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SARS: The “Sickening and Repulsive Scam” for Deep State Bioterrorism

Foreshadowing the Avian Flu: SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome)–The Great Global Scam

Rather than a public health emergency, the “Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome,” generally called SARS, is best diagnosed as a “Sickening and Repulsive Scam.” Lessons from this hyped urgency are relevant to the Avian Flu. This article argues that these unprecedented viral attacks are, alternatively, an ingenious evolving social experiment featuring institutionalized bioterrorism for widespread psycho-social control. The outcome of this experiment, and the predicted Avian Flu, whether it leads to depopulation or not, largely depends on your grassroots activism.


You are about to read much neglected truths pertaining to this bizarre new pneumonia-like illness called SARS. Authorities explain this acronym for Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome as simply the latest threat in an ongoing series of attacks on humanity by mysteriously mutating “super-germs.” Yet, a careful study of this multi-disciplinary subject reveals something amiss far more insidious and deadly than SARS. This spreading scourge of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome stretching from Asia to North America has all the earmarks of a novel social experiment in population manipulation aimed to culture the mass mind for the arrival of “the Big One”—a biological agent that will facilitate decimation of approximately a third to half of the world’s population, in keeping with current official population reduction objectives.

Naturally you would be disinclined to believe the above sentence. Open-mindedness in this domain threatens exposure to a “Twilight Zone” of knowledge in which reality is far stranger than fiction. Your first instinct, therefore, might be to close this page in favor of the next SARS site that promises more of the standard treatments broadcast on every official news page and government report on this subject. But, if you choose to have your worldview shattered by considering the little known truths surrounding Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, then continue reading. . . .

“No great epidemic has ever evolved divorced from major socio-political upheaval.”

Leonard G. Horowitz, D.M.D., M.A., M.P.H.
Emerging Viruses presentation, 1996


3My name is Dr. Leonard Horowitz, and I will be your SARS tour guide on this website. As a Harvard graduate in public health, and expert in the fields of medical sociology, behavioral science, and emerging diseases, I am best known for my work exposing the man-made origin of HIV/AIDS in the national bestselling book, Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola—Nature, Accident or Intentional? (Tetrahedron Press, 1998; 1-888-508-4787) This was my tenth book that American grassroots activists, medical physicians and scientists included, made a national bestseller. U.S. Government documents that I reprinted for the first time for the world to see were strong endorsements for this work. Included here are stunning and tragic contracts under which numerous AIDS-like and Ebola-like viruses were bioengineered by the U.S. Army’s 6th leading biological weapons contractor—Litton Bionetics—a medical subsidiary of the mega-military weapons contractor called Litton Industries. You can get free information on this man-made vaccine-transmitted theory of AIDS at http://www.originofAIDS.com. Here I focus your attention on SARS, and what mainstream sources of information are withholding about this new pandemic.

This narrative was written immediately following my return from Total Health 2003—an alternative medical conference in Toronto, Canada, held March 27-30, 2003. I landed in Toronto the day that SARS began dominating front page headlines in every major newspaper in the country. Five consecutive days of unprecedented media blitz in Canada’s largest city over the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome left the entire population frightened and bewildered.

Having been well-trained in media health promotion and persuasion methods from my behavioral science studies at Harvard University, I concluded that something akin to a social experiment was underway. With SARS, people were being frightened beyond reason, I realized. The classic definition of phobia was being manifested on a social, if not global, scale.

Surely the SARS death rate, falsely alleged to be 3-4%, was insufficient cause for such widespread panic. The media successfully whipped the Canadian population into a trembling mass with thousands of masked and quarantined “sheeple.” Officials were persuaded to direct the closing of hospitals, restaurants, schools, and workplaces with only two deaths reported at the onset of the media onslaught. Within a few days, more than a thousand healthcare workers volunteered for home quarantine because of SARS. Otherwise, they faced legal arrest and incarceration as advised by the World Health Organization. You will find many of these reports from Canada’s daily newspapers, documenting these facts, as well as incoming press reports, in the archive files of this web site.

There is absolutely no doubt that authorities, particularly Toronto health officials, acted inappropriately, if not criminally, in their response to SARS. In fact, a criminal complaint is being filed by Canadian consumer health groups against Health Canada, Dr. Colin D’Cumba, Ontario’s Commissioner of Public Health, and Ontario Health Minister Tony Clement, for negligence and public health malpractice bordering on fraud in this case. This legal action is supported by the defendants’ having: 1) consistently and knowingly misrepresented mortality (i.e., death) rates from SARS; 2) failed to relay standard infection prevention information to the public; and 3) prompted panic, widespread phobia and public avoidance behaviors causing economic, physical and psychological harm to hundreds of thousands of people and businesses across Canada. (An overview of this pending legal action is available by clicking here.)


I have dedicated this website to examining the social and political implications, as well as the correlates (i.e., things related to) and antecedents (i.e., factors or events that predated or precipitated) this new SARS pandemic. By examining this illness’s etiology, which lies more in the realm of global politics, corporate profits, and population control, than elsewhere, this information offers educated people an alternative to the fright and irrational behaviors promulgated by “mainstream” propagandists including news sources and health officials better known as “spin doctors.”

Most intelligent persons will conclude from the following information that this new microbial attack was premeditated and precedent-setting. In other words, SARS is a well orchestrated social experiment.

Who is behind this SARS madness? I accept the risk of triggering your “conspiracy theory” buttons by identifying the widely recognized “global military–medical–petrochemical–pharmaceutical cartel” as the only suspect that can wield the powers necessary to effect these frightening outcomes.

Although you may find it comforting to simply consider this a conspiracy theory, I view SARS is a huge conspiracy with very few witting villains. Clearly, what you are witnessing is a well organized terror campaign carried out by mostly well-meaning, yet grossly ignorant, “authorities”—medically indoctrinated and virtually hypnotized “Manchurian candidates” if you will allow me to postulate.

Indeed, people are dying from SARS. Yet, I diagnose this illness, by medical-sociological parameters, as a grotesque scam perpetrated for a greater purpose than simply fueling a multi-billion dollar “cottage health industry,” as some analysts have written.

Alternatively, I propose that Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, may be best diagnosed by SARS’s telltale dependence on the propaganda used to herald its presence, prompt hysteria, and broadly engage social and economic resources. In military intelligence circles this is called standard “psychological operations” (PSYOPs).

I further suggest this fright’s likeliest purpose is in facilitating evolving economic and political agendas that ultimately include targeting approximately half the world’s current population for elimination. Much of this will be accomplished, not with SARS, but quite effectively and efficiently by the widely anticipated “Big One” discussed later on this website in a feature article written for the Associated Press by Emma Ross.

“[T]here’s fame, fortune, and big budgets in sounding the ‘emerging infection’ alarm and warning of our terrible folly in being unprepared.”

Michael Fumento, National Post, March 28, 2003

This concept of a microbiological Armageddon is not new to most readers. “Experts” have been predicting the arrival of a super-plague for decades. What is HIGHLY SUSPICIOUS about the mysterious and terrifying arrival of SARS is its timing. It arrived virtually synchronous with the global war on terrorism, and the Anglo-American war with Iraq. This is pathognomonic (i.e., symptomatic and characteristic) of what is predicted and explained in the book, Death in the Air: Globalism, Terrorism and Toxic Warfare (Tetrahedron Publishing Group, 2001), a prophetically-titled text that predated the 9-11 attacks on America by several months, and provides a contextual analysis of this current condition and spreading plague of phobic deception.

This work, and this SARS website, in essence, offers insight into the broad application of a new form of institutionalized “bioterrorism” consistent with state sponsored biological warfare. Saddam Hussein is said to have exposed populations in his and adjacent lands with biological and chemical weapons of mass destruction. These advancing infectious disease attacks in North America are sanctioned by medical–pharmaceutical and allied military industrialists. They complement the global “War on Terrorism,” and bioterror-influenced culture, as additionally profitable, population-controlling, threats.

Perceiving Harsh Reality Versus Generally Promoted Myths

What lay persons view as ever increasing madness in the world around them, is eerily consistent with earlier globalist think tank recommendations for the development and deployment, in the new millennium, of “conflicts short of war,” and “economic substitutes for standard militarization.” These developments were adequately detailed and referenced in Death in the Air: Globalism, Terrorism, and Toxic Warfare. As compared with the first and second world wars, these smaller, more manageable, and better controlled conflicts, orchestrated events, and state sponsored threats, were consistently selected options among foreign policy makers and government officials beginning in the late 1960s.

Henry Kissinger, for instance, as National Security Advisor (NSA) under Richard Nixon, oversaw foreign policy while considering Third World population reduction “necessities” for the U.S., Britain, Germany, and other allies. This Bush nominee to direct the 9-11 conspiracy investigation, a reputed war criminal, then selected the option to have the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) develop biological weapons, according to the U.S. Congressional Record of 1975. Among these biologicals were germs far deadlier than the SARS agent (thought to be a strain of coronavirus). Under Kissinger’s watch as NSA, influenza and parainfluenza viruses were, for example, recombined with quick acting leukemia viruses (acute lymphocytic leukemia) to deliver a weapon that potentially spread cancer like the flu. (More on this later.) These incredible realities have been generally neglected, if not officially secreted.

Weapons selections like these continue to the present day not simply by radical terrorist groups, but also among a handful of military cartel industrialists that continue to sell weapons of mass destruction to those who can afford them.

These conflicts short of major wars like WWI and WWII, and war economy substitutes (such as the “War on AIDS,” “War on Crime,” “War on Drugs,” “War on Terrorism,” “War on Cancer,” the environmental protection movement, and the “Star Wars” Strategic Defense Initiative, all require sophisticated propaganda programs employing fear campaigns for social acceptance and popular support. These PSYOPS for command and control warfare (C2W), military and behavior experts correctly advise, best support a well-defined rapidly evolving “Revolution in Military Affairs” (RMA) which is synonymous to a the evolution into “a form of human slavery” in which the captives—the world’s population, including you and your loved ones—would not perceive this enslavement.

The RMA incorporates the use of debilitating biological weapons and incapacitating chemicals, similar to the toxic carcinogenic organophosphate pesticides deployed against mosquitoes in the “War Against the West Nile Virus.” These are often called “non-lethal warfare” agents, yet are indeed deadly. Death results slowly along with advancing mortality from such toxic exposures. Larger profits are made by allied pharmaceutical and medical industrialists as victims of the “non-lethal” exposures die slowly, commonly in expensive hospitals and long-term care facilities, from chronic debilitating diseases. Most of these ailments, including the plethora of autoimmune diseases and newer cancers, were virtually non-existent 50 years ago. This fact, lone, strongly suggests a modern socio-economic and political conspiracy. Unless you simply wish to believe it is God’s will or man’s greed that has brought these conditions to bear upon humanity.

“People are all too willing to relinquish their civil rights and personal freedoms in the wake of such engineered frights.”

In recent decades, military think tanks prescribed options for “conflicts short of war” that included novel population control policies and methodologies. These provided for:

1) the establishment of new profit centers as traditional large-scale wars were phased out by the new millennium. Examples here include the many multi-billion dollar “homeland security” programs that emerged from post-9/11 legislation, such as those securing air travel and mail delivery. These are just two examples of myriad evolving profit centers fueled by frights and institutionalized terror campaigns;

2) the development of advanced persuasion and population control programs, with high tech methods of support, to facilitate “a form of slavery” in which humanity would not realize it had become conditioned into relinquishing personal and social freedoms for the mirage of health, safety, and security. These provided other profit centers and population control options. Once habituated to modern lifestyle restrictions, such as enforced health and travel restrictions, the general population might become virtually “enslaved” with little effective resistance, widespread pharmaceutical dependence (particularly using anti-depressant drugs), through the use of PSYOPs. Media distractions and manipulations were considered essential in achieving this objective; and

3) lucrative depopulation methods to be employed, including the conditions and resources necessary for culling “excess populations.”

SARS, when considered in light of these social and political impositions, can be clearly understood.

SARS for Profit

By Friday, March 28, 2003, senior fellow at the Hudson Institute in Washington, Michael Fumento, published a thesis in Toronto similar to the one I advance here. This well regarded author of The Myth of Heterosexual AIDS: How a Tragedy Has Been Distorted by the Media and Partisan Politics (Regnery Gateway, 1990) provided an editorial titled “Super-bug or Super Scare” published in the National Post (p. A16.). This included the following:

It’s “an incident of unprecedented scope and magnitude,” according to Toronto health officials, who warn Canadians to “quarantine themselves,” wear masks, and in some cases stay home. Ontario Health Minister Tony Clement has declared a “health emergency.” The media have dubbed it the “mysterious killer pneumonia” or “super-pneumonia.”

But a bit of knowledge and perspective will kill this panic.

Start with those scary tags, “Mysterious” in modern medicine usually means we haven’t yet quite identified the cause, although we have now done so here. What’s been officially named Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) is one or more strains of coronavirus, commonly associated with colds. “Killer pneumonia” is practically a redundancy, since so many types of pneumonia (there are more than 50) do kill.

The real questions are: How lethal, how transmissible, and how treatable is this strain? And the answers leave no grounds for excitement, much less panic.


At this writing, SARS appears to have killed 54 people out of almost 1,400 afflicted according to the World Health Organization, a death rate of less than 4%. But since this only takes into account those ill enough to seek medical help, the actual ratio of deaths to infections is certainly far less. [This is a tremendous understatement.]

In contrast, the 1918-1919 flu pandemic killed approximately a third of the 60 million afflicted.

Further, virtually all of the deaths have been in countries with horrendous medical care, primarily mainland China. In this country, three people have died out of 28 afflicted according to Health Canada, but that may say more about Canada’s vaunted national health-care system than about SARS. In the United States, 40 people have been hospitalized with SARS with zero deaths.

Conversely, other forms of pneumonia kill more than 40,000 North Americans yearly.


Each year millions of North Americans alone contract the flu. Compare that with those 64 SARS cases diagnosed thus far and, well, you can’t compare them. Further evidence that SARS is hard to catch is that health care workers and family members of victims are by far the most likely to become afflicted.


“There are few drugs and no vaccines to fight this pathogen,” one wire service panted breathlessly. But there are also few drugs to fight any type of viral pneumonia, because we have very few antiviral medicines. . . . [Consider also approximately 97% of cases naturally defended themselves successfully against this plague. What did they, or their immune systems do right? Why is this rarely, if ever, mentioned or investigated by any mainstream source? Alternatively, Mr. Fumento mentions “Ribovirin,” which he states, “appears to be effective against SARS.”

[Is this another form of medically-sanctioned institutionalized bias that even the well- intentioned Fumento expresses? Consider the fact that SARS only existed a few weeks prior to Fumento’s editorial. In fact, the coronavirus had been questionably cultured from SARS patients only days before Fumento’s wrote the above. Surely no clinical trials matching Ribovirin with SARS had ever been conducted. At best, then, this statement reflects either drug company propaganda and/or health official speculations.]

Fumento continued:

“So why all the fuss over this one strain of pneumonia?

First, never ignore the obvious: It does sell papers.

But an added feature to this scare is the cottage industry that’s grown up around so-called “emerging infectious diseases.” Some diseases truly fit the bill, with

AIDS the classic example. Others, like West Nile Virus in North America, are new to a given area.

But there’s fame, fortune, and big budgets in sounding the “emerging infection” alarm and warning of our terrible folly in being unprepared. The classic example is Ebola virus, . . . [Mr. Fumento downplays the Ebola threat here.]

Yet, you’d almost swear that every out break of Ebola is actually taking place in Toronto or New York. . . .

. . . The U.S. government and various North American universities have also seen these faux plagues as budget boosters. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention publishes a journal called Emerging Infectious Diseases, though in any given issue it’s hard to find an illness that actually fits the definition.

The U.S. Institute of Medicine just issued a report warning that the United States is grossly unprepared to deal with emerging pathogens. Soothingly, however, it adds that it’s nothing that an injection of tax dollars can’t cure.

Meanwhile, a disease that emerged eons ago called malaria kills up to 2.7 million people yearly. Another, tuberculosis, kills perhaps three million more. Both afflict North Americans, albeit at very low rates.

The big money and headlines may be in the so-called ‘emerging diseases,’ but the cataclysmic illnesses come from the same old boring killers. In fact, there may be no fatal illness that will cause fewer deaths in North America this year than SARS.”

Michael Fumento concluded by asking, and challenging you to consider:

“How do our priorities get so twisted? There’s your mystery?”

Favored Economic Victims of SARS and Other SCAMS in the RMA

Contrary to Mr. Fumento’s well considered conclusion that SARS boosts budgets of those who sound alarms loudest, the mainstream media has consistently attempted to have you think otherwise. One article in Canada’s leading financial newspaper, the Financial Post, on March 31, 2003, heralds, “SARS virus begins to take toll on global economy.”

With no mention of the far larger number of people and industries that profit from such plagues, and the fears surrounding them, reporter Jacqueline Thorpe’s editor assigned her to focus on the airline and tourism industries that are “particularly hard hit.” She wrote:

“Businesses in Singapore have shut down, planes over Hong Kong are empty and thousands of people in Toronto have been forced into quarantine as a deadly pneumonia virus adds yet another strain to the beleaguered global economy.

While severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) may not be as debilitating as war in Iraq, slumping stock markets or a weak U.S. labor market, it is already starting to take its toll on some Asian economies and the long-suffering tourism industry. . . .

In Hong Kong, where the number of infections leapt by 60 to 530 over the weekend and 13 people have died, economists at JPMorgan Chase estimate the economy could lose 0.2% to 0.5% of gross domestic product every month from the drop in tourism and private consumption. . . .

Businesses in many Chinese shopping districts [in Toronto] have reported a sharp drop in business.

Dennis Yuent, a merchant in Pacific Mall in Toronto — North America’s largest shopping mall – said his sales have dropped by about 70% since the SARS scare began.”

Notice that the expert bankers at JPMorgan Chase, and Ms. Thorpe, failed to mention the stunning growth in medical/pharmaceutical/security/and law enforcement sectors, and the increase in “gross domestic product” due to SARS and similar scams.

In the weeks and months following the 9-11 attacks on America, I traced the widely publicized anthrax mailings “mystery” to U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) commissioned biological weapons contractors with ties to Britain’s MI6, Porton Down, the Anglo-American pharmaceutical cartel, including the Bayer, Hoecsht, Baxter and Merck Corporations, and ultimately to George Soros—a global banking and investment industrialist and chief money manager for Europe’s wealthiest oligarchy—owners of the Genomic Institute that performed the DNA sequencing on behalf of the anthrax vaccine maker/British Porton Down subsidiary, Bioport. A complete exposé on this topic is provided at http://www.tetrahedron.org/articles/anthrax/anthrax_espionage.html.

China’s Threat and the Anglo-American RMA

It seems suspiciously convenient that the travel industry, and Asian travel in particular, would be the greatest victims at a time when globalists (i.e., global industrialists including members of the ultra-rich) have directed military and political policies consistent with the RMA and “conflicts short of war” agenda. Reducing travel helps to secure wide ranging RMA objectives.

Think about it. Less mobile populations, and less people in general, are easier to control, especially with increased exposure to television while having to waste their time at home. This is entirely consistent with the “Changing Images of Mankind” advanced by Willis Harmon for Anglo-American military and business interests. The effect of this similar to forced “quarantine.” Isn’t this consistent with a “form of slavery in which humanity would not know it had become enslaved?”

People are all too willing to relinquish their civil rights and personal freedoms in the wake of such engineered frights. The passage of the infamous “Homeland Security Act” in America, and its counterpart in Canada, are classic examples of this societal direction, forced legislation, and egregious manipulation.

How convenient that Asia, and China in particular, is said to be the origin of this North American scourge at a time when Chinese–Anglo-American relations are strained to say the least.

In the days preceding the emergence of the first SARS cases, American raced to the Pacific Rim to impact escalating aggressions on the Korean peninsula. Communist China—a “most favored” trading partner with America, is politically allied with several American enemies, including those said to possess weapons of mass destruction, including Iraq. Coincidental? Not likely when viewing the larger political picture involving the Ango-American oligarchy’s RMA and instigated “conflicts short of war.”

Ultimately, “We the People” have become the greatest victims of this latest fright, and the larger political agendas it serves.

The Media’s Role in SARS: Setting a Precedent

Consider the fact the media’s mainstream has been heavily influenced, if not entirely controlled, by multi-national corporate sponsors protecting and advancing the interests of a relatively small number of global industrialists (I have called “globalists;” and others say the “ruling elite,” or “European oligarchy”). Also recall that the focus of news providers, on any given day or hour, results from intelligence agency directives, according to reputable authorities including myriad retired news officials and intelligence officers. So ask and answer the following intelligent questions:

· Why have American military officials, beginning with Secretary of Defense William Cohen during the Clinton years, publicized America’s greatest vulnerability lies in the realm of biological weapons wielded by terrorists? Is this not a form of treason against the United States to relay such sensitive intelligence to potential enemies through the mainstream press? During the McCarthy era, Hollywood producers were persecuted for having the slightest liberal or Communist sympathies. What has changed to allow the Hollywood production of “Black Hawk Down” to be used by Saddam Hussein and his military and intelligence commanders to educate and inspire his troops?

Why does the mainstream media continue to foretell of the expected arrival of the “Big One”—an influenza virus that will produce a super-flu that will kill billions of people, like the “Spanish flu” did between 1918-19, while totally disregarding the individuals, organizations, and laboratories that have labored to produce these weapons of mass destruction? Even the devastating Spanish Flu virus has been, literally, unearthed for further study and, do you suppose, deployment?

Why was the “Spanish flu” influenza virus called the “Spanish flu” when it originated, by historic accounts, in Tibet in 1917? It is said that Spanish newspapers were the only ones reporting on the great plague due to their neutrality over World War I politics. However, Spain was as dear to America then as Communist China is to the United States today. The “Spanish flu” was named such following two decades of disputes between America and Spain over colonization of the Caribbean Islands, Hawaii and the Philippines beginning with the Spanish American war that ended in the Philippines in 1902. Does this history appear to be repeating with the advent of SARS, allegedly from China?

If the legions of recognized authorities herald the coming of the “Big One,” why do the same persons disregard this author’s publication of U.S. Government, National Institutes of Health, and National Cancer Institute documents showing that the U.S. Army’s 6th top biological weapons contractor in 1969-1970 prepared mutants of influenza and para-influenza viruses recombined with acute lymphocytic leukemia viruses? In other words, how would you like to have a strain of the flu that spreads cancer by sneezing? Can you even rationalize the develop of such a virus—lymphocytic leukemia that kills most victims in just a few weeks following airborne transmission?

These have been shown clearly on page 452 of the national bestselling book, Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola—Nature, Accident or Intentional? in circulation since 1996. This “menu” of infectious agents, potential biological weapons, listing several mutant recombinants involving flu viruses is hideous and highly incriminating for our global petro-chemical/pharmaceutical governors.

  • Why haven’t you previously heard about these developments? Especially since these documents have been extensively circulated throughout newsrooms and government offices, particularly those engaged in public health, since 1996?
  • Finally, how, if I published this information, and definitive documentation, and sent this critical intelligence along with urgent pleas to approximately 8,500 members of the mainstream media (as I have done this week and on dozens of previous occasions for the past seven years) can you turn on your television sets and gain nothing but the “same old song?”

If you have considered and answered the above questions, doesn’t it make sense that America is being manipulated, if not targeted, for the purpose of advancing a global population reduction agenda, if not World War III?

“The U.S. Army’s 6th top biological weapons contractor in 1969-1970 prepared mutants of influenza and para-influenza viruses recombined with acute lymphocytic leukemia viruses. In other words, how would you like to have a strain of the flu that spreads quick killing cancer by sneezing?”

Leonard G. Horowitz, D.M.D., M.A., M.P.H.
Emerging Viruses presentation, 1996

The “Big One” is Coming

According to most emerging disease experts and government health officials the ‘Big One” might arrive at any time.

Emma Ross of the Associated Press reported on SARS as the World Health Organization (WHO) launched its “crisis plan to attack” the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome. WHO, as you may recall, is a U.N. sponsored organization that is rumored to have helped spread AIDS to Africa by way of contaminated hepatitis B and/or polio vaccinations. There is a reasonable amount of evidence to support this contention.

More disconcerting, the U.N. is known to be heavily influenced by Rockefeller family members and corporate interests. History shows Rockefeller fortunes built the U.N. building in New York City. During WWII, the Rockefeller family and their Standard Oil Company supported Hitler more than they did the allies according to court records. One federal judge ruled Rockefeller committed “treason” against the United States. Following WWII, according to attorney John Loftus—an official Nazi war crimes investigator—Nelson Rockefeller persuaded the U.N.’s South American voting block to favor Israel’s creation only to assure secrecy regarding his support for the Nazis. Earlier that century, John D. Rockefeller joined Prescott Bush and the British Royal Family in sponsoring the eugenics initiatives that gave rise to Hitler’s racial hygiene programs. During the same period the Rockefeller family virtually monopolized American medicine, American pharmaceutics and the cancer and genetics industries. Today, the Rockefeller family, foundation, U.N. and WHO remain at the forefront of administering “population programs” designed to reduce world populations to more manageable levels. As per a recent advertisement Foreign Affairs—a prestigious political periodical published by the David Rockefeller directed Council on Foreign Relations—the U.S. population is being targeted for a 50% reduction.

“We’ve never faced anything on this scale with such a global reach,’” said Dr. David Heymann, of the WHO, regarding SARS.

“This is the first time that a global network of laboratories are sharing information, samples, blood, pictures,” added Dr. Klaus Stohr, a WHO virologist coordinating labs internationally. “Basically overnight, there are no secrets, there is no jealousy, there is no competition in the face of a global health emergency. This is a phenomenal network.

In one week, the Associated Press reported, the WHO’s lab network had “isolated the SARS virus, produced a preliminary diagnostic test, and narrowed the virus’ identity down to two candidates — neither one a new strain of influenza. In the following week, various antiviral drugs were tested as possible treatments.

“Meanwhile, doctors were also sharing information. . . . WHO coordinated exchanges of symptoms, case histories and possible treatments. . . . Asian doctors talked about various therapies they were trying; later, the Europeans and North Americans conferred.

“In eastern Asia — at government invitation — expert field teams of WHO staffers and scientists from international institutes were sent to Vietnam, Hong Kong and China to figure out how the disease was spread, to help treat patients and advise how to control it.

“Aileen Plant, an infectious disease epidemiologist from Curtin University in Australia, led a dozen experts in Hanoi, one of the hard-hit areas. Her international team focused on the Hanoi French Hospital, which closed its doors to new patients and quarantined those inside. Many of the sick were doctors and nurses. . . .

“With newly released figures from China, there have been more than 1,500 cases and slightly more than 50 deaths worldwide, including three in Canada. The WHO believes the disease is generally under control, but Hong Kong remains a challenge. In mainland China, the picture is somewhat murky. . . .

“Many inside the WHO see the SARS operation as a kind of dress rehearsal — ‘good practice,’ Heymann said — for the Big One, the inevitable killer flu pandemic that experts say could come at any time.

“’This isn’t the Big One, because I think it’s being contained.’”

What You Should Do

The above information has been meticulously documented and referenced in this author’s two previous works, Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola—Nature, Accident or Intentional? and Death in the Air: Globalism, Terrorism and Toxic Warfare. It begs the question of what to do? There are personal and socio-political directions for a rational response. Here are my recommendations.

1. Personally, you and your loved ones are encouraged to do everything in your power to lift your natural immunity to beyond the 3rd percentile that is apparently necessary to prevent your death from SARS, or other more pathogenic agents. For instructions in this regard, I recommend learning from various alternative medical websites, including www.healingcelebrations.com. These are dedicated to helping you improve your health naturally.

There are five practical steps you can take that are detailed therein, and in my Healing Celebrations: Miraculous Recoveries Through Ancient Scripture, Natural Medicine and Modern Science (Tetrahedron Publishing Group, 2000). These include: 1) detoxification, 2) deacidification/alkalinization, 3) immunity boosting, 4) oxygenation, and 5) bioelectric/energetic methods.

2. Socially, you should alert your family and friends regarding these matters in an effort to prevent their victimization, media manipulation, and continued confusion.

3. Politically, you may wish to become active in an effort to bring greater public attention to these appalling realities. “We the People” can make a difference in halting the ongoing genocides being conducted under the guises of “medical science” and “public health.” This was recently demonstrated when our revealing light of truth illuminated the risks and myths surrounding the deadly smallpox vaccine. Grassroots publications  created a massive backlash bringing the entire program to an embarrassing halt. YEARS LATER, WITH THE HELP OF BILL GATES AND WARREN BUFFETT’S MONEY AND PROPAGANDA, THE SARS THREAT HAS RETURNED. forwarding this article and related website, www.SARSscam.com, to as many people as possible, can HELP SAVE LIVES AND effect the same successful result.

About the Author

Leonard G. Horowitz, D.M.D., M.A., M.P.H., is an internationally known authority in the overlapping fields of public health, behavioral science, emerging diseases, and bioterrorism. He received his doctorate in medical dentistry from Tufts University School of Dental Medicine in 1977, was awarded a post-doctoral fellowship in behavioral science at University of Rochester, earned a Master of Public Health degree from Harvard University, and another Master of Arts degree in health education from Beacon College, all before joining the research faculty at Harvard. Dr. Horowitz is best known for his national bestselling book, Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola – Nature, Accident or Intentional? (Tetrahedron Press, 1998; 1-888-508-4787) which recently resulted in the United States General Accounting Office investigating the man-made origin of AIDS theory. (See: http://www.healingcelebrations.com/gao.htm) Dr. Horowitz‘s work in the field of vaccination risk awareness has prompted at least three Third World nations to change their vaccination policies. His recent stunning testimony before the United States Congress’ Government Reform Committee, literally brought the hearing to a halt. (See: healingcelebrations.com) Dr. Horowitz questioned government health officials regarding a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) secreted report showing a definitive link between the mercury ingredient (i.e., Thimerosal), common to most vaccinations, and the skyrocketing rates of autism and behavioral disorders affecting our children and the future of our nation.

Incredibly, Dr. Horowitz alerted the FBI, in writing and in person, one week before the first anthrax mailing was announced in the press, that a “major anthrax fright” was in the process of unfolding that demanded the FBI’s urgent attention. Needless to say they did not heed Dr. Horowitz‘s prophetic warning.

Moreover, three months before the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon, Dr. Horowitz released his thirteenth book, prophetically titled Death in the Air: Globalism, Terrorism and Toxic Warfare. The book focuses on the West Nile Virus as an act of Bioterrorism, and considers what and who is really behind this and other recent outbreaks. Dr. Horowtiz argues that his disclosures expose the roots of global terrorism, along with the individuals and organizations at the heart of what he calls “the petrochemical-pharmaceutical cartel”. He believes this “multi-national corporate beast” is in the process of committing global genocide, profiting from engineered frights, and at the same time, most efficiently culling targeted populations considered excessive.

As you may have heard, Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT), Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, called for an investigation into the links between the recent West Nile Virus outbreaks and bioterrorism. Dr. Horowitz is among the leading pioneers of this theory.

Dr. Horowitz‘s contact information, books, audiotapes, and video programs are available through www.healthyworlddistributing.com and www.tetrahedron.org, or by calling 1-888-508-4787. This article was provided courtesy of Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz and Tetrahedron Publishing Group.