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Chelsea Clinton’s Leadership in Media Conglomerate Exposes Conflicting interests in Vimeo Vaccine Racket and AIDS Genocide

Chelsea Clinton
Chelsea Clinton (left), co-director of Vimeo's parent company IAC controlled by Barry Diller (right), conceals Vivendi Universal and MSNBC commercial alliances generating conflicting interests in blocking Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz AIDS-origin science and online presentations, while Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation administers vaccines for population reduction.

Boycotts Urged in Wake of Chelsea Clinton’s Conflicting Interests in AIDS-Commerce, Science- Censorship, and Anglo-American Genocide


    Sherri Kane and Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz

(July 10, 2019)

LAS VEGAS, NV (July 12, 2019)– “Gross genocidal hypocrisy” is what the world’s leading HIV/AIDS origin scientist and vaccine risk analyst, Harvard-trained Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz, calls Vimeo.com‘s decision to trash the doctor’s pioneering video library because the parent company, IAC (InterActiveCorp), is heavily invested in vaccines, drugs and disease commerce.

IAC/Vimeo is controlled by three people: (1) senior officer and leading political financier Barry Diller; (2) World Bank and Clinton Foundation AIDS-ambassador Chelsea Clinton; and (3) convicted criminal Edgar Bronfman who appears with Donald Trump, Henry Kissinger, and numerous celebrities in child-sex-trafficker Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘Black Book.’

The IAC/Vimeo/Vivendi/NBC Universal Music conglomerate favors leading Democratic candidates. Barry Diller, Chelsea Clinton; and convicted criminal Edgar Bronfman, are politically-aligned with the Open Society Foundations and billionaire George Soros. The ‘liberal’ lobby claims it cares for human rights, but its actions speak louder than words.

Trusting the Untrustworthy, Again-and-Again

Personal friend and Clinton business associate, Ghislaine Maxwell (daughter of presumed assassinated Mossad-linked media mogul Robert Maxwell) is the “elephant under the carpet.” The “Lady of the House” –Epstein’s salacious ‘handler’ who the Clinton’s invited to Chelsea’s wedding; and The Clinton Global [Healthcare] Initiative engaged for profitable World Bank-financed HIV/AIDS drug & vaccine commerce, is the media and Justice Department’s ‘achilles heal.’ ‘The Madam’ served Epstein’s appetite for underage sex-slaves, and the Deep State’s appetite for extortionate videos to expand their genocides.

“Now think about this,” Dr. Horowitz urged. “Is it wise, even reasonable, to neglect child-sex networkers who profit most by selling drugs, injecting vaccines, and spinning stories to conceal their complicity in organized crime, like the New York Times did to hide Maxwell’s service to the Deep State?

“Can we really entrust our children and future generations to these people pushing drugs, sex, vaccines and mass-mediated aggression, and call our species ‘intelligent,’ and civilization ‘civilized’?

“Should we even justifiably presume vaccine are safe when sex-slavery and perversion is what these devil-doers impose upon youth?

“Is the physical damage and mental degeneration of the world’s population from vaccines not enough evidence to force urgent, generally neglected, long-term safety studies?

“Shall we permit this criminally-psychopathic demonically-possessed enterprise that feeds off of the public’s gullibility to further spread HIV/AIDS and other lethal bloodborne illnesses, including vaccine-induced cancers?”

Bronfman and Epstein’s Contributions to Swamp Draining

Bronfman, Clinton and Diller co-direct the IAC/Vimeo/Vivendi/NBC Universal Music conglomerate. The latter ties directly to Bill Gates’s Microsoft, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, MSNBC, James Murren, the MGM Grand, the Las Vegas Deep State Massacre, George Soros, and the World Bank’s vaccination-depopulation mill.

This entire criminal enterprise is heavily invested in vaccines, drugs, social chaos, and disease-care. This cohort-in-crime opposes Dr. Horowitz’s leadership in publishing influential award-winning videos raising public’s awareness of these criminal associations, vaccination risks, and natural life-saving, cost-lowering cures and alternatives.

“Now you know why urgently needed vaccine safety studies have never been carried out,” Dr. Horowitz explained.

“This intelligence reveals why vaccination risks have been censored, and why professionals who object to this ongoing genocide are smeared as ‘kooks,’ marginalized as ‘conspiracy theorists,’ and ‘neutralized’ in many devious ways.”

Government AIDS and vaccine programs are financed by the World Bank and Deep State. This is the little-known enterprise served by Chelsea Clinton and Barry Diller—propagandists in a business far too profitable, and geopolitically vital for medical population control, to be critically-investigated, or to allow social dissent.

Vaccines: The ‘Sacred Cow of Public Health’

Dr. Horowitz has been heralding this fact decades before anyone else. He coined the phrase that ““Vaccines Are The ‘Sacred Cow’ of Public Health” nearly a quarter century ago.

In other words, “The subject of vaccine safety is taboo,” Dr. Horowitz explained. That warning, that “Vaccines are the ‘Sacred Cow of Public Health,’” means the idea and custom of injecting GMO’s into people for alleged immunological ‘protection’ is, according to standard definitions of the “Sacred Cow”—a topic unreasonably denied any criticism, controversy, or reproach.

Corporate-influenced legislators and media have imposed this institution that vaccines are above or beyond criticism. Thus, general acceptance of vaccine safety is imposed, never actually based on scientific evidence. Vaccine safety is an illusion generated by MKULTRA-like programming. And ‘Vaccine Hesitancy‘ is a symptom of the illness.

“This imposed hypocrisy on society is unconscionable,” Horowitz continued. “It ‘shocks-the-conscience.’ Vaccine package inserts warn of dozens of tragic side effects that vaccines cause, but MKULTRA-like media censorship and social engineering prohibits public education and frank discussions about these risks subverting health and safety.

“Academic and professional communities shun debates and blacklist critics in gross violation of First Amendment rights. Out the window goes ‘public duty doctrine’ that ethically-compels citizens of a civilized society to protect others, the general public, and prevent harm.

“Informed consent requirements are neglected too, and religious free-will is denied.

“That’s as bad as any fascist regime can get. Totally treasonous, genocidal, and hypocritical. Especially coming from those who claim to defend ‘human rights’.'”

Vimeo’s 24-Hour Termination Notice

Vimeo.com gave the award-winning doctor’s ‘Revolution Television‘ service 24-hours to move dozens of classic videos advancing vaccine science, consumer health and safety, GMO risk-awareness, infectious disease investigations, life-saving cost-lowering natural cures replacing antibiotics and injections, self-help strategies for pain control and depression, and evolutionary music frequency science advancing the recording arts and sciences. Otherwise, they might disappeared forever.

Here’s the notice the science scholar received from Vimeo.

Chelsea Clinton co-directs IAC, parent of Vimeo who sent this notice to Dr. Horowitz's Revolution Television service.
Chelsea Clinton co-directs IAC, parent of Vimeo who sent this notice to Dr. Horowitz’s Revolution Television service.

Vimeo/IAC’s Politically Savvy Leadership

Vimeo/IAC is co-directed by Chelsea Clinton and the leading political campaign financier, Barry Diller–IAC’s Senior Executive (virtual owner). These two are joined by criminally-convicted inside stock-trader, Edgar Miles Bronfman Jr. Together, Bronfman, Clinton and Diller co-direct the IAC/Vimeo/Vivendi/NBC Universal Music conglomerate.

Bronfman, of the wealthy Jewish Canadian banking and bootlegging family, was convicted in 2017 of stock deals damaging Vivendi’s and IAC’s reputations, as disclosed in their Securities and Exchange Commission report filed in May, 2019.

Chelsea Clinton, Barry Diller, and criminal Bronfman’s IAC/Vivendi/NBC Universal Music’s conflicting interests include billions of dollars in financial investments by the world’s wealthiest ‘private equity investment’ firms.

These powers fuel drug companies and vaccine-makers. They all benefit from illnesses generated by the impositions aforementioned.

The NASDAQ table below shows these Institutional partners in what Dr. Horowitz correctly condemns as a form of commercial genocide.

chelsea clinton and barry diller's institutional investors

As detailed further below, Chelsea Clinton’s service as “Assistant Vice Provost at the New York University (NYU) raises an ‘appearance of impropriety in direct conflict with the Clinton Foundation’s highly-touted AIDS services and vaccine provisions.

NYU is also where Chelsea Clinton advances “interfaith initiatives and the university’s global expansion program,” according to the SEC filing.

Readily Apparent Conflicting Interests

Barry Diller Appoints Chelsea Clinton

Barry Diller is a leading Democratic campaign financier. You can see this from the image below showing only 15 of the 337 Diller donations.

Allied with George Soros and the Open Society Foundations these two men, especially with Chelsea Clinton in their loop, should be most interested in condemning human rights violations against minorities, including vaccination risks concealing autism, AIDS, and cancers impacting disproportionately Blacks.

Actions speak louder than words.

Barry Diller drafted Chelsea Clinton to co-direct IAC.

These purportedly ‘liberal’ human rights advocates have administered the most shocking hypocrisy in healthcare history. Health-education censorship imposes social injustice, including diseases disproportionately damaging minorities.

“We’re not just talking about terminating free speech by video censorship, nor even scientific evidence tampering. We’re witnessing the deprivation of rights to life, liberty, and informed consent risking death for billions of citizens internationally.”

Chelsea Clinton, Barry Diller, and Edgar Bronfman’s “Most Heinous Act Against the Public Interest”

Chelsea Clinton

Vimeo/IAC suddenly claimed, “arbitrarily and capriciously,” that Dr. Horowitz’s videos contained “false or misleading claims about vaccination safety.”

In breach of contract with us, also in violation of federal anti-discrimination regulations, Vimeo/IAC further claimed Dr. Horowitz’s OxySilver (originally developed by NASA to keep astronauts healthy in space, supplemented by Horowitz with 528 frequency and water-structuring advancing ‘homeo-alchemy’ making all vaccines and antibiotics obsolete) “promotes fraudulent or dubious business schemes.” Vimeo/IAC wrote the same about Dr. Horowitz’s “Frequency Rehab” online course.

This ‘commercial discriminatory libel’ violated their own FCC filing opposing unfair competition and ‘discriminatory activity.’  Vimeo/IAC’s lawyers defrauded the FCC by claiming anti-trust laws don’t go far enough to protect consumers, to “bar discriminatory activity.”(p. 23.)

Hypocritically, Vimeo/IAC censored videos explaining why OxySilver beats all vaccines and antibiotics for safety and efficacy.

Regarding broadcast journalism, Vimeo/IAC violated what the FCC makes known. That “rigging or slanting the news is a most heinous act against the public interest.”

Dr. Horowitz’s Reply Threatens Litigation

Chelsea Clinton conflicting interests in Vimeo censorship and MKULTRA mind control
Click banner to view Dr. Horowitz’s excellent videos republished on RevolutionTelevision.net following Vimeo’s breach of contract .

In Dr. Horowitz’s reply, reprinted below, he demanded the company come clean on its conflicting interests with Clinton and other partners pushing risky, often deadly, vaccines.

Horowitz demanded Vimeo/IAC publish a disclaimer excusing Chelsea Clinton’s co-directorships of Vimeo’s parent company, IAC, and the Clinton Foundation that advances profitable AIDS services along with risky, possibly deadly, poorly-tested, vaccines.

Dr. Horowitz’s reply put the officials on notice of not only violating IAC’s ethical code; and not only violating the FCC’s code; and not only violating ‘public duty doctrine’ as a government licensee; and not only breaching their contract with us. . . .

“The doctor replied with ‘constructive notice’ of Vimeo’s violation of a slew of criminal laws that may include misprision of felony and conspiracy to commit treason,” explained Kane, the Fox News defector and investigative journalist who formed the PizzaGate Group on Facebook.

“By censoring Dr. Horowitz’s science-based videos, the Vimeo/IAC syndicate evades the globally-acknowledged generally-accepted benefits of Dr. Horowitz’s scientific studies addressing the origin of HIV/AIDS and therapeutic value of frequency-related ‘bioenergy medicine.’

Horowitz interjected, “Only by diagnosing the true origin of AIDS and the modern cancer pandemics, can we hope to effectively treat these ‘impositions’. That’s what makes Vimeo/IAC’s censorship genocidal and treasonous.”

Censoring AIDS-origin Cancer-induction Theories Based on Vaccine Science

Dr. Horowitz is a multi-award-winning author and filmmaker. For three years, he investigated HIV, HPV, hepatitis B, and polio vaccines linked to the origin of AIDS as a Tufts Univ. and Harvard Univ. trained public health expert.

He became the author of the American bestseller and award-winning book Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola—Nature, Accident or Intentional? that Wikipedia credits as the “Top-seller in the field of AIDS and second in the fields of infectious disease and communicable disease” (based on Amazon.com sales).*

Emerging Viruses AIDS and Ebola

He unearthed the precise vaccine experiments that used chimpanzees in the earliest hepatitis B vaccine trials in New York City — a tell-tail scientific fact. Many researchers claim this scientific evidence is the ‘smoking gun‘ in the Special Virus Cancer Program that triggered AIDS and the spread of many cancers tied to sexually-transmitted viruses.

Naturally, the doctor’s discoveries were purposely neglected and censored by complicit agents, agencies, and the companies responsible, the U.N. AIDS Group, for instance.

The allied media they wield to divert and confuse people is enormous, as Vimeo and IAC demonstrated by their libel and censorship of the doctor.

But these treasonous efforts to censor life-saving videos won’t erase the simultaneous outbreak of AIDS in Central Africa and New York City. That spread to kill more than 40 million people worldwide, Dr. Alan Cantwell explained in a historic interview, that Vimeo also censored.

sherri kane interviews dr horowitz and dr cantwell

The 40 million victims are mounting casualties from the Merck Drug Co.’s earliest hepatitis B vaccine trials. This can only be obfuscated and evaded for so long. Karma is inescapable.

Censoring Medical Science and AIDS History to Defraud Consumers in Favor of Vaccinations

World leading medical, financial, and political scholars, as well as spiritual and religious leaders, have credited Dr. Horowitz for his accomplishments in AIDS-origin science that the demons censored.

Over the past three decades, the doctor’s bipartisan supporters have grown to tens of millions, including Barack Obama’s spiritual advisor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

On the ‘liberal left,’ Horowitz is widely recognized as a hero in the African-American, Hispanic, and Muslim communities for opposing the censorship concealing the discriminatory impact of HIV/AIDS and other cancers while revealing the Anglo-American officials most responsible for the plagues.

Image result for jonathan mann and mary whoAdd to this ‘liberal’ support one of the world’s most esteemed World Health Organization (WHO) leaders, Dr. Jonathan Mann—the HIV/AIDS Czar for that United Nations health institution. He and his wife, Johns Hopkins University hepatitis B vaccine expert, Dr. Mary Lou Clements-Mann, died in the crash of Swissair Flight 111 in September, 1998, two years after Dr. Horowitz published his monumental text, Emerging Viruses: AIDS and Ebola–Nature, Accident or Intentional?

Dr. Mann quit his WHO post undoubtedly influenced by Horowitz.

Mann protested the commercialization and “imposition” of HIV/AIDS as well as the vaccination evidence advance by Horowitz.

Mann stated that, “More than a medical problem, HIV/AIDS is a socio-political imposition.”

Dr. Mann was present when Dr. Horowitz confronted alleged “AIDS-virus discoverer” Dr. Robert Gallo at the 11th International Conference on AIDS in Vancouver, Canada.

This interaction was videotaped, republished many times by many people, and has since been viewed by more than 10 million citizens worldwide.

This too is one of the Vimeo/ICA censored productions.

Dr. Horowitz’s multi-award-winning film UN-VAXXED: A Docu-commentary for Robert De Niro, was also slated for Vimeo’s disposal.

Chelsea Clinton conflicting interests tied to Vimeo's censoring this award-winning film.
Chelsea Clinton and the Clinton Foundation’s ‘liberal’ interests conflict with this award-winning film that Vimeo/ICA censored.

In that film, Horowitz exposed much more than Gallo and his contract with the National Institutes of Health, National Cancer Institute (NCI).

The feature-length production exposed the Litton Bionetics company, that developed numerous AIDS-like and Ebola-like viruses in monkeys and chimpanzees destined for research and vaccine development at Merck & Co. during the late 1960s and early 1970s.

As aforementioned, AIDS erupted in New York City and the Congo from these hepatitis B vaccine trials in which New York University’s medical center played a major role.

Dr. Horowitz believes Dr. Mann and his wife, well known for their loving, caring, and ‘liberal’ spirits, were very upset by this factual history.

Image result for jonathan mann and mary whoAfter witnessing Dr. Horowitz’s confrontation with Gallo, and viewing Gallo’s shocking reaction, they discussed the incident. Mary Lou knew what all other infectious disease investigators knew at that time—the definitive link between Litton’s ‘SIV-contaminated’ chimpanzees and the Merck Drug Co.’s tainted hepatitis B vaccines was a ‘smoking gun.’

Jonathan Mann also happened to work in the Congo where these first hepatitis B vaccines were tested. President Mobutu had taken lots of money to favor Henry Kissinger’s policies, pursuant to National Security Memorandum 200 (NSM200).

NSM200 called for massive Third World depopulation, heavily targeting Africa.

And Mann knew the Rockefeller-directed World Bank was bribing Mobuto to push ‘vaccine studies’ through organizations like USAID.

The African dictator thus permitted Litton’s secret hepatitis B vaccine experiments to be conducted on thousands of Africans, especially sex-workers.

According to Dr. Horowitz, this secreted history is why Dr. Mann resigned his WHO post in protest.

The New York Times omitted this history when its obituary only reported Mann saying, “many diseases and other health problems are rooted in social issues like education and the status of women, and in the continuing violations of human rights.”

Alternatively, on the political right, Lyndon Laroche’s EIR organization joined experts internationally in heralding the importance of Dr. Horowitz’s contributions to vaccine science that Vimeo/ICA censored.

Larouche published, “while the question may not be settled altogether, some of the work done by Leonard Horowitz in his book from 1996, Emerging Viruses: AIDS and Ebola, settles a large part of that question, that it goes almost beyond dispute that HIV, Ebola, and other emerging viruses were specifically engineered in biological warfare laboratories in this country and throughout the world.” [see review in EIR, Oct. 31, 1997]. (2)

Chelsea Clinton’s Hypocritical ‘Interfaith Initiatives’ at NYU

chelsea clinton and hillary clintonAccenting more “hypocrisy,” according to the IAC’s Securities and Exchange Commission disclosures, Chelsea Clinton served as “Assistant Vice Provost at the aforementioned AIDS-origin contributor–New York University–where researchers examined the virus-tainted blood of gay volunteers and blood donors.

Image result for gay men hepatitis b vaccine adThis is where Chelsea Clinton now focuses on “interfaith initiatives and the university’s global expansion program,” says IAC’s SEC filing.

Chelsea Clinton serves as “Co-Chair of the Advisory Board” at New York University overseeing what is called the “Of Many Institute.”

The group’s advertising describes this as “a pioneering initiative devoted to educating and inspiring religious and spiritual leaders to utilize multi-faith dialogue and service as a force for positive social change.” (1)

But invitees aren’t likely to include the force behind Minister Louis Farrakhan. The Nation of Islam leader is hated by the international Jewish community whose Anti-Defamation League (ADL) can’t seem to grasp the anti-Semitism its leadership creates by neglecting to ‘police its own.’

Traitors who shame the Jewish people, such as “Dr. Henry Kissinger,” Open Society Foundations billionaire George Soros, Vimeo/ICA chief Barry Diller, Harvey Weinstein, Jeffrey Epstein, Rahm and Ari Emmanuel, and criminally-convicted Clinton cohort Bronfman, receive zero reprimand from the so-called defenders of Judaism.

What does this anti-Semitism-fueling ‘silence’ say?

In the words of the exceptionally enlightened U.S. Supreme Court, Jewish Judge Louis Brandeis, among Israel’s staunchest supporters, “Conduct which forms a basis for inference is evidence. Silence is often evidence of the most persuasive character.” United States ex rel. Bilokumsky v. Tod, 263 US 149, 154 – Supreme Court 1923.

Silencing the ADL’s opposition to condemning the HIV/AIDS vaccine genocide, is “evidence most persuasive” of complicity in the conspiracy. Aiding-and-abetting by willful blindness makes the ADL complicit in the ongoing holocaust continued by the Rockefeller/IGFarben successors-in-interest.

Dr. Horowitz’s videos exposing these injustices is “most persuasive” evidence of treason and complicity in racketeering in humanity’s suffering.

This same silence shames members of Congress and the complicit media on both sides of ‘the isle’.

Similar ‘silencing’ of vaccine safety science is the subject of neglected legislation advanced by Florida Congressman, Bill Posey, called the “Vaccine Safety Study Act” (H.R. 3615).

This legislation has been stonewalled since 2017 by lawmakers of every race, color, and religious creed. They shame their offices.

What does this stonewalling and complicity say, other than “HYPOCRISY”? (2)

Dwindling Religious Freedom Hypocrisy

The Jewish Dr. Horowitz represented the integrity of the scientific community nearly alone beginning in the late 1990s by openly pleading for these urgently needed vaccine safety studies.

The legislators’ ‘silence’ and media’s censorship secured no reliable ‘risk/benefit’ analyses assuring any vaccine was ‘safe.’

Instead, the complicit parties acted guilty of securing millions of dead people, victims of AIDS, cancers, auto-immune diseases, mental illnesses and more, courtesy of their scientific censorship and criminal negligence.

Add to this conscience-shocking affront Chelsea Clinton’s ‘spiritual and religious’ leadership, and the bigger picture appears. Big Pharma’s gods of censored science attack orthodox Jews concealing social engineering to replace monotheism. Virtually all the world’s Holy Spirit-based religions are under attack by the “Drug Cult.”

“Chelsea Clinton’s corporate affiliates endorsed the best news the spiritual and religious worlds have received since Jesus showed Jews ‘The Way’ to divine communion and salvation,” Dr. Horowitz explained.

“The ‘modern gospel’ actually features the science of ‘electro-genetics and 528hz frequency biophysics. This includes the good vibrations central to sunshine, rainbows, human biofields, chlorophyll, life-giving oxygen, even miraculous healings. These facts are revolutionizing medicine and healthcare today.”

Why not censor all that? Why favor Big Pharma and global genocide?

Dr. Horowitz published videos on Vimeo explaining that the ‘528 frequency’ especially makes “medicinal music” for body, mind, soul and spirit. Censoring or smearing this good news is demonic.

Horowitz pioneered the field of frequency-based ‘music therapy.’ He published a half-dozen educational videos on the topic. But Clinton’s cohorts at Vimeo/ICA have defied goodness, ‘consciousness,’ even loving spirituality, to commit an attack on humanity.

edgar bronfman co-director with chelsea clinton

No doubt Chelsea Clinton’s associates at Vivendi/Capital Records/NBC Universal Music Group re-tuned their instruments and voices per Horowitz’s instruction for albums including Jay Z’s 4:44 album. The 2018 work by Beyoncé titled Everything is Love, and U2/Bono’s, ‘Iris Hold Me Close’ in Songs of Innocence. All these were recorded in C=528Hz based on Horowitz’s intelligence, also struck by Vimeo.

Those productions and many others featuring 528Hz tuning were inspired by Horowitz’s pioneering videos.

We were forced to migrate all of this humanitarian serve to the doctor’s private Revolution Television platform now that Vimeo breached its contract.

Neglect of Doctor’s Demand for Vimeo Disclaimer Over Bogus Claims Threaten Lawsuit(s)

Here is Dr. Horowitz’s reply to Vimeo/ICA:

Hello Vimeo Rights Officials (and Vimeo Moderator(s)):

My name is Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz, DMD, MA, MPH, DNM (hon.), DMM (hon.) responding to your threatened termination Notice of July 10, 2019, affecting the public’s access to Revolution Television content distributed by Vimeo under our “Pro” licensing Contract.

I officiate Revolution Television as a world renowned, Harvard-trained, expert in the field of multi-media health education, vaccination risk analysis and consumer protection; and the author of the American bestselling award-winning book Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola—Nature, Accident or Intentional? that Wikipedia credits as the “Top-seller in the field of AIDS and second in the fields of infectious disease and communicable disease” (based on Amazon.com sales).*

I am also the award-winning producer of the film UN-VAXXED: A Docu-commentary for Robert De Niro distributed by Vimeo under Contract—a video that won five (5) awards, including “Best Film-2016” in London and Geneva competitions sponsored by the World International Film Festival (WIIF).

I reply here to your Notice attached below that threatens to terminate our Contract arbitrarily and capriciously by reason of some un-identified “moderator” falsely ‘marking’ our ‘Revolution Television’ account as allegedly making “false or misleading claims about vaccination safety” without identifying which, if any, of the subject videos on our service are claimed violating Vimeo policy.

Therefore, to permit ‘due process’ and reasonable discovery, please mail me:

(1) Vimeo’s express determination including which, if any, of our videos are claimed to be publishing “false or misleading claims about vaccination safety.” Once identified then, please include,

(2) the precise time code at which the alleged “false and misleading claims about vaccination safety” appears; and,

(3) As a ‘public duty’ (acquired by Vimeo upon Vimeo’s American licensing), please also explain why Vimeo’s subject Notice does not reflect Vimeo’s conflicting interest in promoting vaccinations, regardless of safety concerns, in favor of Vimeo’s parent companyIAC/InterActiveCorp, and its investors.

In other words, please include a disclaimer for public notice concerning Vimeo’s parent IAC, owned by Chairman and Senior Executive, Barry Diller, operating with CEO Joey Levin and Chelsea Clinton. Ms. Clinton also co-directed IAC since 2011 while the vice chair of the Clinton Foundation. Vimeo’s disclaimer is necessary for transparency to provide the public with information that could be life-saving, and required for proper informed consent.

Public knowledge requires Video’s disclaimer for transparency, since, according to BarronsMs. Clinton and the Clinton Foundation has extensive investments in vaccines and AIDS-related human services directly related to my publications and videos in these fields threatened with censorship.

Not only is informed consent reasonable for electing to vaccinate, but also for Vimeo’s patronage.

Thank you, in advance, for responding to this Reply in opposition to your Notice.

Sincerely yours,

Leonard G. Horowitz, DMD, MA. MPH, DNM (hon.), DMM (hon.)


Medical Veritas International, Inc.

E-mail: Editor@MedicalVeritas.org



Vimeo’s Response to Terminate

Jason R. (Vimeo Trust & Safety)
Jul 11, 4:16 PM EDT

Hi there,

My name is Jason and I work on Vimeo’s Trust and Safety team.

I’d be happy to walk you through our decision.

It looks like there are a number of policy violations in the account which I can fully detail below.

Additionally we did reach out on April 17th to alert you to policy violations in the account, but never heard back.

Please note that the violations may not be limited to the examples we provide.

Vimeo does not allow content that:

Makes false or misleading claims about vaccination safety. ex. VAX-HYPOCRISY: Dr. Leonard Horowitz Shames Disease-Coalition President, Rafael del Castillo on Public Television (https://vimeo.com/326394665), Vaccine injuries, Dr. Andrew Moulden, Conférence Liberté de Choix en Santé, Montréal, 12 sept. 2009 360p

Harasses others, violates someone’s privacy, or includes defamatory or discriminatory speech. The HOROKANE WHACK BRADLEY TAMM (https://vimeo.com/337961848)

Promotes fraudulent or dubious business schemes. Ex. OxySilver Infomercial with Sherri Kane and Energy Medicine Pioneer, Dr. Leonard G Horowitz (https://vimeo.com/343177251), Free Introduction to Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz’s Frequency Therapeutics Online Course (https://vimeo.com/315992344)

Rips of movies, music, television, or any other third party copyrighted material. Ex. Greatest Love of All in 528 (https://vimeo.com/319423054), Georgia on My Mind in 528hz (https://vimeo.com/319398140)

We have had multiple moderators review the your account again, however it appears to be in violation of our policies and will be closed.

From our Terms of Service: “Vimeo may suspend, disable, or delete your account (or any part thereof) or block or remove any content you submitted if Vimeo determines that you have violated any provision of this Agreement or that your conduct or content would tend to damage Vimeo’s reputation and goodwill.

If Vimeo deletes your account for the foregoing reasons, you may not re-register for the Vimeo Service.

Vimeo may block your email address and Internet protocol address to prevent further registration.”

As this is our final decision we will be unable to respond to additional messages about this matter.

We wish you the best of luck in finding a hosting platform better suited to your needs.

Jason R.
Trust & Safety Analyst



Dr. Horowitz’s “Legal Notice and Demand”

Hello Jason from Vimeo’s Legal Department.

This Legal Notice and Demand for remedial action(s), replies to your four (4) justifications for terminating our Revolution Television Vimeo platform.

Aside from noting the lack of express basis, in time codes, of your objections, we also note your failure to provide the requested good faith public service ‘disclaimer’ concerning Vimeo/ICA’s conflicting interests in vaccinations as public knowledge from Vimeo/ICA’s corporate filings makes known.

Rebutting your four (‘arbitrary and capricious’) justifications:

1) Your assertion that our publications “Makes false of misleading claims about vaccination safety” is clearly erroneous since we exclusively claim vaccines are unsafe.

We NEVER have made false or misleading claims “about vaccination safety.”

In fact, all of our claims assert the opposite.

We claim vaccinations are toxic.

We further claim the damage caused by lacking safety studies and neglect of such safety studies damages consumers, society, and the economy.

Consequently, it is most reasonable to conclude your first point misrepresents the English language.

Your statement is clearly written, and clearly obfuscates your intended justification for enforcement.

Your accusation that we “make false or misleading claims about vaccination safety” is false.

Your clearly intended meaning is that your legal department and corporate interests oppose our organization’s true verified or verifiable claims about vaccination risks and vaccination toxicity.

If Vimeo/ICA were acting in ‘good faith,’ your preclusion would state, “Makes false or misleading claims about vaccination toxicity (or vaccination risks).”

It is unreasonable to argue your legal advisors are unaware of this obfuscation, and most reasonable to conclude the obfuscating wording is intentional.

Thus, mens rea is apparent in Vimeo’s intention to conceal facts, conceal conflicting interests, and conceal commercial prejudice that damages us at this time.

We further claim your obvious abuse of the English language here transparently reveals your tort.

You have misrepresented and omitted facts to spur unfair and deceptive trade, and by so doing have committed actionable consumer fraud too, while breaching your contract with us.

The video you cite as offensive, #326394665, was posted by me by request of the video’s producer for news worthiness and saving lives.

You can watch me oppose the President of a local health organization, lawyer Rafael del Costillo, whose members refused to provide medical care to un-vaccinated children, yet claimed they act to extend “access to care.”

This is obviously hypocritical, as I made known on this public service video produced for public access.

2) Regarding “The HOROKANE WHACK BRADLEY TAMM” that you assert is a ‘harassment’ of Mr. Tamm, or violates his privacy, or includes defamatory or discriminatory speech, your assertions are false for the following facts:

a) “harassment in Mr. Tamm’s State of Hawaii is a misdemeanor, only when mens rea is established.

But here, mens rea is controverted by the facts.

There is OBVIOUSLY no malicious intent to harass Tamm as the video shows.

The video asserts:

Mr. Tamm acts as the Executive Director of the Office of Disciplinary Counsel, presumably enforcing the ABA’s model rules of professional conduct, disciplining lawyers who violate these rules.

The video makes known our public service intention and action exposing Tamm’s California Bar Association suspension for embezzling his client’s money while addicted to drugs and alcohol.

Then, we challenged his current ODC directorship, having aided-and-abetted by willful blindness the nation’s leading ayahuasca (“DMT”) kingpin narcotic trafficker, Paul J. Sulla, Jr.

Mr. Sulla and Mr. Tamm are charged with conspiracy to commit ‘Theft in the First Degree’ in our state and federal civil cases opposing this ’theft by fraud’—having stolen our Hawaii property by false filings with the state and courts.

These facts adequately satisfy the ‘harassment’ exception made clear in State v. Stocker, 976 P. 2d 399 – Haw: Supreme Court 1999.

Quoting from that case:

“The court’s attention [is drawn] to [the] commentary [pursuant to harassment] interpreting Model Penal Code (MPC) § 250.4(5) (1980). MPC § 250.4 provides that

[a] person commits a petty misdemeanor if, with purpose to harass another, he:

(1) makes a telephone call without purpose of legitimate communication; or

(2) insults, taunts or challenges another in a manner likely to provoke violent or disorderly response; or

(3) makes repeated communications anonymously or at extremely inconvenient hours, or in offensively course language; or

(4) subjects another to an offensive touching; or

(5) engages in any other course of alarming conduct serving no legitimate purpose of the actor.

The commentary on MPC § 250.4(5) notes that “[t]he import of the phrase … is broadly to exclude from this subsection any conduct that directly furthers some legitimate desire or objective of the actor.” Commentary on MPC § 250.4 at 368.”

Because “The HOROKANE WHACK BRADLEY TAMM” video furthers the legitimate purpose of exposing in favor of Justice Department officials and society this risk of derelict lawyers, Vimeo’s second accusation of ‘harassment’ fails.

3) Your third assertion is slanderous and actionable as it also raises the claim of unfair competition favoring Vimeo/ICA’s conflicting interests in pharmaceuticals and vaccines.

There is nothing ‘fraudulent or dubious’ about any claim made to sell either OxySilver, an ideal antibiotic alternative as proven by science, and even a product that makes vaccinations arguably unnecessary and “obsolete.”

Unless you study OxySilver’s science, you have no idea what you are talking about.

Moreover, your opposition to my online ‘Frequency Rehab’ training program is baseless.

You have neglected to cite the elements of your claim of fraud that by law, you know or should know as a ‘legal’ administator, must be pled with ‘particularity.’

The ‘dubious’ connotations you make regarding my products, also not identified with any specifics, is contrived.

These baseless claims are exclusively in your decision-maker(s) mind(s).

By e-mailing me this libel you have committed two more causes of action—libel and unfair and deceptive trade—aside from breach of contract.

4) The claim that we “rip’ movies or other copyrighted material off omits two solid defenses:

(a) the two videos you cited you can see from by your administrative records ARE MARKED PRIVATE.

As such, any claim of copyright infringement is frivolous and moot.

The owner cannot claim any loss from me playing my guitar in private, in the frequency of 528Hz for which I worked to improve the original production by transposing the sound track and speeding-up the original ‘rips’ by 4 cycles per second; and

(b) Although I do not make these videos public on the Vimeo platform, I have legal right to do so under “Fair Usage” doctrine.

This assures my right to make these ‘experimentally’ altered classic recordings improved for public health and even safety available to American citizens.

We claim that the original A=440Hz recordings are unnecessarily distressing and potentially harmful following long term use.

Accordingly, the transposition to A=444Hz/C=528Hz, and republication thereby, serves a beneficial social purpose and is of society’s great interest.

This is proven by my and 528’s celebrity, and recent scientific publications, including mine and other researchers, evidencing the claimed benefits.

Accordingly, although your e-mail below informs me that Vimeo has made its “final decision” and “will be unable to respond to additional messages about this matter,” I humbly request that you assign a senior lawyer in your firm to this case to spare Vimeo’s litigation expense and public humiliation.

As you can see by examining our account, and its changes made during the past 24 hours—the unreasonable and inadequate amount of time your notice provided us to secure our valuable properties caused us substantial financial damage and severe distress.

Moreover, although we moved much of our property to another server, we cannot guarantee all valuable properties for which Vimeo is responsible has been secured.

Therefore, please consider this a justified Demand for Vimeo’s reconsideration and remedial restoration of our account.

Sincerely yours,

Leonard G. Horowitz



(1) Chelsea Clinton isn’t likely to include Nation of Islam leaders, especially Minister Louis Farrakhan who is hated by the international Jewish community.

Farrakhan is a case study in contrived divisiveness.

He garners a rare solidarity among the television networks FOX, CNN, and Clinton-Gates’s affiliated MSNBC, as boogeyman to world Jewry.

Farrakhan’s ‘spectrum’ of supporters runs from ‘radical religious right and left.’

This includes Blacks and Muslims incensed about David Duke or the new ‘ultra-right’ leader, Richard Spencer representing, neo-Nazis.

Nonetheless, Farrakhan and his health ministers, like David Duke’s White Hate government-protestors, have all regularly relied on the Jewish Dr. Leonard Horowitz for his intelligence regarding the origin of AIDS.

Consequently, the ‘Deep-State-Big-Pharmawhoring-Hollywood-Liberals’ erred in trashing Horowitz’s ‘Revolution Television‘ and vaccine-AIDS science.

They showed their demonic hand and ignorance.

All this to censor what Dr. Horowitz calls ‘The Sacred Cow of Public Health‘ , the idea, custom, or institution that holds, especially unreasonably, that vaccines are above criticism.

So what have we?

A social imposition based on censored science and media-driven delusions that multiply killings, human and environmental damage, along with the world’s diseases, like a parade where the king-of-illusion, Anthony Fauci, wears no clothes.

In Horowitz’s metaphor, the ‘Cow’–unassailable vaccines–is delivered like the ‘Tree of Life’ from the Garden of Eden to the global elite.

This message is the same as in the generally-concealed Leonardo da Vinci’s drawing shown below.chelsea clinton IAC

This “Allegory of the Wolf and the Eagle” is considered by many historians.

An allegory is defined as “a story, poem, or picture that can be interpreted to reveal a hidden meaning, typically a moral or political one.”

The Mona Lisa master artist was also a virtually-enslaved military designer for The Church, largely controlled at that time (1515 AD) by the Medici (medicine) banking family that installed Pope Leo X.

The wolf acts here much like the drug addicted Wolf of Wall Street starring Leonardo DiCaprio, commercializing corruptly and ‘high’ on drugs.

Da Vinci’s wolf symbolizes the folly of the Medici medicine and banking family, that took over the Vatican after the death of the Borgia Pope who was elected on 11 August 1492, when (Christopher Columbus ‘sailed the blue’ to claim discovery of America).

According to Wikipedia, “Giovanni di Lorenzo de’ Medici (later named Pope Leo X) is said to have warned people about these matters after the Borgia Pope’s election was bankrolled by King Charles VIII of France and the Republic of Genoa. Giovanni warned, “Now we are in the power of a wolf, the most rapacious perhaps that this world has ever seen.”

That’s why da Vinci depicted this “allegory” as far as we can gather.

Scholarly political analyst and Bible scholar, Chuck Messler, explained best da Vinci’s ‘The Eagle’ symbolism, ascribed to the Tribe of Dan thusly:

The Eagle Identity

The ensign of Israel’s enemies always seems to be that of an eagle: Herod, the Romans, the Germans, the Czars, et al. (It is interesting that even Sparta and Troy may have links with the Tribe of Dan!12)

It disturbs some to note that the symbol of the United States is also, of course, the eagle.

The apparent Masonic symbolism on the Great Seal of the United States also disturbs many (look at your dollar bill and consult these images: 1,2,3,4):

The 32 feathers of the right wing are said to represent the 32 degrees of the Freemasonry.

The 33 feathers on the left wing include the honorary 33rd degree of the Scottish Rite.

The nine tail feathers are said to highlight the Council of Nine when the Illuminati merged with the Freemasons on May 1, 1776.

The ostensible occultic significance seems even more pronounced on the reverse side: the All Seeing Eye (the “Open Eye” of Egypt and the “Mind’s Eye” of the Gnostics) and the Latin phrases “Annuit Coeptis” (announcing the birth of) “Novus Ordo Seclorum” (New World Order).

The occult agenda behind world politics should surprise no serious student of Daniel Chapter 10. Satan seems to love symbols.


(2) Bipartisan hypocrisy in ‘silence’ and censorship is evidenced by Vimeo’s disregard of the emergence of HIV/AIDS among the gay men and mentally retarded children in New York, resulting from the NYU, CDC, US Army, and Merck vaccine studies.

According to Horowitz’s scientific peer-reviewed report in Medical Hypothesis journal, reviewed in several censored videos, this set of human trials caused 10,000 hemophiliacs to become infected with HIV/AIDS also.

The blood of the gay subjects from Greenwich Village, and that from the Willowbrook State School for mentally retarded children possibly also, was ‘pooled’ at the New York Blood Center.

This enterprise began when the Rockefeller Brothers financed the New York Blood Council.

This blood-banking enterprise evolved into the American Red Cross.

All of this medical history risks being lost by way of the censorship the media servers are now committing.

Dr. Horowitz points to the hypocrisy of HIV/AIDS devastating mostly people of color, while the corporate-controlled media and politicians on both sides of the isle make race and religion an issue.

Divisiveness and hypocrisy damages ‘One Nation Under God.”

In solidarity, Democrats and Republicans have blinded themselves to Big Pharma’s lethal influence for campaign financing.

This unethical and illegal pattern and practice compounds damage done by media censorship and ‘predictive programming.’

These neglected impositions help demonically-possessed criminal-psychopaths socially-engineer America’s degeneration and demise secured by widespread ethical and commercial decay.

This neglect is the root cause of humanity’s and the environment’s woes. These divisive discords will not be cured by any “Green New Deal.” The basis of this chaos must be revealed, generally accepted, and judiciously opposed.

Bribed officials turning blind eyes to the origin of AIDS, or other vaccine-induced cancers from, for example, SV40 virus contaminations that are still under analysis from polio vaccines; plus the lack of vaccine safety studies, socially-engineers mass sickness to profit a select few.

Dr. Horowitz credits his text, Emerging Viruses, and his contract with Warner Bros. for the book to appear in the film “I Am Legend,” for validating the risk of lab viruses escaping to destroy all of civilization.

Dr. Horowitz asks, “I notice that FOX News opposes infanticide, belittles accusations of holocaust encampments on the southern border, but under the influence of the Murdochs, unethically censor the same facts proving genocide that the Democrats neglect.

That’s bipartisan HYPOCRISY!

In lieu of this “murderous tragedy,” Dr. Horowitz is calling for an international boycott against Vimeo, IAC, Vivendi, all Universal Music Group products, and Microsoft products.

He is requesting celebrity recording artists join the ranks of heroic ‘conscientious objectors.”

Given Vimeo/IAC’s ties to Vivendi/Universal Music, he asks protestors to boycott MSNBC and their music, until the so-called ‘liberal’ and ‘conservative’ candidates receiving campaign contributions from these sources address the need to ‘Green Medicine’ and purge the World Bank of officials who put profits above the health and safety of global populations.

“Neglected vaccination safety science shocks-the-conscious,” Dr. Horowitz insists. “Human rights violations include denying informed consent.

“We need to reverse drug companies’ stranglehold over civilization,” he insists.

“This should begin in America by terminating the legislated immunity granted drug companies, excusing vaccine-makers’ liability for injuries.”

That policy, he says, “is obviously genocidal.”




Response from Vimeo Legal


Jason R and Vimeo Legal Officials:

Linked here (https://medicalveritas.org/cclinton_iac_vimeo_censorship_aids_genocide/) is our response to your breach of contract, breach of public duty, breach of your FCC license, breach of your parent company’s (ICA’s) ethical code, unfair and deceptive trade, and alleged misprision of felony and treason in conduct aiding-and-abetting vaccination-induced genocide.

We encourage you and your press department to issue an officials statement in reply to the allegations we are publishing here in opposition to your grievous actions.

Failure to reply with an official statement pursuant to these express allegations shall represent a legal avoidance, and tacit admission of having committed the alleged torts and crimes.

Sincerely yours,

Leonard G. Horowitz




  1. The criminality by Vimeo and its interlocking connections to individuals, corporations, media and government are completely obvious. Like true psychopaths they just keep on marching, mowing over anyone or thing in their path of destruction… viz., as stated by Dr. Horowitz, “genocide” program that is behind poisons as “immunity”, i.e. vaccines. Very few are putting this all together as well as the authors here… thank you for your service to humanity. Much Love.


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