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FDA Rules You Have a 24% Chance of Something Terrible Happening with Pfizer COVID Vaccine

Pfizer COVID Vaccine

FDA Rules You Have a 24% Chance of Something Terrible Happening with Pfizer COVID Vaccine

Pfizer COVID vaccine24% of FDA Experts are Awake and Heroic. The Rest are Either Big Pharma’s ‘Captured’ Imbeciles, or Genocidalists Endorsing the Pfizer COVID Vaccine.


Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz

(MedicalVeritas.org; Dec. 11, 2020) Las Vegas, NV–The FDA’s expert commission voted 17-to-4 to approve Pfizer’s COVID-19 mRNA “vaccine.”(1) The ruling, in effect, means you have a 24% chance of something terrible happening from taking the “game changing” “Final Solution” to the pandemic imposition, or virtual geopolitical and economic extortion.

Substantive omissions to induce damaging actions is FRAUD in law. Add to this fact that in criminal trials wherein murderers “plead the fifth,” “silence is evidence most persuasive.”

Pfizer omitted doing genetic safety-testing on their unsafe “genetic therapy” misrepresented as a COVID-19 “vaccine”. And the Big Tech media omitted the intelligence that caused nearly a quarter of the FDA experts to fear authorizing the unsafe “genetic therapy.”

Pfizer COVID vaccineConsequently, NBC News’ above headline could have more safely and educationally heralded “24% of FDA Experts Oppose Genocide.” (Note: Genocide is strictly defined as the ‘mass killing or enslaving of people for profit, politics, or ideology.’)

It is most profitable, politically-correct, and ideologically-vogue to neglect the diseases and deaths that will result from the FDA’s 17 idiots or genocidal psychopaths’ certifying the Pfizer mRNA vaccine.

Pfizer, who lead’s Big Pharma’s, Big Tech’s, and Big Banking’s criminal drug cartel, failed to persuade 24% of the FDA’s experts that the vaccine is safe. 24% were alarmed enough about the inadequate safety-testing Pfizer’s trials administered. Another abstained.

But the media was quick to cash in on the persuasive messaging. 17-of-22 experts approved the mRNA “genetic therapy.”

In the rush to make billions in COVID-19 vaccine pre-orders, and even more in damaging vaccine side effects, Pfizer’s experts convinced the 17 imbeciles to forget about the “Culture of Corruption” surrounding Pfizer.

The 24% of conscientious objectors on the FDA panel probably balked over Pfizer’s criminal record that undermined their trust. Perhaps they read Philip Mattera’s scholarly review of Pfizer’s criminal record. That report would make intelligent readers vomit. Those who trust Pfizer’s safety and efficacy data would be especially nauseated.

Pfizer’s Untrustworthy History

Coronavirus liesQuoting from Mattera’s extensive review of Pfizer’s history of wrongdoings with the complicit FDA, the FDA approved Pfizer’s “arthritis drug Feldene [that] created a high risk of gastrointestinal bleeding among the elderly. . . . [B]ut the federal government, despite reports of scores of fatalities, declined to put restrictions on that medication. A June 1986 article in The Progressive about Feldene was headlined DEATH BY PRESCRIPTION.

“The Food and Drug Administration expressed greater concern about reports of dozens of fatalities linked to heart valves made by Pfizer . . . [T]hey were implanted in tens of thousands of people, who worried that the devices could fracture and fail at any moment.”

“Faced with this growing scandal, Pfizer announced that it would spend up to $205 million to settle the tens of thousands of valve lawsuits that had been filed against it,” Mattera reported. He goes on and on and on citing the dozens of other lawsuits Pfizer settled, paying billions and billions of dollars to defrauded and damaged parties.

Quoting from the lawsuit filed against Pfizer and Moderna, et. al. by this author, “In 2009 PFIZER set a record for the largest health care fraud settlement and the largest criminal fine of any kind with $2.3 billion assessed.”

Consequently, the media’s silence over this untrustworthy company is worse than ‘deafening.’ It is criminally-negligent and genocidally-complicit.

Now here’s the ‘kicker.’ This COVID-19 “genetic therapy” scheme appears to be a ‘Trojan Horse.’ The mRNA may not be delivering the primary ‘payload.’

The criminal syndicate appears to be concealing more than its telling about the “carrier” lipid hydrogel connected to Bill Gates and his villainous “Final Solution.”

How so?

Pfizer COVID vaccinePfizer/BioNTech and Moderna has encapsulated the supposedly ‘active ingredient’–the mRNA antigen–within a LIPID NANO-PARTICLE coating that merges with the targeted cell to be ‘infected’ with the foreign genetic material–the AIDS-virus-linked “Spike Protein” (also called the “S-protein”). The Lipid Nano-particle (“LNP”) coating enables the transmission of a different set of ‘payloads’ via intramuscular injection of the COVID-19 “vaccine,” according to scientific reports and companies’ own advertisements.

But Pfizer/BioNTech/Moderna doesn’t produce this LNP coating. Bill Gates’s partners do. The LNP is provided from a partnership with Acuitas Therapeutics. According to the company’s press release, Acuitas Therapeutics is partnered with a “long-standing Canadian partner, CureVac–largely financed by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.”

Furthermore, this same partnership has a manufacturing agreement with Elon Musk, who widely advertises his research and developments towards the ‘Final Solution’ of linking human brains to the Cloud using nano-biotechnologies and piezo-electricity, as further discussed below.

CureVac turned to Acuitas Therapeutics to provide the LNPs–the tiny “delivery vehicles” –that “protect the mRNA vaccine after it is injected,” and at the same time serves a ‘dual purpose’ of injecting into humans an assortment of nano-biotechnologies. This can be known by published science such as this American Chemical Society’s review and this Nature article explaining the “Self-amplifying RNA (saRNA)” nano-biotechnology that the Pfizer-Gates syndicate appears to be using, albeit largely concealing, in the new COVID-19 “vaccine” and its advertisements.

Raising similar concerns, among the alarming facts being generally concealed from citizens and governing officials is the polio-resurgence caused by Gates’s highly-touted polio vaccination campaign in Africa. According to the officials involved, “most of the current global poliovirus disease burden is due to vaccine-derived polioviruses (VDPVs), the live attenuated viruses in oral polio vaccines reacquiring neurovirulence [24]. The greatest risk of reappearance of poliovirus following eradication will be from vaccine manufacturing facilities handling large quantities of infectious polioviruses, necessitating rigorous containment conditions,” officials explained.

This outcome and urgency is similar to that caused by false advertisements of the Pfizer/Moderna mRNA “genetic therapies” being proved “safe” during the trials that completely neglected “genetic studies” as well as the risks posed by the LNP bio-active ingredients that operate piezo-electrically.

“Fake News Media” Promoting Mandating COVID-19 Vaccines

Investigative journalist JT Kong wrote NBC officials to oppose their propaganda promoting employees’ submission to mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations.

Click to view now.

Mind you, NBC is partnered with the world’s leading vaccine distributor, Bill Gates, through Microsoft(MS)NBC.

Kong’s outrage concerned CNBC’s article titled “Employers Weigh Covid Vaccine Mandates and Incentives for Employees.”

Kong wrote: “The precedent of hospitals mandating approved flu vaccines to healthcare workers is irrelevant and inapplicable to the general workplace. It’s also a violation of Federal regulations to mandate an unapproved investigational ‘drug’ under an Emergency Use Authorization (“EUA”).

“For all you young people in our newsrooms who are history-challenged, google ‘Nuremberg medical trials.’ If you are going to wade into the deep-end of the pool and produce these types of stories, you need to pause, put down your Frappuccinos, and think before allowing Big Pharma to pass off their marketing department’s talking points as law.

“Given the requisite that employees at NBC specialize in regurgitation and not research, let’s all try to have a happy focus moment and type into google search “Pfizer criminal fraud 2.3 billion fine.” What is that saying about a leopard and its spots?

“Wake up children, you need to put on your big boy and girl pants, because you are creating a world you will not be happy in.”

There are ‘conspiracy realists’ who agree with Kong and the 24% of FDA experts who smell rotting flesh.

The Suppressed Threat to Civilization

According to the Pfizer protocol that is summarized in the New England Journal of Medicine‘s (NEJM) “peer reviewed” propaganda titled “Safety and Efficacy of the BNT162b2 mRNA Covid-19 Vaccine” a stunning admission in the Protocol on p. 72 is recklessly neglected. That admission states: “Genetics (specified analyses) are not evaluated in this study.”

This is perhaps the greatest suppressed threat to civilization in history, presumably causing 24% of FDA experts to deny authorization of the “genetic therapy.”

According to Pfizer’s NEJM disclosure “the BNT162b2 vaccine candidate (30 μg per dose) . . . is a lipid nanoparticle–formulated, nucleoside-modified RNA vaccine that encodes a prefusion stabilized, membrane-anchored SARS-CoV-2 full-length spike protein.” [Emphasis added.]

(Editor’s Note: A “nucleoside” is “a compound (e.g., adenosine or cytidine) commonly found in DNA or RNA.” It consists of “a purine or pyrimidine base linked to a sugar. . . . [N]ucleosides can be phosphorylated” by specific enzymes called “kinases” in cells on the sugar’s primary alcohol group (-CH2-OH) to produce nucleotides. Nucleotides are the molecular building-blocks of DNA, RNA, and LIFE.)

So the FDA and mRNA “vaccine” is not simply placing at risk the high-risk people with medical complications that Pfizer excluded from their Phase 1 trial procedure that determined how many doses, and what amount of nucleoside-modified RNA, to be injected. Those excluded high-risk persons included: individuals with “Hypertension; Diabetes mellitus; Chronic pulmonary disease; Asthma; Current vaping or smoking; History of chronic smoking within the prior year; Chronic liver disease; Stage 3 or worse chronic kidney disease (glomerular filtration rate <60mL/min/1.73m2); Residents in long-term care facility such as “nursing homes;” and those anticipating the need for immunosuppressive treatment within the next 6 months [such as AIDS and hepatitis patients].

No! Everyone must be considered at “high-risk” of genetically-altering life’s building blocks.

All of civilization is placed at risk by the high-probability of genetic-mutations occurring in: (1) the poisoned recipients; (2) the latent viruses in the recipients, or (3) viruses in the environment, including those circulating in other species; and (4) people “horizontally” or “vertically” infected. That means, those infected by human-to-human transmissions or offspring of those injected with the nucleoside-modified RNA.

In other words, this ‘experiment’ spreading genetic mutants makes humans virtual ‘GMOs,’ even ‘zombies’ (considering the CDC’s previous zombie advertising campaign).


“[T]he lipid layer delivery “gel” tricks the natural membrane “blockage” that prohibits foreign genetic material to enter the cell and corrupt the human genome or DNA function.”



Science Backs These Safety Concerns

What science is there backing these serious safety concerns?

A lot. This subject is highly technical, but I summarize it, and attempt to share it in layman’s terms in this section. Serious investigators are advised to read: Advancing Modern Healthcare With Nanotechnology, Nanobiosensors, and Internet of Nano Things: Taxonomies, Applications, Architecture and Challenges. by Pijush K.D. Pramanik, et. al.

Pramanik’s group of numerous scientists from India and Asia, financed by the Korean government, described in detail the new nanotechnologies used in medicine and more, including lipid-gels and their capacity to deliver “Piezoelectric/acoustic biosensors”.

Pramanik’s group actually used the same phrase “game changer” that Pfizer and Moderna used to describe their “BNT162b2 vaccine . . . lipid nanoparticle–formulated, nucleoside-modified RNA vaccine.”

The experts described “Microencapsulation.” That is, how such nanotechnologies or “biomaterials” are being “encapsulated by an inert membrane,” in this case of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine the “lipid nanoparticle” formula that is “kept in close contact with the transducer.”

In this case, the “transducer” is the actual DNA modulator–the mRNA spike protein (or “S-protein) antigen that gains access to human cells due to the lipid-gel bonding to the precise receptor site on the human cells (i.e., the ACE2 receptor site).

These experts from India and Asia explained “entrapment” of the active “biomolecules,” in this case the mRNA spike protein antigen, by physically enclosing or encapsulating the active ingredients “entrapped within apolymeric gel matrix.”

Then, Pramanik’s group explained how this “game-changing” (species-altering) nano-biotechnology attaches to the human cells by “cross-linking” using gel membranes.

This technology acts “bifunctionally” to bind the lipid-encased ‘bio-weapon’ or ‘payload’ to the “solid supports,” in this case the ACE2 receptor site on the targeted cells.

This enables “covalent bonding” of the receptor site to the “Nucleophilic groups” that include nitrogen and alcohol receptors in the “coupling” reaction required for the transmission into the human cells of the lab-made spike protein mRNA assembly.

These experts further explained how the nano-particle “bio-compatible materials” are used “to make medicinal implants.” In addition, they are “created to counteract supply route blockage[s].”

In other words, the lipid layer delivery “gel” tricks the natural membrane “blockage” that prohibits foreign genetic material to enter the cell and corrupt the human genome or DNA function.

Consequently, according to the experts, you have a case of Science v. God. Here, corrupted science is deceiving nature and the population to vicariously enslave humanity forevermore to Big Pharma’s patented “game changing” bio-technologies.

“Nanomedicine involves implanting nanodevices and nanostructured materials into the human body. The core concept of nanomedicine is to provide an interface between biological systems and nanodevices,” the experts reported. These interfaces include The Cloud, the “dark web,” and centralized computing.


The industrialists herald this as “Nanomedicine.”

Continued quoting Pramanik’s group of experts: “The biocompatible nanoparticles and nanorobots are potentially used for diagnosis, drug delivery, and sensing purposes in a human body. They are also being used to improve drug accumulation, internalization, and therapeutic efficacy.

“One of the primary reasons behind the considerable potential of employing nano-particles medically, is that the physico-chemical and biological properties can be adjusted and tailor-made for specific purposes by altering their chemical properties, sizes, shapes, structures, morphologies, surface properties, etc., as per the need.”

The “need” in this case is to inject the nano-gel technology to serve a “dual purpose”: (1) modulate DNA to trick the genetic assembly to produce more of the “game changing” mRNA antigen in the hope that this will SAFELY induce antibodies to be produced by other immune cells; and (2) enable wireless data-mining of vaccination history as well as metabolic and physiological functions and blood-chemistry measures ongoing in the body.

The experts cite “examples of the medical use of nanoparticles and nanomaterials including applications of nanoparticles “proposed for building nanorobots which are supposed to perform the task of repairing or healing at the cellular level.”

Vaccines are classified by the FDA as “drugs.” The nanoscience experts detail how medicine and the vaccine industry is profiting from this revolution in biotechnology, providing the following graphic example summarizing how the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccines work , especially the lipid gel nano-biotechnology produced by their partners, not only the German company BioNTech, but also the Gates-partnered Canadian firms CureVac and Acuitas Therapeutics, advancing “targeted drug delivery.”



“[A]ccording to the experts, you have a case of Science v. God. Here, corrupted science is deceiving nature and the population to vicariously enslave humanity forevermore to Big Pharma’s patented “game changing”  bio-technologies.”



Suppressed Cures and Alternative Medicines

Pramanik’s group of science scholars also noted that “Silver nanoparticles have been used in silverware which contain antimicrobial agents and are used for preventative wound care,” but neglect to mention the vaccination and antibiotic alternative OxySilverTM.

OxySilverTM performs its antiviral and antibacterial healing functions amplified by the proven-antioxidant activity of 528Hz frequency–a “wave” form that matches the energy output from your heart in faithful loving prayer.

This 528Hz wave frequency demonstrates ‘coherence’ with chlorophyll in nature and other natural anti-oxidants that boost immunity and combat infections.

Apparently, the 528nm color of green therapeutic light also helps as an anti-oxidant to induce beneficial “piezo-electrical” impacts on your body and immune system.

Click image to learn more about “528 Green Medicine.”

Scientists have presumed the 528Hz wave helps repair damaged DNA energetically.

New research in fighting cancers in the exploding field of “photo-dynamic therapies” further evidences the healing power of certain frequencies of energy, and their capacity to impact negatively-charged electron interactions between bio-molecules controlling molecular biology and immunity.

Pramanik’s group reviews the findings of the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) that defines biosensors operating in this field of biochemistry and piezo-electricity. They define the emerging applications of human body data-mining as devices “that uses specific biochemical reactions mediated by isolated enzymes, immune systems, tissues, organellesor whole cells to detect chemical compounds usually by electrical, thermal or optical signals.”

Bioreceptors include enzymes, antibodies, DNA, even synthetic molecules ” which “specifically recognize and capture the analyte” (i.e., whatever is being analyzed).

This demonstrates how DNA, and the entire “Body-Electric,” actually works piezo-electrically before modulating chemistry, or drug delivery. It proves that the entire medical field (i.e., allopathy) is flawed by false presumptions of chemistry operating exclusively to promote healing. All drug therapies are based on this false, or recklessly limited, chemical paradigm.

Alternatively, to their credit, Pramanik’s group acknowledges the importance of biosensors that mimic the way the Body-Electric predominantly operates by piezo-electricity, protein and hydro-crystal resonance energy, and bio-acoustic signalling employing waves and packets of sound called “phonons”.

Realizing that the Body-Electric and DNA functions mainly due to these sound and light signals moving through water in your body, the Pramanik group’s discussion of liquid crystallography is important, especially since body water acts like a liquid crystal superconductor of sound and light energy–broadcasting frequencies that either help or harm immunity.

Technically speaking, piezoelectric/acoustic biosensors considered by these esteemed scientists include nano-products that can “measure the change of mass due to a biomolecular interaction by correlating with the variation in the oscillation frequency of the piezoelectric crystal. Since these biosensors use the sound vibrations, they are also called acoustic biosensors.”

Compare this solid science with the outrageous and genocidal monopolization of medicine that for the past century has disparaged, censored, or disregarded scientists, clinicians, and their clinical applications using sound and light frequencies as “natural remedies.”

Then add to the above ignorance and malice, the widespread censorship of viable alternatives to COVID-19 vaccines and drugs, Pfizer’s and Moderna’s criminal deceptions and media manipulations, falsely claiming “safety” and even “efficacy” of their poisonous/intoxicating mRNA vaccines.


“The entire medical field (i.e., allopathy) is flawed by false presumptions of chemistry operating exclusively to promote healing. All drug therapies are based on this false, or recklessly limited, chemical paradigm.”


Consider, for example, that periodicals report that as much as 40-50% of the population suffers from allergies. Massive numbers of people have high blood pressure too. Many others have auto-immune diseases and immune deficiency disorders. Then there are the elders in nursing homes. All of these people were precluded from participating in the Phase 1/2 trials, and are predisposed to being harmed by Pfizer’s (or Moderna’s) mRNA vaccines.

Yet, especially the elderly, are being targeted anyway to receive these ‘experimental,’ ‘fast-tracked,’ ’emergency authorized’ falsely labeled “vaccines” that are actually “genetic therapies” that trick natural biology.

So I applaud the nearly 25% of FDA panelists who opposed certifying the Pfizer(/Moderna) vaccine as “safe.”

Further, you would think that well-informed governors and public health officials would encourage natural alternatives to boost immunity and resistance against COVID-19 and other infectious diseases, especially for the elderly, or the millions of others who cannot (or will not) take the vaccines.

Just the opposite. The entire natural health products industry is unfairly, deceptively, and genocidally suppressed.

In closing, consider the medical, legal, and religious/spiritual challenges everyone now faces by these COVID-19 vaccines being marketed and distributed under the stresses and strains of the imposed man-made pandemic. Clicking on the banner below forwards you to view the monumental Laura-Lynn interview with this author that might help you awaken to our better options.









(1) The number would be 19% if you took the total number who voted, that is 21, and determined the percentage of opposing votes to the total voting group. Otherwise, the 24% (actually 23.5%) would be a percentage comparing the number of naysayers to the number voting yes. In either case, you can glean our point–at least a fifth to one-quarter of the FDA experts opposed the approval.

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