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Kudos to Vaccine Revolutionaries for Doing Their Public Duty and Sacrificing Their Jobs to Protect Everyone’s Lives

Kudos to Vaccine Revolutionaries for Doing Their Public Duty and Sacrificing Their Jobs to Protect Everyone’s Lives

Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz Congratulates 69 Hospital Revolutionaries Wrongfully Terminated for Doing Their Duty, Following the Law, and Resisting Vaccination Genocide


Op/Ed Piece


Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz

Editor-in-Chief, Medical Veritas International, Inc.


They didn’t get vaccinated. Now they’re out of jobs,” reads the headline by Maggie Fox, in a “hit piece” published by Bill Gates’s affiliate, NBC News. The pro-vaccine propaganda is intended to frighten everyone whose jobs depend on ceding their lives, and the lives of others they serve, to the extortion and often deadly vaccinations.

The first fact deserving exposure is that NBC holds the same commercial interests as the NBC in MSNBC. The “MS” stands for Microsoft owned by Bill Gates of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation–the world’s leading vaccine distributor. Bill Gates is the world’s leading vaccine propagandist. Lecturing at this TED Conference, for instance, Gates clearly states he “loves” vaccines because they will reduce the world’s population by 15%, that is approximately one-billion fifty-million (1,050,000,000) people. There is no legitimate scientific rationale to justify how or why vaccines claimed to boost immunity, secure health, and increase longevity, would kill that many people. But that’s what Gates tells his audience (i.e., the “sheeple”) he loves.

Watch Dr. Leonard Horowitz and Sherri Kane bash Bill Gates and other Big Pharma industrialists on RevolutionTelevision.net.

Think about this. Why would Gates, who sells computers, and invests heavily in Big Pharma, Big Biotech, and Big Banking, want to have more than a billion less consumers to buy his products and shares of stock? What’s the incentive?

He states his concerns about the environment and ozone level, but conceals the fact that throughout history imperialists (called “globalists” today) sought to conquer the world to expand their wealth, and secure their family’s estates against revolutions. Popular uprisings risk the status quo. So for Gates’s ilk, various methods and materials for covert “population management,” including propaganda, and depopulation through poisonous vaccinations, is the wisest investment.

That’s not simply “conspiracy theory.” That’s factual history, common sense, and the current reality.


“Most importantly, I want to honor the courageous and intelligent men and women who  sacrificed their jobs and financial estates, and revolted at Essentia Health. These are real heroes.”


The NBC News Propaganda

“About [69] employees of Essentia Health, an upper-Midwest hospital chain, didn’t go to work Wednesday.

“But it wasn’t an early start to the Thanksgiving holiday for them. They were fired for refusing to get flu shots,” Pharmawhore Fox’s article begins. “It’s part of a growing trend for hospitals to require flu shots for workers. Public health experts say it shouldn’t be surprising.”

This observer/whistleblower is a Harvard-trained public health expert who is not surprised at all, for the aforementioned reason. Depopulation via vaccination is a most profitable and efficient protection racket for the oligarchs in Gates’s camp.

Image: Flulapalooza tent, an attempt at Guinness Book of World Records.
Flulapalooza tent, an attempt at Guinness Book of World Records.Susan Urmy / Vanderbilt

“It’s a patient safety issue,” said Dr. William Schaffner, an infectious disease expert at Vanderbilt University and a spokesman for the Infectious Diseases Society of America. “It’s so that we do not give flu to our patients.”

Hogwash! Where’s the scientific proof of this? Where is the study that shows: (1) Vaccine X prevented X number of injected healthcare workers from getting the flu, AND (2) the X number who got vaccinated but developed the flu anyway infected X number of patients; AND (3) X number of non-vaccinated healthcare workers in the same setting: (a) got X-strain of flu and (b) transmitted that same strain to X-number of patients. WHERE IS THAT STUDY, THAT IS REQUIRED TO MAKE THE CLAIMS BEING MADE?


Proof of the Fraud

In fact, here is prima facie proof of this healthcare and consumer fraud. The following graphic is compiled directly from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) publication captioned “Influenza  Vaccination of Health-Care Personnel” reviews the so-called “science.” This is the “definitive” report from the “government” providing an extensive medical literature review on the subject. (Talk about “pseudoscience,” here is a classic example.) Notice the tiny paragraph shown in the graphic. That is the sum total of “scientific evidence” provided by the “government,” and the most “esteemed” panel of special-interest-influenced (i.e., bribed and biased) “experts,” used to justify the claim that vaccinating healthcare workers is a safe and effective method of preventing “nosocomial transmissions” of the flu (that is flu transmitted in healthcare settings).

Here is the link to verify these facts. You can notice that citations 14-17 are very limited scientific studies. Reference 18 is a literature review like the CDC’s publication. There is NOT ONE DEFINITIVE SCIENTIFIC STUDY backing the express claim.

The “closest” study a reasonable person might consider is the #14 Lancet citation. That study found: “virological surveillance showed no associated decrease in non-fatal influenza infection in patients” under care at “under-vaccinated” hospitals. The greater problem with this study is that two different sets of hospitals were used, one that regularly recommended flu vaccines for workers, and the other group that didn’t. Thus, there were many neglected or concealed “confounding factors” discrediting the marginal statistical significance of the study that found 13.6% of dead patients were in the “vaccine hospitals” compared with 22.4% of dead patients in the limited-vaccine hospitals.

OBJECTION: What about the food those terminally ill elderly patients were fed in the under-vaccinated hospitals? Was food service significantly different? Were those elders being poisoned with anything? Not reported. What about the water consumed? Were water samples compared for immune-suppressive toxins?  No. How about lead or arsenic in the drinking water. Not uncommon, but here not assessed. What about the quality of care provided? Were patients treated more lovingly in the higher mortality setting? Elder abuse in terminal care facilities is common. Again, not reported.



“[T]he imposition to get vaccinated violated their ethics, morals, values, assessed risks, informed choice, and public duty to resist acts of genocide that might cause them and their patients harm.”


The same objection and conclusion is reasonably assigned to the #15 ACP citation, especially since this publication sources from a self-admitted commercially-biased drug industry-sponsored American College of Physicians.  Officials of ACP were “raked over the coals” when they dared to publish am ethical condemnation of special interest influenced medical science. (See lengthy report of the matter, here.) Thereafter, drug makers’ advertising and financial support for ACP dropped as political pressures, even from within the governing board of ACP, rose. That was in the early 1990s. Thereafter, ACP changed, became less trustworthy, under Big Pharma’s influence. And this best explains the ACP-heralded publication cited in reference #15— Potter J, et al. “Influenza vaccination of health care workers in long-term-care hospitals reduces the mortality of elderly patients.” J Infect Dis. 1997 Jan;175:1-6. J. Infectious Diseases, mind you was also “racked over the coals” in 2006 by Connecticut Attorney GeneralRichard Blumenthal for antitrust violations of the journal’s sponsor—Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA)

The IDSA was accused of maintaining conflicting interests and unduly dismissing alternative therapies for Lyme disease. The case was settled, following which Blumenthal’s press release described the agreement as a vindication of his investigation and repeated his conflict-of-interest allegations. The IDSA cited mounting legal costs and the difficulty of presenting scientific arguments in a legal setting as their rationale for accepting the settlement. A Forbes piece described Blumenthal’s investigation as “intimidation” of scientists by Blumenthal, an elected official with close ties to Lyme advocacy groups. But a historic review of Forbes shows the family established its estate by illegally trafficking opium. Moreover, ISDA’s journal is published by Oxford University Press, recently exposed for Zika virus financial schemes related to vaccines and scientific fraud tied to Bill Gates’s promotions of the alleged “remedy” in releasing genetically-modified (GM) mosquitoes. The “solution” requires Oxitec manufactured GM insects to be loosed worldwide, enriching Oxitec’s financial sponsors, Oxford University’s ISIS innovations, BlackRock, and Evercore Company private equity investors (i.e., “Big Banking”).

I won’t bother with the remaining two citations the CDC offers. You get the picture.


Standard Propaganda for Public Persuasion

“Hospital workers can pass the flu virus to some of the most vulnerable people — frail elderly, babies in incubators, patients with immune systems ravaged by cancer treatment,” NBC’s article continues. That statement is true.

“Vaccinating employees protects patients and the employees’ co-workers.” That statement is false. As the aforementioned pseudoscience proves, the conclusory claim of “protection” from vaccination can not be justified by real science. The claim neglects the facts evidencing fraud.

This fraud is true for all vaccines. To date, there are no definitive scientific studies that prove officials are not killing and maiming more people than they are helping or saving. Proof to the contrary requires long term “risk/benefit studies.” Vaccines are only studied for relatively short periods of time. Chronic conditions caused by vaccines, like cancers caused by common vaccine contaminants such as the Epstein-Barr virus, are never appraised.

Summarily, the “science” offered is standard propaganda for public persuasion.


Photo published by Bill Gates’s affiliated network, NBC News, to promote vaccination genocide by defrauding healthcare workers.

69 Heroes Do Their Public Duty, Sacrifice Their Jobs, to Oppose Genocide and Save Lives

I won’t belabor the aforementioned points by critiquing NBC’s propaganda further. You can do that yourself now that you know the fundamental fraud, multiple concealments, constant misrepresentations, and frequent diversions from the lacking science in both lay and government (special interest) publications used to promote the oligarchy’s vaccination genocide.

Most importantly, I want to honor the courageous and intelligent men and women who  sacrificed their jobs and financial estates, and revolted at Essentia Health. These are real heroes. They were fired from their jobs for not ceding their bodies over to the misinformed company officials; thereby resisting the genocide. (They numbered 69 according to FOX News. Mind you Rupert Murdoch, owner of FOX, is heavily invested in the Merck Drug Co., the largest vaccine maker of all time.) These dismissals were legally “wrongful,” for the following reason:

(1) Genocide is what we are looking at, by strict definition in law.  Here it is:

18 U.S. Code § 1091 – Genocide

(a)Basic Offense.—Whoever, whether in time of peace or in time of war and with the specific intent to destroy, in whole or in substantial part, a national, ethnic, racial, or religious group as such—

(1) kills members of that group;
(2) causes serious bodily injury to members of that group;
(3) causes the permanent impairment of the mental faculties of members of the group through drugs, torture, or similar techniques;
(4) subjects the group to conditions of life that are intended to cause the physical destruction of the group in whole or in part;
(5) imposes measures intended to prevent births within the group; or
(6) transfers by force children of the group to another group;
shall be punished as provided in subsection (b). . . .

Under the circumstances, given the facts, the basic definition of the offense of genocide applies. At this time of war (on terror) and strained peace, Bill Gates, on behalf of the multi-national corporate imperialists (i.e., the oligarchy also called the “Shadow Government” and “Deep State“) has published their intent to reduce populations significantly through vaccinations, destroying with that objective, a substantial number of Americans (i.e., 15%). Their computer systems are operating to administer this result.

The act of vaccination genocide includes, therefore, killing millions of Americans; causing serious bodily injury through vaccination intoxication to substantially more than 15% of people targeted to die; causing the permanent impairment of the mental faculties of American children through vaccination heavy metal poisoning, including mercury toxicity from the MMR vaccine concealed along with scientific evidence thereof by the CDC; subjecting Americans to mandatory vaccinations to attend schools and workplaces so as to cause “the physical destruction of the group in whole or in part;” imposing covert sterilization through vaccine additives, non-oxynol-9 spermicide and female pregnancy hormone (“HCG”); transferring by force–the threat of social deprivation and imposed home schooling from “mandatory” vaccinations–American children herded like cattle to receive risky (and deadly) vaccines or otherwise be punished. All of this certifies the genocide.

Accordingly, to those 69 well-informed health professionals opposing this genocide, the imposition to get vaccinated, violated their ethics, morals, values, assessed risks, informed choice, and public duty to resist acts of genocide that might cause them and their patients harm.

In fact, given this intelligence and their knowledge of vaccination risks, and the facts and political and commercial circumstances known to them, including the aforementioned pseudoscience and propaganda/persuasion scheme financed by Bill Gates, Rupert Murdoch, et. al., representing the multinational corporate genocidalists—Big Pharma, Big Biotech Big Banking and the “captured” government regulators—the heroic conscientious objectors acted in accordance with “Public Duty Doctrine” in opposing a publicly known racketeering enterprise profiting from disease and death. That falls by law under Title 42, U.S.C., section 1986.

That law, reprinted below, relates to 42 U.S. Code § 1985(3) – Conspiracy to interfere with civil rights. That law states as follows in relevant part:

(3) Depriving persons of rights or privileges

If two or more persons in any State or Territory conspire, . . . for the purpose of depriving, either directly or indirectly, any person or class of persons of the equal protection of the laws, or of equal privileges and immunities under the laws; or for the purpose of preventing or hindering the constituted authorities of any State or Territory from giving or securing to all persons within such State or Territory the equal protection of the laws; or . . . in any case of conspiracy set forth in this section, if one or more persons engaged therein do, or cause to be done, any act in furtherance of the object of such conspiracy, whereby another is injured in his person or property, or deprived of having and exercising any right or privilege of a citizen of the United States, the party so injured or deprived may have an action for the recovery of damages occasioned by such injury or deprivation, against any one or more of the conspirators.

In the case generated by the firing of the Essentia Health personnel, the officials conspired to fire them for the purpose of depriving them of their equal protection under God’s laws of nature and the anti-genocide law 18 U.S. Code § 1091. And not only did Essentia Health cause vaccinated healthcare workers to be damaged in their physical bodies by extortion, but by wrongfully terminating resistors’ employment the conspiring officials deprived the heroes of having and exercising their rights as citizens of the United States. Consequently, Essentia Health, and its decision making officials, may each be held liable for damages by the people injured or deprived.

Now here’s the irony. Under the aforementioned laws and circumstances, a public duty to resist the genocidal vaccinations and the conspirators at Essentia Health was IMPOSED by law. We are, by Divine Law and American law, our brothers’ and sisters’ keepers. This is codified by the following statute. . . .

42 U.S.C.
United States Code, 2010 Edition
Sec. 1986 – Action for neglect to prevent
From the U.S. Government Printing Office, www.gpo.gov

§1986. Action for neglect to prevent

“Every person who, having knowledge that any of the wrongs conspired to be done, and mentioned in section 1985 of this title, are about to be committed, and having power to prevent or aid in preventing the commission of the same, neglects or refuses so to do, if such wrongful act be committed, shall be liable to the party injured, or his legal representatives, for all damages caused by such wrongful act, which such person by reasonable diligence could have prevented; and such damages may be recovered in an action on the case; and any number of persons guilty of such wrongful neglect or refusal may be joined as defendants in the action; and if the death of any party be caused by any such wrongful act and neglect, the legal representatives of the deceased shall have such action therefor, and may recover not exceeding $5,000 damages therein, for the benefit of the widow of the deceased, . . .”

Therefore, each member of the abstaining group would be personally liable if they did not act as they did. If those 69 intelligent heroes resisting vaccinations did not act as they did; that is, if they failed to “prevent or aid in preventing the commission of the” vaccination genocide by revolting in solidarity, they could each, by law, be made to pay damages. Because each had anticipated damage, diseases, and deaths expected to result from vaccinations.

Don’t forget, these are health professionals. Many had already witnessed the devastating effects of vaccinations on their patients, infants, neonates, and the frail elderly. Many had already learned the hard way that serious illnesses, worse than influenza—disabling autoimmune diseases and cancers for instance—frequently followed vaccinations. And this knowledge was most persuasive in their decisions to abstain.


It is my lay opinion that Essentia Health and its officials are each liable for firing each of the American heroes. I believe a good lawyer has, in the aforementioned facts and laws, a good case to pursue, and a public duty to pursue it.

Kudos to the resisters! If it would help, I will hire each professional fired to help advance Healthy World Organization, and monetize their careers in healthcare by encouraging them to distribute natural vaccine alternatives, such as OxySilver, that too has been precluded from helping people–being suppressed by Big Pharma in favor of the now proven genocide.

Together we can “stop the genocide.”



See related article: “Duty to Warn” — an opinion/editorial by Gary G. Kohls, MD, featuring the testimony of Kenneth Stoller, MD, regarding largely secreted risks of mercury, aluminum and vaccine-induced brain damage (i.e., encephalopathy).


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sherri kane and leonard horowitz, leonard horowitz and sherri kane, len horowitz and sherri kane, leonard horowitz, len horowitz, sherri kane, dr leonard horowitz, HorokaneDr. Leonard G. Horowitz, DMD, MA, MPH, DNM (hon.), DMM (hon.) received his post doctoral degree in public health from Harvard University specializing in the fields of behavioral science and media persuasion for health education and health promotion. He matriculated under the direction of Alfred McAlister, a lead author on the landmark Surgeon General’s Report to the Nation on Tobacco and the dangers of cigarette smoking, resulting in warning labels on packages; and under Lawrence W. Green, the Director, Office of Health Information and Health Promotion (now Office of Disease Prevention & Health Promotion), U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, 1979-81. From that beginning in public health, Dr. Horowitz has become the world’s most prolific, best credentialed, most controversial, and most disparaged, drug and vaccine industry whistleblower.

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sherri kane and leonard horowitz, leonard horowitz and sherri kane, len horowitz and sherri kane, leonard horowitz, len horowitz, sherri kane, dr leonard horowitz, HorokaneDr. Horowitz’s and Sherri Kane’s 528Radio.com (often hacked and suffering outages courtesy of Big Pharma’s “protection racketeers”) broadcasts “medicinal music” transposed into the “LOVE frequency” of 528Hz. This resonates the sound of buzzing bees.  528nm of greenish-yellow light is also at the heart of rainbows, precisely why grass is green and fills the air with electron-energized oxygen vibrating in the frequency of LOVE/528. This frequency, Dr. Horowitz evidences, administers the electro-chemistry fundamental to natural medicine and miraculous healing.

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