Coronavirus Predictive ProgrammingNEWS  RELEASE
Release: No. 9-COVID-19 Lab Virus
Date Mailed: September 16, 2020
For Immediate Release
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Honolulu, HI (9-16-20)—Hawaii’s top killers and COVID-19 ‘first responders’ are getting ‘karmically rewarded’ for Deep State genocide that has boomeranged on the Lt. Governor and the state’s chief epidemiologist, both rabid vaccine prostitutes.

Josh Green, a medical doctor elected Lt. Governor, tested positive for the virus and is quarantined at the time of this writing along with other officials he contacted. 

And chief epidemiologist, Dr. Sara Park, the state’s leading ‘vaccine propagandist’ abandoned her post in the wake of criticism from ex-presidential candidate, Tulsi Gabbard. Rep. Gabbard venomously smeared Park for “never having taken her job seriously” according to media reports.

Karmic Retribution in ‘Paradise’ Stolen

In the State of Hawaii where ‘paradise’ was not lost, but stolen at gunpoint by Deep State bankers and politicians acting as globalist thugs; where headline news is regularly censored or skewed; where leading law enforcers aid-and-abet sex crimes, illegal drug use, human trafficking, and money laundering; where all courts appear to be thoroughly corrupted; and where Black lives matter more than Hawaiian natives, the COVID-19 ‘lockdown’ has been the most severe in the world.

The oppressive lockdown in maximally-corrupted Hawaii has occurred while Democratic Lt. Governor, Dr. Josh Green, an emergency room physician, led the draconian response to COVID-19 with Dr. Sara Park. Now their ‘chickens are coming home to roost’ as confirmation is emerging that the germ was man-made and genetically-engineered, that is, a lab virus.

The mutant of SARS/coronavirus and HIV/AIDS is much like the germ Green was warned about in 2018, foreshadowing the result officials neglected in favor of the vaccine industry’s genetic tinkering and political payoffs.

Now Green is quarantined and his Department of Health is in shambles.

“This is karma justly served,” observed Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz who warned Green and the State’s entire public health administration that such a forthcoming plague, mutation, and disaster would result from their arrogance and negligence.

Click to view the “Greatest Vaccine Debate.”

Dr. Horowitz debated both Dr. Green and Dr. Park in 2015 on PBS in Honolulu along with Dr. Janet Edgehill, a Pentagon official forced to retire after a vaccine sickened her son and financially devastated her family.

“In the waiting room before the show I asked Dr. Green if he had received any campaign financing from Big Pharma,” Horowitz recalled. “Green lied.”

After the show Horowitz learned the truth.

“Worse than lying about his campaign financing from vaccine industrialists, after the show I corresponded with Dr. Green. I did the same with the state’s top public health officials–Dr. Bruce Anderson and Dr. Sara Park. I provided a scholarly scientific report about their ‘HPV’ vaccination campaign after I spent days analyzing research evidencing neglected risks and scientific fraud in the lab virus origin and manufacture of the HPVs, HIVs, HBVs, and their vaccines. All my work and warnings went neglected, even censored.”

“Sorry This Isn’t for Me:” Delusional Thinking Precludes Accurate Diagnosing and Successful Treating

Sorry, this isn’t for me,” the Lt. Governor elect replied to Dr. Horowitz’s November 8, 2018 warning and in-depth report filed in an official proceeding.

Horowitz wrote Green, “As a medical doctor, and now Lt. Gov. elect, you are especially advised to read and please make your official statement, or alternatively a ‘peer review’ summary, of the attached important new article I compiled as a service to the citizens of Hawaii in opposition to the Hawaii health department’s proposed Title 11 changes. I will make sure your statement, or review, is published in Medical Veritas online journal. You really need to know about these issues. They are CRUCIAL to the health and safety of the children.”

“Sorry, this isn’t for me,” Green replied in his ‘official capacity’.

And Dr. Park’s competance was equally flawed.

“From the very beginning, she has failed to take the necessary steps to address this global pandemic. It appears she never took it seriously. For whatever reason, she was unwilling to hire the contact tracers we knew we would need,” said U.S. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D).

Hawaii News Now (Sept. 3, 2020) contined, “Congresswoman Gabbard says Park had created a catastrophe in terms of contact tracing.”

But according to the Harvard-trained whistleblower Horowitz, Rep. Gabbard’s “delusional thinking” illustrates the sham debate substituting for real science, misleading medicine, destroying public health, and damaging society.

“The lockdowns, mask-wearing, and social-distancing all undermine ‘herd immunity’ and are all, therefore, STUPID,” Dr. Horowitz argues.

“These unconscionable impositions have resulted from the reckless neglect of officials like Green, Park and Gabbard, who evade two most important facts:

(1) ‘Herd immunity’ is the overall objective to save the most lives, and herd immunity is best acquired naturally as the virus naturally spreads; and

(2) the lab coronavirus is a hyper-weaponized AIDS-like airborne pathogen that isn’t going away, it is here to stay, and COVID-19 disease is “not amenable to vaccine control.

“Even IF COVID-19 worked as best hoped, between 50-70% efficacy in producing antibodies, they will not stop the spread, only delay the lethality of the infection,” Dr. Horowitz explains.

“And even IF vaccine safety could be assured, which it can never be due to its toxic ‘immunogenic’ ingredients that prompt so-called ‘immunity’ by way of toxicity,” Dr. Horowitz explains, “you must accurately diagnose a medical problem before you can effectively treat it.”

Officials neglect this by neglecting or concealing the lab origin, genetic programming, and spike protein that makes the virus transmissible.

“Apparently, officials directing responses to the man-made, politically-contrived, depopulating pandemic forgot this foundational doctrine,” Horowitz continued.

“So long as the lab virus origin, genetic tinkering, and Deep State elite financing best explaining COVID-19 remains neglected and censored, safe and effective treatments will not be found nor prescribed,” Dr. Horowitz advised.

Lab virus engineering of the ‘spike protein’ assembly dictates transmissibility.

“Instead of addressing the scientific facts and administering a reasonable response, people are simply being hoodwinked and extorted by fear, governmental dimwits, and their complicit media, outputting deadly disastrous propaganda.

“Officials need to get to the bottom of COVID-19’s genetic construction. That explains the unprecedented transmissions and lethal outcomes–how the virus so severely damages so many body systems at once.”

COVID-19 karmaAccording to the best informed experts, effective treatments and preventatives for COVID-19 can only come from discovering the precise lab mutations used to hyper-weaponize the respiratory pathogen. If that is diagnosed, the human-to-human transmissions can be blocked and the virus can be eradicated.

Shocking Media Censorship Secures Deep State Interests

A shocking example of how the truth about COVID-19’s Deep State lab origin has been censored was broadcast live on August 4, 2020 when KHON2 News anchor, Joe Moore, was cut off mid-sentence while reporting the news corroborating Dr. Horowitz’s warnings.

KHON2, curiously, is a FOX News (News Corp) subsidiary. This shocking censorship occurred around the time the network’s co-star, Tucker Carlson, began shifting his coverage on the lab virus origin.

KHON2‘s major shareholders are shown in the NASDAQ screenshot below. Not surprisingly, like FOX, the main ‘institutional investors’ include several of the wealthiest Deep State private equity banking enterprises and elitists pulling the political strings in China as well as the U.S. These include Blackrock and the Vanguard Group. These firms are implicated in not only the Hawaii nuclear missile fright administered on Saturday, January 13, 2018, but also the Las Vegas Deep State Massacre that was coordinated the night of October 1, 2017.

Recently, Dr. Horowitz and his investigative journalist partner, Sherri Kane, who defected from FOX News in Los Angeles, exposed links between the ‘Hawaii drug cartel‘ and Leon Black’s Apollo Global Management group implicated with Blackstone in Jeffrey Epstein’s Deep State pedophile sex trafficking network.

In Dr. Horowitz’s e-mail to Dr. Green, the Lt. Gov. elect was asked to direct law enforcers to this syndicate operating largely on the Big Island but poisoning people globally.

This drug-trafficking, property-stealing, money-laundering racket is implicated in the “Russian Probe” also making headline news at the time of this writing.

Accurate Diagnosis Yields ‘Medical Paradigm-Shattering’ Remedies

Dr. Horowitz concludes, based on accurate expert diagnosis of COVID-19’s genetic make-up and transmissibility, ‘bio-energetic options’ are the only hope for civilization’s long-term survival.

“Now that ‘Pandora’s box’ has been opened, largely due to the willful blindness, reckless arrogance, and criminal negligence of dimwits like Dr. Green and Dr. Park, COVID-19 has been loosed and bio-energetic therapies are our best options.”

Nobel Prize-winning geneticist and virologist Luc Montagnier, having co-discovered HIV during his AIDS research, agrees with Horowitz’s assessment of wave potentials in developing solutions for COVID-19.

Montagnier came to the same conclusions that Horowitz reached. Genetic splicing was clear in COVID-19’s pathogenesis, and “wave” frequencies of sound and light can be used to break-apart the unstable splices.

For this purpose, Horowitz specifies 528Hz sound waves, and certain wavelengths of green light, can be curative as well as preventative.

COVID-19 KARMARemedies include a multitude of ‘wave technologies.’ Even ‘spiritual disciplines’ that supersede physical medicine can be helpful, often producing ‘inexplicable’ ‘anecdotal’ results called “miracle healings.”

Science proves that sound and light waves, frequencies of energy, can fracture and destroy viruses much like recording artist Ella Fitzgerald’s voice was used to shatter crystal glasses in Memorex commercials.

Studies into the power of green light, waves broadcasting at the heart of rainbows, prove that natural immunity, health, and safety can be rapidly increased along with anti-oxidant levels using the ‘528 wave’ to help fight off viral invaders and cell death from toxic exposures.

528 Green Medicine

Conclusion and Warning

Accordingly, Dr. Horowitz insists that ‘contact tracing’ joins mask-wearing and social distancing as ‘red herrings’ diverting attention and resources away from valuable available preventives and natural alternatives to vaccines and the bio-weapons industry destroying society, the economy, and threatening civilization with extinction.

“If good people don’t awaken and hold accountable recklessly negligent officials and bribed politicians, then the grim reaper of karma is going to kill millions, probably billions, more.”