars spent to purchase, distribute, and administer these vaccines may be buying global depopulation, “the final solution,” even civilization’s extinction, not “herd immunity” for all we know.

That lacking genetic-safety-studies, and analysis of intertwined viral mutations/transmissions, may conceal threatening genotypic and phenotypic alterations in circulating viruses, or in host cells, immediately following vaccination, or subsequently over time.

This “genetic therapy” is classified by the FDA as a “drug” and a “vaccine” while stretching credulity. This reported ‘breakthrough’ in medical science may have, in fact, caused the expected, forewarned, now emerging ‘viral variants’ exhibiting increased transmissibility and pathogenicity.

Pfizer and Moderna’s officials, like the majority of FDA commissioners, have neglected this science predicting mutagenesis. These facts risk public health and safety and are actionable. Negligence is actionable. This author’s lawsuit models such action. I am petitioning the court for injunctive relief from this dangerous, damaging, and deceptive mRNA vaccine trade. Omissions and misrepresentations made to prompt people to get vaccinated without adequate informed consent is unethical, and in this case unconscionable.

After all, the plaguing SARS-CoV-2 virus is an RNA ‘retrovirus’, like that of HIV/AIDS. Both viruses use reverse-transcriptase (RT) enzyme to replicate. (5)  The RT manufactures new DNA that incorporates into (and arguably corrupts) normal DNA (and the human genome) to produce more virions. Arguably, humans become GMOs. This ultimately kills immune-compromised people. (5)

Substantially disconcerting, “[Reverse transcriptases are known to mix and match target sequences.” (5)  As a result, “[c]ertain RNA viruses can produce both homologous and nonhomologous RNA recombinants.” (6)

Bujarski described the modeling of this process, and explained the “Recombination of viruses” in the Encyclopedia of Virology. This scholar stated, “the formation of local RNA–RNA heteroduplexes . . . responsible for targeting the RNA crossovers” occurs as a result of: “(1) bringing the RNA substrates into a close proximity; and (2) slowing down or stalling the approaching replicase enzyme complex.”

In other words, relevant to the risks at hand from the Pfizer/Moderna mRNA vaccines threatening civilization, the uptake of the ‘payload’ RNA targeting human DNA through spike protein (“S protein”) antigens, brings the “RNA substrates into a close proximity” with RNA in cells as well as RNA viruses susceptible to mutations by “RNA crossovers.”

Add to this alleged reckless malpractice the likelihood that normal cellular RNA may become overwhelmingly altered, even ‘slowed’ or ‘stalled,’ disabling the RT complex altogether, and/or certain normal RT functions within cells, and you have a foreseeable, anticipated, presumably planned, biological apocalypse unfolding.



The aforementioned concerns regarding neglected Pfizer and Moderna “mRNA vaccine” genetic safety studies supplement defective efficacy proclamations prudently analyzed and published by Dr. Doshi in the British Medical Journal. (1)(2)

Further discovery is urgently needed to determine if the twenty-four (i.e., 23.5) percent of the FDA’s expert commissioners opposing the Emergency Use Authorization (“EUA”) of Pfizer and Moderna’s “novel” mRNA vaccines for COVID competently discerned the little-known but substantial (even deadly) genetic risks of this AIDS-science-based biotechnology. (7) (8)

It is this author’s and plaintiff’s contention that the risks of these mRNA-corrupting interventions (as stated in Moderna’s SEC 8k Prospectus versus its consumer advertising) outweigh the hastily-studied (“warp speed”) widely publicized benefits of these products. (7)

Furthermore, EUAs require that “No Alternatives” be available to safely and effectively combat the emergency. The special permit requires that “there must be no adequate, approved, and available alternative to the candidate product for diagnosing, preventing, or treating the disease or condition.” (8)

As a justifiably indignant public health scholar, emerging viruses expert, registered medical/legal expert witness in the federal court system, and internationally-respected consumer advocate, this author encourages officials and governments globally to carefully consider this intelligence; and adapt safer and more effective alternatives to these risky genetic therapies. Most promising are the array of natural anti-oxidants and photodynamic (i.e., frequency-based) therapies. (9) (10)

Moreover, it is this complainant’s contention that the drug companies’ actions constitute ‘unfair and deceptive trade’ committed with the intent to defraud the public and monopolize healthcare—here by suppressing such alternative COVID remedies by all means possible, including regulatory agency ‘capture.’ This way, the companies hold themselves out to the world as providing the only viable defense against this plague, thus securing the EUA and a profitable monopoly over this industry.

In this context of suppressed information and alternative medicines, and in opposition to the public corruption aiding-and-abetting the aforementioned monopolistic and damaging misbehavior, this author proudly discloses his conflicting interests having penned the best-selling book in this field. (12)

This author heartily endorses ‘natural alternatives’ to the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, especially the wide array of low-cost no-risk anti-oxidants. These recommended preventatives include vitamins C, D, E, Zinc, and chlorophyll. These natural remedies share anti-oxidant activity with the harshly condemned hydroxychloroquine. Hydrating, alkalizing, and oxygenating products and services are encouraged by this author; as are photo-dynamic, bio-acoustic, and bio-electric therapies. All the above deliver energizing electrons and ‘good vibrations’ to patients benefiting natural immunity.

In this context of conflicting interests, this author also proudly advanced NASA science by supplementing and branding the unique oligo-dynamic covalently-bonded silver hydrosol anti-oxidant labeled OxySilverTM that he claims is a safer and more effective alternative remedy for COVID and other infectious or chronic diseases. Like hydroxychloroquine, OxySilverTM was speciously libeled by Pfizer’s mass-mediated enterprise, and shunned by the captured FDA in favor of the competing (arguably complicit) drug companies. (11) OxySilver‘s anti-oxidant activity is enhanced by the ‘528Hz frequency wave’ (9) and 528nm of photo-dynamic chlorophyll-colored light. (10)

You can fool a lot of people all the time, but not this expert analyst.  This author joins Dr. Doshi in expressing serious misgivings over the misrepresentations and dangerous omissions corrupting the villains’ premature and false conclusions used to hype and sell their certified mRNA poisons.




This work was graciously funded by a grant from Medical Veritas International, Inc.



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