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Whistleblower Seeks Lawyers to Stop “Unnecessary Deaths,” False Advertising and Unfair Competition by Pfizer and Moderna

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Coronavirus Predictive Programming

Whistleblower Seeks Lawyers to Stop “Unnecessary Deaths,” Emerging Viruses, False Advertising, and Unfair Competition by Pfizer and Moderna


Release: No. 12-Pfizer/Moderna Lawsuit
Date Mailed: September 28, 2021
For Immediate Release
Contact: Editor—310-877-3002; Editor@MedicalVeritas.org

Fort Myers, FL (MedicalVeritas.org; 9-28-21)—Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz, the author of the world’s top-selling longest-enduring book on emerging viruses and communicable diseases, is seeking lawyers to continue his federal whistleblower case against mRNA vaccine makers, Pfizer and Moderna, for falsely advertising their vaccines as “safe,” and unfairly competing against his pioneering antiviral and immune-boosting alternative to vaccinations called “OxySilverTM with 528”.

According to filings in U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida, Dr. Horowitz defeated COVID in late 2020, and had natural immunity against the SARS-CoV-2 virus. In early August he suddenly required hospitalization for a ‘super-infection’ caused by Haemophilus influenzae bacteria mutated by the “Spike protein” (“S-protein”) antigen “shed” by his associates who got vaccinated.

The doctor’s infirmity, and months of anticipated recovery, sourced from vaccinated medical colleagues. His illness, diagnosed as COVID, precluded him from prosecuting timely. But recognizing good causes in the complaint, Magistrate Nicholas Mizell dismissed the case without prejudice so that the doctor might secure competent counsel to continue.

Yesterday, Dr. Horowitz filed a “Closing Statement” in which he thanked the court, and summarized his case against the drug companies. In a most revealing way, he detailed the neglected science best explaining his illness, and the risk of people dying from germ mutations caused by overlooked vaccine ‘side-effects.’

“People who get vaccinated with Pfizer and Moderna’s mRNA vaccines,” Horowitz explained, “shed and spread the S-protein antigen that is falsely advertised as ‘safe.’ These vaccines, considered ‘genetic therapies,’ pose the threat of altering genes of microbes, people, and animals. In addition, they cause DNA to mass produce more S-protein gene-altering antigens, according to the science I filed with the court.”

For a quarter century Dr. Horowitz has warned officials about the risks of lab viruses mutating or recombining with other germs prompting deadly outbreaks and pandemics. His 1996 book, Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola–Nature, Accident or Intentional? published secreted federal contracts under which numerous AIDS-like and Ebola-like viruses were bioengineered by Litton Bionetics for vaccine producers. Merck Drug Co. was one. Their tainted hepatitis B vaccines were tested on the gay men and central African blacks–the precise populations suffering first and foremost from AIDS.

Multiple COVID mutants are now emerging globally as he correctly predicted and informed the White House in early February, 2020. He insists the mass inoculation of mRNA vaccinations are now raising everyone’s risks of illness and death.

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Mutants & “Elephants Under the Carpet”

The first COVID mutants were reported less than two weeks after Pfizer’s mass vaccination campaign began in the UK. Then, a South African strain emerged containing the troublesome Spike protein that is reportedly more deadly. The World Health Organization later reported a new variant dubbed “Mu,” also feared more deadly. In India, at the time of this writing, the “Nipah virus” is said to be “70% more deadly than COVID-19.”

These “emerging viruses” foreshadow the “Biological Apocalypse’ that Dr. Horowitz has warned about for the past quarter century sourcing from lab-engineered viruses, their mutations, and vaccine manipulations.

The “elephants under the carpet” here are the four AIDS virus genes identified in the “gain-of-function” lab-engineered S-protein, the doctor explained. “These Spike proteins deliver AIDS virus genes presumably to produce more protective antibodies and ‘herd immunity.’ But at the same time, these ‘genetic therapies’ worsen risks by mutating microbes and multiplying the ‘variants’ we are increasingly confronting.”

Comparing Risky Vaccines Against OxySilverTM

Rather than risking genetic damage, more microbial mutations, and millions of more people dying unnecessarily of COVID, Dr. Horowitz encourages people and governments to investigate “OxySilverTM with 528.” Comparing the competing products—the mRNA vaccines versus OxySilverTM—“identical bioenergetic dynamics are apparent,” the doctor informed the court.

Reviewing the science, Dr. Horowitz explained:

“The Defendants’ mRNA vaccines use highly structured graphene oxide, hexagonally-shaped molecules of carbon and oxygen layered within a water-lipid “hydrogel” matrix, to electro-magnetically attach to negatively-charged host cell membranes. This attachment enables the transfer of the mRNA vaccine genetic “payload” into host cells to purportedly prompt immunity. This nano-biotechnology also permits bioelectronic signaling to and from the water-lipid-metal hydrogel matrix. ‘Frequency therapeutics’ and data-mining may be programmed into such vaccine-delivery devices according to scientific reviews.(1)

Comparatively, OxySilver uses highly-structured, hexagonally-shaped molecules of water (i.e., “structured water”). This water forms oxygen composites covalently-bonded to atoms of (nano) silver. This forms a highly-conductive “hydro-matrix” electro-magnetically protecting negatively-charged host cell membranes (as an anti-oxidant). This preventative is also therapeutic, as it also neutralizes the positively-charged membranes of pathogens thereby killing germs. This nano-bioelectric technology also permits bioelectronic and plasmonic signaling from the structured water’s memory of 528Hz/nm frequency (of sound and light, respectively) amplified by the silver.

Science Corroborates 528 Benefits

The 528 frequency resonates at the heart of nature. Dr. Horowitz likens 528 to “pure tone Love—the Universal Healer.” After Dr. Horowitz advanced NASA science and published his pioneering work in 528 medicine, the 528Hz frequency of sound was tested by scientists, therapists, and musicians internationally. Medical researchers confirmed 528Hz to be a strong immune-booster. Babayi and Riazi observed that the 528Hz frequency “wave” alone increased anti-oxidant activity by 100% in nerve cells. They also found that the 528 wave significantly protected nerve cells against death from alcohol poisoning.(2)

In another study,  Daylari et. al., determined that the 528 frequency of sound substantially increased rat brain testosterone levels when applied at 100 db of intensity.(3) Other studies found that human immunity and anti-oxidant levels are increased as testosterone levels increase.

In 2017, as Defendants Pfizer and Moderna were acquiring their gold and copper nano-composite vaccine hydrogel devices, investigators Meskinis, Peckus, Vasilliauskas, et. al.(4) published a study on solar cell energy conversion using nano-composites containing silver or gold. Examining different frequencies of energy absorption, including the 528nm wave of green light, they noted the superiority of using silver rather than gold, writing, “It should be mentioned that Ag nanoparticles as a plasmonic material have some advantages over Au nanoparticles due to higher intensity of the [localized surface plasmon resonance] LSPR, lower optical losses, and larger solar energy conversion efficiencies. However, silver nanoparticles are prone to rapid surface oxidation when exposed to ambient conditions.” (5, 6)

“With OxySilverTM resonating at 528 frequency,” Dr. Horowitz explained to the court, “rapid surface oxidation” is not an issue, because the nano-silver atoms are covalently-bonded to the oxygen in water, effectively forming a protective and therapeutic oxygen ‘cloud’ generating high anti-oxidant activity to boost immunity and electrocute positively-charged (gram-positive) pathogens.”

Lawyers licensed to practice in Florida interested in continuing Dr. Horowitz’s case are asked to contact the “Plaintiff” by e-mail at: editor@medicalveritas.org.





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